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Panchayat Secretary Special

Panchayat Raj Institutions
1. Major levels or tiers of Panchayat Raj include__________. (Gram Panchayat, Block Panchayat and District Panchayat) 2. Sources of income of village Panchayat include__________. (Share in land revenue, local tax, revenue earned rom the settlement o sho!s, ines and !enalties, ees or !rovidin" amenities, cess, tolls, house taxes etc.) #. The strategy designed to improve the economic and social life of rural poor is_______. ($ural Develo!ment) %. The main objective of rural development programme is_________. (&o raise economic and social conditions o rural !eo!le) '. The people with common interests living in a particular area are known as____________. ((ommunity) ). group of people with a common characteristic or interest living together within a larger society is known as_________. ((ommunity) *. !ational e"tension programme was started by #overnment of $ndia in________. (1+'#) ,. Sriniketan project was started by_________. ($a-indra .ath &a"ore)

+. The programme started by %& 'rayne in ()*+______. (Gur"aon /x!eriment) 10. Sarvodaya Programme was started by_________. (1ino-a Bhave (in 1+%,2%+) 11. Panchayat raj system was recommended by committee headed by_________. (Balwant $ai 3ehta) 12. The primary unit of Panchayat Raj $nstitutions is________. (Gram Panchayat) 1#. 'lock ,evelopment -fficer works at which level___________. (&aluka 4r Block level) 1%. $.,P is related to__________. ((attle develo!ment) 1'. Panchayat Raj was tried for the first time by the state of Madras as a pilot project in ___________. (1+'*) 1). #ram Panchayat has tenure of_________. (' years) 1*. The word democracy derived from________. (5Demo6 and 5(racy6) 1,. . P RT is_________. ((ouncil or 7dvancement o $ural &echnolo"y) 1+. The main objective of . P RT is_________. (&o act as a catalyst or the develo!ment o technolo"y a!!ro!riate or rural areas) 20. TM refers as__________. (7"ricultural &echnolo"y 3ana"ement 7"ency) 21. Meaning of 'P& in the conte"t of rural development is_________. (Below Poverty 8ine)

22. __________ are the factors influencing the democracy. ($eli"ion, Po!ulation, Develo!ment, $e"ion and /ducation) 2#. #row More campaign was started in the year__________. (1+'1) 2%. /hich states were identified under 0th Scheduled reas_________. (7ssam, 3e"halaya, 3i9oram and &ri!ura) 2'. ,evolution $nde" was developed by__________. (.ational (ouncil 7!!lied /conomic $esearch) 2). ___________ was the chairman of the first state finance commission of ndhra Pradesh. (3. 1. 8akshmana $ao) 2*. Panchayat Raj system was first introduced in___________. ($a:asthan) 2,. $n _________1 a district of Rajasthan Panchayat Raj system was first introduced. (.a"aur) 2+. .alcutta Municipal .orporation was set up in_________. (1,*)) #0. State %inance .ommission will be appointed for every________. (' ;ears) #1. !umber of states identified under 2th Scheduled reas______. (.ine) #2. __________ .ommittee has recommended for setting up of ,istrict ,evelopment 'oards under the chairmanship of .ollector. (3.&. $a:u) ##. 3yderabad Town 3all was set up in_________. (1+1#) or

#%. 'alwant Rai Mehta .ommittee appointed by #overnment of $ndia in__________. (<anuary 1+'*) #'. 'alwant Rai Mehta .ommittee was asked to e"amine__________. (&he =orkin" o (ommunity Develo!ment Pro"ramme and .ational /xtension Service) #). The major recommendation of 'alwant Rai Mehta committee is _________. (/sta-lishment o #2tier Panchayat $a: system) #*. The constitutional ct 456rd mendment7 ())* came into force on________. (2%th 7!ril 1++#) #,. 'ackward regions #rant %und aim at_________. ($educin" develo!ment de icits o the country) #+. The main aim of Rashtriya #ram Swaraj 8ojana is __________. ((a!acity -uildin" and trainin" o the elected re!resentatives o Panchayat $a: >nstitutions) %0. The projects sanctioned under Rural 'usiness 3ubs were__________. 4 Metal works1 carpets1 embroidery1 bio9fuels and horticulture products7 %1. Rural 'usiness 3ubs aim at__________. (7ssist the Panchayats to em!ower rural la-our !roductivity -y !rovidin" orward, -ackward linka"es)

