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Public Relations, commonly called as PR is an activity aimed at increasing common & understanding between an organization or individual & one or more groups called Publics. What Is Public? Public is a group of similar ideas, an assortment of persons having the same interests, problems, circumstances & goals. They vary in their forms & sizes they have a multitude of wants & desires. Each group has its own li es & disli es. !roup can be classified as"# Employees form a group$public, employers form another group, etc. %ther members of the public can be dealers, wholesalers, investors, etc. Each of these group is a public & everyone tries to attract a district audience with its varied tools & techni&ues. ' public may also be made up of a no. of individuals who are unorganized & hard to identify but who for widely varied reasons have a common interest in the matter at issue. Today, however, when modern means of common ma e vast number of people aware of controversial issues & common interests, publics tend to be large &impersonal. These publics involve people who are not nown to each other & are widely distributed over the country, or even among a number of countries. The members of such public rarely meet each other face to face or have much direct communication. The impersonal but powerful publics are numerous in today(s high comple) society. *ut finally the public is any group of people who share common interest. Relations:+t is the outcome of mutual understanding derived from the process of sharing of common interest where as relationship is the definite type of relation or interaction ta ing place between two individuals, group or departments. To understand any relationship, therefore it is necessary that one understands the wants of those involved. The term PR is also applied to the profession responsible for handling such assignments. ,orporations, govt. agencies, politicians & entertainers are among these who use public relations. Their publics vary from employees & shareholders to an entire community or members of the

news media. The communication between an organization & its public ranges a simple news release to a sophisticated campaign featuring films, ad(s speeches & television appearances. -uch communication is aimed at gaining the goodwill of the public. The basis of any effective PR campaign is public benefit. +f an organization does not serve the needs of public, the public will not support it. PR e)perts help an organization learn what the public wants & then establish policies that reflect concern for public(s interests.PR generally is practiced through"# 1.Corporate PR dept "# +n a corporate department, specialists handle corporate PR activities for only that company. .PR !"encies "# +n agencies specialists carry out PR activities for several companies #.Public In$or%ation Depart%ents "# .on#profit organizations li e colleges and !overnment agencies have public information departments that wor to strengthen the image of the organization.

Public Relations as a term was first formally used by / Thomas Jefferson in the year 0123, while drafting his seventh address to the congress delegates when he scratched out the words 4-tate %f Thought and wrote 4Public Relations instead. +nformally -ir 5alter Raleigh used it even earlier during the 6and Rehabilitation 7ovement , while persuading people from different parts of 'merica to settle in the rural parts of 8irginia. This was the first organized effort to win and mobilize public opinion. +n +ndia , the term of course gained importance later through the Public Relations -ociety of +ndia 9PR-+: in 0;<1.

Public relations, despite being over a century old across the world, began in +ndia in the early 0;;2s. Though there were several individuals and small companies which started even before that, they offered PR with the limited scope of media relations only. +t was only natural that the entrepreneurs who began these services came from a bac ground of =ournalism, seen as a natural hunting ground for the nascent PR industry.

()(*(NT+ O, PU-)IC R()!TION+:

1.&u%an relations: +t is getting along well with the word public both internally or e)ternally. .o person can wor independently & everyone who wor s in an organization directly or indirectly depends on one another. .(%path': Empathy means feeling with the other person to analyze others point of view & is regarded as primary pre#re&uisite for a satisfying e)perience in a relationship where a certain degree of depth of understanding is e)pected. #.Persuasion: There are > forms of interaction between individuals or groups a:?orce or compulsion b: persuasion. +f one party compels another to do something instead of perusing him this is called @espotism. +t is against the principle of proper conduct sanctioned by society. ' sense of human interest on the person who is being persuaded will understand & appreciate the cause & effect of this action. ..Dialo"ue: +t is a conversation with purpose. +t is not a bargain basement transaction but it is a low form of negotiation. @ialogue is a reasonable e)change of ideas bringing into view a new

form of nowledge, the use of dialogue is for influencing behavior li e selling goods or inspiring innovative ideas.

