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Press Release
February 2014
Incorporate Reliability into Design with Reliable Manufacturings New Master Class
Reliable Manufacturing has announced a new event to its popular master class series. Held in Teesside, the inaugural daylong Reliability-based Design Master Class is devised to equip leaders in capital projects with the principles needed to assure excellent start-up performance and minimum life cycle costs. The Master Class, jointly led by Andrew Fraser, Managing Director of Reliable Manufacturing and principal consultant, Ron Moore, takes place for the first time on April 1st. Reliability doesnt revolve around maintenance, it begins long before this, in the initial design and installation processes, explains Fraser, who has over 30 years experience in maintenance, operations and change management roles. This master class will explain the fundamentals behind reliability practices, and describe how procurement, operations and maintenance need to work together during new capital projects to make sure the right practices are applied to reduce lifecycle costs and increase reliability. And the benefits of doing so can be tremendous: not only lower lifecycle costs, but improved performance, increased safety, reduced environmental risks and ultimately enhanced long-term competitive position. The new event forms part of the reliability-based Master Class series, which sees the popular Reliability & Operations Excellence Master Class return on April 2nd, exploring the strategies and practices central to the top industrial companies. Through the use of thought-provoking case studies, attendees gain insight into how the worlds best operations achieve maximum production capacity and receive practical advice on how to create and sustain a culture of reliability and operations excellence in their own organisations. With potential savings of millions of pounds, the business case for establishing reliability as a core value is a strong one, explains Moore, an internationally recognised authority on reliability and operations excellence and a published author on the subject. The Master Classes will demonstrate how incorporating reliability as part of the day-to-day running of the business will not only improve production capacity, quality and minimise costs, but also help achieve safety goals. A reliable plant reduces the need for reactive maintenance, cuts the number of injuries and creates a safer work environment; in short a reliable plant is a safe plant, is a cost efficient plant. Derek Park, former Transformation Manager, BP, explains the benefits of attending: Whether youre a manager or operator, youll learn simple, practical and achievable ways to solve your problems. I left the class ready to start on a completely new set of priorities. For more details and to book online visit

Notes to editors About Reliable Manufacturing

Reliable Manufacturing is a reliability-based change management consultancy, helping global clients from a wide variety of industrial sectors establish reliability as a core value in their business. We are specialists in delivering performance improvement through the implementation of operations and maintenance best practices, which facilitate organisational cultural change. Our pragmatic approach delivers improved asset availability, reduced operating costs, improved HSE performance and increased employee motivation and satisfaction. Change is delivered through tailored programmes, and we work at all levels of client organisations to equip the leadership and engage staff in the practices, systems and behaviours that assure outstanding operational performance.

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