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Describing the weather using verbs.

Below is list of the different types of weather you are most likely to use. The sun is shining It's drizzling (light rain) The wind is blowing It's raining (The rain is falling.) It's hail (hail stones) It's pouring down (The rain is pouring down.) It's snowing (The snow is falling.) It's thundering and lightening

Describing the weather using adjectives

Sweltering = It's sweltering. or It's a sweltering day. !arm = It's warn. or It's a warm day. Sunny = It's sunny. or It's a sunny day. "lear = It's #lear. or It's a #lear day. $isty = It's misty. or It's a misty day. Breezy = It's breezy. or It's a breezy day Showery = It's showery. or It's a showery day. rosty = It's frosty. or It's a frosty day. I#y = It's i#y. or It's an i#y day. &ry = It's dry. or It's a dry day. reezing = It's freezing. or It's a freezing day. "old = It's #old. or It's a #old day. "loudy = It's #loudy. or It's a #loudy day. Stormy = It's stormy. or It's a stormy day. oggy = It's foggy. or It's a foggy day. !indy = It's windy. or It's a windy day. %ainy = It's rainy. or It's a rainy day. Snowy = It's snowy. or It's a snowy day. &rizzly = It's drizzly. or It's a drizzly day.

How to ask questions about the weather and how they can be answered.
!hat's it like outside' It's really #old now. (ow's the weather' It's minus ten. ()*+ degrees) &o you ha,e rain' !e ha,e not had any rain for many weeks. !hat's the temperature in $an#hester' Today it is -- ". whi#h is a lot warmer than it has been. It's snowing here in $an#hester/ what's it doing there' It's raining really hard.) It is a Beautiful day for a walk' !e #ouldn't ask for a better day. !hat's the weather fore#ast for the rest of the week' They're saying we will ha,e blue skies for the rest of the week.

List of Eng ish words that are associated with the weather
Below is a list of words that you might hear someone say. sunshine lightning puddles raindrops hailstones snowflakes frost flood drought tidalwa,e tornado 0 twister The weather fore#ast

A blustery day

A day that has strong violent winds.

Gale force winds

Winds that are very strong.


This is an extremely hot day.

Heat index

This is a measurement of discomfort caused by a combination of heat and humidity. When the tem erature hits an all time high or low for a s ecific day or eriod of the year. When the s#y has a few clouds.

Record highs/lows

!artly "loudy or !artly Sunny To di into $a certain tem erature% &nseasonably hot or cold

A term used to describe the tem erature going down below what it was. A term used to describe when the tem eratures are higher or lower than normal for a certain time of the year. A mass of air that moves into an area that is colder or warmer than the current conditions. A federal agency that is res onsible for weather forecasts.

"old front or warm front

'ational Weather Service

Weather forecast

A rediction on how the weather will be. This can be seen by different television networ#s during their news hour. Any ty e of weather that may ut eo le at ris#. (xam les would be snow storms) hurricanes and tornados. A continuous time of abnormally hot weather

Severe weather

Heat wave

*air weather

+oderate tem eratures that are good for going outside.

ESL Listening Activity for Weather Conditions http100drewseslfluen#ylessons.#om0-)ad,an#ed0weather0esl)listening)a#ti,ity)for)weather) #onditions0 *. The 22222222222 will probably be #an#eled due to the weather. -. 3ast night a 222222222222222 blew in. 4. The weatherman said it is 22222222222222 weather. 5. The 22222222222222222222 is telling people to stay inside their homes. 6. The temperatures are e7pe#ted to dip down to 2222222222222222 degrees. 8. This is a 2222222222222 low for the town. 9. The weather in this town is usually pretty 2222222222222. :. The speaker needs to go out and buy a winter 2222222222222. E!L Weather "ocabu ary Reading Activity
heat wa,es dip heat inde7 #ool front ;ational !eather Ser,i#e Today is going to be a <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<... They are saying it should get to

