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Several associations also serve niches within HR.

The Institute of Recruiters (IOR) is a recruitment professional association, offering members education, support and training. !"# $orldat$or% focuses on &total rewards& (i.e., compensation, benefits, wor% life, performance, recognition, and career development), offering several certifications and training programs dealing with remuneration and wor%'life balance. Other niche associations include the (merican Societ) for Training * +evelopment and Recognition ,rofessionals International. ,ublications (cademic and practitioner publications dealing e-clusivel) with HR. /ornell HR Review HR 0aga1ine (SHR0) Human Resource 0anagement (2ohn $ile) * Sons) Human Resource 0anagement Review (3lsevier) International 2ournal of Human Resource 0anagement (Ta)lor * 4rancis) ,erspectives on $or% (53R() Related publications. (cadem) of 0anagement 2ournal (cadem) of 0anagement Review (dministrative Science 6uarterl) (Samuel /urtis 2ohnson 7raduate School of 0anagement) Organi1ation Science (I84OR0S) See also $i%imedia /ommons has media related to. Human resources management (spiration 0anagement Organi1ational behavior Organi1ational theor) References 5ibrar) resources (bout Human resource management Resources in )our librar) Resources in other libraries 9 0er%le, 2udith (. 0anagement and Ideolog). :niversit) of /alifornia ,ress. IS;8 <'=!<'<>?>?'=. 9 0a)o, 3lton ("@A=). &Hawthorne and the $estern 3lectric /ompan)&. Harvard ;usiness School. Retrieved !B +ecember !<"".

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Outline of business management Inde- of management articles 0anager 0anagement branches 4inance Human resources Information technolog) 0ar%eting OperationsEproduction Strateg) Other 0anagement areas (ccounting (ssociation /apabilit) /hange /ommunication /onflict /onstruction /ost /risis /ritical /ustomer relationship +istributed 3arned value 3ducational 3ngineering 3nvironmental 4acilit) Hospital Information Innovation Interim Inventor) Fnowledge 5and 5ogistics 5ifec)cle 0aterials Office ,erception ,ractice ,rogram

,roGect ,rocess ,erformance ,roduct ,ublic administration 6ualit) Records Resource Restaurant Ris% S%ills Strategic Stress Suppl) chain S)stems Talent Time Technolog) 0anagement'related topics (ssociation of Technolog), 0anagement, and (pplied 3ngineering (pplied engineering ;usiness school /hartered 0anagement Institute +ecision ma%ing st)les Organi1ation development Organi1ational studies Social entrepreneurship 4orecasting 5eadership (rticles (dhocrac) (dministration /ertified ;usiness 0anager /ollaboration /ollaborative method /orporate governance +ecision 0a%ing 3ngineering management 3vidence'based management 3-ecutive ,a) 4orecasting

4utures studies 7rowth Fnowledge visuali1ation 5eadership 0anagement consulting 0anagement control 0anagement c)bernetics 0anagement development 0anagement fad 0anagerial ,s)cholog) 0anagement science 0anagement st)les 0anagement s)stem 0anagerialism 0icromanagement 0acromanagement 0iddle management 0usic management Organi1ational behavior management Organi1ational studies ,h)sical Internet ,redictive anal)tics Team building Scientific management Senior management Social entrepreneurship Hirtual management $illiamsonCs 0odel of 0anagerial +iscretion ,eter +ruc%erCs management b) obGectives 3li)ahu 0. 7oldrattCs Theor) of constraints ,oint) Haired ;oss ,ortal S)stems science portal I /ategories. Human resource management Southwest (irlines !<<!. (n Industr) :nder Siege Harvard Business School: 9-803-133 3-ecutive Summar) Southwest Airlines in 2002 faced a serious of im ortant mana!ement decisions after the 9"11 tra!ed# in order to continue the record $rea%in! com an# !rowth that Southwest had e& erienced since the 19'0(s) Southwest Airlines revolutioni*ed the

