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Throughout my life, the experiences I came across have shown me that ideas start with the connections our

brain makes. Likewise, I have realised that impressive ideas come to life from unexpected associations we make, when two completely unrelated concepts are linked in a way that no one has ever imagined before. Come to think of it, every good advertisement follows the same pattern and that is why I find Advertising to be most fascinating to me. ducation has always been an important aspect of my life and the path I took can be described as a !ourney for discovering connections between somewhat different areas. After studying Arts and "usic for four years, in high school I chose to take challenging courses such as "athematics and Informatics. In addition, for my #achelor$s degree I opted to focus on International #usiness and conomics, being admitted in the first %&' from a total of ()& students accepted within the Academy of conomic *tudies #ucharest. ach course I completed has contributed to my overall skills and mirrors my flexibility of changing viewpoints when looking upon a matter. The Arts classes I followed have triggered a boost in my imagination and have also stimulated me to think in visual terms+ whereas "athematics developed my analytical skills. ,urthermore, the "arketing related modules I took during my degree have helped me build a speciality frame around the stream of my imagination. ver since I became fascinated with the field of Advertising, most of my activities were undertaken towards developing the necessary set of skills for excelling in this domain. The conferences, the workshops and also the competitions I participated in, have helped me to get my first !ob in an Advertising agency, as an office assistant. Through this role, I gained a valuable perspective of the Advertising industry from the inside of an agency. -hat is more, this episode has prepared me for the most important experience of my professional life up to date . the internship I did with #rands Talk Advertising. After completing a series of interviews and successfully passing a creativity test, I was one of the / students selected for the Creative 0epartment from over 1&& applicants. 0uring the six2week period I worked as an Intern Art 0irector, I was given the chance to operate on real client accounts, but also the satisfaction to see my work broadcasted on television and displayed on outdoor banners after completing the programme. I believe that my work is continuously improving and my best campaign is yet to come. 3owever, I reckon to have produced my best work so far, !ust a while ago, during the 4Creativity #lueprints$ workshop I attended in 0ecember. ,or the final pro!ect, which involved developing a campaign that promoted the concept of creativity, my team and I designed a series of visual prints that illustrated the message 45lant an idea and watch it grow$. -e tried to persuade our audience to train their creativity by showing them two completely unrelated ob!ects and encouraging them to place the two together into a context. As a result, our efforts and our ideas won us the second place in the competition. 0eveloping my studies within this domain is yet another step towards achieving my goal of becoming an Art 0irector, to which I am fully committed as one can see. "y ambition

is to communicate smartly built messages to my selected audiences, using the existing media in a new and surprising way. I wish to deliver high 6uality advertisements that speak to my target in an honest manner, being nevertheless effective. Therefore, I consider this "aster$s course to be the suitable choice for me as it could help me channel my creative energy into successful Advertising campaigns. "oreover, a study period in dinburgh would give me the chance to experience the rich culture of this truly cosmopolitan capital, and would also give me the opportunity to be part of the first course of its kind in *cotland. 7n the whole, the choices we make as we go through life end up defining us, not to mention the fact that they can also provide the change we need. The more we expose ourselves to different areas, different cultures and activities, the more we change and evolve. All the ideas we have and all the decisions we make are strongly related to our past experiences. 7ne of my strong beliefs is that the more diversified our life is, the greater the novelty of the ideas that come to our mind can be. In my case, the educational and professional background provide me with the means to create new and original associations between arbitrary concepts, thus supporting my previously stated belief that ideas are nonetheless connections. 3ighly motivated, enthusiastic, ambitious, energetic but patient, creative and with a solid interdisciplinary background 2 these few, but powerful words describe me. Therefore, I am confident that I would prove to be an excellent fit for this "aster$s programme in Creative Advertising.