O-/(CTI0(+ O, PU-)IC R()!TION+

The main ob=ective of public relations is to establish good understand#ing by sharing a common problem or interest with the public. *y public where mean both an internal public and a public e)ternal to the organisation. 7utual understanding can be established only by sharing a common interest, by communication and relations. Aowever, the following are the broad ob=ectives of public relations" 0. To promote mutual understanding. >. To avoid the ris involved in misunderstanding. B. To win friends. C. To influence people. <. To change the behaviour and attitude of the public. D. To enhance the patronage from the various sections. 3. To help in fund raising. 1. To persuade individuals, groups etc. ;. To connect misconceptions and clarify on criticism of its policies and practices. 02. To promote goodwill. 00. To create and maintain the image or reputation about the company. 0>. To forestall attac by the competitors or opponents. 0B. To underta e a public relations education program.

0C. To help the public to love life and wor for better or for worse without conditions. 0<. To improve internal staff relations. 0D. To liaise, counsel and advise. 03. To provide information about the activities of the company to the press and writers. 01. To prepare and supply the public with information about the organisation li e price, &uality, e)port, employment, and other special features. +pecial $eatures 0;. To ascertain public opinion, conduct opinion research, and under#stand public attitudes on the organization, profession and practice. >2. To sponsor dealer and distributor relations schemes. >0. To underta e programmes li e sales training courses for retailers, wholesalers. >>. To establish press relations, publicity articles preparation, press release, photographs. >B. To communicate with the employees on their benefits, accident prevention labour relations and collective bargaining. >C. To underta e a campaign of public education about an industry or profession and its contribution to the public. ><. To establish relations with federal and state legislators, agencies.


The functions that are to be performed by a public relations department may differ from organization to organization depending upon the nature and activities of a particular organization. Aowever, certain standard functions have emerged as common in most balanced departments. They are discussed below"

1. Polic' " Public relations policy is re&uired for every organization. ' policy is a statement of guidelines to be followed in the company. The department has to develop and recommend corporate public relations policies. +t has to contribute the public relations view point which helps in the formulation of decision. +ts function is not merely to provide the policy mainly to the top management but also to other sections and divisions. . Publicit' " ,orporate publicity is necessary to interact with the public. The department has to underta e the development and issuance of announcements of corporate activities to e)ternal communications media. +t has to handle in&uiries from the press. +t is part of the functions of the department to develop and place promotional publicity about the company as a whole or any of its units. #. Product Publicit' : ,orporate publicity is different from the product publicity. +n this, focus is on the products and how to popularize the product. This includes both new products as well as e)isting ones. +t includes the announcement of new products through the editorial channels of the communications media. The department has to develop and e)ecute the promotional product publicity campaigns. .. Relations 1ith 2o3ern%ent" Relations with government cannot be overloo ed. +n all spheres of activities the government inter#fares, regulates, controls and supervises. +t is necessary to maintain liaison with appropriate governmental departments. This liaison covers both the local level, state level and national level. *esides, governmental relations includes"9i: advise action as needed.9ii: report trends in government affecting the company.9iii: help in preparing and directing corporate appearances before investigating bodies of legislative hearings.9iv: direct programmes designed to promote the companyEs point of view in legislative or regulatory matters.

4. Co%%unit' Relations" ,ommunity contacts should be planned. +t is the performance and$or coordination of corporate Egood neighborE activities, including compliance with environmental protection standards, fostering e&ual employment opportunity, cooperating in urban improvement programmes, and developing community understanding of a companyEs problems and needs. 5. +hareholders Relations6 Relations with the corporate stoc holders is more important to attract public money. This ta es the form of communication between the company and the shareholders in particular. 'lso the investment community in general. +t is necessary for the development tend acceptance of the company among investors by broadening the e)posure of the companyEs policies and financial results in the investment community. This function includes preparation of annual reports, &uarterly reports, dividend che&ue inserts etc. +t has to plan and stage the annual meetings of stoc holders and appearances before meetings of security analysts. 7. Pro%otion Pro"ra%%es: Public relations promotion programmes should be formulated and implemented. This may broadly cover institutional promotion programmes designed to build corporate acceptance of ey policies, institutional advertising, public relations literature and special events. 8. Donations: ' corporate donation policy should be developed for company contributions# 8arious aspects involved in this function are processing re&uests for donations administering companyEs foundation, and the conduct of employees /solicitations for approved drives. 9. (%plo'ee Publications: The public relations department has to prepare and publish employee magazines, newspapers, bulletins, management communications etc.

1:. 2uest Relations The department must underta e guest reception activities.