airline industr# with what is %nown as the Southwest ,ffect: low cost fares- oint-to- oint service- .10 minute turnaround/ and an en0o#a$le friendl# atmos here) After the Airline 1ere!ulation Act of 19'8- Southwest ado ted a olit# that irre!ardless of the rofita$ilit# of e& ansion o ortunities- the com an# wanted to commit to a mana!ea$le annual !rowth rate of a$out 10-1+2) 3he followin! 4uestions and discussion will address the historical challen!es of Southwest airlines- the direction the com an# contem lated in 2002- and a $rief loo% at the challen!es of toda#) "). $hat is the competitive business environment 3he airline industr# has alwa#s $een com etitive) 5n an anal#sis of the most rofita$l# investments as er our class discussion- sur risin!l#- airlines come in at the lowest return on each dollar invested at around 2)+2) Southwest Airlines e& erienced 30 consecutive #ears of rofit a mere two #ears after it(s foundin! in 19'1) 6an# air orts $e!an re4uestin! Southwest service for their assen!ers- $ut throu!hout Southwest(s e& ansion- the com an# aimed to maintain a mana!ea$le !rowth rate and focus on their core com etencies of low rice fares that would com ete with the cost of drivin! to the destination) 5n the mid 1990(s- the ma0or carriers entered into rice wars to undercut com etition) Althou!h- these dealin!s did affect Southwest(s $ottom line- Southwest still mana!e to continue to turn a rofit and e& and due to their e& ansion into a reservation s#stem and their commitment to a culture and e& erience that assen!ers were drawn to) !). $hat is the competitive advantage that the compan) obtained as discussed in the caseJ Southwest Airlines com etitive advanta!es are their oint-to- oint services which are !enerall# tar!etin! the fre4uent $usiness traveler) 7ith several re!ular fli!hts er da#- if a assen!er ha ens to miss their fli!ht- the# will $e automaticall# $oo%ed onto another fli!ht) Secondl#- Southwest strate!icall# secured routes throu!h secondar# air orts which !enerall# had lower fi&ed costs for the airlines and less con!estions for assen!ers ease) 8inall#- Southwest focused on 4uic%- relia$le turnaround time usin! onl# one version of aircraft- allowin! for familiarit# amon! staff and !reater efficienc# in turnaround) 9assen!ers were not assi!ned seats- sim l# $oardin! sections- which allowed for assen!er loadin! to $e conducted more efficientl#) 3he traditional airline model is the Hu$ and S o%e model- which in essence ta%es most assen!ers from the ori!ination- throu!h the hu$- and then transfers them to their destination) Southwest(s oint to oint s#stem was more relia$le $ecause it did not de end on the on time arrival of an earlier fli!ht for de arture) Southwest also im lemented the first and most sim listic fre4uent-flier ro!ram: urchase ei!ht fli!hts and !et one free) Southwest(s initiall# connected with four com uter reservation and tic%etin! s#stems and also the owerful SAB:, s#stem) 3his allowed travel a!ents to view fli!ht information and even rint tic%ets) 5n 1994Southwest was onl# connected throu!h the SAB:, s#stems which ushed Southwest to develo the .tic%etless/ travel ro!ram as well as Southwest)com)

>). $hat strateg) andEor model was used or implemented in this caseJ ;argaining power of bu)ers 9orter(s + =om etitive 8orces 6odel Threa ts Southwest vs. (ll other (irlines Threat of substitute

;argaining power of suppliers

Threat of new entrants ;argaining ,ower

Southwest airlines does stru!!le a!ainst the threat of su$stitutes much li%e an# other airline and in this case the threat of su$stitutes is the decision to use an alternate form of travel- such as drivin! or ta%in! a train) 3he airline industr# is sensitive to .tra!ed#/ such as when there is a lane crash or an event li%e 9"11< consumers tend to switch to a su$stitute or chose not to travel in the first lace) Southwest(s $est defense is a stron! 9: cam ai!n- which we saw after 9"11 when the com an# launched ads sa#in! that when America is read# to fl# a!ain- Southwest will $e there)