Representative Assembly Meeting Meeting Minutes Winter 2014 February 12, 2014 STCN 130 at 6:00 p.m. I.

Call to Order Executive VP Barnes calls the meeting to order at 6:01 PM Roll Call (initial on the line) Eric Chalmers, President _________ Mallory Barnes, Executive Vice President _________ Bharat Bhojwani, Vice President of Finance _________ Brady Carlson, Vice President of University Affairs _________ Dominic Ortiz, Senior Representative _________ Raquel Davalos, Junior Representative _________ Samantha Marshall, Sophomore Representative_________ Austin Kawano, At-Large Representative _________ Haley Bayuga Graff, At-Large Representative _________ Clark Huey, Multicultural Representative _________ Tanary Gomez, Commuter Representative, ABSENT _________ Phat Nguyen, Transfer Representative _________ Nora Almunif, International Representative _________ Brandon Moak, Students with Disabilities Representative _________ Kristen James, Athletic Representative _________ Meggie Green, Freshman Representative _________ Karen Gallo, Non-Traditional Representative _________ Owen Goetze, Freshman Representative _________ Nicole Robison, Advisor Approval of the Minutes Motion passes to approve the minutes unanimously with absentia from Representative Gomez Public Comment – Kylee and Celia from Unite Here and Ames from SSA Kylee and Celia - Interns for United Here representing people from hospitality industries - Working at Hyatt Hotels downtown and are looking for the option to unionize - Working conditions are poor including health problems and no benefits - Looking to boycott the hotels





The reason that it pertains to Seattle University because we are hosting an event at the Hyatt and refused to move the event Referral to the mission statement illuminates the contradictions between the commitment to the Hyatt and their owner and the mission statement “Exploiting immigrant labor” at the Hyatt is not in line with

Representative James: What has the owner of the hotel said in regards to this issue? Response: As far as we know the owner has not made a comment or recognized. President Chalmers: Have any of the Hyatt administration come to the table with any of the workers yet? Response: Not that we know of. External COS Gardon: Has your organization looked into securing any organizations for that date or time? Response: Seattle U has been unwilling to communicate with our organization. There is a list on the website of hotels that are approved by Unite Here. Executive VP Barnes thanks the representatives from Unite Here for coming in. Ames Fowler, SSA - Excited about bike infrastructure on campus - Several clubs are excited about making Seattle University more of a bike hub on campus, is excited to see how that conversation unfolds V. Guest Speakers – Dr. Isiaah Crawford, Provost Introduction - Thanks the students who participated in the public comment - Hopes to make the visit to the student government more regular Hybrid and Online Classes - It is important for the university to step into the distance education and digital space - Only 5% of undergraduate students pursue their studies as part time students, which compared to the average is incredibly low, the market of students pursuing school part time is low - 21% of students in the state of Washington have some college education but no degree - There is a market for adult learners to go after a degree if the program were offered as a hybrid format, face-to-face and online both - Targeting part-time non-traditional students seeking a baccalaureate degree, offering a certificate programming launching in Fall 2014 and the degree in Fall 2015 - Targeting current students in summer program and some during academic year for students doing student abroad to offer online courses as well - The over-populated courses are bottleneck and these put students behind, thinking about offering these course in an online hybrid fashion - Looking to bring new and existing graduate programs online VP of University Affairs Carlson: Is there going to be anything that will create the potential for more undergraduate learning?

Response: For a long time the opinion surrounding online classes was unreceptive, but over time it evolved to an understanding there was a niche for this with this particular group of students. Our veteran faculty with need experience with the hybrid method. Representative Moak: Will these classes be offered at a reduced tuition cost? Response: Actually the technology is more expensive. Faculty expend more time with these courses than the face-to-face classes so “cheaper” is a bit of a misnomer. Representative Gallo: Are you focusing on any careers specifically? Response: The programming that the first certificate will be one in web development and the others will be in management and business and maybe in digital humanities eventually. It would provide the student a competitive degree upon completion. This population brings in the element of competency-based assessment and how we transfer experiences into academic standing.

