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is a recruitment professional association, offering members education, support and training.[21] WorldatWork focuses on "total rewards" (i.e.

, compensation, benefits, work life, performance, recognition, and career development), offering several certifications and training programs dealing wit remuneration and work!life balance. "t er nic e associations include t e #merican $ociet% for &raining ' (evelopment and )ecognition *rofessionals +nternational. *ublications #cademic and practitioner publications dealing e,clusivel% wit -). /ornell -) )eview -) 0aga1ine ($-)0) -uman )esource 0anagement (2o n Wile% ' $ons) -uman )esource 0anagement )eview (3lsevier) +nternational 2ournal of -uman )esource 0anagement (&a%lor ' 4rancis) *erspectives on Work (53)#) )elated publications. #cadem% of 0anagement 2ournal #cadem% of 0anagement )eview #dministrative $cience 6uarterl% ($amuel /urtis 2o nson 7raduate $c ool of 0anagement) "rgani1ation $cience (+84")0$) $ee also Wikimedia /ommons as media related to. -uman resources management #spiration 0anagement "rgani1ational be avior "rgani1ational t eor% )eferences 5ibrar% resources #bout -uman resource management )esources in %our librar% )esources in ot er libraries 9 0erkle, 2udit #. 0anagement and +deolog%. :niversit% of /alifornia *ress. +$;8 <!=2<!<>?>?!=. 9 0a%o, 3lton (1@A=). "-awt orne and t e Western 3lectric /ompan%". -arvard ;usiness $c ool. )etrieved 2B (ecember 2<11.

9 "#bout /+*(". / artered +nstitute of *ersonnel and (evelopment. )etrieved 22 (ecember 2<11. 9 "#bout /ornell +5)". /ornell :niversit% $c ool of +ndustrial and 5abor )elations. )etrieved 2<1<!<1!2@. 9 a b "#bout $-)0". $ociet% for -uman )esource 0anagement. )etrieved 22 (ecember 2<11. 9 "C;rien, 0ic ael ("ctober B, 2<<@). "-)Cs &ake on & e "ffice". -uman )esource 3,ecutive "nline. #rc ived from t e original on 1B (ecember 2<11. )etrieved 2B (ecember 2<11. 9 "/atbert s ows toug er side to uman resources". *ersonnel &oda%. #ugust ><, 2<<?. )etrieved 2B (ecember 2<11. 9 :lric , (ave (1@@D). -uman )esource / ampions. & e ne,t agenda for adding value and delivering results. ;oston, 0ass.. -arvard ;usiness $c ool *ress. +$;8 <! B?=BA!?1@!D. "/5/ >A?<A@<A. 9 &owers, (avid. "-uman )esource 0anagement essa%s". )etrieved 2<<?!1<!1?. 9 a b 2onat an 3. (e7raff (21 4ebruar% 2<1<). "& e / anging 3nvironment of *rofessional -) #ssociations". /ornell -) )eview. )etrieved 21 (ecember 2<11. 9 Wrig t, *atrick. "& e 2<11 /-)" / allenge. ;uilding "rgani1ational, 4unctional, and *ersonal &alent". /ornell /enter for #dvanced -uman )esource $tudies (/#-)$). )etrieved > $eptember 2<11. 9 /onat%, ;ill, and )am / aran (2<11). & e &alent 0asters. W % $mart 5eaders *ut *eople ;efore 8umbers. /rown *ublis ing 7roup. +$;8 @?B!<!><?!AD<2D!A. 9 "-uman )esources, &raining, and 5abor )elations 0anagers and $pecialists". :.$. ;ureau of 5abor $tatistics. 2<11. )etrieved 2> (ecember 2<11. 9 "-uman )esources 0anager". /88 0one%. 2<<D. )etrieved 2> (ecember 2<11. 9 "-uman )esources 0anager". /88 0one%. 2<<@. )etrieved 2> (ecember 2<11. 9 "&owers Watson 3,ecutives $ee 7rowt # ead 4or 0erged 4irms". Workforce 0anagement. 2<<?. )etrieved 2anuar% 1>, 2<1<. 9 "-) consultant". /88 0one%. )etrieved 2> (ecember 2<11. 9 "#bout /ornell +5)". /ornell :niversit% $c ool of +ndustrial and 5abor )elations. )etrieved 2> #ugust 2<<@. 9 "-) 7raduate *rogram )ankings". -) *atriot. 2<<@!<A!2D. )etrieved 2<1<! <?!<=. 9 $-)0 Website. #bout $-)0 9 "#bout +")". +nstitute of )ecruiters (+")). )etrieved 22 (ecember 2<11. [ ide] v t e 0anagement

"utline of business management +nde, of management articles 0anager 0anagement branc es 4inance -uman resources +nformation tec nolog% 0arketing "perationsEproduction $trateg% "t er 0anagement areas #ccounting #ssociation /apabilit% / ange /ommunication /onflict /onstruction /ost /risis /ritical /ustomer relations ip (istributed 3arned value 3ducational 3ngineering 3nvironmental 4acilit% -ospital +nformation +nnovation +nterim +nventor% Fnowledge 5and 5ogistics 5ifec%cle 0aterials "ffice *erception *ractice *rogram

*roGect *rocess *erformance *roduct *ublic administration 6ualit% )ecords )esource )estaurant )isk $kills $trategic $tress $uppl% c ain $%stems &alent &ime &ec nolog% 0anagement!related topics #ssociation of &ec nolog%, 0anagement, and #pplied 3ngineering #pplied engineering ;usiness sc ool / artered 0anagement +nstitute (ecision making st%les "rgani1ation development "rgani1ational studies $ocial entrepreneurs ip 4orecasting 5eaders ip #rticles #d ocrac% #dministration /ertified ;usiness 0anager /ollaboration /ollaborative met od /orporate governance (ecision 0aking 3ngineering management 3vidence!based management 3,ecutive *a% 4orecasting

