October 20, 2011 American College of Forensic Examiners International 2750 E Sunshine Springfield, MO 65804 Dear Ms.

Sickman, I would like to file a formal complaint against Dr. Stanton Samenow and request an investigation into violations of the Ethical Principles of your organization for which he is a member. On January 23rd 2009, pursuant to §Virginia 20-124.2(D), Dr. Samenow was appointed by the Honorable Leslie Alden “to conduct a psychological evaluation and assessment of the parties and the minor children in order to make recommendations to the Court and the parties regarding what custodial arrangements would best suit the parties and the children.”, as per the parties Pendente Lite Visitation Order (Exhibit 1). Both the order and the Virginia Code specify that he was to perform a psychological evaluation. Dr. Samenow failed to conduct the proper evaluation. As I am sure your organization is aware a psychological evaluation is very different from a custody evaluation. Had a psychological evaluation been conducted as ordered, the truth about the mother’s psychological condition would no longer be in question. Dr. Samenows failure to conduct the proper evaluation is a violation of your organizations Principles; ‘Members are to be forever vigilant of the importance of their role and to conduct themselves only in the most ethical and professional manner at all times. ’ In addition to conducting the wrong evaluation, Dr. Samenow’s report was misleading and did not ‘serve justice by making an accurate determination of the facts involved.’ 1. Dr. Samenow was made aware that I was being treated by a psychiatrist for the previous 4 years and was voluntarily on medication for depression related directly to the marriage and my employment with my ex-father in law. Dr. Samenow was given a signed release in order to speak with the psychiatrist Dr. Colleen Blanchfield (Exhibit 2), in order to confirm and verify allegations of emotional and physical abuse. Dr. Samenow was asked to verify the reasons for his treatment and the Mother’s refusal to meet with Dr. Blanchfield and participate in the treatment. Dr. Samenow did not serve Justice by withholding the information provided to him regarding my treatment for depression and the reasons for the treatment. Dr. Samenow was made aware of Domestic violence committed by the mother on me, on January 19th 2008, in the presence of the children and witnessed by Fairfax County Police. After custody had already been determined, Dr. Samenow admitted that he had been shown a shirt that the Mother had ripped from my body during the assault. Dr. Samenow left this


incident out of his report. Dr. Samenow was also told how the mother’s father, Pete Scamardo, tried to hide evidence of the mother’s physical abuse when he took the ripped shirt after the altercation.
I also reported to Dr. Samenow a hole in the Mother’s bedroom wall, created

when the Mother threw a book in anger. Dr. Samenow could have verified this allegation during his home visit and reported accordingly. 3. Dr. Samenow left out of his report emotional abuse and manipulation of our son. On April 30th, 2009, my son repeated in front of Dr. Samenow that my ex-wife had called me ‘a liar’ and that I “have all the money”. I was concerned about Dr. Samenow’s impartiality and emailed details of the incident (Exhibit 3) to my attorney and Dr. Samenow as a record. Dr. Samenow did not accurately report the facts of the Traumatic Brain Injury of the mother. I informed Dr. Samenow of the Mother’s Traumatic Brain Injury, suffered from a cab accident, during the marriage, on January 1, 2003. The Mother’s Brain Injury was specifically identified, as a source of conflict in marriage to Dr. Samenow in his office and in sworn testimony in 2004 (Exhibit 4; Exhibit 5). Dr. Samenow was also specifically empowered by the Order to obtain ‘any medical or mental health information or documentation or releases’. Dr. Samenow’s report does not indicate that any information was obtained from Dr. Spector, Dr. Deborah Warden (a leading expert in TBI) or Dr. Cooney. Dr. Samenow only refers to an ‘alleged head injury’ in his report (page 3). 5. Dr. Samenow was made aware of the concerns that I had about my father in law and the fact that I had discovered that he was, in fact, guilty of the murder he had denied all involvement for over 40 years and was concerned for my safety. Dr. Samenow does not accurately communicate my concerns for my children’s character or my safety, as he was given numerous ‘acts of bad faith’, lying and manipulation: a. The Mother’s father admitted to trafficking heroin across the Mexican border (Exhibit 6, 7, 8). b. The Mother’s Father had his business partner murdered and was convicted of accomplice to murder. After exclaiming in Court “But, I didn’t do it. I didn’t”, he was sentenced to Probation instead of the death penalty sought by the prosecutor. (Exhibit 9) c. The Grandfather attempted to forge a polygraph examination (Exhibit 10) d. The Mother’s father committed perjury (Exhibit 11) e. The Mother’s mother committed perjury (Exhibit 12) f. The Mother’s father has over 108 lawsuits in Fairfax County alone (Exhibit 13).