Representative Goetze: What percentage of the undergraduate body will be engaging with these programs? Response: If we do this well, we think that five years in, we could have 800 additional students. 72% responded on the State of the Undergraduate Survey that they want something like this [hybrid classes]. New Academic Plans - New masters program in Systems Engineering - And baccalaureate program in Business and Law with a Bachelors and JD, a 3-3 year program - Looking so bring new health science programs forward - Spending a far amount of time in enhancing academic advising and career advising: more advisors and opportunities with internships, help students recognize how they prepare themselves to compete for a job - We are finding we are way behind other institutions in terms of how many students have jobs upon graduation - Enhanced facilities for STEM - To expand health science programs there needs to be a strong foundation but it is not being done at the expense of the liberal arts but are part of the whole Adjunct Faculty Unionization - The institution values part time faculty and adjunct non-tenure very much, want to ensure that all faculty experience work at Seattle University in the best way possible - Hopes to continue a direct and open communication, but it is the feeling of the administration that they can achieve the common gains through the current system without a third party mediator - Effect on students: It is the top priority that if the moves were made in this direction [unionization] that it is ‘invisible’ to students in a way that is nonimpactful - It is the hope that they will be able to engage with faculty and dialogue in a positive culture - Historically adjunct faculty have supplemented the work that tenured faculty have done

Q&A President Chalmers: Do you see any potential of the university disputing on grounds of religious affiliation? Response: That‟s one of the legal questions, but the „right‟ comment is more of me speaking as a human being, the legal question is different. I‟m trying to walk a fine line. Representative Moak: Are there any specific wants that the union is pushing for? Response: We have been in dialogue for a while with academic assembly. We have been working to address the concerns systematically and we feel like we‟ve made a lot of progress with the system that is in place and we feel the decision to involve a third party would adversely hurt the situation in place. The faculty members would not be able to speak directly to their program director or me about it, but it would go through the union representative, me, the lawyer, etc. Currently, the faculty member can speak directly to me, the dean, or the director. It just would change how we are; it would be different from how we are. VP of University Affairs Carlson: When the adjunct faculty came in and spoke on this issue, they requested a clarifying statement. Has that statement been made? Response: Soon I will write to the university community broadly about this topic. VI. VII. Old Business – None New Business REPA 20140212 Bike Lockers (Janie Bube, Meggie Green) – Action Background on Bike Lockers - The purpose of the shelter will meet the needs of sheltered housing for students‟ bikes - Stake holders: students, faculty, commuters - Major Institution Master Plan: SU Transportation Management Program, able to add at least 200 more bike parking spaces - Aligns with core values and mission to promote sustainability Why SGSU? - Supports sustainable transportation - Supports overall campus sustainability - Great marketing avenue - Represents student body who want more bike racks Project - Collaborating with multiple campus communities and outside communities: Space Governance, Students, Administrative units, academic units, city zoning, building codes - LGRS  L (Living vertical walls, expands gardens, encourage urban gardening, helps with temperature control), G (Green roof, helps with storm water management, encourages biodiversity on campus), R (Reclaimed/Recycled material, use otherwise discarded materials, create less negative impact on environment), S (Solar panels, self-sufficient, provides energy for few LED lights and key card access controller)


Looking for semi-vertical and X-Type bike racks, an efficient use of space, double locking system Provides extra security, key card or key code Educational aspect: environmental studies incorporating in curriculum, service learning opportunities, internship possibilities

