FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 18, 2014 Contact: Joey M !

orton, E"ecut#$e D#rector %1& '82 (4&0

North Country Family Health Center Names Joey M. Horton Executive Director
At their January meeting, the Board of Directors of North Country Family Health Center (NCFHC), along with Tem orary ! erator, "amaritan #edical Center, $oted unanimously to offer %nterim &'ecuti$e Director Joey #arie Horton a ermanent osition as the agency(s head) Joey #arie acce ted the osition effecti$e Fe*ruary +,th)

-Joey has done an outstanding .o* mo$ing the Health Center toward sustaina*ility and long/term financial sta*ility, said Board 0ice 1resident, Brian Dy2eman) -The *oard has *een es ecially im ressed *y her a*ility to listen, analy3e, and ma2e forward/thin2ing decisions) Her com etencies and steady leadershi ma2es her an ideal candidate to continue at the agency(s helm)4

Joey #arie has *een NCFHC(s %nterim &'ecuti$e Director since !cto*er, 5,+6, when she was a ointed to the osition *y "amaritan #edical Center after *eing named the agency(s tem orary

o erator) "ince that time, the Health Center has made significant changes in rocesses and structure resulting in a stronger, more sustaina*le organi3ation) 7nder Joey #arie(s leadershi and "amaritan #edical Center as

tem orary o erator the organi3ation has outsourced its *illing ser$ices, refocused on ro$ider roducti$ity, restructured and consolidated o erations to im ro$e efficiencies, o*tained loans8grant su ort to mo$e strategic initiati$es forward, aid *ac2 two short term loans to

Community Ban2 and 9atertown Trust, aid off delin:uent $endor *alances, *egan a ro.ect to o timi3e functionality of its electronic medical record and im ro$e data collection to monitor and im ro$e efficiency and roducti$ity, rea lied for federally :ualified health center (F;HC)

designation and funding, and has *egun wor2 to e' and and enhance its Board of Directors and de$elo Board education o ortunities)

Joey #arie was already familiar with the organi3ation and its rograms, ha$ing *een em loyed *y NCFHC (then North Country Children(s Clinic) from 5,,< = 5,+5, when she ser$ed as Community Coordinator and then 1rogram Coordinator of the agency(s school/*ased health rogram) "he e' ressed leasure in returning to the agency>

-% am honored to *e returning to North Country Family Health Center, an organi3ation which is $ery near and dear to my heart) % *elie$e fully in the mission of this organi3ation and the critical role it lays in our community) 9e ha$e wor2ed diligently o$er the ast four months to ut the Health Center on a ath to financial sustaina*ility and % loo2 forward to continuing this wor2 with Health Center staff and Board of Directors along with "amaritan #edical Center)4

Before ta2ing on her role as NCFHC &'ecuti$e Director, Joey #arie held the osition of De uty Director of Fort Drum ?egional Health 1lanning !rgani3ation and also ser$ed as the Networ2 Director for North Country Healthcare 1ro$iders &ducational and ?esearch Fund, a multi/hos ital rural health networ2 in Northern New @or2) As Networ2 Director, Joey #arie was res onsi*le for

North Country Children(s Clinic


the day/to/day o eration of the organi3ation, including grant rocurement and the de$elo ment and im lementation of the annual

*udgetA re$iewing and e$aluating the results of rogram acti$itiesA and the de$elo ment and im lementation of the organi3ation(s short and long range lans, olicies, and acti$ities)

"he also held the role of Co/&'ecuti$e Director of the New @or2 "tate Coalition for "chool/Based Health Centers, a statewide, not/for/ rofit organi3ation which ad$ocates on *ehalf of New @or2(s o$er 5,, school/*ased health centers from 5,,B/+5)

Joey #arie com leted her #asters of Business Administration in Health "er$ices #anagement at the "chool of Business at the "tate 7ni$ersity of New @or2, %nstitute of Technology) "he graduated with distinction from ;ueen(s 7ni$ersity, Cingston, !ntario, with a Bachelor of Arts Honors degree in 1sychology and Health "tudies) "he is acti$ely in$ol$ed in the community) Joey #arie is a Board mem*er of the "chool/Based Health Alliance, a national organi3ation *ased in 9ashington, D)C), and the Dreater 9atertown Jaycees) "he is a mem*er of the American College of Healthcare &'ecuti$es)

Joey #arie li$es on 9ellesley %sland with her hus*and and toddler son)

North Country Children(s Clinic