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October 7, 2009 Feature of the Week Internet Safety Keeping our Children Safe
The U.S. Department of Justice's Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, the University of New Hampshire's Crimes Against Children Research Center and NetSmartz conducted a comparison study of “1,500 youth aged 10 to 17”. The study documented and compared the juvenile's “use of the Internet and experiences while online including unwanted exposure to sexual solicitation, sexual material, and harassment”. The statistical data was generated by comparing yearly reports 1999 and 2005. The statistics are disturbing. In 2005, 34% of juvenile Internet users “saw sexual material online” compared to 25% in 1999. Also, 4% said “online solicitors asked them for nude or sexually explicit photographs of themselves”. The chart below delivers SOBERING statistical data regarding teen Online Behaviors. And, “20% of teens report that this is safe (i.e.”somewhat” or “very safe”) to share personal information on a public blog or networking site”. Parents it's never too late to talk to your children or teens about protecting themselves and their identity from Internet predators. I strongly suggest visiting It is a wonderful website full of resources, stories, and has interactive activities for all age groups.

The information and statistical data contained in this bulletin was gathered from 61% of 13 to 17 year olds have a personal profile on a site such as MySpace, Friendster, or Xanga. Half have also posted pictures of themselves online. 71% reported receiving messages online form someone they don't know, 45% have been asked for personal information by someone they don't know. 30% have considered meeting someone that they've only talked to online. 14% have actually met a person face-to-face that they've only spoken to over the Internet (9% of 1315s; 22% of 16-17s) When teens received messages online from someone they don't know, 40 % reported that they'll usually reply and chat with that person. Only 18% said they'll tell an adult.

How to Talk to Your Kids about better protecting their online lives Prepare your children for the online world just as you would for the real world. * Establish guidelines and rules. * Know who communicates with your children. Learn about the Internet. *Familiarize yourself with the programs your children are using. *Consider using Internet filters or blocks. Place the family's computer in a common room where supervision and guidelines are met. Limiting your children's computer time is not enough to safeguard them on the Internet. * Talking about the benefts and dangers on the Internet and making sure your children are making smart decisions while online is also important. Explain to your children that Instant Messenger (IM) is only for chatting with school and family friends who they know by face and are approved by you. *Make sure they can put a face to every screen name on their IM “buddy list”. 65% of incidents happen in chatrooms. *Make sure your children know how dangerous it is to give out personal information such as their name, mailing address or E-mail address. *Stress the fact that it is not safe to get together with someone they first “meet” online.

Plus, the site offers an Internet Safety Pledge for all age groups; included is a snapshot of a pledge which is appropriate for grades K – 2. I like this because the language is easy for a small child to understand and follow. Plus it requires a signature from the child and parent/guardian. This teaches responsibility, and the importance of open communication with a parent or guardian.

Also, I added a brief list of Chatroom abbreviations.  There is a more extensive list on however it's 13 pages  long.  I found the list a bit overwhelming and I'm sure it's because I'm not texting proficient.   AAR (at any rate), there is a  website that can translate the abbreviations; it is  In order to translate find Internet Slang Translator.  I  entered several abbreviations and FTMP (for the most part) it was correct.  I entered two longer abbreviations and the  translator was unable to identify.  WTS (with that said), I still found it easy to use and the translations were on target.     
Chatroom Abbreviations A/S/L? = age, sex, location A/S/L/M/H? = age, sex, location, music, hobbies Btw = between you and me BWO = black/white/other DIKU = do I know you EMA = what is your E-mail address F2F = face to face FITB = fill in the blanks IPN = I'm posting naked IRL = in real life IYKWIMAITYD = if you know what I mean and I think you do IYSWIM = if you see what I mean KWIM = know what I mean? LSV = language, sex, violence M/F = male/female MA – mature audience MKOP = my kind of place NAZ = name, address, zip NP = nosy parents OLL = online love OT = off topic P911 = my parents are coming! PA = parent alert PAL = parents are listening PANB = parents are nearby PAW = parents are watching PIR = parent in room POS = parent over shoulder POTS = plain old telephone service R/t = real time RBTL = read between the lines RL = real life RSN = real soon now RUMORF = are you male or female RUUP4IT = are you up for it? SITD = still in the dark SN = screen name SPST = same place same time TAW = teachers are watching TOPCA = til our paths cross again TTTT = these things take time WTGP = want to go private WUF = where are you from WYCM = will you call me WYRN = what's your real name

What to do if you suspect or know the following....... What NOT to do....... If you think your child has received child  pornography or has sent a naked picture of  themselves Your child has been solicited for sex while on­line Your child has received sexually explicit images  from someone who knows that he/she is under 18 CONTACT THE LARGO POLICE DEPARTMENT  AT 587­6730 or 587­6728. Discipline your child...they may be a victim of a  crime Don't panic Don't use the computer any further. DO.....CALL THE LARGO POLICE DEPARTMENT.  THEY CAN EXAMINE THE COMPUTER TO  DETERMINE THE EXTENT OF THE ISSUE.

