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MoveFile Table

This table contains a list of files to be moved or copied from a specified source directory to a specified destination directory. The MoveFile table has the following columns. Column FileKey Component !ourceName #estName !ourceFolder #estFolder $ptions Type Key Nullable Identifier Y N Identifier N N Te"t N Y Filename N Y Identifier N Y Identifier N N Integer N N

FileKey %rimary &ey that uni'uely identifies a particular MoveFile record. Component ("ternal &ey into the Component table. If the component referenced by this &ey is not selected for installation or removal) then no action is ta&en on this MoveFile entry. !ourceName This column contains the locali*able name of the source files to be moved or copied. This column may be left blan&. !ee the description of the !ourceFolder column. This field must contain a long file name and may contain wildcard characters +, and -.. #estName This column contains the locali*able name to be given to the original file after it is moved or copied. If this field is blan&) then the destination file is given the same name as the source file. !ourceFolder This column contains the name of a property having a value that resolves to the full path to the source directory. If the !ourceName column is left blan&) then the property named

in the !ourceFolder column is assumed to contain the full path to the source file itself +including the file name.. #estFolder The name of a property whose value resolves to the full path to the destination directory. $ptions Integer value specifying the operating mode. Hexadecimal Decimal Meaning +none. /"/// / Copy the source file. msidbMoveFileOptionsMove /"//0 0 Move the source file. Constant

If a 1,1 wildcard is entered in the !ourceName column of the MoveFile table and a destination file name is specified in the #estName column) all moved or copied files retain the names in the sources. This table is processed by the MoveFiles action.

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/ out of 0 rated this helpful < =ate this topic The #uplicateFiles action duplicates files installed by the InstallFiles action. The duplicate files can be copied to the same directory with a different name or to a different directory with the original name.

The #uplicateFiles action must come after the InstallFiles action. The #uplicateFiles >ction must also come after the %atchFiles action to prevent duplicating the unpatched version of the file.

Field Description"o$"action"data ?0@ Identifier of duplicated file. ?3@ !i*e of duplicated file. ?:@ Identifier of directory holding duplicated file.

The #uplicateFiles action processes a #uplicateFile table entry only if the component lin&ed to that entry is being installed locally. For more information) see Component table. The string in the #estFolder field is a property name whose value is e"pected to resolve to a fully 'ualified path. This property can either be any of the directory entries in the #irectory table) any pre<defined folder property +CommonFilesFolder) for e"ample.) or a property set by any entry in the >pp!earch table. If the DestFolder property does not evaluate to a valid path the #uplicateFiles action does nothing for that entry. If the name of the destination file in the #estName column of the #uplicateFile table is left blan&) the destination file name will be the same as the original file name. Files installed by the #uplicateFiles action are removed by the =emove#uplicateFiles action when appropriate.