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Awaiting Supreme action on marriage

As more lawsuits advance, experts predict high court ruling in 2015
By CHRIS JOHNSON Not even a year has passed since the U.S. Supreme Court issued its landmark decisions against the Defense of Marriage Act and Californias

DAVID BOIES and TED OLSON are leading the Virginia lawsuit that may land at the U.S. Supreme Court.


Gay man says priest refused him last rites

Catholic chaplain halted sacrament when heart attack patient came out
By LOU CHIBBARO JR. A Roman Catholic priest working as a chaplain at D.C.s Washington Hospital Center refused to administer last rites and communion to a heart attack patient earlier this month after the patient told him hes gay and believes Pope Francis is sympathetic to gay people, the patient told the Blade. D.C. resident Ronald Plishka, 63, a retired travel agent and lifelong Catholic, said he asked a nurse to arrange for a priest to see him on Feb. 7, one day after he was admitted by ambulance to the hospital emergency room for a heart attack. He said that at the time he wasnt sure he would survive. A short time later, Plishka said, Father Brian Coelho, a priest assigned to the hospitals Department of Spiritual Care, arrived at his bedside. He said Coelho offered to take his confession before proceeding with communion and last rites, which the church now calls the sacrament of anointing of the sick. We started talking and I told him I was so happy with this new pope because of his comments about the gays and his accepting the gays, Plishka said. And I mentioned that I was gay. I said it and then I asked him does that bother you? And he said, Oh, no, that does not bother me, said Plishka. But then he would not proceed with administering the last rites or communion. He couldnt do it. According to Plishka, Coelho, who brought a supply of holy water to his hospital room, never said in so many words that he was refusing to administer communion and last rites. Asked what Coelho told him, Plishka said, Well, I mean he stopped. He would not do it. By him not doing it I assumed he would not do it because why was he getting ready to do it Father BRIAN COELHO and all of a sudden when I say Im gay he stops? Plishka said Coelho gave no reason for not giving him the sacraments he requested but offered instead to pray with him.

Green Lantern owner dies, leaving legacy of support for community.

Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams celebrate 25 years in business.


Linda Gray talks Dallas without J.R. and her love for shows gay fans.

Green Lantern owner dies in Florida

Zehnacker, 55, a popular gure in D.C. gay community
By LOU CHIBBARO JR. Greg Zehnacker, 55, the principal owner of the D.C. gay bar Green Lantern since 2001 and a popular gure in the D.C. LGBT community for more than 30 years, died Feb. 18 while on vacation near Fort Lauderdale, Fla. It is with overwhelming sadness that we share with you the death of Green Lanterns beloved owner, Greg Zehnacker, a statement released by the bar says. It appears that he died peacefully in his sleep. The statement, which was posted on the Green Lantern Facebook page, says Zehnacker was a xture in the D.C.-area LGBT community since the 1980s, when he worked in several gay bars, including the Lost and Found, Pier 9, Rascals and Peppers. He was a supporter of D.C.s many gay clubs and organizations, and routinely provided space at Green Lantern for charity events and meetings, including, among others, the D.C. Centers HIV/ AIDS Prevention Working Group, the Centaurs MC [motorcycle club], and the Washington Scandals Rugby Club, the statement says. Greg loved bringing together people from all walks of life and ensuring they had a good time under the Green Lanterns roof, according to the statement. In that spirit, and as a way of honoring Greg, we will be open during this difcult time and encourage all to come in, raise a glass to Greg, and share your favorite memories of our friend and colleague. Derrick Jones, Green Lanterns social media director, said Zehnacker was also involved in past years in real estate endeavors. Jones said Zehnacker was born and raised in the D.C. area. Joel Weinstein, co-owner of the D.C. gay bar Fireplace, said he and his brother and business partner Steve Weinstein along with another partner rst opened the Green Lantern in the early 1990s. He said he and his partners closed the bar around 1995 or 1996 due to, among other things, their opening and operating other gay bars in D.C. and Pennsylvania. He said he was pleased to learn several years later that someone had opened a new gay bar in the same building and called it the Green Lantern. Although he didnt know Zehnacker, Weinstein said he wished the new owner well in his effort to bring the establishment back to life. The Green Lanterns statement says further details regarding memorials and tributes to Zehnacker would be announced soon. Zehnacker is survived by his partner, Tom Tarantino, who, along with Zehnacker, has lived in D.C.s Columbia Heights neighborhood; his parents, Raymond and Charlotte Zehnacker; and his brother Mike Zehnacker and sister-in-law Carol.

College Park considers trans, LGBT contractor bias bills

The College Park, Md., City Council has directed its city attorney to draft three separate bills that would ban discrimination based on gender identity and expression and require that contractors doing business with the city adopt policies of non-discrimination for their LGBT employees and provide equal benets for employees same-sex spouses. According to College Park City Council member Patrick Wojahn, whos gay, the Council informally discussed the idea of drafting the three bills at a Feb. 4 work session. Wojahn said a clear majority of the eight-member Council expressed support for the bills. He said the Council then asked the College Park city attorney to draft the bills. Wojahn said the Council expects the attorney to complete the drafting process within a month or two. Both the State of Maryland and Prince Georges County, in which College Park is located, have existing laws that ban discrimination based on sexual orientation in the areas of employment, housing and public accommodation. But neither the state nor P .G. County has laws banning discrimination against transgender people. Nearby Montgomery County and three other counties in Maryland, including Baltimore, have transgender non-discrimination laws on the books. Fellow Council member P .J. Brennan, whos also gay, is among the Council members pushing for the three new laws, Wojahn said. LOU CHIBBARO JR.


MARY TUCKEY REQUA, 65 Mary Tuckey Requa died Dec. 16, 2013 at her home, according to her cousin, Susan McMillan. She succumbed to rectal cancer at the age of 65 and had been a Phelps, Wis., resident. Originally of Lake Forest, Ill., Requa (who always went by Tuckey, her middle name) attended Marjorie Webster Junior College in Washington and continued to reside in Maryland for 34 years. In the 1970s, she worked for VIVA (Voices in Vital America) and for the CloseUp Foundation, which brings high school students to D.C. to learn about democracy. For 20 years, Requa worked in theater administration, for Harlequin Dinner Theatre and NETworks, a theatrical production company that produces national tours of Broadway shows. She specialized in box ofce management as well as becoming an IT specialist. Requa, a lesbian, regularly sang and played guitar in Friday night cabarets at the theaters. Requa was procient in Spanish and in American Sign Language. She performed as a voice actor in musical theater productions at the Model Secondary School for the Deaf at Gallaudet University in Washington, serving as the singing voice for deaf actors who performed the roles using ASL. She was a great slow pitch softball player and played for the Montgomery County Gold Diggers Womens team from 1982-90. She also enjoyed singing and playing guitar. She was an original member of the D.C. Area Feminist Chorus. One of her proudest moments was the choruss performance with Margie Adam at the On the Road for Womens Rights concert in 1980. Tuckey performed both as a soloist and with friends at D.C.-area restaurants and clubs and at events, including at the Other Side, D.C. Pride, and at D.C. landmark club Mr. Henrys. She also performed at fundraisers for several organizations, including a womens shelter, My Sisters Place. Requa performed on Judy Reagans 1982 album Old Friends. She sang with the Lesbian and Gay Chorus of Washington and the Not What You Think a cappella ensemble for many years, and also played with the band, the Tom Boys. She loved nothing more than singing harmonies with friends. Requa loved her many guitars and treasured one originally owned by Steve Goodman whom she had opened for in Chicago in the 70s. In 2005, Requa left D.C. to return to the Northwoods where her family had spent summers for more than a century. Requa moved to Phelps, Wis., and became the computer technician for the Phelps School District. She designed websites for local businesses through her Nakapaglaja Web Design. From 2005-2011, she co-hosted a local afternoon music show on public radio called Your Favorites, with her father Charley. She was the vice-chair of the WXPR board of directors. She was devoted to the town and volunteered countless hours for the Long Lake of Phelps Lake Association and the Phelps Chamber of Commerce. Requa was also an avid darts and horseshoe competitor. She is survived by a large extended family and many friends. Memorials can be sent to Patrick Requa (22486 West Illinois Route 173, Antioch, IL 60002). Initially, to be used to establish an osprey nest on Long Lake, a second memorial with the Phelps School District will also be created. A service and celebration of a great life will be held on July 27 at Hazens Inn, Phelps, Wis. JOEY DiGUGLIELMO