The Federal Bureau of Investigations has an interactive CD that is appropriate for all ages.  If you would  like a free CD you can come to either Largo City Hall or Largo Police Department lobbies and pick one  up.  The CDs will be distributed on a first come, first serve basis.

Visit    Protect and give your child the knowledge to protect  themselves against internet predators.

There are software packages available that can be installed on computers for parents to view  text messages, block unsuitable sites, etc...  Also, some are so sophisticated the parent can  be alerted when their child either text messages or receives text messages containing  certain words.  If you are interested in learning more a couple of reliable programs are Net  Nanny and Safe Eyes.

The Largo Police Department does not endorse one software product over another.  These  are just examples of available software. Net Nanny: Review:

Bottom Line
Net Nanny does everything a parental­control utility should do. It also offers unique features  like secure Web­traffic filtering and ESRB­based game control. Balancing privacy and  security, it can record IM conversations only if they seem dangerous. E­mail alerts and full  remote configuration let you manage wherever you are. Net Nanny remains our Editors'  Choice for parental control.

Real­time content­based Web filtering, even in HTTPS. Can record all IMs and send an alert  on problem conversations. ESRB­based game filtering. Interactive reports. E­mail alerts. Full  remote management. Internet time scheduler now allows override.

New social­networking monitor is limited. More expensive than the competition for multi­PC  households. Time­scheduler overrides not logged.

Safe Eyes: Review

Bottom Line
Safe Eyes 5 does everything you'd expect a parental control utility to do and more. Its Web­ based protection covers up to three computers (PC or Mac) and allows remote management  from a browser. And this is one tough cookie?the kids won't break its protection.

Blocks inappropriate Web sites. Controls Internet usage time, can control which programs  access the Internet. Logs online activity. Remote management capability. Can alert via e­ mail, text message, or phone.

Optional keyword­based URL blocking can block valid sites. Web­based admin interface can  sometimes go blank waiting for server response

Employee Safety
Name: John Kypouros DOB: 7/29/67 Please notify the Largo Police Department if you come in  contact with Mr. Kypouros.  

LPD History
09-10553: Information Report 09-9931: Battery Simple Touch or Strike 09-9960: Violation of PreTrial Release 08-13418: Battery Simple Touch or Strike 07-11375: Battery on 65 yoa or Older


City Wide Robbery 9/3/09 through 10/2/09 There have been 13 robberies City wide since September 3.  There doesn't appear to be a pattern and several individuals have been  arrested.  

Report Number Location 09-10492 1499 S Belcher Rd 09-10469 8650 Ulmerton Rd 09-10372 1180 Jasper St

Date 10/2/09 10/2/09 9/29/09

Time DOW Item 16:17 Fri 02:00 Fri 19:58 Tue Money, Wallet


09-10322 09-10290 09-10134 09-9968 09-9928 09-9735 09-9535 09-9427 09-9385 09-9322

1000 N Missouri Ave 1111 N Missouri Ave

9/28/09 9/27/09

3366 Camelot Dr 9/23/09 1406 Clearwater Largo Rd N 9/19/09 1111 N Missouri Ave 403 Clearwater Largo rd 196 8 th St NE 301 N Belcher Rd 4100 East Bay Dr 9/18/09 9/8/09 9/9/09 9/6/09 9/4/09

1406 Clearwater Largo Rd N 9/3/09

14:00 15:27 21:45 21:50 23:15 22:50 23:02 16:30 13:10 02:00 02:15 22:45 22:46 00:01 00:30

Mon Sun Wed Sat

Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Money

Randall Chunn, Glenn Stoner

Fri Thurs Bike Wed MP2 Player, Cell Phone Sun Fri Attempted Money

Brent Ryan Patrick Corcoran

Thurs Money, Jewelry

City Wide Motor Vehicle Thefts 9/1/09 through 10/2/09 There have been 11 motor vehicle thefts since September 1.  There doesn't appear to be a specific make or model being taken.