%2. Panchayat Mahila :vam 8uva Shakti bhiyan aims at__________. (/na-lin" women and youth Panchayat leaders to come to"ether to articulate their !ro-lems as women Panchayat leaders) %#. Madras local 'oards ct was passed in_________. (1+20) %%. Madras ;illage Panchayat ct was brought into force in_______. (1+'0) %'. Madras ,istrict 'oards ct was passed in___________. (1+'0) %). 3yderabad #ram Panchayat ct was passed in_________. (1+')) %*. ndhra Pradesh Panchayat Samithi and <P (1+'+) %,. ndhra Pradesh #ram Panchayat (1+)%) %+. ndhra Pradesh MPP1 <PP1 < SM act was passed in_________. (1+,)) '0. ndhra Pradesh Panchayat raj ct was passed in________. (1++%) '1. ndhra Pradesh P:S ct has come into force in________. (200') ct was brought into force in________. ct was brought in________.

'2. MR Pai committee on Panchayat Raj system was set up in________. (1+)#) '#. Reconstitution of Panchayat Samithis was recommended by___________. (3.$. Pai (ommittee) '%. _____________ .ommittee recommended for the abolition of ,istrict ,evelopment 'oards. (<ala"am 1en"ala $ao)

''. ___________ .ommittee recommended for Mahila Reservations in Panchayat Raj system. ((. .arasimham) '). .. !arasimham committee on Panchayat raj system was set up in____. (1+*1) '*. .onstitutional status for Panchayat Raj $nstitutions was recommended by________. ((. .arasimham (ommittee) ',. '.P.R. ;ittal .ommittee on Panchayat Raj system was set up in_________. (1++1) '+. The percentage of rural population in the total population of ndhra Pradesh according to *=(( census is _________. ()).') )0. The Mandal Parishad allocates (2 per cent of its grants to_________. (?ousin" construction schemes) )1. !umber of standing committees set up at #ram Panchayat level according to ndhra Pradesh Panchayat Raj ct are_________. (Six) )2. Major source of income for both Mandal Parishad and <illa parishad is ________. (Grants) )#. !umber of standing committees in <illa Parishads is _______. (Seven) )%. >anmabhoomi programme was introduced in__________. (1++*) )'. !umber of items included in Twelfth schedule with respect to Municipalities________. (1,)

)). 2= percent of reservations for women in Panchayat raj institutions were announced by 2011) )*. Marthandam Project was started by_________. (S!encer ?atch) ),. The Royal .ommission on ,ecentrali?ation was set up in________. (1+0*) )+. .hairman of the Royal .ommission on ,ecentrali?ation is @@@@@@@@@@@. ((/? ?o-ouse) *0. ______________ .ommission has identified the importance of Panchayats at village level. ($oyal (ommission on Decentrali9ation) *1. Montague9.hemsford Reforms 4()()7 brought local self government as a___________. (Provincial trans erred su-:ect) *2. shok Mehta committee on Panchayat raj $nstitutions was appointed by_________. (<anata Government) *#. Representation of S.s and STs in the election to Panchayat Raj $nstitutions on the basis of their population was recommended by___________. (7shok 3ehta (ommittee) *%. #.;.@. Rao committee on various aspects of Panchayat Raj $nstitutions was set up in_____________. (1+,') ndhra Pradesh #overnment on________. (.ovem-er 2',

*'. PR$s at district level and below should be assigned the work of planning1 implementation and monitoring of rural development programmes was recommended by___________. (G.1.A. $ao (ommittee) *). __________ is the base of a decentrali?ed democracy. (Gram Sa-ha) **. &M Singhvi committee on Panchayat raj system was appointed in_____. (1+,)) *,. !on9involvement of political parties in Panchayat elections was

recommended by___________. (8.3. Sin"hvi) *+. .onstitutional status to Panchayats was opposed by___________. (Sarkaria (ommission) ,0. _________ introduced the 0Ath .onstitutional mendment 'ill in ()+). ($a:iv Gandhi) ,1. The first major development programme introduced in ()2* was_________. ((ommunity Develo!ment Pro"ramme) ,2. The main objective of community development programme was________. (4verall develo!ment o rural areas and !eo!leBs !artici!ation) 2Dr. &amma Aoti $eddy, /conomics Caculty.