Study looks at HIV risk among black gay men

The D.C.-based LGBT advocacy group Center for Black Equity and the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health are joining forces on a new research project to determine the reasons for the higher risk of HIV infection among black men who have sex with men. The project is being funded by a $3.2 million grant from the National Institute of Healths National Institute of Nursing Research. According to a joint statement released Feb. 10 by the Center for Black Equity and the University of Pittsburgh, the project plans to enroll nearly 6,000 African-American men who have sex with men (MSM) who attend Black Gay Pride events throughout the country, including in D.C., to participate in the project. It has become clear in recent years that the major reason that African-American MSM have such high rates of HIV infection is not that these men have high rates of risk-taking behavior for infection, said Ron Stall, director of Center for LGBT Health Research at University of Pittsburghs Graduate School of Public Health. Rather, the reason for elevated infection has far more to do with lack of access to HIV testing and medical care, he said in the statement. The men to be recruited at Black Gay Pride events in Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C. will be asked questions as part of an anonymous survey that will help researchers understand the barriers and facilitators to HIV testing and care, the statement says. LOU CHIBBARO JR.


FEBRUARY 21, 2014 03 04 FEBRUARY 21, 2014 LOCAL NEWS

Judge strikes down Va. gay marriage ban

Powerful ruling invokes Abe Lincoln, Mildred Loving
By MICHAEL K. LAVERS A federal judge last week struck down Virginias constitutional amendment that denes marriage as between a man and a woman as unconstitutional. The court is compelled to conclude that Virginias marriage laws unconstitutionally deny Virginias gay and lesbian citizens the fundamental freedom to choose to marry, said Judge Arenda L. Wright Allen of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia. Government interests in perpetuating traditions, shielding state matters from federal interference, and favoring one model of parenting over others must yield to this countrys cherished protections that ensure the exercise of the private choices of the individual citizen regarding love and family. Allen immediately stayed her ruling, pending the outcome of an appeal. Allen, who President Obama nominated to the federal bench in 2010, repeatedly referenced the U.S. Supreme Courts landmark 1967 ruling that struck down Virginias interracial marriage ban in her 41-page decision. She also opened her decision with a quote from Mildred Loving, who publicly backed marriage rights for same-sex couples before her death in 2008. Tradition is revered in the commonwealth, and often rightly so, said Allen. However, tradition alone cannot justify denying same-sex couples the right to marry any more than it could justify Virginias ban on interracial marriage. Allen also dismissed arguments made by those who defend Virginias same-sex marriage ban that marriage rights for gays and lesbians harms children. Of course the welfare of our children is a legitimate state interest, she said. Limiting marriage to opposite-sex couples fails to further this interest. Instead, needlessly stigmatizing and humiliating children who are being raised by the loving couples targeted by Virginias Marriage Laws betrays that interest. Allen also invoked President Abe Lincoln, writing: Almost one hundred and fty four years ago, as Abraham Lincoln approached the cataclysmic rending of our nation over a struggle for other freedoms, a rending that would take his life and the lives of hundreds of thousands of others, he wrote these words: It can not have failed to strike you that these men ask for just the same thing fairness, and fairness only. This, so far as in my power, they, and all others, shall have. The men and women, and the children too, whose voices join in noble harmony with Plaintiffs today, also ask for fairness, and fairness only. This, so far as it is in this Courts power, they and all others shall have. Allens ruling comes less than two weeks after she heard oral arguments in a lawsuit that Timothy Bostic and Tony London of Norfolk and Carol Schall and Mary Townley of Chestereld led last year. We want to be married for the happy times, but we need to be married for the sad times, Schall told the Washington Blade earlier this month before Wright heard oral arguments in their case. When one of us is sick or when one of us needs surgery or when health care is an issue, we need to be there for each other. And Virginia should not be in the business of standing in the way of people wanting to care for each other and take responsibility for each other. Virginia voters in 2006 approved the marriage amendment by a 57-43 percent margin. Attorney General Mark Herring last month announced he would not defend the amendment. The Republican-controlled Virginia House of Delegates earlier this month overwhelmingly approved a bill that would allow any state lawmaker to defend a law if the governor and attorney general decline to do so. Gov. Terry McAuliffe a few days earlier denied a request from 30 state lawmakers to appoint a special counsel to defend the marriage amendment. A federal judge in Harrisonburg on Jan. 31 certied a second lawsuit the American Civil Liberties Union, Lambda Legal and the ACLU of Virginia led on behalf of two lesbian couples from the Shenandoah Valley who are seeking marriage rights in the commonwealth as a class action. This decision is a victory for the Constitution and for treating everyone equally under the law, said Herring in a statement after Allen issued her ruling in the Bostic case. McAuliffe also applauded the decision. In order to grow our economy and attract the best businesses, entrepreneurs, and families to Virginia, we must be open and welcoming to all who call our commonwealth home, he said in a statement. As this case continues through the judicial process, I will enforce the laws currently on the books, but this decision is a signicant step forward in achieving greater equality for all of our citizens. Former U.S. Solicitor General Ted Olson, who successfully argued against Californias Proposition 8 before the U.S. Supreme Court with David Boies, joined the lawsuit last September with the American Foundation for Equal Rights. Olson said in an AFER press release that Allens decision has upheld the principles of equality upon which this nation was founded. Virginias prohibition on marriage for same-sex couples relegates gay and lesbian

CAROL SCHALL (left) with MARY TOWNLEY and their daughter EMILY.

Virginians to second-class status, he said. Laws excluding gay men and lesbians from marriage violate personal freedom, are an unnecessary government intrusion, and cause serious harm. That type of law cannot stand. Equality Virginia Executive Director James Parrish said Wrights ruling nally puts Virginia on the path toward allowing lesbian and gay couples to marry the person they love here in the place they call home. This is an historic day in Virginia, added Parrish. National Organization for Marriage President Brian Brown blasted Allen. This is another example of an Obamaappointed judge twisting the constitution and the rule of law to impose her own views of marriage in deance of the people of Virginia, said Brown in a statement. Brown also again sharply criticized Herring for not defending the commonwealths marriage amendment. This case also leaves a particular stench because of the unconscionable decision of Attorney General Mark Herring to not only abandon his sworn duty to defend the laws of the state, but to actually join the case against the very people he is duty-bound to represent, said Brown. Victoria Cobb, president of the Family Foundation of Virginia, also criticized Herring. Regardless of ones stance on marriage, the people of Virginia were disenfranchised by this ruling as our voice and our vote that amended our Constitution have been rendered meaningless by a single federal

judge with the assistance of our own attorney general, she said. Neighboring Maryland is among the 18 states and D.C. that have extended marriage rights to same-sex couples. The Southern Poverty Law Center earlier on Thursday led a federal lawsuit against Alabamas same-sex marriage ban on behalf of a gay widower who married his late-husband in Massachusetts in 2011. A federal judge on Wednesday ruled Kentucky must recognize same-sex marriages legally performed in other states. Gays and lesbians in West Virginia, Utah, Pennsylvania, Florida, Missouri, Louisiana and other states have led lawsuits seeking marriage rights in the wake of the U.S. Supreme Courts landmark decision last June that found a portion of the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional. Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto earlier this week announced she will no longer defend her states same-sex marriage ban in court. Attorney General Eric Holder on Feb. 10 announced the Justice Department will now recognize same-sex marriages in civil and criminal cases and extend full benets to gay spouses of police ofcers and other public safety personnel. This directive applies to Virginia and the 31 other states that have yet to allow nuptials for gays and lesbians. U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) earlier on Thursday introduced a bill that would ban the federal government from recognizing same-sex marriages in states that ban gay nuptials.


FEBRUARY 21, 2014 05

Keep your promise to protect each other.