The story of insurance is probably as old as the story of man ind. The same instinct that prompts modern businessmen today to secure themselves against loss and disaster e)isted in primitive men also. They too sought to avert the evil conse&uences of fire and flood and loss of life and were willing to ma e some sort of sacrifice in order to achieve security. Though the concept of insurance is largely a development of the recent past, particularly after the industrial era F past few centuries F yet its beginnings date bac almost D222 years. 6ife +nsurance ,orporation of +ndia was created on 0st -eptember, 0;<D, with the ob=ective of spreading life insurance much more widely and in particular to the rural areas with a view to reach all insurable persons in the country, providing them ade&uate financial cover at a reasonable cost. 6+, had < zonal offices, BB divisional offices and >0> branch offices, apart from its corporate office in the year 0;<D. -ince life insurance contracts are long term contracts and during the currency of the policy it re&uires a variety of services need was felt in the later years to e)pand the operations and place a branch office at each district head&uarter. Re#organization of 6+, too place and large numbers of new branch offices were opened. +t wor ed wonders with the performance of the corporation. +t may be seen that from about >22.22 crores of .ew *usiness in 0;<3 the corporation crossed 0222.22 crores only in the year 0;D;#32, and it too another 02 years for 6+, to cross >222.22 crore mar of new business. *ut with re#organization happening in the early eighties, by 0;1<# 1D 6+, had already crossed 3222.22 crore -um 'ssured on new policies. Today 6+, functions with >2C1 fully computerized branch offices, 02; divisional offices, 1 zonal offices, ;;> satellite offices and the ,orporate office. 6+,(s 5ide 'rea .etwor covers 02; divisional offices and connects all the branches through a 7etro 'rea .etwor . 6+, has tied up with some *an s and -ervice providers to offer on# line premium collection facility in selected cities. 6+,(s E,- and 'T7 premium payment facility is an addition to customer convenience. 'part from on#line Gios s and +8R-, +nfo ,entres have been commissioned at 7umbai, 'hmedabad, *angalore,

,hennai, Ayderabad, Gol ata, .ew @elhi, Pune and many other cities. 5ith a vision of providing easy access to its policyholders, 6+, has launched its -'TE66+TE -'7P'RG offices. The satellite offices are smaller, leaner and closer to the customer. The digitalized records of the satellite offices will facilitate anywhere servicing and many other conveniences in the future. 6+, continues to be the dominant life insurer even in the liberalized scenario of +ndian insurance and is moving fast on a new growth tra=ectory surpassing its own past records.6+, has issued over one crore policies during the current year. +t has crossed the milestone of issuing 0,20,B>,;<< new policies by 0<th %ct, >22<, posting a healthy growth rate of 0D.D3H over the corresponding period of the previous year.

O-/(CTI0(+ O, PU-)IC R()!TION+ IN )IC

The ob=ectives of underta ing PR activities in 6+, are manifold. +n their ,itizen(s ,harter the company states that" TO T&( CO**UNIT; : 5e will ,onduct all aspects of our business eeping in view the interests of the

community and the national prioritiesI Provide insurance cover and financial security to every insurable segment including the socially and economically wea er sections of the society. TO OUR CU+TO*(R+: 5e will provide them prompt, efficient and courteous serviceI act as trustees of their funds and invest them to their best advantageI build and maintain enduring relationshipI eep them informed about our products and services etc. TO OUR WOR<,ORC(: 5e will promote a sense of participation and ma e them partners in progressI wor towards ensuring their =ob satisfaction and sense of prideI provide an environment and the opportunities for growth to enable them to realize their full potentialI ta e steps to develop professional s ills to enable them to handle their assignments more efficiently.


6+, is purely a servicoriented organization. 7oreover for transacting with their customer s and business associates the company needs to develop and maintain cordial relations with various sections of the society and various other agencies i.e. their publics. This ma es the role of PR in 6+, even more important and vital. The company has a huge and active Public Relations @epartment which loo s after the publicity of the various services offered, maintaining cordial relations with the various publics, publishing of =ournals, etc. and other PR activities. -ud"et: The management allocates Rs. >#B crores 9appro).: annually to the PR @epartment. Thisamount is then further allocated to the various Jonal %ffices which prepare their indi vidual budgets according to their re&uirements. +ta$$in" O$ PR Depart%ent The @irector#PR operates from the central office and has under him a ,hief PR%. Each Jonal %ffice has a Jonal 7anager#PR under whom is the Regional 7anager#PR. ?urther under him is the 'ssistant -ecretary who wor s with his -ubordinate staff to fulfill the day#to#day activities of the PR @epartment. ! PR plan is %ade at the be"innin" o$ each accountin" 'ear $or