weather fore#ast re#ord high s#or#her se,ere weather

o,er *++ degrees. !ith all of the humidity down here/ I don't e,en want to know what the <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<..will be. Sometimes I ask myself why I li,e in Te7as. I was wat#hing the<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<..last night and it doesn't look good. It is going to be so hot that the<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<..has issued a warning to anyone planning on spending time outside this week. They are #lassifiying this heat as<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<..and trying to warn e,eryone of the potential dangers. =n Tuesday we are e7pe#ted to hit a<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<..of *+9 degrees. > temperature that high has ne,er been seen in this town. 3u#kily there is good news in the future. The weatherman told us that a<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< making its way in on Tuesday. The temperatures will <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<..down into the low :+'s. I #an't wait. It is true that<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<..are #ommon for where we li,e. I shouldn't be so suprised when it gets this hot. $aybe ne7t summer will be better.


>. gale for#e winds . blustery B. unseasonably @. s#or#her ". #old front (. weather fore#ast &. se,ere I. fair ?. heat inde7 A. dip !hen the temperature goes down it is said to1 > mass of #old air that #omes into an area1 The predi#tion of the weather is the1 Cery fast wind1 > day that is windy #an be des#ribed as1 > ,ery hot day #an be #alled a1 !hen it is #older than it normally is for a parti#ular time of year it is 222222222222 #old1 !eather #onditions that #an potentially harm a person is #alled 222222222222 weather1 If it is a pleasant day you #an say the weather is 222222222222.

%ead this short story about the British weather. I left the house with a brolly in my bag be#ause the weather fore#ast had predi#ted light showers and/ sure enough/ as soon as I got outside I felt drizzle. I put up my brolly and hurried along/ but there was a huge gust of wind that blew it inside out. >s I struggled to fi7 the brolly the drizzle started to turn into a shower. I ran under a nearby bus stop to take shelter and the hea,ens opened/ it started pouring down/ really bu#keting down. $y brolly was beyond repair so I threw it in a nearby bin and Dust sat and wat#hed the downpour. >fter about fi,e minutes it stopped and the sun #ame out so I #arried on walking/ but after about a minute it started spitting again and I had to shelter in a shop. This time it was Dust a Eui#k shower and when I went ba#k outside it was mild with a warm breeze. (owe,er as I #ontinued along the street a #ar run through a huge puddle in the road and splashed me/ I was soaked from head to toe. $at#h these definitions to the highlighted words in the story. Lesson by Sam, teacher at EC London English School

*. 3ight rain1 -. %ain for a short period1 4. Fmbrella (slang)1 5. Cery wet0#o,ered in water1 6. (ea,y rain (phrasal ,erb)1 8. =ne strong a#tion of the wind1 9. (ea,y rain (noun)1 :. 3ight rain at the beginning of a shower or downpour1 G. 3ight wind1 *+. Body of water in the street1 **. %ained hea,ily (idiom)1*:68*4 STUDENT As QUESTIONS (&o not show to Student B) !hat #omes to mind when you hear the word HweatherI' !hat is your fa,ourite weather' !hat do you think of todayIs weather' &o you worry about the worldIs #hanging weather' !hy do different #ountries ha,e different weather' (as #limate #hange affe#ted the #ountry in whi#h you li,e' &o you belie,e e,erything s#ientists say about #limate #hange' &o you belie,e e,erything politi#ians say about #limate #hange'

STUDENT Bs QUESTIONS (&o not show to Student >)

(ow does the weather #hange you feelings' !hen was the last time the weather destroyed one of your plans' (a,e you e,er e7perien#ed e7treme weather' &o you always try and look at or read the weather fore#ast' (as the weather in your #ountry #hanged o,er the past de#ades' >re Je#o)friendlyK #ars and ele#tri#al applian#es really e#o)friendly' !hat do you know about #arbon footprints' &o you think thereIll be #limate #hange refugees in the future'