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Introduction-History In 1960, Tom Monaghan, along with his brother James, bought Dominick's Pizza in Ypsilanti, Michigan, for

$500, which he borrowed and with a down payment of $75. The next year, Tom traded his brother a Volkswagen Beetle for his half of the company share. As sole owner of the company, Monaghan renamed the business Domino's Pizza, Inc. in 1965. In 1967, the first Domino's Pizza franchise store opened in Ypsilanti. Bankruptcy would have been easier but it wasnt in my vocabulary. -Tom Monaghan, Founder of Dominos On May 12, 1983, Domino's opened its first international store, in Winnipeg, Canada. In 1998, after 38 years of ownership, Domino's Pizza founder Tom Monaghan announced his retirement and sold 93 percent of the company to Bain Capital Inc. for about $1 billion. Vision- " Exceptional people on a mission to be the best pizza delivery company in the world " Mission - Khushiyon Ki Home Delivery Franchise Chain Dominos Pizza Inc. (the brand owner) Dominos Pizza Group Ltd (master franchise) Dominos UK & IRL Plc Jubilant Food Works Ltd (Previously Dominos Pizza India Ltd) India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh Domino's Pizza Enterprises Australia, South Korea, New Zealand, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Principality of Monaco Products Offered Pizza, Chicken Wings, Sandwiches, Pasta, and Dessert Product Innovation Strategy Historically, Domino's menu consisted only of 1 Pizza in two sizes, 11 toppings & Coco-cola as the only soft drink offered. First change to the product offering after three decades In 1989, introduced a deepdish pizza. Here after it continued to innovate different products like Chicken kickers, Philly cheese steak Pizza, Sandwiches , Lava crunch cake dessert, Bread bowl Pasta Service Innovation Strategy Coupons, Trackers

Although not the market leader in world, Dominos Pizza is recognized as the leader of innovation. -Doyle, CEO of Dominos Promotion Medium Tv, Internet (Social Networking), Games, Sponsorships, Charity. The Dominos TV adverts have been designed to be tactical and market-oriented, which places on the platform the menu range and the quality. Dominos advertising strategies are quite effective and have worked to improve the sales of the company as well as its competiveness in the market. The brave souls at Dominos are posting a stream of online order comments about the company on a massive billboard in New York Citys Time Square. In 2001, a two-year national partnership with the Make-A-Wish Foundation of America. Distributed more than 12,000 pizzas to relief workers following the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and The Pentagon. Donated $350,000 to the American Red Cross' disaster relief effort. Domino's began its current partnership with St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, participating in the hospital's "Thanks and Giving" campaign since it began in 2004, raising more than $1.3 million in 2006. SWOT Analysis Strengths > Worldwide presence, Leader in pizza delivery industry, Strong brand image, Strong network with its franchisees Weaknesses > Experienced a decline in their store sales Opportunities > Growth opportunities in India and China, Services on mobile devices Threats > Competition of the pizza delivery industry, Increase in health awareness, Increase of labor and food prices Conclusion It gains a good market share rather than others because of their best home delivery services, product innovations, customer satisfaction etc.