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D.C. restaurant accused of anti-gay discrimination

Lawsuit claims waiter at Bidwell red because hes gay
By LOU CHIBBARO JR. A D.C. man has led a lawsuit and a separate complaint with the D.C. Ofce of Human Rights accusing a manager at the newly opened restaurant Bidwell of ring him from his job as a waiter because hes gay. Jacques Chevalier, 22, says in the lawsuit led Jan. 14 in D.C. Superior Court that manager Scott Wood red him the day before the restaurants grand opening on Jan. 9, telling him he was not a good t for the company. Bidwell is the newest food-related business to open at the Union Market in Northeast D.C. near Gallaudet University. Nationally acclaimed chef John Mooney, who specializes in preparing dishes made from fresh, organic produce, is a principal owner of the restaurant. When approached by the Blade at the restaurant on Tuesday, Wood said he would have no comment on Chevaliers He said a Lambda representative told him the group was considering taking his case and would inform him of its decision soon. According to Chevalier, Wood hired him in late December after he responded to a help-wanted ad that the restaurant posted online. He said he never discussed his sexual orientation with Wood and Wood never raised the issue with him. Scott Wood most likely found out I was gay because of the handbags I brought to work, Chevalier told the Blade. That would be the way I would think he came to that conclusion. Heterosexual men dont carry the bags that I carry. But he said its also possible that Wood learned of his sexual orientation in some other way. Although the restaurant didnt open ofcially until Jan. 9, Chevalier said the kitchen staff and servers were assigned to work as if it had opened during a trial period of about two weeks prior to the ofcial opening when they waited on guests who ordered food. He said he suspected something was wrong when he wasnt chosen to attend special events the restaurant held and when special guests came I was ignored or not introduced, the said in the lawsuit. Scott Wood gave me funny looks. We were not trained properly like the other employees, he said of himself and Harris. The day after our ring we were replaced by Caucasians. Chevalier told the Blade that Wood told him that Wood, Chef Mooney and another restaurant manager thought I was not a good t for the company. These three men could not have assessed me within that short period of time and determined that I was not a good t other than for the reason of me being gay, he said. Records led with the citys Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration show that Bidwell restaurant is owned by Darien DC LLC and its three principal ofcials are Mooney, Michael OSullivan and Michael Laurent, according to ABRA spokesperson Jessie Cornelius. In a Jan. 14 order, Judge Maurice Ross, among other things, called on defendant Wood to respond to the complaint by ling an answer within 20 days of when he was served papers notifying him of the lawsuit. Court records show he was served papers for the case on Feb. 5 and a notice of acknowledgement he was served was led in court on Feb. 10.

A former waiter at the newly opened Bidwell in Union Market says his manager red him for being gay.

allegations. Chevalier led his lawsuit jointly with Cherokee Harris, who charges in the lawsuit that Wood red her from her job as a server assistant because shes black. Court records show that Chevalier and Harris are representing themselves without an attorney. Chevalier said he has contacted the gay litigation group Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund for legal help.

Gray wins top rating for April primary

GLAA also gives Mendelson its highest score
By LOU CHIBBARO JR. D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray (D) and City Council Chair Phil Mendelson (D-At-Large) last week received a +10 rating from the Gay and Lesbian Activists Alliance, the highest possible rating score on a scale of -10 to +10, in their respective races for re-election in the citys April 1 Democratic primary. Gray and Mendelson, who are longtime supporters of the LGBT community, were the only two candidates to receive a +10 among a total of 43 candidates rated in contests for mayor and seats on the City Council. Council members Tommy Wells (D-Ward 6) and Jack Evans (D-Ward 2), who are running for mayor, came in close behind Gray with ratings of +9.5 and +8 respectively. Both have also been longtime supporters of the LGBT community. GLAA is a non-partisan LGBT advocacy group founded in 1971. It says it rates candidates on the basis of their records on LGBT, AIDS and other issues deemed important to the LGBT community and on their responses to a detailed questionnaire record of support due to his 20-year tenure as a Council member. He said Gray and Mendelson received a +10 score because both had undertaken a large number of pro-LGBT initiatives in the last few years that, along with their strong past records, gave them an edge over the other candidates. Mr. Grays accessibility, responsiveness, and follow-through have made him highly effective on LGBT issues, GLAA said in its statement. He has been a champion for transgender people, including with Project Empowerment job training. Among the other mayoral candidates running in the April primary, Busboys and Poets restaurant owner and progressive political activist Andy Shallal received a +6; Council member Muriel Bowser (D-Ward 4) received a +5.5; attorney and former State Department ofcial Reta Jo Lewis received a +4.5, Council member Vincent Orange (D-At-Large) received a +3; and businessman and civic activist Carlos Allen received a 0 rating. In its statement accompanying the ratings, GLAA said Allen received an automatic score of 0 under the groups policy for candidates who dont return the questionnaire and have no known record on LGBT issues. All of the Democratic mayoral candidates that returned the questionnaire expressed strong support for LGBT rights in general. Among the non-Democratic mayoral candidates, GLAA gave StatehoodGreen Party candidate Faith a +3.5 and gay Libertarian Party candidate Bruce Majors a +2. Majors, a longtime LGBT rights advocate, received a +2 rating because his partys ideological distrust of government is at odds with policies and reforms favored by GLAA, the group said in its statement. Consequently, many of his responses were interpreted as non-responsive or negative, the statement says. Gay D.C. Council member Jim Graham (D-Ward 1) received a +7.5 compared to his sole opponent in the Democratic primary, public relations executive and community activist Brianne Nadeau, who received a +5. Political observers say Graham is facing his toughest re-election race this year for a fth term on the Council GLAA said it gave Graham higher points for his long record of support on LGBT and AIDS-related issues, citing his work recently on pushing through a bill to provide better services to homeless LGBT youth. The group gave him a slight edge over Nadeau in the substance of his questionnaire responses.

Mr. Grays accessibility, responsiveness, and follow-through have made him highly effective on LGBT issues, GLAA said in assessing Mayor VINCENT GRAYs tenure.

that asks about those issues. The group has said it gives higher ratings to candidates that go beyond just expressing support on LGBT issues when they show through their questionnaire responses an understanding of the issues and how best to address them. GLAA President Rick Rosendall called the LGBT related records of Wells and Evans excellent and noted that the group said in its statement that Evans has the longest


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Controversial anti-gay Kansas bill dies

TOPEKA, Kan. The Kansas Senate will not consider a bill that would have allowed businesses and government employees to refuse services to same-sex couples based on their religious beliefs. Were not working House Bill 2453, said Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Jeff King (R-Independence) as the Associated Press reported. LGBT rights advocates last week blasted the Kansas House of Representatives after HB 2453 passed by a 7249 vote margin. King said his committee will still hold hearings on whether the state needs to consider additional measures designed to ensure religious freedoms if a federal judge rules against Kansas same-sex marriage ban. State constitutional amendments that ban nuptials for gays and lesbians have recently been struck down in Virginia, Oklahoma and Utah. A federal judge last week ruled Kentucky must recognize same-sex marriages legally performed in other jurisdictions.

VLADIMIR LUXURIA (left) was detained twice in Sochi.


Kansas Sen. JEFF KING said the chamber will not consider a bill that would have allowed businesses and government employees to legally discriminate against same-sex couples.