1hichthe Chair%an appoints a PR Plannin" Co%%ittee. This co%%itteeco%prises o$ the Director PR> Chie$ PRO> etc. Tas?s and !cti3ities under the pur3ie1 o$ PR at )IC. %f the various activities underta en by /6ife +nsurance ,orporation( some are listed below"


Though countywide advertising is done by the mar eting department, advertising locally in the various cities is handled by Jonal %ffices. The advertising strategy is very well planned and is largely aimed at image building. Or"ani@e press con$erences

Press conferences are organized occasionally, generally when a new policy is released or when the annual financial results are announced or if something of significance has happened. Issue Press Releases

Press Releases are issued both by the central office as well as the various zonal offices. Participate in public a1areness pro"ra%%es

6+, has time and again =oined itself with various community development and awareness programmes development. for the cause of rural development and infrastructure


INT(RN!) PU-)IC+ Employees Employee(s families -taff Knions (AT(RN!) PU-)IC+ ,ustomers i.e. policy holders Prospective ,ustomers !overnment 'gencies *an s and ?inancial +nstitutions -tatutory *odies e.g. +R@' 9+nsurance Regulatory and @evelopment 'uthority: -ocial %rganizations 6awyers 6ocal 'dministration 7edia !eneral Public 'uditors


-ignificant internal publics of the organization are its Employees Employees( familiesI and the -taff unions. (*P)O;(( R()!TION+ +n most +ndian organizations, or companies, communications with employees have so far been given a bac seat as compared to e)ternal communications. This has not been the case with 6+,. +t has through time realized the importance of its internal publics.6+, shares a good rapport with its employees. There are various staff unions to ta e care of the employees rights. The company shares a cordial and harmonious relationship with these unions. The company(s focus, as regards its employees, is on providing" ' healthy wor ing environmentI Employee friendly AR@ policyI Lob securityI Training of Auman resourcesI ?ully utilizing its people(s talents and capabilities to promote s ills andcompetenc ies and broaden their perspectiveI Aandsome remuneration and per s. The company achieves the above ob=ectives by a number of means. I. &OU+( /OURN!)+

The corporation has a corporate house magazine /M%!'G-AE7'( which chronicles corporate and organizational events and pronouncements. The corporation also releases a &uarterly newsletter /L'.G'6M'.( which serves the above mentioned purpose as well as ac nowledging employee achievements and produce merit lists of employee performance. II. INT(R!CTION The corporation also conducts open houses, meetings, seminars, wor shops. This is done with the aim of facilitating two#way communication. III. R(W!RD+ Prizes are awarded to top performers at staff meetings and conferences. Rewards are given in the form of holiday, a family trip or some monetary gain.


+n consonance with the changes ta ing place in the insurance mar et, the corporation has undergone a transformation, simultaneously re&uiring a revamp in its image. -ystematic and focused PR initiatives and widespread publicity have resulted in mar edly improved visibility. The corporation has emerged with a much younger and slee er image. ' conscious effort was made to bring about a transformation in the corporate image.Through various campaigns, the corporation tried to depict the organization as one oriented towards the younger generation. The corporation advertising campaigns assisted the mar eting strategies. PR !cti3ities $or Consu%er Relations The business of insurance is purely service which cannot be seen or held. Aence, the consumer relations activities of 6+, concentrate on the customer public and building relations with prospective customer. The corporation has time and again made endeavors to reach out to the consumers, interact with them and eep them satisfied. The corporation tries to achieve its ob=ective through a number of means Oral Co%%unication %ral communication with the consumer public is the most effective means of presenting facts and creating understanding of the organization(s policies and practices. (%plo'ee-Consu%er Co%%unication: The harmonious relationship that 6+, has, through the years , built and maintained withits customers has only been possible due to its dedicated and committed team of @ev elopment %fficers and scores of +nsurance 'gents throughout the country. Press Con$erences

Press ,onferences are organized to announce new appointments of top e)ecutives,introdu ction of new schemes, etc. +t is very important in today(s world because .ow F a F days people are being aware about the appointment procedure of different companies and consumer are also getting educated day by day because of which it becomes necessary for the companies to eep press conferences.

