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List of Dissertation Topics for the Students of the Commerce in English Study Programme of the Budapest Business School

Supervisor: Dr. Katalin S a!ad "edv#n# $Environmental Economics and Services "anagement% 1. Eco-marketing as the new device of forming the firm image. Eco-labels in Hungary and abroad. 2. Packaging and environment protection. The environmental effects of consumer packaging in the case of a special wrapper. . !ene technology- the new opportunities and risks of the field of food- stuff" food-stuff security. #. $ervices management in the door-step of the %%&. 'entury( showing a special Hungarian e)ample( e. g. health promotion programs *. 'ommercial references of globali+ation. ,. -ellness in commerce( e.g. showing bio food selection.

Supervisor: "r. L&s l' Se!esty#n $Logistics and Transportation% 1. Emergence of consumer durables directives of E. in the Hungarian law harmoni+ation( their effects to the firms. 2. /nalysis of the organi+ations notified in E. that certify the conformance of the Hungarian technician goods. . 0rder recording and order processing solutions of a commercial firm 1storage2. #. 0rgani+ation of commercial good distribution" line planning solutions in practice. *. 'arrying trade solutions( contractual connections in practice. ,. 3esults and problems in commercial logistics showing a special firm. 4. $tatement of combined transportation( development opportunities( organi+ations. 5. The role of train transportation( its regulation and practical solutions. 6. The role of highway transportation( its regulations and practical solutions. 17. 'ritical analysis of the technology and logistics of a wholesale storage. 11. 'ritical analysis of a choosen logistics service centre.

Supervisor teacher: (nna Sali dr. $Statistics and )T in Commerce% 1. 8ethods and practical solutions of the shop management referring to a specific company. 2. E)amples of modern cooperation in commerce. . &T and &$ systems in commerce through the work of a specific company.

Supervisor teacher: "r. Csa!a S'lyom $*etail and +holesale "anagement% 1. /nalysis of the business plan of commercial enterprises( special problems of business planning in retail and wholesale companies. How to achieve the ma)imum reliability of the plan9 2. /nalysis of pricing in a trade enterprise( the role and the place of price policy within the company:s marketing policy. . The importance and role of cash management for the successful management of trade enterprises. 'ash management and financial analysis of a trading company. ;inancing the sales upswing in a retail company. . #. /nalysis of the &T and &$ systems of the small and medium-si+ed commercial companies. -hat are the re<uirements of the system in order to be efficient and profitable9 *. /nalysis of the functions( efficiency and profitability of a specific electronic commerce system. ,. /nalysis of fi)ed asset management and the depreciation strategy of an enterprise in the 'ommerce sector. The impacts of the depreciation strategy on the efficiency and li<uidity of the firm. 4. 3etail enterprise purchase policy analysis in the pra)is. 5. =uantitative analysis of the strategy of trade companies. Supervisor teacher: Katalin Csor!a B. $)nternational Trade and Business% 1. &nternational trade and globali+ation 2. Entering the market of a chosen country . ;ree trade versus protectionism #. >arriers to international trade *. /rguments for and against -T0 ,. &nternational trade of Hungary 4. E)porting to the E.

5. Hungary:s participation at international tenders 6. .sing the web for international trade 17. 8obile commerce 11. 0utsourcing and international trade 12. ;inancing e)port of a company 1$tudents should develop their special topics within the frameworks of these general topics. However( other topics may also be applied with the approval of the supervisor. The thesis should be e)planatory or persuasive-argumentative rather than descriptive.2

Supervisor teacher: Patr,cia -#meth $Environmental Economics% 1. Environmental pro?ections of trading activity. 2. !lobal environmental problems. . Environmental protection and trade competitiveness. #. The role of shopping centres in commerce( especially in Hungary. *. Practical work of the franchise system. ,. Eco-marketing. 4. 8anagement activity of the commercial companies in practice. Supervisor teacher: .udit Papp $"ar/eting0 Communication0 Business Ethics% 1. The role of brand in commerce- through showing a specific product line. 2. /nalysis of the marketing strategy of a company. . 8arketing opportunities in e)perience training. #. The effects of advertisements on children. *. Planning the introduction of a product or product line to the market. ,. /nalysis of the marketing practises of a specific company. 4. The opportunities of market-making activities in higher education. 5. The long and medium-term opportunities of the >ologna process in the Hungarian higher education.

6. The conse<uences of the >ologna process related to the Hungarian adult education. 17. The strategic elements in the process of choosing a higher educational institution. 11. Higher educational institutions in E. 1introducing a certain educational institution2. 12. The role and importance of business ethics in business life. 1 . The importance of effective business communication through the analysis of certain companies. 1#. The role and contribution of marketing communication to the success of the companies.

Supervisor teacher: .en1n# 2orv&th dr. $Statistics% 1. @ata-analysing methods in commerce 2. /nalysis of consumer price inde) . >rand loyalty( study of costumer satisfaction using 8arkovian interest rate model. #. @ecisions in connection with planning a new product and choosing brand( using con?oint analysis. *. /nalysis of management of commercial firms ,. E)hibition of market gap( market segmentation using the main component and cluster analysis 4. 0ptimal planning of product transportation of a shop network with the help of computer aid. 5. @ecision intent to the market with evaluating decision diagrams.