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Oakdale Middle School

Algebra 1 Syllabus

Instructor: Ryan Woodson

Classroom: 503
Planning Period: 6th
School Phone: 479-631-3615
School Email Address:
School Web Page:

A. Rogers School District Mission Statement

To provide an environment of educational excellence where all belong, all learn and all

B. Mr. Woodson’s Mission Statement

To facilitate learning and encourage students so that they maximize their learning
experience, succeed in all classroom endeavors, and advance toward the ultimate goal of
graduation by promoting an atmosphere of fairness, discipline, and respect for all.

C. Course Description

D. Method of Instruction
A variety of methods of instruction will be used in the class. The most important method
is guided practice. I believe that perfect practice is the best way to learn anything.
Discovery activities will also be a large part of the learning. I think that students learn
more when they discover the rules of math than when they are told the rules of math.
Note taking will be important as will in class assignments.

E. Motivational Strategies
Some motivational strategies that I may use are
1) Positive Reinforcement- The teacher will encourage and exclaim either written or
orally exceptional work.

2) Corrections- Students will receive extra points for politely offering corrections of
the teacher’s statements, steps, or answers to a problem.

3) RESPECT- I will treat my students as young adults. I will address them by their
name or sir/ma’am, I will give them opportunities to succeed and answer
questions successfully during class time, and I will take an interest in their lives
outside of the classroom by going to their extra-curricular activities in order to
build confidence in me and more importantly his/her self

F. Course Objectives
Students will score proficient or advanced on the 8th grade Benchmark exam.
Students will be fully prepared to advance to Algebra 1or another higher math class next
Students will gain a higher appreciation for mathematics and learning.

G. Course Topics
Edit in order.

H. Textbook and Required Supplies

Our textbook, Geometry, is published by McDougal Littell and authored by Larson,
Boswell, and Stiff.
A TI-30 Calculator is recommended for the course. If a student has a graphing
calculator, that is good, as he/she will be able to use that throughout his high school
Students should bring paper, pencil, ruler, calculator, textbook, and homework to class
every day.

I. Grading Plan
1. Semester grades will be assigned as follows:
100%-89.5% A
<89.5%-79.5% B
<79.5%-69.5% C
<69.5%-59.5% D
<59.5% F

2. The grades are weighted as follows:

Tests and Quizzes are 79% of the total
Homework Assignments are 20% of the total
TLI Tests are 1% of the total

J. Homework
Homework is a tool used to ensure mastery of material through practice. It is not given
for busy work. It is expected that the student will utilize the time in class to fulfill their
responsibility to produce quality work demonstrating the mastery of the concepts. This
work will be done in such a way that the teacher can easily read the work done and
solutions presented. The assignments will be presented in a timely manner on the date

K. Absences

If you miss a day due to illness, it is your responsibility to find out what you missed, and
make it up. If you do not understand the concept then it is your responsibility to set up a
time with Mr. Woodson or another teacher to go over it either before or after school
L. Make-up Work
It is the student’s responsibility to find any assignment that he/she missed while absent.
This work is due within a week of the student’s absence. The student can find any
handouts in the make-up work folder and bin. If a student is absent for more than a week,
he will need to talk to me to make arrangements. If a student misses a test, he/she should
be prepared to take the test when he/she returns. If a student misses multiple days before
the test, he/she is responsible for meeting with Mr. Woodson and together they will
decide when the student will make up the test.

M. Late Work Policy

If a student does not turn in the assignment on the date the assignment is due, then the
student will have 3 days to turn the work during the first quarter, 2 days to turn the work
during the second, 1 days to turn the work during the third, and no late work will be
accepted in the forth quarter for full credit.
N. Classroom Expectations
1. Respect will be given to all individuals who enter the classroom; this includes but
is not limited to students, teachers, substitutes, and administrators.
2. The students will be in class on time at a desk towards the front of the classroom
with all necessary materials, i.e., paper, writing utensil, calculator, homework and
3. During instruction the students will devote their full attention to the teacher and
the material he is presenting.
4. No student will try to sleep during class.
5. The student will actively participate in all class discussions and assignments.
When given the opportunity to work in groups all students will give input towards
the completion of the task.
6. The student will not be responsible for bringing a textbook to class, as one will be
7. The student will help to maintain a clean classroom.

O. Cell Phones
Are not to be seen or heard. If Mr. Woodson witnesses a cell phone being used, he will
confiscate the cell phone.

P. Classroom Rules
Class rules will be created with the assistance of the students after school has started.
They will fit in with my personal expectations for the class.

Q. Consequences for breaking rules or not fulfilling expectations

For minor misbehaviors (disruptions, off task, language, etc.)
1st Step - Verbal warning
2nd Step - Short conference with Mr. Woodson during activity time. We will discuss a
plan to alleviate the problem. This may include communication with the student’s
parents, detention, writing prompt, new seat, etc.
3 Step- Detention, and call parents to set up a conference. Student must write up an
action plan. Mr. Woodson has a template for this.
4th Step- Discipline referral and sent to the office
For major misbehaviors (sexual harassment, fighting, bullying, etc.), the student will be
sent straight to the office with a discipline referral.

R. Tutoring
I will be offer tutoring on an as needed basis before or after school. The student will
need to set up an appointment with Mr. Woodson.

S. One More Thing

Parents and students: if you ever need to speak with me about anything, please feel free
to call or email me. I want to help our students succeed in every way possible.

T. Signatures

My signature below indicates that I have read and understand this syllabus and have been
given a copy of my own to keep.

Student Signature Date

Parent Signature Date