!udio-0isual Co%%unication Television and Radio broadcasts are a basic medium of consumer communication. .ow F a#days it gaining a lot of importance.

Tele3ision and Radio ad3ertisin" The corporation(s advertisements reached nearly >< crore people through over <2campaig ns. There were 3; hours of T8 advertising and C21 hours of Radio advertising. Trans-slides The ,orporation has placed trans#slides at strategic places, li e Railway -tations and 'irports, for ma)imum e)posure to public at large.

't 6+, printed communications are used in con=unction with oral communication media. Press Release

Press releases are fre&uently handed out to the media by the local PR department on behalf of the company. These generally comprise of any sub=ect or issue concerning thecompany, containing information for policy holders or any item of news value to themedia and its readers.

/ournals and Publications

The corporation ta es out its annual wor ing results and several other publications from time to time to eep the public abreast of the happenings and achievements at 6+,. ,inancial Results

The annual financial report of the corporation is published in the .ational dailies and is also circulated amongst the shareholders to eep them informed. +t also aims at attracting new investors. -oo?lets> -rochures and Pa%phlets

*oo lets, *rochures and Pamphlets are generally ta en out to inform its internal and e)ternal public about its various new schemes and act as an effective medium of print communication. Posters and &oardin"s

These tools are not only an advertising medium but also a very effective PR tool. 6+, uses posters and hoardings to get &uic public notice. Posters and hoardings are

widely placed throughout the city at busy intersections li e subways, railway stations, roadsides, bus shelters, etc. The Other !%enities Pro3ided b' )IC Website ,orporation(s website gives information about the

corporation(s products, services, subsidiaries and addresses of branches and about premium payment through the internet. +t also provides o Press releases o .ews sections

o %nline policy status Online Pre%iu% Pa'%ent

6+, has tied up with A@?, *an , +,+,+ *an , KT+ *an , *an of Pun=ab, !lobal Trust *an , ,orporation *an , The ?ederal *an 6td., ,itiban , and service providers li e *, to offer the online premium payment facility to its customers in select cities. In$or%ation <ios?s

The corporation has installed online information ios s at prominent places across the country. This provides information about the Products, services and policy status reports to the customers. Custo%er Contact Pro"ra%%e

The purpose of such a campaign is /to strengthen the relationship with the customers and to build bridges of understanding.


There are &uite a few financial publics of 6+,.

!overnment 'gencies *an s and ?inancial +nstitutions -tatutory *odies e.g. +R@' 9+nsurance Regulatory and @evelopment 'uthority: 'uditors To communicate with them and to eep them informed of the company(s progress several activities are underta en by the PR @ep(t. The 'nnual !eneral 7eeting The 'nnual Report The annual report is released annually to inform all publics of the company(s wor ing results. ,hairman(s -tatement

The chairman(s statement is a comprehensive guide to what the company is and where it strives to be. +t comprises of the corporation(s corporate vision, philosophy and policies, management contributions, future plans and a host of other such important aspects.


6+, regularly provides /Aealth vans( to various organizations across the country. The corporation also sponsors many sports events at the national level. .umerous publicity pro=ects with a social purpose are underta en at the zonal level. Recently the .orth Jone 9@elhi: associated itself with the /Perfect Aealth 7ela( to propagate the cause of good health.

!I* O, CORPOR!T( R()!TION+ ,U),I))(D !T )IC

The aim of any organization is to create for itself" '.,%RP%R'TE +@E.T+TM *.,%RP%R'TE +7'!E ,.,%RP%R'TE ,+T+JE. !. CORPOR!T( ID(NTIT; +mage ,ommunicators$ +dentity ,reators Co%pan' )o"o

The company(s logo has become synonymous with insurance and security in +ndia . +t helps to identify the company easily.

+i"n-up )ine

BWe <no1 India -etterC is the sign up line of 6+, Co%pan' Publications

The company has a host of publications that comprise of in#house =ournals, e)ternal newsletters, annual reports, etc. Citi@ens Charter

The company philosophy goes a long way in creation of harmonious relations with its publics. The citizen(s charter is a comprehensive statement of the company(s philosophy towards its publics.

