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LISA LISA can be used for linear static, modal vibration, dynamic response, buckling, steady/transient heat flow, acoustic, steady fluid flow, DC current, electrostatics and magnetostatics. STEP, IGS, STL, CAD models can be automeshed. Mesh templates for pressure vessel components. The program is very easy to use and the extensively documented user manuals explains the how's and why's of everything fea in simple english. Easily the first choice for new entrants to FEA. 1300 node limit. Screenshot Created by Sonnenhof Holdings Operating System: Windows Open source free explicit FE solver for high velocity & large deformation analyses such as car crashes, press operations etc. Screen Shot Operating System: Windows Specialized elements to represent biological tissues such as tendons, muscles, basically any tissue that contain fibers. FEBio is a solver for biomechanical applications and is completely free. Also available are stand alone pre- & post-processor programs that work with FEBio. Screen Shot Created by MRL at the University of Utah Operating System: Windows, Mac, Linux Structural analysis shareware for 3D plate and beam type structures. The structure may be solved for displacements and loads under external loading conditions, vibration mode shapes, and vibration




Created by CADRE Analytic Inc . Can be used for 2D planar & axisymmetric problems. The maximum node limit is 500. Created by Dr. only convection and fixed temperature boundary conditions can be applied. AC Magnetics.frequencies. non-linear geometric static. steady thermal and natural frequency analysis. frequency. especially since there is no limitation on the maximum number of nodes. Constrained Delaunay triangulation auto-mesher. Frank Operating System: Windows & Linux Great choice for AutoCAD users moving into FEA. the following are the restrictions . Electrostatics. buckling & thermal analysis. This is a lite version of their commerical product offering static. for frequency analysis. Operating System: Windows QuickField For 2D Analysis of DC Magnetics.only one solid object can be analysed at a time. only the first natural frequency is solved and for thermal analysis. Screen-Shot Created by D. Screen Shot. Screen Shot Created by AutoFEM Software JSC Operating System: Windows FEMM Z88 AutoFEM Lite . The maximum model size of the free versions are restricted. It does require you to have AutoCAD on your computer as it's an AutoCAD add-on. Screen-Shot Created by Tera Analysis Ltd Operating System: Windows A free FEA software for magnetic field analysis. Current flow.Meeker Operating System: Windows A free finite element software for linear static. Heat transfer and Stress analysis. As it is a free version.

Linear & non-linear static/dynamic. Screen-Shot Created by ORCA Offshore Operating System: Windows Ram Series for 2D & 3D structural analyses. The solver can be used for static analysis. Linux This is not a stand-alone FEA software. of elements 300. I-DEAS. NASTRAN. Solaris and IRIX 64 bits A DVD image of Linux & Code Aster which must be burnt as a bootable DVD. coupled fluid-structure dynamics. Screen-Shot Created by Compass Ingeniería y sistemas Operating System: Windows. Non-linear thermomechanics. You will need to compile the code for your machine. Powered by the GiD pre/post-processor. etc.processors such as FEMAP. Software is in French. beam. frequency response. Automatically eliminates local singularities. modal analysis. Created by Dr. thermal & fluid analysis. PATRAN.FesaWin Linear stress analysis with rod. but is a solver that has to be used with other Pre/Post . membrane & plate elements. simply boot-up from the DVD to have a version of Linux on your normal computer and Code Aster will be ready to run on your computer. random vibrations. Zoran Rudic Operating System: Windows Free FEA and open source. it also uses the Salome open source pre & post-processor. sparse Lancos eigenvalue solver. substructuring. It is a sparse linear matrix solver. No installation required. Max no. aeroelastic response. Created by EDF Operating System: Linux. transient response. elastic buckling. sismic / non-linear explicit dynamics. Node limit is 200. contact and visco-plasticity Ram-Series UNA Code_Aster CAELinux .

plastic & user defined materials. Created by Guido Dhondt & Klaus Wittig Operating System: Linux. Linux Free FEA system. Created by Joel Cugnoni Operating System: Linux SLFFEA Free and open source. Creep analysis. seepage & dynamic analysis. uses only 3D tetrahedron & hexahedral elements. 1000 node limit. Irix A free command prompt windows version is available at Convergent Mechanical Solutions. Created by Tomas Soltys Operating System: Windows & Linux Light FEA application for analysis of 2D and 3D frames and trusses. part of the open source movement. CALCULIX VisualFEA Range Analysis for Windows . Multi-physics FEA software . thermal. Linear static analysis. Mac Can be used to solve of linear static. Screen Shot. porous media flow. Screen Shot .simulation. vibration. Linear & non-linear static & dynamic analysis. electrostatics. non-linear structural. Hyperelastic. wave propagation. Created by San Le Operating System: Unix. acoustics.linear. The free version is limited to a maximum of 1000 nodes. Assembly and solution of finite element equations can be simulated interactively and graphically so that the process of finite element analysis can be visually inspected and explored. Screen Shot. heat transfer with or without fluid flow CFD. Screen Shot. magnetostatics. Created by Intuition Software Operating System: Windows.

earthquake. Canadian. At every iteration of search for optimum response surfaces are being built for objective and constrained parameters. Created by SST Systems. Family of IOSO NS versions utilizes set of heuristic self-organizing optimization algorithms. API). Thus. Swedish and guidelines WRC. Screen Shot. temperature. you can quickly and efficiently solve non-linear parametric optimization problem with dimensionality up to 5 independent variables and 5 functional inequality constraints. then these response surfaces are being optimized. and 10 Mode Shapes. Inc Operating System: Windows Software for structural designers of frames and/or surface structures. Created by InterCAD Kft Operating System: Windows AixsVM Optimization Software Operating System: Windows IOSO NS Using IOSO NS. Limited to 40 line elements and 400 surface elements. turbines. pumps. 20 Load Cases.Screen Shot. Free version limited to 20 components. British. NEMA. the number of direct calls to mathematical model . Screen Shot. Created by Cuylaerts Engineering Operating System: Windows CAEPipe Tool for analyzing statically and dynamically the effects of weight. pressure. time varying and harmonic loads. in piping systems. These algorithms are based on usage of owner-developed approximation technology. Checks for compliance with piping codes (ASME. B31.

Can optimise for multiple objectives of modal.is minimized. Linux TreePad X Enterprise 384 Gigabyte Personal Information Manager and Word Processor. . IOSO NS works robustly with discontinuous. force. Click here to get the free evaluation version. attachments. Created by . and time expenditures for problem solution are also minimal. non-differentiatable. reaction. spellchecker. volume/area/mass and any combination of these. noised and locally incomputable objectives and constraints. and much more! For Windows and Linux/Wine.IOSO Technology Center Operating System: Windows ReSHAPE ReSHAPE performs optimisation on linear static FE models using direct analytical sensitivities. Intuitive and versatile. Unlike the gradient methods. displacement. stress. Using approximation technology makes it possible to solve successfully problems with complex topology of objective and constraints. but limited to 350 elements. search engine. Screen Shot Created by . thesaurus.ADVEA Corp Operating System: Windows. Fully functional download. including Website Generator. recycle bin.

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