Oracle Discoverer 4.

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Diane Turner Sales Executive ASSIST

• • • • • • • • • Introduction What is Discoverer? Business Drivers Types of Users Components and Concepts Discoverer and Oracle Applications Discoverer Plus Discoverer Administration Conclusion of Seonssi

• Financial reporting drivers • Every organisation has different reporting requirements • Organisations typically use 15% of the supplied reports • Other 85% become new reports or modifications to existing reports • Time, Expense, Bottleneck, Upgrade Problems • Solution – Business Intelligence Solution Oracle Discoverer

What is Discoverer? • Easy-to-use Graphical Business Intelligence Tool for:
* Ad-hoc Queries * Pre-formatted Reports * Analysing and Exploring Data * Sharing, Disseminating and Publishing Information

Business Drivers • Business Drivers for Using a Business Intelligence Tool:
* Reduce Reliance on IT Staff and Consultants * Adapt Quickly to Changing Organisation * Analyse All Information * Easily Report and Explore Information * Easily Disseminate and Share Information

Types of Users • Management
* CEOs * CFOs

• Line Management
* Team Leaders * Section/Division Managers

• Operational Staff
* Clerical Staff

• Different types of users have different requirements

Components of Discoverer

Discoverer Discoverer Plus Plus

Viewer Viewer Edition Edition

Administration Administration Edition Edition

(Business Abstraction Layer) (Business Abstraction Layer)

End User Layer(TM) End User Layer(TM)

Data Warehouse / Data Mart / OLTP

Components of Discoverer
Web Browser Web Browser ------------------------------Discoverer Viewer Discoverer Viewer

Discoverer Server Discoverer Server

(Business Abstraction Layer) (Business Abstraction Layer)

End User Layer(TM) End User Layer(TM)


Discoverer Concepts

• Business Areas
* Grouping of Related Information * Contains Information from Database Tables or Views * Business Group Focus
Human Resources Help Desk
HR Staff

Accounts Payable Finance

AP Clerks CFO

IT Staff

Discoverer Concepts • Folders
* Grouping of Related Data Items * Simple or Complex * Joins, Conditions, Calculations, Formatting, Hierarchy Structures Accounts Payable Vendors Vendor Addresses

AP Clerks


Discoverer Concepts • Items
* Folders are Composed of Items * Map to Database Columns * Can be Derived eg. Calculation Accounts Payable AP Clerks Vendors
Vendor ID Vendor Name Vendor Type Credit Limit Bank Acct Name Bank Acct Number Bank Acct Type

Vendor Addresses
Vendor Name Address Line 1 Address Line 2 City State Postcode


Invoice ID Vendor ID Invoice Amount Amount Paid Invoice Date Goods Received Date

Discoverer and Oracle Applications
• Applications Mode EUL Required • Oracle Applications 10.7, 11, 11i Supported • Oracle Discoverer 3.1.28+ • Steps:
* Database User to Own EUL * Launch Admin Edition * Configure Connection Information * Create an Apps Mode EUL

Discoverer and Oracle Applications • Choices for Creation of Business Areas
* Build them from Scratch * Buy Oracle Financial Intelligence (Part of OBIS) * Buy Third Party Business Areas

Discoverer Plus

• How to:
* Create a New Ad-hoc Query * Format a Query * Edit a Query * Analyse Information
– Add a Simple Condition – Add an Exception – Perform a Drill – Analyse Information Graphically

Discoverer Administration Edition
• How to:
* Build a Business Area * Add Folders to the Business Area * Create Folder Joins * Add an Item Class * Create a Complex Folder * Add an Item Hierarchy * Apply a Date Hierarchy

• Standard reports only meet a percentage of requirements • Look at strategies to empower users to do on demand reporting and analysis • Business Intelligence provide this and:
* Save Time * Save Money * Provide Greater Flexibility as Org Changes * Easier to report and analyse * Easier to disseminate and share information

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