-. CORPOR!T( I*!2(

The above listed image communicators have been very successful in creating a corporate image of 6+, in the minds of the people over the years since its establishment. C. CORPOR!T( CITI=(N 5ith all its PR initiatives and activities, since its establishment, 6+, has proved to be a successful corporate citizen. Corporate Polic' o$ )IC on Public Relations

Public Relations aims at building#up and maintaining sound, effective and productive relations with the public so as to help the organization to understand and interpret the environment as also help the public and the society at large to appreciate the performance and limitations of the organization. Public Relations has the responsibility to build and maintain two#way relations between the Public and the %rganization at all levels.

The Public in the case o$ )IC includes: '. 6evels of employees and agents. *. ,ustomers. ,. !overnment" ,entral, -tate & 6ocal bodies. @. 7edia, Press, T.8., Radio & 'gency#owners and correspondents and E. ,itizens at large. ' clearly laid down Public Relations Policy, therefore, is essential to set the goals, indicate the Relations. strategies and give proper direction to all levels in the area of Public


Establish understanding and develop awareness of mutual aspirations of 6+, and the Public. 2O!)+ 0. Promote within the ,orporation greater awareness of the changing environment and he need to align the corporate policy to the emerging situation. >. Aelp fashioning, within the constraints, its policies,programmes, practices andPro ducts to meet the e)pectations of the Public. Aelp the public to appreciate the Performance and the limitations of 6+,. B. 7a e PR occupy the front seat in the organizational set#up. +TR!T(2; 0. @evelop e)cellent relations with the totality of the media#print, electronics an agency openers an reporters by regular e)change of information with them. >. Establish relations#and develop understanding with the !ovt. #,entral, -tate & 6ocal bodies through legislators and !ovt. officials. B. @evelop full understanding with the wor ers#employees at all levels and agents on %rganizational goals, policies, practices and programmes. C. @evelop an effective system of communication with the departments and operating units on the environment and on implementation of policies. <. *uild an atmosphere of goodwill and understanding inside and outside the organization leading to better appreciation of the corporationEs policies and performance. D. Aelp to evolve effective machinery for &uic of grievances of the public. and satisfactory redressal

3. Aelp to develop an image of 6+, as a responsive organization,1. @evise methods for opening up channels of two#way communication with various publics of the ,orporation.

!CTION P)!N 0. Geeping the ob=ectives, philosophy and the strategies in view, drawing#up annual PR plans by *ranches, @ivisions, Jones & ,orporate %ffice. >. @evelop an effective system of periodical reviews of PR Plans at all levels # *.%.,@.%., J.%. and ,orporate. B. @evelop streamlined methods of systematic dissemination of the information relevant to each of the public(s. C. @evelop streamlined methods of receiving messages$feedbac s from the totality of the publics. <. ?ormation of PR 'dvisory ,ommittees at @.%., J.%. and ,.%. organize PR departments in the ,.%., J.%.s and @.%.s for realization of the goals, and develop a nucleus in branches also. D. %rganize events li e inauguration of new *.%., @.%.,J.%. or any arm of the ,orporation 9diversification: etc. as public functions to pro=ect corporate image. 3. 'ctively participate in at least one important scheme in each of the -tates and in two or three national level schemes to help improve the &uality of social life and establish the social relevance of 6+,. 1. @evelop a tas #plan in respect of the above strategies.

PU-)IC R()!TION+ !CTI0ITI(+ !T ).I.C.

PR(++ CON,(R(NC(

Press conference & interview are arranged periodically by all 6.+.,. offices # i.e. ,,entral, Jonal, @ivisional and *ranch offices at the time of launching any new scheme and to inform about the policies , programmes and activities to the press so that it can be publicized. )IC W(- +IT( 6+, has its own web site which provides information about 6+, and its subsidiaries and the products offered by them. U+!2( O, IN,OR*!TION T(C&NO)O2;. 5ith a view to providing &uic and accurate service its ,ustomers 6+, has introduced on#line service through front F end terminals in 0;;B branches and soon all our customers will be able to benefit by this.

