UC Hub Group Issues Letter to Shareholders

UC Hub Group, Incorporated (OTC Bulletin Board: UCHB - News) President and CEO, Larry Wilcox issued the following Letter to Shareholders: Dear Shareholders: With all the positive changes at UC Hub Group, we are truly entering an exciting chapter in our company history. We are successfully executing our business plan while keeping shareholder value a top priority. These two elements have positioned the company to achieve even greater results in the weeks and months to come. While we still face competitive pressures and have much yet to do, UC Hub Group is better positioned today than at any time in our history. The foundation has been laid to generate major revenue improvements in upcoming quarters and to establish multiple profit centers adding up to a strong bottom line in the years ahead. eSafe, a wholly-owned subsidiary of UC Hub Group, is gaining significant market traction as shown in recent announcements. Our goal is to have 100,000 eSafe cards in the marketplace by Christmas 2005. With current deals being discussed and negotiated we may eclipse those targets, but we consider this to be a prudent distribution estimate at this time. Our larger goal for eSafe is to have over a quarter million active users of our card products in 2006. This would represent a significant reoccurring revenue base as we expect each active card will generate between $510/month in revenues. eSafe’s merchant processing division is also a significant part of our business plan. This is traditionally a very desirable business niche that adds considerable overall value to our company as we grow the cash volumes transacted for our merchant accounts. Income is generated on the basis point spread we capture from the merchant processing fees. This is a high volume business with hundreds of millions of dollars required to produce major income growth. Once an account is secured, client retention is high and the maintenance requirements are minimal while the income remains steady. Based on expected pending contracts, our immediate goals are to achieve $50,000,000 or more in annual cash volume processed this year. 2006 goals are to process up to a quarter billion dollars volume or more in merchant account transactions. We are currently in negotiations with numerous potential eSafe accounts for either card products or merchant accounts or both with clients in a broad array of industries, including: Supermarket and Grocery Chains, Medical Data Processing and Integration, Specialized Marketing and Sales Organizations, Universities, Non-Profits, Religious Organizations, Affinity Groups, Sports Leagues and Wagering Outlets. AllCom, a wholly-owned subsidiary of UC Hub Group, is now realizing true organic growth and receiving repeat business from satisfied customers. We remain committed to this subsidiary as it has been our primary revenue source and it remains an integral part of our vision as an upselling tool for eSafe products and the cross- marketing of phone cards. We are currently in negotiations with several potential clients which would represent both new and additional hardware and service contracts for AllCom.

All of our divisions have overlapping synergies that intersect and will be maximized as many of our new and pending clients are integrated into our service programs. As the name of our company implies, we are a hub for a variety of services. Our vision for some time has been to maximize the digitization of commerce and data delivery by packaging these resources for distinct regional communities and more disparate consumer communities defined by a common thread or affinity such as interest groups, ethnicity or religious affiliation. eSafe has been organized to function as a transactional hub for the cities, affinity groups and organizations that sign up for our services. This transactional hub encompasses merchant processing, debit cards, payroll and benefits cards, data storage cards, gift cards all maximized with our patented loyalty programs that give back rebates and ensure customer loyalty. Point of Sale terminals for our merchant processing accounts can then be connected via telecom which is presently AllCom. Finally, this will be leveraged with full internet ePayment services that integrates the digital cash network as a global virtual network that extends our already extensive ground coverage through ATM networks and our much anticipated rollout of our MasterCard cobranded cards expected later this year. Recently closed deals have highlighted the completion of our digital transaction infrastructure and our concerted push to achieve rapid market distribution through focused sales channels. UC Hub’s strategy is both regiona lly focused and sales channel focused. Regional focus involves cultivating deep market penetration into specific communities like our existing clients like Yonkers New York, Atlanta Gerogia and Victorville California where projected rapid population growth presents a major market opportunity. The nurturing of a Digital City Hub is intended to combine the power of local merchant processing accounts with the pervasive local distribution of eSafe cards and services to achieve a thriving local transactional loop that generates high rates of usage while benefiting the community with loyalty program rebates. This is the longer term vision of UC Hub that we believe will snowball to other communities in the coming years and which none of our competitors truly offer. The Digital Cities Hub concept is already active with numerous municipalities being serviced by AllCom for telecom services and OT2, our government management software division, for local project management. We have already begun the longer term process of upselling eSafe into these municipal sales channels. The immediate growth and greatest accelerator of company revenues in the next year are coming through our use of focused sales channels. The ability to generate mass buy- ins of the eSafe card for distribution to defined market segments is already being effectively engaged as a growth strategy. The recent deal with World Bank Financial targets the Vietnamese community in America and is projected to serve users in Viet Nam in the future. The same strategies are being deployed in Latin America and clearly point to the power of delivering needed services to focused user groups to achieve rapid market adoption. The variations on a focused sales channel are fairly unlimited as we hope to show to our shareho lders with upcoming arrangements with new clients. Having successfully taken our business plan to the next level, we are now receiving shareholder requests for revenue guidance. I believe we have constructed a business that will operate very efficiently with minimal intervention and high returns and that we will be well on our way to

