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Translators Training & Development Programme

The program covers areas from both literature and linguistics and the focus is on introducing students to seminal works in the disciplines of literature and linguistics and thus inculcate translation abilities in students.

Program Objectives: To make students

1) Sensitive to literature enabling them to respond to literary works through analysis and evaluation in the light of religious and historical contexts. 2) Aware of all the core grammatical concepts and vocabulary; basic translation theory; extensive madani environment enabling them to apply the said concepts when and where required. 3) Analyze literary source texts stylistically.

4) Able to translate Dawat-e-Islamis literature at all levels 5) Employable in Majlis-e-Trajim.

Route 1:
FIRST SEMESTER :Breakthrough level; cef coincidence A1 1. Introduction to Basic Grammer 2. Word Bank - Foundation 3. Introductory English Reading 4. SECOND SEMESTER:waystage level; cef coincidence A2 (4 months) 5. 6. 7. 8. Principles & Practices of Basic Grammar Basic User Reading & Comprehension Basic User Vocabulary Basic User Writing Skills 9. THIRD SEMESTER:thershold level; cef coincidence B1 10. Intermediate Grammar (8 months) (2 months)

11. Intermediate Reading & Comprehesion 12. Independent User Vocabulary I 13. Intermediate Writing Skills 14. FOURTH SEMESTER:vantage level; cef coincidence B2 15. Independent User Grammar 16. Independent User Reading & Comprehesion 17. Independent User Vocabulary II 18. Independent User Writing Skills (12 months)

19. FIFTH SEMESTER: level; cef coincidence C1 (6 months) 20. Essentials of Advance Grammar 21. Reading & Comprehesion I: Selections from Quranic Translation 22. Reading & Comprehesion I: Selections from Hadith Translation 23. Reading & Comprehesion I: Selections from Fiqh Translation 24. Reading & Comprehesion I: Selections from Tassawuf Translation 25. Essential of Advance Writing Skills 26. THIRD SMESTER (4 months) 27. A Review of Islamic Translations in English Case Study

Program Requirements
FA/FSc with second division, with a good result in Jamiat-ul Madina exams and NOC from its majlis. Program Details FIRST SEMESTER (3 months)

28. Grammar & Composition I 29. Vocabulary I 30. Madani Terminology & Computer Applications for Translators 31. Contemporary Madani Culture 32. SECOND SEMESTER 33. Grammar & Composition II (6 months)

34. Vocabulary II 35. Comprehension 36. Contemporary English Culture 37. THIRD SMESTER (4 months) 38. Poetry I 39. Prose I 40. Drama I 41. Novel I 42. FORUTH SMESTER 43. Poetry II 44. Drama II 45. Novel II 46. Prose II 47. FIFTH SMESTER (6 months) 48. Criticism 49. Theory of Translation 50. Practice of Translation 51. Top 10 translations of English 52. THIRD SMESTER (4 months) 53. A Review of Islamic Translations in English 54. Case Study (4 months)