Arrests mar second week of Olympics

Trans former Italian lawmaker detained twice in Sochi
By MICHAEL K. LAVERS Russian police earlier this week twice detained a transgender former Italian parliamentarian who publicly challenged the Kremlins LGBT rights record at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. Imma Battaglia of the Gay Project, an Italian LGBT advocacy group, said Vladimir Luxuria told her during a Feb. 16 telephone call that authorities in Sochi took her into custody while holding a ag that said gay is ok in Russian. Luxuria earlier in the day posted a picture to Twitter from the Black Sea resort city that showed her with a rainbow-colored fan. I am in Sochi, tweeted Luxuria in Italian. Greetings with the colors of the rainbow, in the face of [Russian President Vladimir] Putin. Battaglia told the Blade on Monday that authorities released Luxuria a few hours after they detained her once Italian Foreign Minister Emma Bonino intervened. The 2014 Winter Olympics Organizing Committee referred the Washington Blade to a spokesperson who said during a press brieng that police ofcials denied Luxurias claims they arrested her. Luxuria was once again detained along with two members of a camera crew who were with her on Tuesday as she tried to enter an arena where a seminal match between the Canadian and Swiss womens hockey teams was about to take place. Reports indicate ofcers asked Luxuria, who was wearing a rainbow suit and wig, not to show a rainbow ag with being gay is ok written on it. Four plain-clothes policemen took her away from the arena after she began shouting the slogan in front of cameras. An Associated Press photographer took a picture of the men placing Luxuria into a car parked adjacent to the arena. She told the news agency the men released her outside Sochi after they took her Olympic pass away. Luxuria returned to Italy on Tuesday. The incidents took place less than two weeks after authorities in Moscow and St. Petersburg took 14 LGBT rights advocates into custody hours before the games ofcially opened. Elena Kostynchenko told the Blade during a Feb. 8 interview that ofcers took her and nine other activists into custody after they sang the Russian national anthem near Moscows Red Square while holding Russian and rainbow ags. Kostynchenko said authorities threatened to sexually assault her and beat and choked two other activists before they released them. St. Petersburg authorities on Feb. 7 detained Anastasia Smirnova and three other LGBT rights advocates as they marched with a banner in support of the campaign to add sexual orientation to the Olympic charters non-discrimination clause. Police in Sochi on Feb. 18 detained Maria Alyokhina and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova of the Russian punk band Pussy Riot after they became suspects in a theft at their hotel. CNN reported that Tolokonnikovas husband, Petr Verzilov, said ofcers beat the two women after they refused to answer their questions without a lawyer. The 2014 Winter Olympics Organizing Committee told the Blade on Tuesday there is no comment on the detention of Luxuria and the members of Pussy Riot. It referred this reporter to direct any inquiry to relevant authorities. We are all proud of her strength and courage, Luca Possenti of Famiglie Arcobaleno, a group that advocates on behalf of Italian LGBT parents and those who want to have children, told the Blade on Feb. 16 after Russian police detained Luxuria for the rst time. We know that she consciously decided to protest this way against the shameful anti-gay laws and we will support her in any way.

Deejays fabricate anti-gay birthday invite

FARMINGDALE, N.Y. A New York radio station has suspended two hosts who aired an on-air hoax about a homophobic parent. Newsday reported Steve Harper and Leeana Karlson of The K98.3 Morning Show on WKJY on Feb. 12 discussed an invitation to a Long Island girls 7th birthday party. The newspaper said the two hosts said a mother returned it to the childs parents a gay couple with a note that read Tommy will NOT attend. I do not believe in what you do and will not subject my innocent son to your lifestyle. Harper and Karlson reportedly posted the invitation on WKJYs Facebook page with a caption that asked listeners to comment on it. The two hosts also included the ctitious mothers phone number that went to a voicemail; a WKJY spokesperson told Newsday it received more than 2,000 messages. I sincerely apologize for the actions of Steve and Leeana, their insensitivity to the hurt it may have caused anyone, and for the breach of trust these actions have caused, said Dave Widmer of Connoisseur Media Long Island on WKJYs website.

Equality Michigan co-founder dies

DEARBORN HEIGHTS, Mich. Henry Messer, co-founder of Equality Michigan, died at his suburban Detroit home on Feb. 18. He was 86. Messer, who was discharged from the U.S. Air Force during World War II because he was gay, was one of the countrys rst brain surgeons. He became a member of the Mattachine Society and participated in the Stonewall Riots in 1969. Messer and his partner of 63 years, Carl House, became involved with the Michigan Organization for Human Rights that became the Triangle Foundation in 1991. The group merged with Michigan Equality in 2010 and became known as Equality Michigan. Equality Michigan said House was among those who were with Messer when he died.

Mississippi city approves LGBT resolution

HATTIESBURG, Miss. The Hattiesburg City Council on Feb. 18 unanimously approved a resolution to add sexual orientation and gender identity and expression to its diversity statement. The Hattiesburg City Council took a brave and important step that is aligned with the direction our country is headed in the recognition that LGBT people are and should be treated equally under the law, said Rev. Jasmine Beach-Ferrara, executive director of the Campaign for Southern Equality. Equality cannot come fast enough for LGBT people in Mississippi. Hattiesburg is the second Mississippi city to add LGBT-specic language to its diversity statement. The Starkville Board of Alderman last month approved the Magnolia States rst pro-LGBT municipal resolution.


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Months after court ruling, DOMA issues unresolved

Social Security, other benets not owing in many states
By CHRIS JOHNSON Ever since the Supreme Court ruled against the Defense of Marriage Act last year, the Obama administration has been rolling out on a continual basis new federal benets for married same-sex couples but access to some benets remains uncertain months after the decision. While the administration has afforded a preponderance of the 1,138 federal benets of marriage to same-sex couples, other benets including Social Security, veterans and family leave benets are still in limbo for those living in non-marriage equality states. For these benets, federal policy looks to the place of residence, not the place of celebration, in determining whether a person is married. The policy of the Obama administration has been to expand benets to married same-sex couples to the furthest extend possible under the law following the court decision against DOMA. That position was formalized last week in a memo from U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder extending celebrated, Holder writes. Thus far, the administration has extended numerous benets to married same-sex couples related to taxes, immigration, federal employee benets, employerprovided pensions and, most recently, the ability to refuse to testify against a spouse in federal court even if these couples live in non-marriage equality states. The Justice Department has also ceased enforcement of a provision in Title 38, which governs veterans benets, that independently denes marriage in opposite-sex terms. But things get dicier when it comes to other benets where the law governing them looks to the state law where a couple resides, rather than the state law where the couple was married in determining whether a marriage is legitimate. Does the spirit of the Supreme Court ruling against DOMA mean that these portions of these laws should also not be enforced, or are they so far removed from the ruling they require a legislative x? One such issue is with Social Security benets. Although the Social Security Administration is processing retirement and survivor benets for same-sex couples living in marriage-equality states, for the time being, its placing applications on hold for married same-sex couples living in places that dont their recognize their union. Kia Anderson, a Social Security spokesperson, said work coordinated with the Justice Department is still underway to determine whether her agency can recognize these same-sex marriages for benets purposes. We are working with the Department of Justice to develop and implement policy and processing instructions on this issue, Anderson said. However, we encourage people to apply right away for benets, even if they arent sure they are eligible. Applying now will protect against the loss of any potential benets. Yet another benet on hold for married same-sex couples living in non-marriage equality states is veterans benets, which include disability benets, survivor benets and joint burial at a veterans cemetery for the spouses of former service members. As with Social Security law, a portion of veterans law, 103(c) of Title 38, looks to state of residence, not the state of celebration, to determine whether a couple is married. Genevieve Billia, a spokesperson for the Department of Veterans Affairs, said her department is still reviewing the issue of these benets with the Justice Department.

U.S. Attorney General ERIC HOLDER has pledged to extend federal benets to married gay couples to the furthest extent possible under the law.

certain federal benets under the purview of the Justice Department to married gay couples. It is the Departments policy, to the extent federal law permits, to recognize lawful same-sex marriages as broadly as possible, and to recognize valid in the jurisdiction where the marriage was

Gay man says priest refused to give last rites


He said what he wanted to do, said Plishka. He wanted to pray. Thats what he wanted to do. He said well I could pray with you. And I just told him to get the fuck out of here excuse me. But thats what I told him. The patient with whom he shared the hospital room overheard some of what was said and asked him, What in the name of God happened?, Plishka said. And then the doctors came in and told me to calm down or Im going to have another heart attack, he said. Coelho, whose photo appears in the Washington Hospital Centers online staff directory of hospital chaplains, did not return a call from the Blade seeking comment on his interaction with Plishka. So Young Pak, Washington Hospital Centers director of media relations, said the Archdiocese of Washington assigned Coelho to serve as a Catholic chaplain at the hospital. She said the hospital did not hire Coelho. Pak released a statement to the Blade saying the hospital cannot comment on the specics of the interaction between Coelho and Plishka because we were not a party to it.

