Emergency Management Commission Meeting January 8, 2014 DeWitt City Hall Minutes Present: Board of Supervisors: Supervisors Brian

Schmidt City of Calamus: Mayor Terry Steines City of Camanche: Mayor Ken Fahlbeck City of Charlotte: Mayor Peggy Sellnau City of Clinton: Mayor Mark Vulich and Fire Chief Mike Brown City of DeWitt: Mayor Don Thiltgen City of Grand Mound: Mayor Dan Behr City of Lost Nation: Mayor James Schroeder City of Low Moor: Councilperson Derek Hoenig City of Welton: Mayor Glen Boswell City of Wheatland: Mayor Century Schnede Sheriff’s Office: Sheriff Rick Lincoln Emergency Management: Coordinator Chance Kness Plans Officer Jennifer Paukner Operations Officer Dan Vosatka Absent: City of Andover City of Toronto City of Delmar City of Goose Lake Press: Jeremy Huss – Observer

1. Introductions – The meeting was called to order by Chairperson Schmidt at 6 p.m. and introductions were made. 2. Possible approval of previous meeting minutes – February 06, 2013 – A motion to approve the minutes was made by Mayor Vulich and seconded by Sheriff Lincoln. Motion carried. 3. General Public - This is the time that the public can address the Commission. Public comments will be limited to 3 minutes per individual. – No members of the public were present. 4. Discussion on signing agreement to join the Gateway Area Health Care Coalition – Chance Kness gave a general overview of why the Gateway Area Health Care Coalition was formed. Under its current format, Public Health and Hospitals now have one “pot” of grant money. Currently all of the money in that pot is for Public Health and Hospitals. The local Coalition would like Emergency Management to join their Coalition as a Tier 1 member (EMA is currently a Tier 2 partner). Chance explained that at this time there is no benefit to the EMA to join as a Tier 1 member, and no determent to the other Tier 1 members if EMA is not there. Emergency

Management is still able to support the Coalition as a Tier 2 member. There is currently no financial impact either. After a brief discussion, it was determined that the Commission would like to set the matter aside and continue being a Tier 2 member. 5. Coordinator’s Update a. Payment of 2013 Grant Project in 2014 – Due to a clerical error, a 2013 Grant was paid out in FY 2014. There was enough unallocated FY 2014 grant funds to cover the error. b. General Office Overview – Calendar Year 2013 c. Strategic Plan for Calendar Year 2014 & Beyond – Kness presented both the General Office Overview as well as Strategic Plan for CY 2014 to the group. He then asked if there were any comments or suggestions from the Commissioners. One of the Commissioners asked for clarification on what the NIMS requirements were for City Council Members and the Mayor. Kness explained that in order for certain disaster functions and funds to be released a minimum training level must be achieved. He did note that the training did not need to be completed before the disaster/incident, but it would probably be better if it were. After a brief discussion, the group as a whole showed interest in the possibility of an Elected Official class being held. Kness and his office will look into scheduling a class for those interested. 6. Discussion and Possible action on Decreased County Funding for FY 2014 – Coordinator Kness and Chair Schmidt gave a brief synopsis of the Emergency Management Rollover Fund. Unlike most other departments, any unspent funds left in the Emergency Management Budget at the end of the year stay with the department (they go back to the County in other departments). The Carryover/Rollover amount is useful for several reasons – it is how the EMA pays its bills before the 1st County funds dispersal and they are also is funds that could be during a disaster. Kness reported that as of July 1st the EMA Rollover Fund was at approximately $254,000. The Board of Supervisors have asked that due to a funding shortfall that the Emergency Management Office decrease their second dispersal by $46,598. Kness reported that he feels it is a reasonable request because if the funds had to come from somewhere else, it would come out of another department’s operating budget, where as in Emergency Management it would just decrease the rollover amount. Chair Schmidt reported that the State Auditors have been at the County recently and reportedly told the County Budget Director that the dollar amount of the EMA Rollover has raised a few Red Flags. Schmidt reported that a 25% carryover guideline is generally used, which would be approximately $125,000. There was a brief discussion if the amount of the Rollover account was actually problematic or if it just required an extra look by the State Auditors. Chair Schmidt was not aware if there was a specific amount that started causing a “problem” but asked that the Commission decide if it wanted to keep the Rollover amount at the same level. Kness explained to the group that they can always revisit the rollover amount at each meeting, but cautioned against creating an artificial cap just to create a cap. The group moved back to discussing the request from the Board of Supervisors. At this point it was better explained that the request for decreased funding to the EMA office was being made because of the tax dispute/settlement with ADM. Chair Schmidt though the County shortfall was around $300,000. The Supervisors were asking the EMA to absorb $46,598 of that amount. A motion to approve the decrease in County funding was made by Mayor Thiltgen and seconded by Mayor Vulich. Roll Call Vote: Yes- Calamus, Camanche, Charlotte, Clinton, DeWitt, Grand Mound, Lost Nation, Low Moor, Welton, Wheatland, Board of Supervisors, Sheriff’s Office; No – None; Absent – Andover, Delmar, Goose Lake, Toronto. Motion Carried 7. 2014/2015 Budget (Fiscal Year 2015) Budget Discussion