2R(I0!NC( R(DR(++!) *!C&IN(R; 6+, has established an elaborate !rievance Redressal machinery in order to deal with problems of customers. The grievance redressal cells are operative at all levels i.e. *ranch, @ivisional, Jonal and ,orporate offices. -pecially designated officers attend to policyholderEs complaints. R!)); OR2!NI+!TION 6+, has organized a massive rally to pay homage martyrs of Gargil to provide moral support to the +ndian army. PR !ND PU-)ICIT; CON,(R(NC(+ PR and Publicity ,onferences arranged at the central office in which the ,hairman emphasized the need to reposition the organization the organization in the emerging cooperative scenario with the help of revised PR and publicity

strategies because it was found out by a survey that the level of customer satisfaction is not very high. C)!I* R(0I(W CO**ITT((+ ' claims review committee was being formed at the corporate level with a retired Ludges one of the members and it handles grievances arising out of repudiation of claims etc. -imilar committees are also constituted at Jonal level. PR(++ R()(!+(+ Press releases regarding important news are released from time to time so that people are ept informed and they now about them. CU+TO*(R *((T+ Periodical customer meets are organized at @ivisional and *ranch level to facilitate greater interaction with policyholders.

PU-)ICIT; P!0I)ION Publicity Pavilion are arranged to display information about PR and Publicity activities of 6+,. CON+U*(R+ !,,!IR CO**ITT(( ' high profile committee has been constituted by the ,entral office with eminent persons from the consumer(s movement being its member to advice and guide 6+, on matters concerning consumer interests. (A&I-ITION+ 6+, arranges its various schemes and e)hibitions so that it can display its various schemes and plans. Citi@ens Charter

The corporation has adopted a ,itizens ,harter wherein commitments have been made toits customers for higher standards in servicing. ,R(( P&ON( C!)) ,!CI)IT; TO T&( PO)IC; &O)D(R+ ' uni&ue facility of free phone call service is being provided to the policy holders of 7umbai city to enable them to have easy access to grievance redressal officers over the phone. +PON+OR+&IP 6+, sponsors many events li e chess tournaments table tennis tournaments for the employees and also for the general public. +t has also sponsored a health camp organized by /7asoom( F an organization of understanding and fraternity. DI+TRI-UTION O, D!IRI(+ !ND C!)(ND!R+ 6+, distributes dairies and calendars to its employees and also to the general public every year. PU-)ICIT; +T!))+ Publicity stalls are been put up by 6+, at different fairs and melas to publicize the corporation and its schemes and plans. PU-)IC ,UNCTION+ +nauguration of new offices helps in communication as well as in enhancing the image of the corporation. !D0(RTI+(*(NT IN N(W+P!P(R !ND *!2!=IN( 'dvertisement about 6+,(s products, activities and policies is published in newspapers and magazines. &OU+( *!2!=IN( D;O2<+&(*!

Mog shema is the house magazine of 6+,. +t provides information about the corporation, its activities, policies and programs. !D0(RTI+(*(NT !T R!I)W!; +T!TION !ND !IRPORT Posters and banners are set up at strategically important public places such as 'irports,Railway stations, *us terminals, shopping counters an at the reception counters of the business premises. This enables the policy holders to access information about 6+, & its products etc. IN+UR!NC( W((< 'n insurance wee was arranged by 6+, through which people were e)posed to various insurance schemes of 6+,. !D0(RTI+(*(NT ON R!DIO +!T())IT( C&!NN() 'dvertisement about 6+, are fre&uently been telecast on radio and satellite channel. !D0(RTI+(*(NT !T <U*-& *()! 6+, has also advertised about its products and the corporation even in Gumbh 7ela. TR!ININ2 PRO2R!**(+ Training programmes are arranged by 6+, for its employees so that they can be trained for the purpose of public relation activities. *((TIN2+ 7eetings of @evelopment officers are arranged by 6+, to train their employees for public relation activities.


Public Relation came into e)istence by the belief that if we do something good for people then only the people will say well about the organization. TodayEs is an age of competition. 'nd to remain firm in the competition depends on how efficiently the %rganization manages its PR & pro=ects the companyEs image. Public Relation will not sell goods and -ervices but it is bound to create an atmosphere which will ma e the free enterprise, a responsible enterprise. Public Relations, in fact 5ill prove to be the most effective tool for communicating with the People who are still remote from industry for convincing them that ,orporate ob=ectives are ultimately in the interest of the public.

The PR 7antra has now become pervasive. .either a individual nor the organization &not even the government %r a K. body can thrive or sustain in this age without effectively strategizing PR.

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W(-+IT(+ N6+, N' N?ind '