g. h. i. j. k.


The Father in law had a $56 Million judgment against him in Maryland The Mother and her father conspired to circumvent Thoroughbred Racing Licensing laws, a class 4 felony (Exhibit 14). The Mother manipulated the daughter’s class mother, Kelly Malesardi, to remove me from his daughter’s Class email list (Exhibit 15). The Mother manipulated the son’s Soccer ‘team mother’, Karla Brown, to not send information to the father (Exhibit 16). The mother lied under oath on May 13th, 2009, (Exhibit 17) during the time of Dr. Samenow’s evaluation that her parents were paying her legal fees. Her attorney's own legal bills prove that her father wrote 7 checks, totaling $72,643.95, from his Business account to pay legal fees prior to her statement on May 13th. Both of these issues were brought to Dr. Samenow's attention. The Mother’s father has a well known reputation for bullying and abusive behavior throughout the real estate community. A witness and victim of Pete Scamardo’s wrath and abuse, John Sobecki, was not contacted by Dr. Samenow, as requested by the Father. Two other witnesses, Charles Kehler and Terry Hindermann, that could testify to my character and the abusive character of Pete Scamardo were not contacted by Dr. Samenow.

Dr. Samenow’s report prejudicially refers to the felony accomplice to murder conviction of the Mother’s father and his subsequent denials as a ‘criminal conviction’ and ‘the situation 40 years ago’. The truth and details of the ‘situation’ glossed over and withheld from the Court by Dr. Samenow are extremely disturbing for the callousness, remorselessness and manipulation exhibited by Pete Scamardo. This is a pattern consistent with his reputation, well known in the business community, as reported to Dr. Samenow by the Father. In his report Dr. Samenow knowingly mischaracterizes the Father’s legitimate “concern” for the emotional welfare of as being “obsessed” (page 13 of his report). In addition to withholding material facts that reflect extremely poorly on the mother, Dr. Samenow reports the mother’s statements and makes conclusions, in his report, that evidence, witnesses and emails prove to be untrue. Here are examples of emails that prove that I was attempting to act in good faith and repeatedly offered to settle our differences out of Court and completely contradict Dr. Samenow’s conclusions. (Exhibit 18) Dr. Samenow also repeats the mother’s allegations that I was in communication with a 17 year old girl and gave her a venereal disease without ever reporting my side of the story. I had communicated to Dr. Samenow that I had made my wife aware that I was communicating with other men and women who were also going through a similar experience. The person that my ex-wife claimed was a 17 year old girl was in fact a married 40+ year old woman, whom I had met publicly and even told my wife about. Her accusation that she was 17 or that I was in communication with her is baseless, as I explained to Dr. Samenow. Furthermore, I informed Dr. Samenow when my wife accused me of giving her a venereal disease, I vehemently denied it and even offered to

