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Uncountable Nouns Which nouns are uncountable?

? - nouns of substance or quantity bread, wine, tea, ice, paper, water, whisky, money, oil, gold, soup, etc. - abstract nouns hope, advice, information, love, life, happiness, anger, luck, etc. - languages and fields of studying English, French, Greek, chemistry, physics, politics, etc. - sports and hobbies football, basketball, tennis, billiards, etc. - natural phenomena weather, rain, snow, fog, sunshine, gravity, electricity, humidity, etc.

Uncountable nouns are usually not used with a/an. They only have one form (usually they are in singular). BUT: - Coffee grows in Brazil (uncountable) - Do you want a coffee? (= a drink , countable) - Her hair is black. (uncountable) - She found two hairs in his soup. (countable) - How much wood is needed to make this wooden table? (uncountable) - The children like to play in the woods. (=in the forest, countable),


We use specific phrases/nouns to turn the uncountable nouns into countable. Examples: - a piece of information/advice/chalk/bread - a glass of water - a jar of jam - a sheet of paper - a drop of oil - a piece of furniture - a slice of bread - a loaf of bread - a grain of rice/sugar/salt - a bottle of water/Whisky - a box of cereal - a bowl of cereal/rice - a slice of pizza - a piece of pizza

- a cup of coffee - a bar of chocolate, Some / any SOME Used both with countable and uncountable nouns (plural) Positive sentences or questions when expecting positive answer Countable / Uncountable nouns COUNTABLE A lot of How many? Many A few* (=some, enough) Few * (= not enough)


ANY Used both with countable and uncountable nouns Negative sentences and questions

UNCOUNTABLE A lot of How much? Much A little** (=some, enough) Little ** (= not enough)

Few / A few e.g. Weve got a few strawberries. Would you like some? Ive got very few strawberries. I cant give you any. Little / A little e.g. Weve got a little coffee. We dont need to buy any. Weve got very little coffee. We must buy some.

1. Fill in the blanks with a/an/some. - I want _____ glass of milk - You must give him _____ food and _____ cup of coffee. - He gave me _____ good advice. - Have you got _____ pair of shoes? - I must buy _____ new clothes. - Shall I bring _____ apple pie? - I need _____ rubber to erase _____ mistakes Ive made. - I found _____ hair in my soup last night. - Imagine _____ future where nobody is ill.


Fill in the blanks with few/a few/ little/ a little. - I have invited _____ friends to tea. - I saw Tommy _____ days ago. - Lets grab a coffee. We have _____ time to spare. - She doesnt understand Chinese, just _____ words. - _____ students chose the archeology course. - I need _____ sugar to make a cake. I should go and get some. - I cant buy it. Ive got very _____ money. - We have _____ time left. - _____ people volunteered.

3. Change a lot of to many or much in these sentences. - I dont have a lot of money. - I have a lot of questions to ask you. - You can see a lot of people at the zoo on Sunday. - Mary is lazy. She doesnt do a lot of work. - I dont drink a lot of coffee. - Jeff is a friendly person. He has a lot of friends. - Do you usually buy a lot of fruit at the market? - Do you have a lot of letters? - Sue and John have a small apartment. They dont have a lot of furniture.
4. How many or how much?

- How ________ money do you have in your wallet? - How ________ roommates do you have? - How ________ languages do you speak? - How ________ homework does your teacher usually assign? - How ________ tea do you drink in a day? - How ________ water do you need to cook rice? - How ________ sentences are there in this exercise?