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Welcome to the treasure hunt game!

Solve the first puzzle below to find where the next clue is hidden! Did you know? The Solar System is made up of all the planets that orbit our Sun. In addition to planets, the Solar System also consists of moons, comets, asteroids, minor planets, and dust and gas. URGENT MESSAGE FROM HEAD-QUARTERS: THIS NOTE WAS JUST RECEIVED FROM ONE OF OUR SPIES. PLEASE DECIPHER IT IMMEDIATELY AND FIND THE NEXT CLUE Page Number 1 Team E Location: This is the start This puzzle needs to be cut out of the page around the edges page, hand it to your kid to then folded like an accordion. Next, try to look at it at various angles start the game Q V D E Z Z D Y E W O X F H A H H E O Y N Z C K R H M A A A O G K X Q W W W V R C G Q H R N R P B R R Y S D W M W V B C E W G H Q G O E V G A W T B Z J A F A S A O P P M A N A O B L Z K T R R L R T O M W U L X A D I G N Y T O L O T O Q U Q K N H S U Q I H O M N

Way to go! You are the best players I have ever seen. O. ! let"s see how fast you solve this next one. Did you know? Only tropical cyclones that form over the tlantic Ocean or eastern !acific Ocean are called "hurricanes."

Page Number 2 Team E There are actually t o ays to read this riddle, can Location: Hide this clue in or around a plant pot you guess them both! #orrect$o$%undo! &hat was correct! was it so easy'

(et"s see how you deal with the next puzzle. Did you know? #ou thought that only you need sunscreen? $ell pigs, walruses and light%colored horses are prone to get sunburned. Page Number " Team E #ocation$ %ide this page near a telephone set can you read this? try connect it accordingly

g p

+ r .

y /

$ 1

h 1

d c i

h o s a 1 e 1 g 1 i1

) n t u , c 1 b 1 d 1 )1

a m

Wow! You are fast! O. ! here"s another one for you. Did you know? It is true that there are only eight planets. &owever, the Solar System is made up of over '(( worlds that are every bit as fascinating. Some of these minor planets, and moons are actually larger than the planet )ercury* a=1 b= c=! d=" e=# $=% g=& h=' i=( )=1* k=11 l=1 m=1! n=1" o=1# p=1% +=1& r=1' s=1( t= * u= 1 ,= -= ! .= " y= # /= %

It____brown______ and_______head. ___is_____and____. It_______shade. ___gives______.

Page Number " Team E #ocation$ %ide this note in or at book

___9,19______2,15,4,25 _____7,18,5,5,14_____. 9,20___2,9,7____15,12,4 ____7,9,22,5,19______. 9,20____6,18,21,9,20.

this pu//le needs to be $ill in blank to make some clues0 Plus, the clue is a same

)ery good *ob. You found it! (et"s see how you deal with this one... Did you know? )ost cats in &alifa+ ,-ova Scotia. have si+ toes.


Page Number & Team E 2ussian? #ocation$ %ide this clue around a tree in the yard Try to read this message0 1s this really in

+xcellent! You found it. ,ll right! are you ready for the next puzzle'(et"s go! Did you know? /iraffes and rats can last longer without water than camels. Page Number % Team E %ide this page at a indo 'ut out the blocks of this (umble puzzle the riddle and reassemble it to read

Congratulations! You have solved all of the puzzles and found all of the clues. You uncovered the treasure! Well done! Hurry up!! bring back all the clues to your teachers to get your treasure

Page Number ) Team E

Location: Hide this clue around or behind a painting or picture