profitability in 2006 with rapid growth thereafter. We believe we have presented our business goals with prudent timeframes and suitable information upon which to construct a reasonable opinion about our company’s prospects. We will necessarily seek to maintain our competitive advantages and refrain from disclosing the terms of our client contracts. We wish to solicit shareholder investment based on the solidity of our business plan and growing accomplishments. We expect to achieve revenue growth with the dissemination of eSafe cards and by the end of the year the results will start to truly impact our bottom line. Since we are coping with a potential embarrassment of riches in terms of pending partner and client deals, we have already commenced an expansion of our staffing in the areas of finance, sales and marketing, including a new hire this week of a highly seasoned merchant accounts sales professional. It will be important to further expand our sales and marketing staff to capture market share, maximize the sales of our existing clients and build the monetary value of our brands. We believe the return on investment in the following year will be exponential in relation to any immediate personnel costs added now. We have been planning for success for some time and I would contend we have some of the top people in their respective fields working together to achieve our ambitious goals. With our infrastructure in place, we are ready to add the additional staff that will ensure we are ready to deliver on our promises and are never overwhelmed by success. To date, I have personally funded directly and indirectly a considerable portion of our operations out of pocket to maintain mo mentum and try to limit shareholder dilution. I will soon endeavor to raise a modest amount of bridge financing to facilitate our expansion and impending growth surge. With this in mind, it is our stated goal to still have as a low amount of outstanding shares as feasible as we turn profitable. I am optimistic that our business will be self sustaining in the first half of 2006 and we will have a very limited need for outside financing from that point forward. In closing, I would like to personally thank each and every shareholder for their support. I am deeply committed to the success of UC Hub and its subsidiary companies and have benefited from your input. We are also gratified by the quality of service and communications provided thus far by the firm of L.G. Zangani and plan to continue keeping our public investors well informed of company objectives and activities. I am confident the strategies we are pursuing will grow intrinsic value for our shareholders over the long-term. I am proud to be your CEO and look forward to what I feel is the beginning of an exciting time for UC Hub Group and its shareholders. Very sincerely yours, Larry Wilcox President and Chief Executive Officer UC Hub Group Inc. FORWARD LOOKING STATEMENTS : ALL STATEMENTS IN THIS LETTER OTHER THAN STATEMENTS OF HISTORICAL FACT ARE FORWARD-LOOKING STATEMENTS T HAT INVOLVE RISKS AND UNCERTAINTIES . THERE CAN BE NO ASSURANCE THAT THE COMPANY’S PLANS WILL BE REALIZED, THAT REVENUES WILL INCREASE OR THAT THE COMPANY’S OPERATIONS WILL IMPROVE. REFERENCE IS MADE TO THE COMPANY’S MOST RECENT PRIVATE PLACEMENT MEMORANDUMS AND SEC FILINGS FOR A


UC Hub: http://www.esafecards.com http://www.uchub.net http://www.allcomusa.com http://www.OT2.com Safe Harbor statement under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995: The statements in this release relating to completion of the acquisition and the positive direction are forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Some or all of the results anticipated by these forward-looking statements may not occur. Factors that could cause or contribute to such differences include, but are not limited to, contractual difficulties which may arise, the failure to implement eSafe on a national scale, the future market price of UCHB common stock and UC Hub's ability to obtain the necessary financing. L.G. Zangani, LLC provides financial public relations service to the Company. As such L.G. Zangani, LLC and/or its officers, agent s and employees, receives remuneration for public relations and or other services in the form of monies, capital stock in the Company, warrants or options to purchase capital in the Company. http://www.zangani.com/disclaimer Contact: L.G. Zangani LLC Ian Cassel Investor Relations (908) 788-9660 office@zangani.com www.zangani.com

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