go get tested before she even told me the specific disease. For three hours, my ex-wife berated me and yelled at me to admit that I had given her a disease, before even telling me the actual disease. For three hours, I remained calm and simply told her that the disease, trichomoniasis, did not come from me. Dr. Samenow did not accurately report my side of the story. Dr. Samenow also did not attempt to contact 5 character witnesses that I had given to him (Casey Long, Terry Hindermann, Charlie Kehler, Teha Hirsi, and John Sobecki) that would refute many of the accusations of my ex-wife and prove the reason for my concerns. Dr. Samenow also makes no reference to these witnesses in his report. A sixth witness I gave to Dr. Samenow, our across the street neighbor, Mr. Ed McGinnis, was identified in the report, but none of his positive comments are included in the narrative. Ed McGinnis works for the Federal Government very high in the Department of Energy and is an extremely credible witness, who had given Dr. Samenow a very favorable report of me as a father and a person. Dr. Samenow also reports that I have ‘no close friends’, yet his report contains three friends of over 20 years, all of whom live in the area, that were willing to speak with Dr. Samenow about my character, Rich Ware, Casey Long and Mike Harris. My ex-wife, on the other hand, provides only one friend from high school with whom she rarely saw, Gail Cavallaro, and Cyndi Vasco, who was a friend of her sisters, with whom she only socialized when her sister was in town. After the completion of his report, Dr. Samenow was given a subpoena (Exhibit 19) to provide all documentation regarding his forensic evaluation. Dr. Samenow simply ignored the subpoena without explanation. Dr. Samenow was also told and provided documentation that I have never tried to Blackmail her or her family. I have never asked for any of their money. When the Mother and her attorney falsely claimed that I was blackmailing them I sent this email, which was later forwarded to Dr. Samenow. Dr. Samenow was very aware that I felt that I was being bullied and yet distorted the facts in his report. There is an enormous disparity of power and wealth in the family that is completely ignored and disregarded. It is this the pattern of using a position of power and wealth to abuse, bully, control and manipulate others, that exists in my ex-wife and her family that is being ignored by Dr. Samenow. After the completion of his evaluation, Dr. Samenow forwarded emails, sent directly to him from me, to my ex-wife's attorney that he then used in motions in Court against me. Dr. Samenow never forwarded me or my attorney any emails from my ex-wife. After our Custody hearing, where my ex-wife asked that I have no visitation with my own children, the Judge in the case ordered that I obtain a second psychological evaluation from a list of evaluators to be provided by Dr. Samenow. When Dr. Samenow only provided one name, my ex-wife's attorney filed a motion attempting to force me to using the only Doctor provided Dr. Samenow, despite the Judge's order that Dr.

Samenow provide 'a list' and that 'the Father shall choose the evaluation professional from the list prepared by Dr. Samenow.' Their motion included 15 emails that I sent only to Dr. Samenow. Here is my motion, and the emails referenced on page 5 section c. of my motion. Most egregiously, Dr. Samenow perpetuates my ex-wife’s attorney’s case-long narrative that I wanted to prolong the proceedings and was somehow dragging out the case. Dr. Samenow knows this is completely untrue as per the numerous emails I sent to him and Dr. Guy Van Syckle stating the contrary. On page 18 of his report he writes “I hope this case goes on for a long time; I can control myself.” This statement was taken completely out of context. This statement was made in reference to the point that every time, my wife would accuse me of anything; I would take steps to prevent her from being able to make that same allegation. This statement was made to communicate to Dr. Samenow that the allegations made by my wife were false and that the longer the case went on the more opportunities there would be to prove that I was in control of my behavior and that she would continue to act in bad faith. The family history of the mother and the Divorce itself, all reflect behaviors that can best be explained by a very severe psychopathy. Psychopathy is identified by looking at patterns of behavior and personality that exist. Dr. Samenow willfully chose to ignore the pattern. Only after I was accused by Dr. Samenow of having a personality disorder did I learn of psychopathy and how well it explained my relationship with my ex-wife and her family. Dr. Samenow is an expert in criminal psychology and is well aware of the patterns of behavior that define psychopathy. His report clearly attempts to obfuscate the patterns of behavior and personality of the mother and her father that are closely resemble those identified by the PCL-R checklist for psychopathy. I ask that the ACFEI carefully consider this complaint and find that Dr. Stanton Samenow violated the Principles of Professional Practice and hold him accountable for what appear to be willful misconduct and or gross negligence. Kindest Regards, Chris Mackney