let the lotus of compassion enfold the world

Buddhist Global Relief is an interdenominational community of Buddhists and friends of Buddhism who seek to give concrete expression to the Buddha's great compassion as an ongoing project in the contemporary world.
BGR is an all-volunteer organization.

BGR was born in response to an essay by Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi challenging American Buddhists to face the immensity of suffering that besets humanity in our present-day world. In May 2008, a number of Ven. Bodhi's friends and students joined hearts and hands to create BGR as a vehicle for addressing the plight of people afflicted by Poverty Disaster Societal neglect

The special challenge facing Buddhism in our age is to stand up as an advocate for justice in the world, a voice of conscience for those victims of social, economic, and political injustice who cannot stand up and speak for themselves. This, in my view, is a deeply moral challenge marking a watershed in the modern expression of Buddhism.
--Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi Buddhadharma (fall 2007)

Our mission is to provide relief to the poor and needy throughout the world regardless of nationality, ethnicity, gender, or religion.

Bearing in mind the Buddha's frequent stress on the value of giving food, BGR especially focuses on providing food aid to those afflicted by hunger and chronic malnutrition.

We address the global problem of hunger. According to the World Food Program, each year... 10 million people die of hunger or hunger-related diseases. Over half of them are children. Each day... over 100 million people wonder where their next meal will come from.


We fight hunger and poverty in the developing world. We support projects aimed at developing better long-term methods of food production to ensure its beneficiaries a constant supply of food.

BGR provides grants to organizations in impoverished communities to meet the need for nutrition, clean water, education, and supporting infrastructure.

BRG aims at long-term solutions. We seek to promote better long-term methods of food production, management, and distribution.

BRG does not proselytize. We respect the religious beliefs of those whom we serve and seek to work in harmony with people of all faiths to alleviate poverty.

Photo: Jeremy Barnicle/Mercy Corps

In giving food, one gives five things to the recipients: one gives life, beauty, happiness, strength, and mental clarity.

In giving these five things, one in turn partakes of life, beauty, happiness, strength, and mental clarity, whether in this world or in the heavenly realm.
-- Anguttara Nikaya 5:37

We assist victims of sudden disaster who need emergency food aid. We enable those hurt by chronic food shortages to develop stable strategies of food security. We seek to...

...provide emergency food relief.

...meet the need for clean water.
Photo: Swiatek Wojtkowiak FAO

...support education.

...enhance local infrastructure.

BGR raises funds… for food relief and related projects from both private donors and philanthropic organizations. We work in partnership… with agencies, institutions, and relief organizations already operating on the ground.

Critical rice support to girl scholarship recipients and their families
(Partner: Lotus Outreach International)

Providing meals for hospital patients
(Partner: local Red Cross)

Microfinance women's livelihood projects
(Partner: Sarvodaya Women's Movement)

Relief for families affected by Cyclone Nargis
(Partner: Save the Children)

Relief for internally displaced persons
(Partner: Sarvodaya)

Critical nutritional care to pregnant women and young children
(Partner: Helen Keller International)

Tuition and school supplies to enable migrant child laborers to attend school
(Partner: Lotus Outreach International)

May I be a good doctor for those who suffer from illness, a guide for those who have gone astray, a lamp for those who dwell in darkness, a source of treasure for those in poverty and need.
-- Vows of Samantabhadra, Avatamsaka Sutra

Founded by Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi, American Buddhist scholar-monk.

Advisers are lay and monastic teachers and scholars, such as
Ven. Heng Sure, Ven. Thich Tri Hoang, Rev. Joan Hoeberichts, Andrew Harvey, Prof. David Loy, Michael Roehm, and Prof. Jan Willis. All staff are volunteers.

Faith: conviction in the power of goodness Compassion: breaking out of the cocoon of selfcenteredness Service: heeding the call of compassion Moral rectitude: following the Buddhist ethical code Self-cultivation: doing inner work to sustain our outer work Integrity: appropriately using funds entrusted to us Prudence: using funds effectively and efficiently Respect: honoring customs, beliefs, traditions of those we serve Collaboration: cooperating with each other, our partners, and the people we serve

As an experience of suffering shared by many, global hunger should awaken our compassion, opening our hearts to the pain of the world. As a manifestation of social injustice, it should prick our sense of conscience, compelling us to alter the forces that subject whole populations to such a cruel fate.
--Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi

Please join us www.buddhistglobalrelief.org

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