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DivX 5.x/6.x 1123kbps 2:27:54 720*416 29.970 0x2000 (Dolby AC3) AC3 192 kbps CBR 2

English Subtitles A version or two of this is already torrented, but nobody had bothered to presen t a full quality AVI version with subtitles. I also plan to up the full NTSC DVD 5 version after this is seeded. Les Misrables: The Dream Cast in Concert a.k.a. Les Misrables in Concert is a conc ert version of the musical Les Misrables, produced to celebrate its 10th annivers ary. It was filmed in October 1995 at the Royal Albert Hall and released on DVD and VHS in 1998 and re-released on DVD in North America in 2008. It stars Colm W ilkinson as Jean Valjean, Philip Quast as Inspector Javert, Michael Ball as Mari us Pontmercy, Lea Salonga as ponine, Judy Kuhn as Cosette, Ruthie Henshall as Fan tine, and several others, and was directed by John Caird. The performers were ch osen from London, Broadway and Australian productions of the show. Production This presentation uses a "modernised" and more orchestrated Alain Boublil Claude-M ichel Schnberg score than that of the musical. The format is closer to that of a dramatic cantata rather than being fully staged; the singers stand at their micr ophones with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and chorus behind them, but they d o wear costumes and participate in some movement. During the action scenes, the video switches to action from the stage production. A few scenes from the musical are not included in the concert, including the str eet brawl broken up by Javert, "The Death of Gavroche" and the confrontation bet ween Marius and Thnardier at the wedding feast. The second encore The programme ends with an encore in which seventeen actors who portray Jean Val jean in seventeen different nations join Wilkinson on stage to each sing a few b ars of "Do You Hear the People Sing?" in their native languages. They are then j oined by the entire cast and choir to sing the last verse of "One Day More!", re ceiving applause and a standing ovation. Balloons and confetti fall from the cei ling and sparklers erupt on stage as the show finishes. Cast Main performers Colm Wilkinson Philip Quast ic Recording Ruthie Henshall Jenny Galloway Alun Armstrong Jean Valjean Javert Original Fantine Madame Thnardier Thnardier Original London/Broadway cast Australian cast/Complete Symphon Replacement London cast Replacement London cast Original London cast

Lea Salonga Michael Ball mphonic Recording Michael Maguire Judy Kuhn Anthony Crivello Adam Searles Hannah Chick Paul Monaghan The seventeen Valjeans

ponine Marius Enjolras Cosette Grantaire Gavroche Young Cosette Bishop of Digne

Replacement Broadway Cast Original London cast/Complete Sy Original Broadway cast Original Broadway cast Original Broadway cast

The following are the seventeen Valjeans who participated in the second encore: Country U.K France Germany Japan Hungary Sweden Poland Netherlands Canada Austria Australia Norway Czech Rep. Denmark Ireland Iceland United States Actor Phil Cavill Robert Marien Jerzy Jeske Takeshi Kaga Vikidl Gyula Tommy Krberg Krzysztof Stasierowski Henk Poort Michael Burgess Reinhard Brussman Rob Guest ystein Wiik Jan Je ek Kurt Ravn Jeff Leyton Egill lafsson Craig Schulman