Something Random

(A short-story)

I have never experienced this kind of feeling… like hundreds of
daggers were sunk in your heart. Like thousands of nails were thrown directly at your heart. Like millions of splinters were inflicted in your heart… it felt as if I was dying but apparently I’m not but I wish I was. This was only him fading. This was only him leaving and this kind of feeling shouldn’t be described with the word ‘ONLY’ because this is something unbearable, something utterly unexplainable and excruciatingly painful. ONE MONTH EARLIER… (“Don’t go…” I once whispered in his ears. But then a sudden ringing awoke me. My clock. I clicked it continuously until it stopped. I groaned aloud, to my dismay… he left me again. I wish I could sleep longer, I wish I’d just sleep forever… My dream, oh what a dream it was. He spoke, and said “Oh my dearest beauty, we meet again I see.” His voice serene and husky. Captivating and lovely. Lingered in my mind, in my heart and in my soul. “Today we meet again but what about tomorrow?” I answered, startled by the melody in my voice. He opened his arms, as if extended towards me. I carefully paced towards him; encircled by warm loving arms I met the most dazzling blue eyes… penetrating through my soul… sinking deep, so deep as if there was no going back.

“W-why are you here?” I asked as I found my voice back and while I was staring at his features. It took every inch of my control not to kiss… the lips of this angel I’m fighting oh, so hard to resist. ‘Stupid hormones!!’ I thought to myself. “I’m here for I shall not let anything harm you… even me.” His answer left me confused… and wondering… ‘Why would he hurt me? And how would he do that?’ And every night my dream would repeat and repeat but I never get tired of it, because every night… his presence was like seeing the sun for the first time and tasting a drug you never tasted for years.) PRESENT TIME: And every time my dream would end. And I’d wake up alone; it was like I was suffocating, like someone was strangling me… but no, that was only the feeling of loneliness. I was used to it… I was ‘getting’ used to it. Not yet fully recovered. But I will be. I hope. It’s been months since I had ‘black’ dreams. Black for endless blankness. He wasn’t there; I’m just alone, utterly and unbearably alone. School about to start in two minutes and it hurts to know… that even for just one time… I wish I saw him. Mr. O’shea entered the room holding index cards. “Now, now… class please calm down. We’ve got a new student here — so Mr. Eric Harris seat any where you’d like. You can go either with Ms. Sara Lorraine or Ms. Jeance Gold.” He emphasized his statement by pointing the empty chair beside me and the chair beside a blonde cheerleader-type girl across me. Eric Harris beamed and walked towards my table. Or maybe it’ll be ‘our’ table now, IF he’s gonna sit with me. Slowly anticipating, he turned his head and I met the most dazzling blue eyes ever in my life… except. My dream guy? “You?!” we shouted in chorus. We stared at each other for a moment and ran out the classroom, hearing a mass of whispers and a loud yell from the teacher. “Where are you two going?!”

. . . . .
“Do I know you?” I asked, panting. We were now sitting in the cafeteria, where we’re all alone. “After one whole month, I finally saw you.” His deep blue eyes turned red. And that’s when it hit me. ‘I am here for I shall not let anything harm you… even me.’ His words rang in my ears. Eric got up, and ran with preternatural speed that made him a blur. When he got back inside. I wondered why I wasn’t startled by what I saw. Because deep in my heart, I think I knew what he was. He looked more in control. “Come with me. Be with me. Think now. and I’ll leave.” His voice held an urgency that I didn’t even need to think twice. “Yes, of course.” He bit me, soft and gentle yet pain coursed everywhere. My veins, my heart, my head, my whole body!

. . . . .
I woke up. Feeling renewed and complete. I felt happy, because he’s real… not just a simple dream. And he’s my vampire. (It’s up to your imagination, to the rest of this story. But… if you want me make this a complete novel, leave a comment and tell me what you think!)

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