But her statement says the hospital is taking our patients concerns very seriously. She said the Human Rights Campaign Foundation recognized Washington Hospital Center last year as a Leader in LGBT Healthcare Equality. We want to hold true to this important commitment to the LGBT community and to all of our patients, she said. It is our expectation that all who offer spiritual care to patients in our hospital adhere to our values and extend excellent care, both physical and spiritual, to all patients regardless of their faith traditions, she said. Pak added, Our Department of Spiritual Care will reinforce our expectations with this priest and his superiors. Plishka said the treatment he received from the hospital itself was excellent and praised the hospital and its doctors for saving his life. Chieko Noguchi, a spokesperson for the Archdiocese of Washington, which has jurisdiction over D.C. area priests working as hospital chaplains, said her ofce would have no comment at this time. A June 2010 biography of Coelho published on the Archdiocese website says Coelho was appointed at that time as parochial vicar at St. Mary Parish in Landover Hills, Md. It says he was born in

India and attended seminary there prior to entering the Archdiocese of Washingtons Redemptoris Mater Seminary. The biography says he was ordained on May 26, 2007 and served as a parochial victor at St. Mary of the Mills in Laurel, Md., and at St. Elizabeth Parish in Rockville, Md., in previous assignment. Pak said Coelho began his tenure as chaplain at Washington Hospital Center in October 2013. Ofcials with the LGBT Catholic organizations Dignity U.S.A. and Dignity Washington expressed disbelief that a priest would refuse to offer last rites and communion to a patient in need. This is just abhorrent and not Christ-like at all, said Dignity Washington President Daniel Barutta. I cant imagine where that priest is coming from. The fact that conditions existed for a priest to make this call is upsetting, said Dignity USA President Marianne Duddy-Burke. There should be very clear standards. You minister to the person in need without judgment and without conditions, she said. It is not the role of the priest to cause the person in distress additional hardship. Duddy-Burke said its the responsibility of the Archdiocese to set pastoral care

standards for priests under its jurisdiction. And I would hope that if this case is brought to the attention of Archdiocesan ofcials, as it should be, that they would respond appropriately and discipline this priest and make it known to every priest and every person thats providing pastoral care in the Archdiocese that people should be treated as children of God rst. Plishka said he is thankful that, unlike his encounter with the priest, his medical treatment at the Washington Hospital Center worked out well. Once back at home, Plishka said he called the hospital chaplains ofce to lodge a complaint against Fr. Coelho. He said he also called the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception next to Catholic University, where he has attended Mass nearly every Sunday for years. They have a priest on call, he said. So he called me back and said he agreed with what the priest at the hospital did. He said unless youre willing to change and basically become somebody youre not, then this priest had every right to do that, to refuse you communion and to refuse you the last rites of the church, Plishka said.



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8170 Maple Lawn Blvd. Ste. 120 Fulton, MD 20759 301-604-8432 12 FEBRUARY 21, 2014 NATIONAL NEWS

Marriage equality inches closer to Supreme Court


Proposition 8, but a number of cases are already lining up that would enable the high court to make a nationwide ruling in favor of marriage equality. At least four appellate courts are set to consider the issue this spring amid ve district court decisions in favor of marriage equality in Utah, Oklahoma, Ohio, Kentucky and Virginia. Once the appellate courts make their decisions, they will likely be appealed this year to the Supreme Court, which would give justices the opportunity to make a nal decision in 2015. Although the Ohio ruling was limited to death certicates for married gay couples and the Kentucky ruling only provided recognition of out-of-state same-sex marriages, each of the rulings handed down since the DOMA decision were in favor of marriage equality. And in each ruling, justices invoked the decision against DOMA as part of their reasoning for determining state constitutional amendments against samesex marriage violated the Constitution. U.S. District Judge John Heyburn, an appointee of former President George H.W. Bush, noted last week in his decision that the words of the DOMA decision by U.S. Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy compel him to rule against Kentuckys marriage laws. Ultimately, the focus of the Courts attention must be upon Justice Kennedys majority opinion in Windsor, Heyburn said. While Justice Kennedy did not address our specic issue, he did address many others closely related. His reasoning about the legitimacy of laws excluding recognition of same-sex marriages is instructive. For the reasons that follow, the Court concludes that Kentuckys laws are unconstitutional. Ted Olson, the Republican half of the legal duo arguing against Virginias ban on same-sex marriage, during a conference call last week noted the consistency with which district courts have struck down antigay marriage amendments in the aftermath of the DOMA decision. Federal courts are consistently, regularly now, afrming the right of gay and lesbian citizens to be a part of the population of the rest of our citizens with equal rights to the fundamental right of marriage, Olson said. The cases against same-sex marriage bans in Utah and Oklahoma are the furthest advanced of all the lawsuits seeking marriage equality. Theyre before the U.S. Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver, where oral arguments are scheduled in the Utah case for April 10 and the Oklahoma case for April 17. The National Center for Lesbian Rights has joined the law rm of Magleby & Greenwood, P .C., as counsel in the Utah case. Just behind that lawsuit is the case seeking marriage equality in Nevada

Marriage equality supporters say a friend-ofthe-court brief from PRESIDENT OBAMAs administration would be welcome.

led by Lambda Legal known as Sevcik v. Sandoval. After Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto declared her intent to withdraw her brief in favor of the marriage ban, the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals last week acceded to her request and pledged to proceed with the lawsuit on an expedited basis, although no date has been set for oral arguments. The Ohio case has already been appealed to the U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, which is also the destination of the Kentucky lawsuit. These cases are also in their early stages at the appellate level, and schedule hasnt been determined. And the court ruling against Virginias ban on same-sex marriage, the latest to come down from a federal court, will be headed to the U.S. Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals. Although Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring isnt defending the ban on samesex marriage in court, Olson said he sees no standing issue in the case and because county clerks are participating in the lawsuit, the state continues to enforce the law. But according to Lambda Legal, a total of 52 marriage equality lawsuits are pending in 27 states, and any of the cases at district court level could soon join those at the appellate level. A judge will likely render a decision soon in the other lawsuit seeking marriage equality in Virginia, which was led by the American Civil Liberties Union and Lambda Legal. A judge in Michigan has set a trial for that states constitutional ban on same-sex marriage on Feb. 25, just as a trial has been set in the Pennsylvania case for June 9. Given the sheer number of cases making their way through the courts, David Boies, the Democratic half of the legal duo in the Virginia lawsuit, said the Supreme Court would have no shortage of cases from which to choose by the time it begins its term in the fall. I think they will all get to the Supreme Court at about the same time, Boies said. The Supreme Court can decide to

take them all and consolidate them, the Supreme Court can take one or more of the cases, but not all of them. I think that is something that will be determined by the Supreme Court, and, to some extent, by the timing of the court of appeals decision. Its technically possible for the Supreme Court to take up this issue this term once those cases are appealed, which would mean a nationwide ruling by June. Jon Davidson, legal director for Lambda Legal, nonetheless said it seems extraordinarily unlikely the litigation would play out in that way. Even if an appellate decision in one of these cases were issued by May, a certiorari petition likely would not get led until the summer, and the Supreme Court wouldnt act on that until October, Davidson said. It does not have to grant cert on the rst, or, even any of these cases. Even if it does, there likely wouldnt be a decision until the spring of 2015. One issue to watch as these cases make their way up is whether courts apply heightened scrutiny, or a greater assumption a law is unconstitutional, to their decisions on the marriage bans. Such a determination would designate gay people with a quasi-suspect classication and establish precedent making other laws related to sexual orientation less likely to stand up in court. When it ruled on the DOMA case last year, the U.S. Second Circuit Court of Appeals already set a precedent for heightened scrutiny for laws related to sexual orientation, but every state in that jurisdiction New York, Vermont and Connecticut already has marriage equality. More recently, the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals applied heightened scrutiny in its decision for Smith Kline v. Abbott Laboratories, which determined that jurors cannot be excluded from a trial because of sexual orientation. Because of the application of heightened scrutiny in that case, the Nevada attorney general stopped defending her states