a. General Budget Discussion – Kness gave a general overview of the budget he had prepared. He highlighted the following changes: 3% Contractual wage increase for the Coordinator, 2.5% Increase for the Plans Officer, 2.5% increase July 1 to December 31st, and an additional 2.5% Increase as of January 1, 2015 for the Operations Officer upon completion of his IA-CEM. Increases in FICA, IPERS & Health Insurance (all amounts given to him by the County). An increase in the Emergency Management Training and Exercise line item. A $1000 increase in the mileage line item due to the new person in the office as well as the County vehicle staying in the County more often. An increase in the phone line item to account for the Operations Officer’s phone reimbursement. Staff Development increased by $1,400 to help train the new staff member. An increase in $325 for the Siren Insurance. Minor changes in property, auto and workman’s compensation insurance. It was the consensus of the group that Kness should use the numbers he presented, without any alterations, to prepare the budget for the next meeting and possible approval. b. Grant Funding Recommendations from Sub-Committee – The below information was presented to the Commission. A motion by Mayor Thiltgen and seconded by Mayor Boswell was made to accept the grants as presented, including allocating the unallocated funds of $71,701.01 to the generator project at the County Administration Building. Roll Call Vote: Yes- Calamus, Camanche, Charlotte, Clinton, DeWitt, Grand Mound, Lost Nation, Low Moor, Welton, Wheatland, Board of Supervisors, Sheriff’s Office; No – None; Absent – Andover, Delmar, Goose Lake, Toronto. Motion Carried

c. Appointment of Grant Subcommittee Members – A motion was made by Sheriff Lincoln to keep the same Subcommittee Members and was seconded by Mayor Vulich. Roll Call Vote: Yes- Calamus, Camanche, Charlotte, Clinton, DeWitt, Grand Mound, Lost Nation,

Low Moor, Welton, Wheatland, Board of Supervisors, Sheriff’s Office; No – None; Absent – Andover, Delmar, Goose Lake, Toronto. Motion Carried Members: Charlotte, Welton, Camanche, Grand Mound, DeWitt (Vice Chair), Board of Supervisors (Chair) 8. Discussion of Tentative February Meeting Topics (February 19th @ 6 p.m. at DeWitt City Hall – Backup Date February 24th) a. Public Hearing b. Possible Budget Approval c. Election of Chair and Vice Chair d. Other? There was no discussion about any changes to the February agenda. 9. Other Business 10. Adjourn – A motion to adjourn was made by Sheriff Lincoln and seconded by Mayor Thiltgen. Motion carried. The meeting adjourned at 7:15 p.m.

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___________________________________ Emergency Management Chairperson

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