Report Number 0910522 0910394 0910336 0910227 0910113

Location 2111 62 nd Ave N 7500 Ulmerton Rd 2200 Gladys St 724 3 rd Ave NE 1201 Seminole Blvd

Date 10/2/09 10/3/09 9/29/09 9/30/09 09/28/09 09/29/09 9/19/09 9/20/09 9/21/09

Time 20:00 09:55 22:00 11:00 00:58 00:00 02:00 07:00 22:30 06:45 03:00 05:23 20:00 20:03 20:00 10:30 16:00 21:00

Vehicle 2005 Dodge Grand Fri/Sat Caravan, silver in color Tue/ 2005 Nissan Altima, Wed silver in color Mon/ 1997 Honda Civic, white Tue in color 1996 chevy Lumina, Sat green in color Sun/ 1989 Chevy Z28, silver Mon in color


Tag FC3969 T673VC 915XNQ

Recovery Attempted


SGRFREE 3 rd Ave NE H585AY Recovered

09-9938 12930 128 th Ave N 09-9678 12242 Mallory Dr 09-9568 7360 Ulmerton Rd 09-9441 6900 Ulmerton Rd 09-9304 555 S Belcher Rd

9/19/09 9/12/09 9/9/09 9/10/09 9/5/09 9/2/09

1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee, green in color G059Qm 1995 Mercury Tracer, Sat maroon in color 844JLQ Wed/ 2002 Pontiac Grand Thur Prix, black in color 053XNS Sat Sat Golf Cart 2008 Pontiac Grand Prix, red in color 2000 Nissan Maxima, white in color


Trotter Rd 6900 Ulmerton Rd

18:19 Wed 04:00 04:35 Tue

2261WC 13300 Walsingham Rd

09-9238 13300 Walsingham Rd 9/1/09


Center District  Conveyance Burglary September 20­21 The Center District had eight conveyance burglaries that were similar by location, and date/time.  

Report Number 09-10054 09-10050 09-10047 09-10025 09-10021 09-10017 09-10015 09-10014

Location 1162 Fay Ave

Dates(s) 9/21/09

3068 Stratford Dr 9/21/09 9/20/09 507 Shore Dr 9/21/09 500 Hillcrest Dr 9/21/09 9/20/09 2890 Stratford Dr 9/21/09 9/20/09 2915 Stratford Dr 9/21/09 510 Hillcrest Dr 501 Hillcrest Dr 9/21/09 9/20/09 9/21/09

Time(s) 01:06 07:00 01:00 08:00 19:30 02:00 10:47 21:00 08:00 21:00 08:00 01:06 07:06 21:00 07:48

DOW Mon Mon Sun / Mon Mon Sun/ Mon Sun/ Mon Mon Sun/ Mon

Entry Unlocked Unzipped soft top Unlocked Unlocked Unlocked Unlocked Unlocked Unlocked

Item(s) GPS

GPS Prescription

Ipod, Money Money Money

Arrests 9/27/09 through 10/3/09 Aggravated Battery            Battery­Simple Touch or Strike
Report Number: 09-10280 Report Number: 09-10278 Report Number: 09-10335 Report Number: 09-10333 Report Number: 09-10352

Name: Raymond Stringer DOB: 1/14/67 Arrest Location: 50 block of N Missouri Ave

Name: Theresa Simmons Name: Christopher Creamer Name: Tim Shepherd DOB: 1/10/66 DOB: 11/19/86 DOB: 1/6/63 Arrest Location: 1100 block Arrest Location: 300 block of N Arrest Location: 1000 block of of 7th St SW Belcher Rd 15th Ave NW

Name: Harry Pope DOB: 9/17/63 Arrest Location: 50 block of 21st Terrr SE

Battery – Simple Touch or Strike
Report Number: 09-10270 Report Number: 09-10462 Report Number: 09-10443

Name: Robert Thomas DOB: 9/18/82 Arrest Location: 900 block Washington Ave

Name: Christopher Barry DOB: 5/15/60 Arrest Location: 7100 block Ulmerton Rd

Name: Ronnie Poole DOB: 4/26/66 Arrest Location: 14000 block of S Belcehr Rd

Report Number: 09­10298 Report Number: 09­9699,  09­9794 & 09­9801 Report Number: 09­9699

      Driving Under the Influence
Report Number: 09-10272 Report Number: 09-10271

Name: Justin Warwick DOB: 9/11/81 Arrest Location: 1600 block  of Clearwater Largo Rd

Name: Brendon Tortora DOB: 4/24/91 Arrest Location: 12000  block of Indian Rocks Rd 