marriage ban. Further, expectations are high that courts in Oregon and Arizona, which lie within that jurisdiction, will strike down bans in those states. It was speculated the Supreme Court took up Edith Windsors challenge to DOMA as opposed to others because the Second Circuit applied heightened scrutiny on that decision, although the high court never explicitly addressed the issue of heightened scrutiny in its ultimate decision. Eyes will be on the Supreme Court to see if it will take up the Ninth Circuit marriage case among others to resolve the issue of heightened scrutiny in the next go-around with marriage equality. Doug NeJaime, whos gay and a law professor at University of California, Irvine, nonetheless said he doesnt think the Supreme Court has an interest in resolving this issue for laws related to sexual orientation. The Supreme Court in Windsor didnt explicitly reach this question, even though the lower court had based its decision on heightened scrutiny, NeJaime said. Given that, it doesnt seem the court is particularly interested in resolving that question, and I dont think it will do much to persuade the court to take or not take a case. Another question is the extent to which the Obama administration will participate in the pending lawsuits. The Justice Department helped litigate against DOMA as a party in the lawsuit and assisted in the lawsuit against Prop 8 as a friend of the court, although in the latter case the administration led a brief and took part in oral arguments only when the litigation reached the Supreme Court. A number of LGBT advocates have said theyd welcome participation from the Obama administration in the marriage equality cases without making a fullthroated call for assistance. On Friday, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney wouldnt make a prediction on whether the administration would take part and deferred comment to the Justice Department, which hasnt responded to the Blades request for comment. The opportunity for the Justice Department to le a brief in the Nevada case before the Ninth Circuit has already passed, but another opportunity will come soon. The deadline for ling a friend-of-thecourt brief before the Tenth Circuit in the Utah case is March 4. Erik Olvera, spokesperson for the National Center for Lesbian Rights, echoed the sense of other advocates on the issue, saying a friend-of-the-court brief from the Obama administration would be welcome in the Utah case. We always welcome the Obama administration to express its views in cases concerning civil rights protected by the U.S. Constitution, Olvera said.


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4800 Wisconsin Ave. N.W., Washington, DC 202-537-3000 14 FEBRUARY 21, 2014 BALTIMORE NEWS DIGEST

Maryland Gov. MARTIN OMALLEY was among those who expressed support for a trans rights bill.

Ohh, Ahh!

Supporters rally for trans rights in Md.

Bob Brittain was doing fairly well in Chestertown, Md., with a wife and family, earning more than $50,000 per year as a certied boat captain, assistant dock master and boat carpenter. But since the age of three, he knew he was not comfortable with his gender. Two years ago, Bob transitioned to Susan Brittain, now 57, but still with her wife who has been fully supportive. However, when Susan applied for other jobs, the rules had changed, she said. As soon as she identied as transgender, she was not hired for the positions she was seeking despite her qualications. While Susan would benet from a statewide law that would prohibit discrimination in employment, housing, credit and public accommodations, her concern is for others. Its for the younger generation, Susan points out. They should be productive and happy. To that end, on Feb. 17, the Maryland Coalition for Trans Equality a group with 54 components including Equality Maryland, PFLAG, Maryland NOW and a host of other progressive and religious organizations held its annual Lobby Day at Lawyers Mall in Annapolis. The goal is to rally trans activists and allies and to meet with individual legislators in an effort to persuade them to pass the bill, which has been unsuccessful the past seven years. More than 150 braved the sub-freezing chill to hear remarks by Carrie Evans, executive director of Equality Maryland; Del. Bonnie Cullison (D-Montgomery County); Sen. Rich Madaleno (D-Montgomery) who introduced the Senate version of the Fairness for All Marylanders Act (SB 212); Sara Wilkinson from the Maryland chapter of NOW; Del. Luke Clippinger (D-Baltimore) who introduced the House version (HB 1265); Patrick Paschall, a member of the Hyattsville City Council, which passed a gender identity non-discrimination measure; Gov. Martin OMalley, who, along with Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown, Attorney General Douglas Gansler, Comptroller Peter Franchot, Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller, House Speaker Michael E. Busch among other leaders, support the bill; activist and mother of a trans child Bonita Spikes; and Del. Heather Mizeur (D-Montgomery) who is a candidate for governor. The theme for this event was Its time. Evans stated to loud cheers, We want to pass this bill this year and make this the last Lobby Day. Speaker after speaker alluded to the fact that this bill has languished in the legislature for too many years and it was time to break it free. This is the time to put the bill to rest, said Madaleno. Weve had eight years of pushing the bill. If we dont do it this year, were going to be back and back and back for however long it takes. Pointing to the successes in other Maryland jurisdictions Baltimore City, Howard, Baltimore and Montgomery counties as well as Hyattsville Hyattsville Council member Patrick Paschall stated, Now is the time for the state of Maryland to follow the lead of local jurisdiction. Others highlighted the unnecessary discrimination faced by transgender people and offered a call for inclusion. Its time for all Marylanders to be accepted for who they are, declared Cullison. Sara Wilkinson said, We believe the feminist movement can and should embrace transgender people. NOW stands against all oppression. A condent Clippinger predicted, We are going to win this year because of the momentum we have. OMalley said, Were all in this together. Everyone deserves to be treated equally with dignity and respect. The Senates Judicial Proceedings Committee is considering the bill and a vote was expected today. (Visit for updates.) SB 212 has 25 sponsors, more than enough to win on the oor. Last year, the bill died in the committee by a 6-5 vote. STEVE CHARING

703 820 2028 I HEALTH NEWS FEBRUARY 21, 2014 15

Rep. RICHARD DEBOLT said all youth should be protected.

available online. In order to examine the relationship between prejudice and mortality, researchers constructed a measure capturing the average level of anti-gay prejudice in the communities where LGB individuals lived, beginning in 1988, using data on prejudicial attitudes from the General Social Survey, one of the primary sources of social indicator data in the social sciences. This information on sexual orientation and community-level prejudice was then linked longitudinally to mortality data via the National Death Index, through 2008. The authors were able to examine whether mortality risk differed for LGB individuals who lived in communities that were characterized by high versus low levels of prejudice. By the end of the study, 92 percent of LGB respondents living in low-prejudice communities were still alive whereas only 78 percent of the LGB respondents living in high-prejudice communities were still alive, the press release said.

Conversion therapy bill advances in Washington

OLYMPIA, Wash. A bill intended to prevent health care providers from trying to convert gay people under age 18 passed the Washington state House last week, the Associated Press reports. House Bill 2451, which passed on a 94-4 vote, would make it an act of unprofessional conduct to try to change the sexual orientation of a patient under 18. That would include efforts to change behaviors, gender expressions or to reduce sexual or romantic attractions toward people of the same sex. Rep. Richard DeBolt (R-Chehalis) said regardless of personal beliefs, all youth should be protected. As a Christian person, I cant stand by and watch someone be put through a tortuous practice to change a behavior, the AP quoted him as saying. The measure would fall under the Uniform Disciplinary Act, which includes acts of unprofessional conduct such as negligence, dishonesty, misuse of drugs or alcohol and betrayal of practitioner-patient privilege, the AP reports. Disciplinary authorities could sanction a health-care provider found to be engaging in gay conversion efforts. Sanctions could range from a ne to probation to mandatory remedial education to license revocation. The bill now heads to the Senate, the AP reports.

Aussie Grindr campaign launches for safer sex

BRISBANE, Australia A campaign launched last week in Australia for Grindr users there asks its members to vote for their favorite term to promote safe sex on their prole. This allows members to nd others who prefer to wrap it before they tap it, Gay News Network reports. HIV Foundation chair Dr. Darren Russell said the partnership was an exciting milestone in the foundations bid to reduce HIV transmission in Queensland. We are determined to help drive the rate of new HIV infections down and education and prevention is paramount to achieving this, Russell told Gay News Network. The survey launched Feb. 13 and was slated to run one week.

