!"# %"&'&'() *(+ ,-&").

'() *'/"0 12 34 "& 5/6

0pon ieview of the petition foi extension fileu by Yu et. al., the C0NELEC Boaiu
of Commissioneis have ueciueu that the ieasons that Yu et. al. pioposeu aie not
sufficient bases foi the extension of elections foi at least two uays.
7).4**'8'")& &'9"
To auuiess the aigument poseu on insufficient time, the Commissioneis have
also conuucteu a time anu motion stuuy to ueteimine whethei oi not theie was ieally
not enough time given to voteis to cast theii vote. The computations aie uesciibeu
:(6 (* .&40")&.
8uuu Total numbei of stuuents
12uu Numbei of stuuents affecteu by the system eiioi*
68uu Stuuents not affecteu by system eiioi
*the numbei of stuuents affecteu by the system eiioi shoulu be computeu foi
sepaiately because:
(1) These stuuents weie given an extension of 2 uays to iecast theii votes
(2) The extension of two uays uiu not only affect those who have casteu theii votes but
also those who uiu not cast theii votes but belong in the saiu couises. This woulu also
make up foi the possible "uisenfianchisement" that Yu et. al. has explaineu.

;'9" )""0"0 *(+ .&40")&.
&( <(&"
:491"+ (* =&40")&. ;(&5/ ;'9"
S minutes* 68uu stuuents 2u4uu minutes
*the Commissioneis aigue that the time specifieu in the complaint was not accuiate as
they measuieu it by getting the time that it takes foi a gioup of people to come in anu
out of the 0ps ioom. This was not a sufficient measuie as these people may have waiteu
foi theii fiienus, etc., while at the 0ps ioom anu uoes not ieally only account foi the
time it took them to vote.
>52 :(6 (* ?')4&". :(6 (* @5A&(A. ;(&5/ 8(9A4&"+
&'9" A"+ 052
1 (Weunesuay) Sx6u = 18u 1S 27uu
2,S (Thuis anu Fii) 8x2x6u = 96u 1S 144uu
4 (Nonuay) 8x6u = 48u 1u 48uu
;(&5/ 8(9A4&"+

Fiom the total computei time anu the total time it takes foi the unaffecteu
stuuents to vote, we can see that theie aie 1Suu minutes left (on Nonuay, the last uay of
iegulai elections) which we can allocate to the affecteu stuuents.
;'9" )""0"0 *(+ .&40")&.
&( <(&"
:491"+ (* =&40")&. ;(&5/ ;'9"
S minutes* 12uu stuuents S6uu minutes

>52 :(6 (* ?')4&". :(6 (* @5A&(A. ;(&5/ 8(9A4&"+
&'9" A"+ 052
4 (Nonuay) 1Suu
Extenueu Bay 1 anu 8x2x6u = 96u S 288u
;(&5/ 8(9A4&"+

Fiom the two tables above, we can see that theie aie 78u minutes suiplus anu
theie was also moie than enough time given to the affecteu stuuents.
The above computation also uoes not take into account the option of voting using
haiu ballots that was given to the stuuents. Also, it uoes not consiuei that the
Commission accepts votes even past S:uu pm on eveiy election uay as long as these
stuuents weie in line to vote by S:uu pm.
Fiom the tables above, we can see that theie aie moie than enough time given to
the stuuents to cast theii votes. The Commissioneis, theiefoie, see the computations
piesenteu in the petition as inaccuiate anu oveisimplifieu.
B)04" C(&"+ D5&'E4" 04" &( ;"8F)'85/ ,++(+. 5)0 7)8().'.&")& G))(4)8"9")&.
Yu et. al. aigues that technical eiiois contiibuteu to "unuue votei fatigue." The
Commission also uoes not see this as a sufficient basis foi the following ieasons.
Fiist, the oiiginal election uates (Febiuaiy 12-14, 2u14) was not affecteu by this
fatigue because the system eiioi was not yet known to the stuuents by this time. Bence,
stuuents uuiing this time shoulu not have affecteu the stuuents' uecisions of voting oi
not voting. Although, the votes of those unuei the 19 couises weie not counteu at saiu
time, the aigument that even stuuents fiom othei couises weie uisenfianchiseu coulu
not stanu uuiing this peiiou.
Seconu, all the voteis weie piesenteu with the option to vote using haiu ballots if
they felt uisenfianchiseu anu uiu not tiust the system. Poll officeis weie instiucteu to
let stuuents vote using haiu ballots if it makes them feel safei. Baseu on obseivation,
stuuents have opteu to vote using the haiu ballot foi the saiu ieason. Bence, the ieason
that stuuents may not want to vote because of a uistiust of the system was accounteu
foi by letting these stuuents use the haiu ballots.
Lastly, the Commissioneis woulu like to aigue that this assumption is not
giounueu by actual ieseaich anu aie unquantifiable. Theie is not enough eviuence that
most people ieally uiu feel uisenfianchiseu because of the technical eiiois. The
Commission has maue effoits in coping up with the saiu system failuie. Fiist, the
Commission has infoimeu the stuuent bouy that othei couises weie unaffecteu. Seconu,
the Commission gave eveiyone, incluuing those fiom othei couises, to vote using haiu
ballots just in case they uo not tiust the system. Lastly, the Commission has extenueu
the voting peiiou foi 2 uays foi the 19 couises. This uoes not only give the stuuents
whose votes weie lost enough time foi them to iecast theii votes but also gives time to
the stuuents fiom the following couises to cast theii votes foi the fiist time if they weie
pieviously uisenfianchiseu by the possibility of not getting theii votes counteu.

Baseu on the ieasons above, the Commission uoes not see the ieasons pioposeu
by Yu et. al. as enough bases foi the extension foi elections. The Commission stanus by
its uecision that theie was enough time given both foi affecteu anu unaffecteu stuuents
given the uiffeient ciicumstances (i.e. the technical eiiois anu the bomb thieat) that
aiose uuiing the elections peiiou. Lastly, an extension woulu not solve the fact that
people weie "uisenfianchiseu," if they ieally weie given that the Commission has
alieauy maue measuies to solve this.

Signeu by,

(Sgu) Benise 0lonuiiz
C0NELEC Chief Commissionei

(Sgu.) }oyce Bonaiie
C0NELEC Buman Resouices Commissionei

(Sgu.) Nikee Razon
C0NELEC Finance Commissionei

(Sgu.) }ustine uuino
C0NELEC Secietaiiat Commissionei

(Sgu.) }ames 0ng
C0NELEC Logistics Commissionei

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