Name: Ruben Blonski DOB: 10/11/90  Arrest Location: 12000 block  of Indian Rocks Rd 

Name: Steven Zipfel DOB: 4/10/59 Arrest Location: 2600 block of Roosevelt Blvd

Name: Roger Corliss DOB: 6/15/71 Arrest Location: 2600 East Bay Dr

Driving Under the Influence
Report Number: 09-10378 Report Number:09-10380 Report Number: 09-10426 Report Number: 09­10275 Report Number: 09­10274

Name: Chris Billis DOB: 8/6/56 Arrest Location: 1700 block of Indian Rocks Rd

Name: Dawn Munday Name: Raymond Richard DOB: 6/27/69 DOB: 3/6/57 Arrest Location: 2700 block Arrest Location: 14000 block of of East Bay Dr Walsingham Rd

Name: Charles Curtice  DOB: 4/1/57 Arrest Location: 66th St &  Ulmerton Rd

Name: Sarah Douthirt DOB:7/21/58 Arrest Location: Walsingham  Rd & 137th St N

Report Number: 09-10329 Report Number: 09-10359 Report Number:09-10382 Report Number: 09-09-10466 Report Number: 09-10466

Name: Sven Krueger DOB: 8/11/80 Arrest Location: 16000 block of Bay Vista Dr

Name: Arnette Harrington DOB: 1/20/89 Arrest Location: Freemont Ave & 29th St S

Name: Lana Gourometsios DOB: 10/15/76 Arrest Location: Starkey Rd& East Bay Dr

Name: Christopher Zellner DOB: 1/24/86 Arrest Location: 2 nd Ave NE & Highland Ave

Name: Steven Cristofono DOB: 8/8/87 Arrest Location: 2 nd Ave NE & Highland Ave NE

Report Number: 09-9673 Report Number: 09-9406 Report Number: 09-10413 Report Number: 09-10410 Report Number: 09-10396

Name: Larry Rex DOB: 1/21/66 Arrest Location: 2100 block of Lions Club Rd

Name: Kipp McDowell Name: Sheree Dean DOB: 5/26/74 DOB: 8/31/79 Arrest Location: 1100 block Arrest Location: 2400 block of of N Missouri Ave East Bay Dr

Name: John Robertson DOB: 9/6/79 Arrest Location: 1200 block of N Missouri Ave

Name: Marie Gallagher DOB: 9/10/75 Arrest Location: 1200 block of N Missouri Ave

Report Number: 09-10322 Report Number: 09-10322 Report Number: 09-10322 Report Number: 09-10334 Report Number: 09-10368

Name: LaDana Blackburn DOB: 11/22/77 Arrest Location: 1000 block of N Missouri Ave

Name: Randall Chunn DOB: 9/18/76 Arrest Location: 1000 block of N Missouri Ave

Name: Glenn Stoner DOB: 10/31/82 Arrest Location: 1000 block of N Missouri Ave

Name: Damien Moscetti DOB: 2/11/86 Arrest Location: 900 block of Seminole Blvd

Name: Kenneth Bell DOB: 5/20/66 Arrest Location: 10600 block of Ulmerton Rd

Report Number: 09-10392

Name: Frederick Froelich DOB: 8/3/57 Arrest Location: 10000 block of Ulmerton Rd

Report Number: 09-10301 Report Number: 09-10301 Report Number: 09-10307 Report Number: 09-10383 Report Number: 09-10460

Name: Gaitrip Kilroy DOB: 10/15/65 Charge: Violation of Domestic Violence Injunction Arrest Location: Cromwell Dr

Name: Harrichand Balkissoon DOB: 11/16/51 Charge: ResisitingObstructing w/o Violence Arrest Location: Cormwell Dr

Name: Robert Engle DOB: 7/8/84 Charge: Violation of Domestic Violence Injunction Arrest Location: Rosery Rd NE

Name: Steven Bly DOB: 3/26/61 Charge: Disorderly Intoxication Arrest Location: 200 block of 14th St SW

Name: Rachael Hardman DOB: 8/18/82 Charge: Tamper w/victim, witness Arrest Location: 7300 block of Ulmerton Rd

Report Number: 09-10401 Report Number: 09-10325 Report Number: 09-10444

Name: In Ma DOB: 4-14-50 Charge: Violation of Domestic Violence Injunction Arrest Location: Georgia Cir N

Name: Yvonne Thomas DOB: 10/26/59 Arrest Location: 15000 block of US Highway 19 N

Name: Daniel Elam DOB: 9/7/73 Arrest Location: 1500 block of Seminole Blvd

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