HIV transmission bill gets traction in Iowa

DES MOINES, Iowa A new bill, introduced this week by Iowa state Sen. Rob Hogg, along with bi-partisan support, seeks to reform Iowas 709c HIV law, which states a person has committed criminal transmission of HIV if that person knowingly engages in intimate contact without disclosing his or her positive status, whether infection occurs or not, KWWL, a regional NBC news afliate, reports. If passed, the new law would no longer be specic to HIV, and would rely on a tiered sentencing system, rather than the current one size ts all approach. Tami Haught of Community HIV/Hepatitis Advocates of Iowa Network (CHAIN) explains the tiered system of sentencing: If someone intends to transmit and transmission takes place it is still a class B felony, if there is intent but no transmission it is a [class] D felony and if there is no intent but transmission takes place it is a class D felony. Haught also told KWWL reporters that under the new bill, Iowans would no longer be sentenced as sex offenders and a retroactive clause in the bill would remove anyone sentenced under 709c from the sex offender registry. Prosecutors would also have to prove substantial risk, rather than the current law, which simply requires non-disclosure. CHAIN along with One Iowa, the states leading LGBT organization, are both supportive of the changes proposed in the bill, and CHAIN has worked hard to reform the law, which they describe as discriminatory. The bill is expected to be discussed in a judiciary subcommittee Tuesday.

Gays who live with prejudice die sooner: study

NEW YORK LGB individuals who live in communities with high levels of anti-gay prejudice have a shorter life expectancy by 12 years on average compared with their peers in less prejudiced communities, researchers from Columbia Universitys Mallman School of Public Health announced in a press release last week. The results of this study suggest a broadening of the consequences of prejudice to include premature death, Mark Hatzenbuehler, lead author, wrote. The study is

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Old age aint no place for sissies

But thanks to improved health care were living better lives

As we age, we hope that the government, along with our community, will be there for us.

Kathi Wolfe is a writer, poet and regular contributor to the Blade. She can be reached through this publication.

Old age isnt for sissies, queer icon Bette Davis famously said. Lately, as a lesbian and a boomer, Ive wondered about this. Earlier this month, like many of my generation, I recalled a milestone of my youth. Fifty years ago on Feb. 9, 1964, the Beatles, in a moment that transformed our culture, appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show. Then, our parents were aghast over the Beatles unkempt hair (it went below their ears!) and the subversive tilt of I Want to Hold Your Hand. Recently, watching Paul McCartney, 71, on the piano and Ringo Starr, 73, on the drums on Hey Jude on CBSs The Beatles: The Night That Changed America A Grammy Salute, I thought: we boomers may not be, as Bob Dylan sang forever young, but getting old looks damned good. At least if youre Paul or Ringo. Straight people arent the only ones leading fab lives as they age. LGBT boomers and elders are going strong from singer and musician Elton John,

66, to tennis and gay rights icon Billie Jean King, 70, to newly out TV morning show co-host Robin Roberts, 53. Ellen DeGeneres, 53, will host the Oscars next month and actor Ian McKellen, 74, is appearing in Waiting for Godot and No Mans Land on Broadway. For many of us who arent celebs, old age isnt the misery that it was for our grandparents. Fifty-something, 60-plus or even 70 are far different for most of us, with our Smart Phones, gym workouts and online dating, than for our grandparents. Thanks to better health care, were living longer and more productively. Half a century after Lyndon Johnsons War on Poverty, far fewer elders live in poverty, according to a recent Akron Beacon Journal analysis of Census data. Fifty years ago, according to the Beacons analysis, 27 percent of seniors lived below the poverty line. Today, nine percent of elders live in poverty, the Beacon reported earlier this month. While the poverty rate among seniors has declined, the population of


people over 65 in the United States has doubled to 40.8 million. Why has the poverty rate so dramatically decreased among seniors? Not surprisingly, experts on aging told the Beacon Journal: because of Social Security, Medicare, pensions and 401k programs. That is a success story, Harvey Sterns, director of the Institute for Life-Span Development and Gerontology at the University of Akron told the Journal. Despite this apparent good news, I cant help but wonder: Are things that wonderful for seniors, especially for LGBT elders? Americans worry (only 26 percent) far less about getting old than people in other countries according to Attitudes About Aging: A Global Perspective, a report released by the Pew Research Center last month. I worry about this especially one nding from the report. In only four countriesSouth Korea, the U.S., Germany and Britaindo more than one-third of the public say that the primary responsibility for the economic well-being of people in their old age rests with the elderly themselves. This nding is scary, especially for LGBT elders. The social safety net, which had its beginnings in the New Deal, has kept many seniors from living in poverty. Yet, even with Social Security, numbers of elderly in the LGBT community live in or near poverty. Medical expenses (not paid for by Medicare of Medicaid), housing and other expenses keep LGBT seniors below the poverty line. Some were unable to nd work in their earlier lives due to homophobia. Ageism within the queer community contributes to their hardship. In an age of partisan politics and budget cuts, its frightening to think that the social safety net in place for elders could be diminished. Most of us want to be independent. We dont want government to solve all our problems. Yet as we age, we hope that the government, along with our community, will be there for us.

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Muriel Bowsers vision includes all eight wards

LGBT advocate will provide economic opportunity to all as mayor
cal expediency. We need a leader who understands that unifying the city takes more than putting a logo on government letterhead. We need a leader who isnt satised with maintaining the status quo and has a vision for the future of our great city. Muriel Bowser is that kind of leader, which is why I support her. I met Muriel during the 2006 Fenty campaign. She and I knocked on countless doors and helped him win the election. She was elected to replace him as the city Council member representing Ward 4 and has provided outstanding service to her constituents and been a vocal champion for economic development throughout the city. Muriel is a fth generation Washingtonian who received her masters degree in public policy from American University. Prior to serving on the Council, Muriel worked with Montgomery County government on economic development issues and helped develop plans for the revitalization of downtown Silver Spring. She also served her neighbors as an ANC Commissioner prior to joining the Council. In 2011, Muriel authored and guided into law several comprehensive ethics reform bills. These reforms created the Board of Ethics and Government Accountability, consolidated ethics laws into a single code of conduct, and required all City Council and other government meetings to be open to the public. In 2013, Muriel created Kids Ride Free, legislation allowing all D.C. students free bus rides to school in order to remove a barrier to attendance. Muriel has been a strong advocate for our community. She voted for the marriage equality bill, held hearings on combating school bullying and co-introduced recently passed legislation that will provide additional resources for homeless LGBT youth. Each election provides us with an opportunity to choose how we want to grow as a city. I have a great deal of respect for Mayor Gray and it would be folly not to acknowledge the support he has provided the LGBT community. That being said, I am disappointed in his challenges in presenting a compelling vision for the rest of this city. Supporters of Mayor Gray are absolutely correct when they state that this election is not about what happened in 2010. The shadow of that campaign provided a distraction that has made it difcult for him to govern. Mayor Gray takes great pride in restoring our scal reserves yet seemed blindsided by a growing problem with homeless families. It is great that we are well respected on Wall Street but that is cold comfort to those that are struggling. Mayor Gray is a very loyal leader. That loyalty is one of his most admirable traits but it is costing the city when he stands by agency directors whose slow reaction to crisis might put citizens lives in danger. As mayor, Muriel Bowser will create a city that is second to none in providing economic opportunity to everyone and will help prepare District residents for highpaying jobs. She will lead a government that respects the great diversity of our city and speeds up school reform. She will be a champion of local business and wants to take steps to reduce the barriers to their success. She will hire agency directors who are committed to providing world-class city services. She will continue to promote the restoration of unimpeachable ethics to city government. She will once again make D.C. proud across all eight wards. Please help this city move forward and vote for Muriel Bowser on April 1.

