K.A.E. #1 Martin Diaz Professor Carlos Gonzalez ENC1101 Lying and its Consequences.

Everyone has told a lie at some point in their lives. In fact, I wouldn’t be able to lie about me just because I think pretty things about myself. That would be another lie. In times of Isaac, Rebekah made his son, Jacob, trick his father because Isaac was going to bless his older brother, Esau. Therefore, Jacob obeyed her command. According to the Bible, “Jacob said to his father, ´I am Esau your firstborn; I have done just as you told me; please arise, sit and eat of my game, that your soul may bless me´’’(Gen. 27.19). In addition, some people brag about themselves, so they commit they same crime: they lie. As well as there are even songs about lying: children at any school sing along, “Liar, pencil fire…” Not to mention, people who got late at work simply saying: how come! My car is broken once again…I better buy a brand new one! As everyone like you and people had lied at least once in

Once, I told my best friend I was going to buy his old but in good shape bicycle, but I did not know my parents had bought me the one I dreamed about. Therefore, I did not know what to do, but I had to do something. As a result, I tricked him because I did not tell him that I would not buy it. When the day came

to pay him I had already his bike worn out with many scratches, so I decided not to show up in school, tell my mom that someone had stolen his bike and ask him not to charge me. It passes a week. I did not know what to do first, so I decided not to show up in school. As a result, I missed many test and I felt terrible. After pretending to be sick in order to convince my Mom to miss school classes, I told her the reason why I could not see Juan, my best friend. So once again I lied. I told Mom that a tall man appeared and hit me. Then he stole Juan’s bike and ran away with it. Consequently, I was in shock and I would not be the one to tell Juan what happened. Instead of me, she talked to him and told his parents what had happened. Before showing up in Juan’s house, my parents instructed me to go telling Juan, and his parents how the thief had done it. They called to make a report with a police officer. I was going to tell my friend not to charge me and I had doubts. I felt remorse, but when my parents, his parents, and the police surrounded me I had no choice but to lie. I felt like the meanest person in the world. I hate remember that.

After interviewing my mom, she told me she loves me in spite of lying. When I remind this tale to her, she told me: I had a confession to make, so I ask her: What is it, Mom? She replied, “I knew you were lying, I knew you before you were born. When you told me what happened with your friend’s bike, I remember staring at you. Oh God’s sake…she knew almost everything! However, she told me she felt very upset at the very beginning because she wanted to tell my dad what have I done, yet she made a decision: not to tell him anything! Oh mom I

love you too, instead of punishment, which was what I deserved, she was at my side, backing me up. Isn’t it amazing? That’s why every single time I love you, Mom.


Bilingual Bible. New King James version. Thomas Nelson Inc., 1982. Page 35