Proposed Designs - Design Option I: Reused materials, best in open visible locations, commuters - Design Option II: 2 shipping containers, best for secure bike storage, - Design Option III: 2 shipping containers facing each other, best for secure bike storage with maximum coverage, residents only Cost - Overall cost can be expected to be $30,000 - Goal is the have 1/3 donated - L  $5,000 - G  $8,000 - R  $8,000 - S  $1,000 - Bike Racks  $2,000 - Security  $2,000 - Construction Fee  $4,000 Current Status of Project - Approved for design, construction documents soon to be formalized by an architect - Design starts in March-June 2014 Representative Marshall: What is the percentage of students that are bikers? Response: No actual statistic that says that. Representative Huey: If you didn‟t receive any funding from SGSU would that stop the project? Response: I‟m persistent but it would add a lot of stress Representative Kawano: Would SGSU have an opinion about which option is constructed? Response: It‟s on location and up to facilities. Advisor Robison: Are facilities committed to this project happening? Response: Yes, they have various things they want to accomplish for the bikes. They have committed to the design. VP of Finance Bhojwani: Are you working alone on this project or are you working with a team? Is there any one who you can rely on that will be around next year? Response: I will be here. Representative Goetze: You mentioned a ten-dollar fee. What would that go towards? Response: Maintenance for the project. Discussion



Bike Share Program developed three years ago, proposal was pretty extensive, but ran into several problems along the way Looked at bike parking situation on campus, increased racks but had no real way of tracking the funds that went to those racks Demand from students, faculty, in light of metro cuts, this problem is still prevalent, bike share turned out to be a way bigger project than protection of the bikes Hard to allocate money based on a what if grant situation Could mandate that the money did not go towards research How the fund came into being (SURF): That project could save the university that would replenish into the SURF fund, but the fund itself does not replenish, but there were too many restrictions on the fund VP of University Affairs Coca-Cola project looking into a project that would replenish the fund No other students have brought forth projects recently

Executive VP Barnes requests to table this item for a later time in order to educate ourselves and for the sake of time Representative Goetze moves Representative Ortiz seconds The motion passes unanimously with absentia from Representative Gomez REPA 20140212 Petition Initiative (Eric Chalmers) – Discussion REPA 20140212 Bylaw Change (Eric Chalmers, Mallory Barnes) – Discussion Representative Huey moves to table both the Petition Initiative Discussion and the Bylaw Change Discussion of business to next week Representative Bayuga Graff seconds The motion passes unanimously with absentia from Representative Gomez VIII. Officer Reports: A) Eric Chalmers-President: a. Petition Initiative work as a follow up to the SUSS b. Timeline will be discussed next week, out before the end of winter quarter B) Mallory Barnes- Executive Vice President a. Interested in making bylaw change – quarterly report, chiefs of staffs on PAB, making SUSS permanent C) Bharat Bhojwani- Vice President of Finance a. Budget Transparency Forum, looking for committee members b. Will have budget update next week D) Brady Carlson- Vice President of University Affairs a. Nothing to report E) Representatives a. Dominic Ortiz, Senior Representative: Money spending b. Raquel Davalos, Junior Representative: Bikes c. Samantha Marshall, Sophomore Representative: Nothing to report d. Austin Kawano, At-Large Representative: Nothing to report e. Haley Bayuga Graff, At-Large Representative: Gender neutral restrooms f. Clark Huey, Multicultural Representative: Multicultural Programming Fund

Tanary Gomez, Commuter Representative ABSENT Phat Nguyen, Transfer Representative: Nothing Nora Almunif, International Representative: International Student Forum Brandon Moak, Students with Disabilities Representative: Constituent Meetings k. Kristen James, Athletic Representative: Nothing l. Karen Gallo, Non-Traditional Student Representative: Nothing m. Meggie Green, Freshman Representative: Bikes n. Owen Goetze, Freshman Representative: Homecoming F) Logan McDonald, Internal Chief of Staff: Nothing G) Advisors a. Nicole Robison: Nothing IX. Committee Reports A. PAB: Splitting into groups, letter about Eastside Catholic B. Steering: Looking over policies, thinking about changing retreat to May 18th C. Appropriations: Budget Transparency Forum D. University Affairs: SWAG numbers, promo video numbers soon, another coke meeting Announcements Adjournment at 8:00 PM

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