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1. Nu chiu di increase 20% chiu rng breadth gim 20%. Area ? Area decreases 4% 2. Nu M quan st nhng g gia 2 bn khc th s l K and O. 3. C 7500 hc snh ti 1 trng. trong 75% theo physics. 45 % theo math. Hi c bn % theo c 2 mn? p dng cng thc cng XS P(AB)=P(A)+P(B)-P(A+B)=75+45-100=20% Hc sinh =20%*7500= 1500 4. if you have a sixth sense, it may help you to solve this one 6 396 2376 1425.6 8.5536 ? (a) 4.5536 (b) 2.5536 (c) .513216 (d) .00513216 Ans:(d ) chia s ng sau cho s ng trk ra quy lut 5. 20 ? 150 18 11 (a) 2 (b) 4 (c) 6 (d) 8 (e) none of these Answer: C: 6. F is brother of A , C is daughter of A, G is brother of C, who is uncle of G and some conditions Answer: F


1. Trong s nhng ci di y ci no h tr cho li kim tra v li sa cha trong tng data link? (data link layer) a) 802.2 LLC b) 802.3 CSMA/CD c) 802.4 Token Bus d) 802.5 Token Ring Answer: a 2. How many bits of IP address are required to make 8 subnets? a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 4 Answer: 4 bits(as 000 and 111 of 3 bits are not valid subnets so take 4bits) 3. Network equipments make hierarchy in which topology?

a) b) c) d)

Bus Star Ring Tree

Answer: d (cheekout) 4. Which of the following is not CDMA technology a) DS-FH b) DS-FT c) DSd) TDMA-FS Answer: D 5. Determine network ID of classful IP address a) 192 b) 192.42 c) 192.42.14 d) Answer: C class C 6. Min sampling freq for 20-20kHz analog signal is a) 20kHz b) 40kHz c) 44,1kHz d) 20Hz Answer: b F(sampling)=> 2fmax 7. Advantages of digital over analog signal a) Noise immunity b) Data security and integrity c) Efficient transmission d) All of the above Answer: D 8. MPEG stands for? Answer: Moving Picture Experts Group 9. Why channel coding is done? a) To secure data b) To maintain integrity of data

c) Effective transmission of data d) All of the above Answer C: m ha knh nhm lm truyn thng chnh xc hn bng cch thm nhng bt mi vo trong d liu c truyn. C th sa li C th pht hin li

M ha ngun: ch yu nn d liu, gim s bt yu cu trn knh truyn. 10. If integer needs two bytes of storage, then maximum value of an unsigned integer is. a) 2^16-1 b) 2^15-1 c) 2^16 d) 2^15 Answer: a 2^16-1 11. If integer needs two bytes of storage, then maximum value of an signed integer is. a) 2^16-1 b) 2^15-1 c) 2^15 d) 2^16 Answer: 215-1 12. Consider the following program fragment Char c=a; While(c++<=z) Putchar(xxx); If the required output is abcdwxyz, then xxx should be a) C b) C++ c) C-1 d) c Answer: c: C-1 13. If abc is the input, then the program fragment Char x,y,z; Printf(%d, scanf(%c%c%c,&x,&y,&z));

Result in a) b) c) d) A syntax error A fatal error Segmentation violation Printing of 3

Answer: a fatal error 14. Consider the statements putchar(getchar()); putchar(getchar()); If ab is the input, the output will be Answer: an error message 15. The operators ., ||, <, = if arranged in the ascending order of a) . , || , < , = b) =, < , || , . c) =, || , <, . d) <, || , = , . Answer: A 16. The following program fragment for( i=3; i<15;i+=3); printf("%d",i); results in a) b) c) d) A syntax error An execution error Printing of 12 Printing of 15

Answer 15 17. int counter = 0, i; for(i=0;;i++) ( if (i < 100) continue; counter ++; if (counter == 100) break;

) printf(%d%d",i, counter); a.199 100 b. 200 100 c. 199 99 d. 200 0 answer: a 18. Code .class abc { static int i; Int a; }; abc ob; cout<<sizeof(ob) answer : 4( theo bin trong class) 19. Code Class abc{}; Abc ob; Cout<<sizeof(ob); Answer: 1: size of object of empty class is 1 20. Code #include<stdio.h> int main(){ int i=512; char *c=(char *)&i; c[0]=1; printf("%d",i); } Answer: 513