4utures studies 7rowt Fnowledge visuali1ation 5eaders ip 0anagement consulting 0anagement control 0anagement c%bernetics 0anagement development 0anagement fad 0anagerial *s%c olog% 0anagement science 0anagement st%les 0anagement s%stem 0anagerialism 0icromanagement 0acromanagement 0iddle management 0usic management "rgani1ational be avior management "rgani1ational studies * %sical +nternet *redictive anal%tics &eam building $cientific management $enior management $ocial entrepreneurs ip Hirtual management WilliamsonCs 0odel of 0anagerial (iscretion *eter (ruckerCs management b% obGectives 3li%a u 0. 7oldrattCs & eor% of constraints *oint% -aired ;oss *ortal $%stems science portal I /ategories. -uman resource management $out west #irlines 2<<2. #n +ndustr% :nder $iege Harvard Business School: 9-803-133 3,ecutive $ummar% Southwest Airlines in 2002 faced a serious of im ortant mana!ement decisions after the 9"11 tra!ed# in order to continue the record $rea%in! com an# !rowth that Southwest had e& erienced since the 19'0(s) Southwest Airlines revolutioni*ed the

airline industr# with what is %nown as the Southwest ,ffect: low cost fares- oint-to- oint service- .10 minute turnaround/ and an en0o#a$le friendl# atmos here) After the Airline 1ere!ulation Act of 19'8- Southwest ado ted a olit# that irre!ardless of the rofita$ilit# of e& ansion o ortunities- the com an# wanted to commit to a mana!ea$le annual !rowth rate of a$out 10-1+2) 3he followin! 4uestions and discussion will address the historical challen!es of Southwest airlines- the direction the com an# contem lated in 2002- and a $rief loo% at the challen!es of toda#) 1). W at is t e competitive business environment 3he airline industr# has alwa#s $een com etitive) 5n an anal#sis of the most rofita$l# investments as er our class discussion- sur risin!l#- airlines come in at the lowest return on each dollar invested at around 2)+2) Southwest Airlines e& erienced 30 consecutive #ears of rofit a mere two #ears after it(s foundin! in 19'1) 6an# air orts $e!an re4uestin! Southwest service for their assen!ers- $ut throu!hout Southwest(s e& ansion- the com an# aimed to maintain a mana!ea$le !rowth rate and focus on their core com etencies of low rice fares that would com ete with the cost of drivin! to the destination) 5n the mid 1990(s- the ma0or carriers entered into rice wars to undercut com etition) Althou!h- these dealin!s did affect Southwest(s $ottom line- Southwest still mana!e to continue to turn a rofit and e& and due to their e& ansion into a reservation s#stem and their commitment to a culture and e& erience that assen!ers were drawn to) 2). W at is t e competitive advantage t at t e compan% obtained as discussed in t e caseJ Southwest Airlines com etitive advanta!es are their oint-to- oint services which are !enerall# tar!etin! the fre4uent $usiness traveler) 7ith several re!ular fli!hts er da#- if a assen!er ha ens to miss their fli!ht- the# will $e automaticall# $oo%ed onto another fli!ht) Secondl#- Southwest strate!icall# secured routes throu!h secondar# air orts which !enerall# had lower fi&ed costs for the airlines and less con!estions for assen!ers ease) 8inall#- Southwest focused on 4uic%- relia$le turnaround time usin! onl# one version of aircraft- allowin! for familiarit# amon! staff and !reater efficienc# in turnaround) 9assen!ers were not assi!ned seats- sim l# $oardin! sections- which allowed for assen!er loadin! to $e conducted more efficientl#) 3he traditional airline model is the Hu$ and S o%e model- which in essence ta%es most assen!ers from the ori!ination- throu!h the hu$- and then transfers them to their destination) Southwest(s oint to oint s#stem was more relia$le $ecause it did not de end on the on time arrival of an earlier fli!ht for de arture) Southwest also im lemented the first and most sim listic fre4uent-flier ro!ram: urchase ei!ht fli!hts and !et one free) Southwest(s initiall# connected with four com uter reservation and tic%etin! s#stems and also the owerful SAB:, s#stem) 3his allowed travel a!ents to view fli!ht information and even rint tic%ets) 5n 1994Southwest was onl# connected throu!h the SAB:, s#stems which ushed Southwest to develo the .tic%etless/ travel ro!ram as well as Southwest)com)

>). W at strateg% andEor model was used or implemented in t is caseJ ;argaining power of bu%ers 9orter(s + =om etitive 8orces 6odel & rea ts $out west vs. #ll ot er #irlines & reat of substitute

;argaining power of suppliers

& reat of new entrants ;argaining *ower

Southwest airlines does stru!!le a!ainst the threat of su$stitutes much li%e an# other airline and in this case the threat of su$stitutes is the decision to use an alternate form of travel- such as drivin! or ta%in! a train) 3he airline industr# is sensitive to .tra!ed#/ such as when there is a lane crash or an event li%e 9"11< consumers tend to switch to a su$stitute or chose not to travel in the first lace) Southwest(s $est defense is a stron! 9: cam ai!n- which we saw after 9"11 when the com an# launched ads sa#in! that when America is read# to fl# a!ain- Southwest will $e there)