YEAR 12 – New Deadlines Teaching Plan SPRING 2 TERM 2013-14 Date Work Set 15/2/14 HALF TERM Work to be completed

: to 23/2 Homework: Complete ALL research and work on INDIVIDUAL blogs. Details below (What to cover’) – see model analysis (‘Analysis Model’) Prepare for any additional filming needed and book cameras. Be ready for showcase first week back 24/2 – everything else done please – NOT group blogs, NOT evaluation but a focus on your INDIVIDUAL BLOGS although sorting your group blog and preparing evaluation question notes is good as long as your individual blog is now UP TO DATE and AWESOME  Mrs T will try and help over HT asap on DETAILS ANALYSIS MODEL Choose a few pertinent points for each and discuss in detail – don’t try to cover everything. Clip video, insert images and use free online interesting media apps! MEANING/EFFECT – choose a couple of pertinent points and discuss in detail – technical to be included as well as meaning and effects on audience... AUDIENCE - how producer has adapted text to target/attract and how audience might respond (more than one possible interpretation by audience) – your product as well as real products How linked to your work?? How will you use what you’ve learnt/ found out in your work – be specific where you can Overviews of your research?? It needs to be clear what you learnt from your research – simply analysing 100s of Opening Sequences isn’t enough – there needs to be an overview of what you found out and how you will use it Start researching sound – practice on listening and respond over half term Finish researching titles/credits – start planning ready for making if not already Remember this is an opening and as such has a particular FUNCTION! It should be explained as a coherent way to engage the audience in a way that fits genre, creates enigma, introduces institutional information and meets the codes and conventions. It must start the narrative. WHAT TO COVER a. 3-5 Opening sequences analysed for camera/narrative/features/editing/mes etc b. 3-5 Opening sequences analysed for TITLES and Credits – content, order, style (colour, font, any other artwork), frequency (when/where in the opening? Irregular or regular?), Placement on screen c. 3-5 Opening sequences analysed for sound – you should use technical vocabulary (see the ‘Film Analysis’ blog for help) but discuss how sound is being used to create atmosphere and meaning. Think about the effect on the audience and what it adds to the film – it functions to ‘hook’ them in as well as effecting their emotions. Use the words from the grid in the teaching pack. Remember you MUST i. Show an overview of your ‘findings’ – use brainstorms or visual diagrams such as a mindmap (xmind is good) or a Prezi or Glogster (we have student accounts for


Work Set all of these – see main blog (use labels) for log in details ii. Show how you will use what you have found in your work iii. Evaluate what you’ve looked at – is it effective sound? Does the opening ‘hook’ the audience? d. Get anything that should be done on your blog in practical terms done – labels, linked to main blog, linked to group blog, linked to individuals in your group, adminned Mrs T et Is your blog really legible online? Can you read the sidebars? e. Have you used multimedia content? You should have embedded images, CLIPPED videos, glogs, wixs, prezis, powtoons etc Have you used your phone? Facebook? Twitter? Have you screengrabbed relevant items and uploaded them? Are all your posts explained? (Lots of posts with no words, only pictures)

7 – 22 24/2

Complete ALL work set by Mr Philip regarding the Film Industry Exam work. !!SHOWCASE THIS WEEK!! !!SHOWCASE THIS WEEK!! Begin finalising in response to showcase re-editing/snagging re-editing/snagging Homework: Editing after school. Blog progress of editing – individual and group. Finalise missing bits and bobs – deadline is in one week!

8 – 23 3/3

Snagging and Editing

Snagging & Editing

Homework: Editing after school. Blog progress of adding sound and titles – individual and group. Finalise missing bits and bobs – deadline is next week! 9 – 24 11/3 Final Edits – Sound/Titles all completed Be ready to edit all day on AMD 14th Every student to have a one-to-one session with either SP or JMT or detailed individual feedback sheet to check blog progress and set plan for completion Be ready to edit all day on AMD 14th

Fri 14th March – 3.30pm DEADLINE for Research & Planning – BLOGS (individual and group) to be complete (all except final film and evaluation work) and Final Film deadline – allow time as it MUST be exported properly – book/see Michael

10 – 25 18/3

!!SHOWCASE THIS WEEK!! - will be organised by staff External Audience Feedback – in/whole class activity Teaching Evaluation Questions, Film Industry and TV Drama spread across lessons Homework: Start working through guidance in teaching pack on ‘Evaluation’ these will form your final blog posts. Your film will be uploaded to youtube (see Michael) and it should be embedded in your very last post. Begin to prepare notes and


Date 11 – 26 24/3

Work Set thoughts on questions. Start work on which technology you will use to answer each question and start Finish COMPULSORY – YOU MUST COMPLETE THIS – YOUR EVALUATION QUESTIONS MUST BE DONE & MEDIAS for different questions FULLY EMBEDDED. PLEASE REMEMBER YOUR EVALUATION MUST 1. Use multiple media forms – so contain video of you, audio and clips of your work 2. The chosen media format MUST match/be suitable for the material presented. Doing the evaluation well involves good preparation so get on with it NOW. One week is not enough to produce 7 evaluation questions in multimedia format at ALevel standard. It is worth 20 marks – 50% of the film and the same as ALL of your blog and research/planning so it is VERY important. Deadline for EVALUATIONS ONLY!! Friday 28th March - 3.30pm

12 – 27 31/3

There will be lessons even though there is a lot of INSET this week. You may be expected to make REVISIONS and TWEAKS to your work STAFF will be MARKING your films this week in INSET. Your blogs will also be standardised (as already marked). EASTER HOLS

YEAR 2013-14 Teaching Plan Year 12 - SUMMER 1 TERM Week Work Set 1 – 28 Mrs Thrasher Teaching Exam Topic – Mr Philip Teaching Exam Topic – The 21/4 TV Drama Film Industry 2 – 29 Mrs Thrasher Teaching Exam Topic – Mr Philip Teaching Exam Topic – The 28/4 TV Drama Film Industry 3 – 30 Mrs Thrasher Teaching Exam Topic – Mr Philip Teaching Exam Topic – The 5/5 TV Drama Film Industry 4 – 31 Mrs Thrasher Teaching Exam Topic – Mr Philip Teaching Exam Topic – The 12/5 TV Drama Film Industry 5 – 32 19/5 YOUR EXAM is 23rd May YOUR EXAM is 23rd May

NOTES You will HAVE to work at lunch and after school – we will be here – we expect you to be too! You will HAVE to complete blog work and others things at home – if you don’t have access to stuff, do it now whilst you’re at school – you can use the equipment whenever possible in your study periods – just come in and ask and remember to get permission from your study teacher – you can check in advance too if you want  You will HAVE to expect to be in Media all day on Academic Mentoring Day. All work MUST be submitted on deadline – we have NO EXTRA days to give you – what isn’t in won’t be marked and submitted to the exam board – it’s the deadline or not at all. What we have for you on deadline days will be what we submit.


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