Christopher Dyer is a D.C.-based LGBT activist who served as director of the Mayors Ofce of GLBT Affairs under Mayor Adrian Fenty. Reach him at chris@

It is with great pride that I strongly support Muriel Bowser and encourage all Washingtonians to vote for her in the Democratic primary on April 1. I have lived in Washington for more than 35 years and had the privilege of working for a mayor and serving as an ANC commissioner. What I have learned from those experiences is that our great city needs a leader with passion, determination and a willingness to hold people accountable regardless of personal loyalty or politi-


From Stonewall to marriage equality at lightning speed

Racing toward full equality in record time
my picture wouldnt end up in a newspaper. Then life started moving faster for me and the LGBT community. By the time I was 34, we were beginning to hear about AIDS and that coincided with my coming out to friends. Then began the process of my morphing into an LGBT activist joining in the ght against HIV/AIDS and openly participating in marches for LGBT rights, openly attending Pride events on a muddy eld in Dupont, and being a regular at Rascals, the bar of the moment. Over the ensuing years the organized LGBT community would get stronger and stand up for our rights and I would nd that being out still had its consequences. Being rejected for a job for being gay was one of them. As the community turned to more activism, my role in politics was becoming more identied with being gay. First becoming a columnist for the Washington Blade and then nding my picture on the front page of the Washington Post supporting a mayoral candidate and being identied as among other things a gay activist. As the ght for marriage equality heated up in D.C., GLAA activist Rick Rosendall and I met at a little outdoor lunch place on 17th Street and set the plans in motion to form the Foundation for All DC Families, which begat the Campaign for All DC Families, which helped coordinate the ght for marriage equality in the District. For so many who grew up in the Baby Boomer generation, life continues to hold many surprises. But even those of us involved in the ght for womens rights and civil rights would never have believed the speed at which things are changing for the LGBT community. The courts are moving at a much faster pace than anyone could have predicted even a year ago, striking down bans on gay marriage enacted by state legislatures. State constitutional amendments banning marriage equality are being declared unconstitutional by a raft of federal judges. From Oklahoma to Kentucky, Utah to Virginia, federal judges are saying that states must recognize these marriages. While the cases are being appealed there is a clear path for one or more of them to reach the Supreme Court in its next term. While they werent ready to make a decision when they rejected the Prop 8 case in 2013, they will now probably have to decide the fate of marriage equality nationwide and determine whether it is constitutional to discriminate against gay and lesbian citizens. Judge Arenda L. Wright Allen in her decision in Virginia added to the so-far unanimous group of federal judges who have thrown out these bans. Judge Allen quoted from Mildred Loving, who was at the center of the 1967 Supreme Court case that struck down laws banning interracial marriage. At the time that case was decided only 14 states had laws allowing interracial marriage and already there are 17 states and the District of Columbia that allow gay marriage. While people are hailing her decision she clearly had to be embarrassed when she had to amend her written opinion because she confused the U. S. Constitution with the Declaration of Independence. She isnt the rst and wont be the last to do that. Clearly the time has come in our country for full equality. The decisions made by these federal judges have been based on the Supreme Courts decision in Windsor. Then Attorney General Eric Holder announced the federal government would recognize legal same-sex marriages in federal matters including bankruptcies, prison visits and survivor benets. He stated that, It is the [Justice Departments] policy to recognize lawful same-sex marriages as broadly as possible, to ensure equal treatment for all members of society regardless of sexual orientation. In what seems like lightning speed, the LGBT community is moving toward full civil and human rights.

PETER ROSENSTEIN is a D.C.-based LGBT rights and Democratic Party activist. He writes regularly for the Blade.

The progress from Stonewall to marriage equality in my lifetime is amazing. My accepting who I am mirrored the evolving LGBT movement. Coming of age at 21 in New York City, a gay man deep in the closet, hiding my sexual orientation to become a teacher. At 25, starting a political career and working for the most gay-friendly politician in the nation, the congresswoman who introduced the rst ENDA bill in Congress, yet still deep in the closet. Then moving to Washington at 31, a city that just elected a mayor who credited the LGBT community and the Stein Democratic Club with making the difference in his election. Pride events were gaining in strength and visibility and my rst in Dupont Circle had me hiding behind a tree to make sure 18 FEBRUARY 21, 2014 OUR BUSINESS MATTERS

Will it matter if gays zero-out in D.C. elections?

Potential for no gay elected major ofcials for rst time in 17 years
feated a high-prole Democratic prior ofceholder who had been selected by the party to ll the vacant seat as interim incumbent. Catania was re-elected in 1998 and 2002 as a Republican, and won in 2006 and 2010 as an Independent after changing his registration. Catania, whose current four-year term is expiring, has formed a mayoral campaign exploratory committee and has indicated he is almost certain to run in the general election. Campaigning for mayor would preclude Catania from seeking re-election to his Council seat. While polling competitively against likely Democratic primary winner Mayor Vincent Gray in a recent Washington Post survey, odds are long that he could win. D.C. Council member Jim Graham, a gay Democrat and former director of then-named Whitman-Walker Clinic, was elected to represent one of eight Council districts in 1998. Graham won the determinative party primary in Ward 1 with a plurality, defeating the incumbent in a ve-person race that included another gay candidate. Now seeking a rth term, he previously won re-election in 2002, 2006 and 2010. Graham, 68, had delayed until December a decision on whether to seek re-election. His last primary race was his most competitive, winning 57 percent with two candidates splitting the opposition vote. Grahams challenge in this years primary is facing only one opponent while tarnished by multiple instances of alleged questionable ethical behavior, resulting in censure by his Council colleagues and being stripped of his committee chairmanship. Should Graham survive the primary, he will face a well-known Democrat running as an Independent in the general election. Many political observers consider Grahams decision to seek re-election as the ght of his political life. If Graham loses either the primary or general election and Catania surrenders his seat to unsuccessfully run for mayor, it is almost certain that D.C. will not have any openly gay politicians serving in cardinal positions. Two announced gay candidacies, Council At-Large Republican candidate Marc Morgan and Libertarian mayoral candidate Bruce Majors, are unlikely to be competitive. When Catania rst won election, he enthused at his victory celebration that I think weve made two important milestones. One is the rst time a Republican has beaten a Democrat in a head-on race in the city. And as the rst openly gay member of the [Council], that is a breakthrough, and it shows how marvelous ... open-minded, accepting and truly magnicent the people of this city are. Catanias characterization of the local electorate is truer today than then. In a city distinguished by its community consensus and public policies providing comprehensive LGBT civil equality, legal protections and administrative equity, the sexual orientation of elected ofcials is inconsequential. No anti-gay politician is a credible candidate for public ofce anywhere in the city, and it has been that way for a long time. Likewise, public acceptance and political accommodation are neither generated nor guaranteed by gay politicians. The noncontroversial adoption of Council legislation or city rulemaking related to LGBT-specic concerns is more a matter of delegated domain than cause championing. LGBT residents are fully integrated into the fabric of local life. Most of us vote for or against candidates, including gay ones, based on a multiplicity of considerations. Similar to those everyone else examines. Other than mere symbolism, it doesnt matter whether any or all of the citys elected ofcials are gay or not. This is what equality looks like.

MARK LEE is a long-time entrepreneur and community business advocate. Follow on Twitter: @MarkLeeDC. Reach him at

Two potential political developments in the current D.C. election cycle could result in both local gay elected ofcials not retaining their positions. If that occurs, it would be the rst time in 17 years without a gay politician holding major elected ofce in the District. Would it matter? When David Catania became D.C.s rst gay elected ofcial in 1997 it was a signicant development that startled political observers. Catania, then a Republican, won a citywide D.C. Council At-Large seat in a special election to ll a vacancy on the 13-member legislature. He de-


Making a stand for free speech in Russia

Advocates have another way to push back against Putin
By MICHAEL JAMES BARTON In the late 1980s, the Poles came up with a clever slogan in their struggle against the Soviet-controlled Polish communists: 2+2=4. It was the concept expressed by George Orwell in his book, Nineteen Eighty-Four, that universal truths such as 2+2=4 are a threat to a state built on deceit, a denition that any client state of communist Russia would meet. It was also a rather cheeky way of protesting the communists without appearing to do so: 2+2=4 is hardly the same as Kick Out the Russians. Even in the Soviet block, the Polish puppet government found it difcult to conduct a massive round up of citizens displaying placards that purported a basic math equation that any rst grader would see as an obvious truth. The Poles beat the enemies of clarity at their own game. I was reminded of this event during a business trip to Russia last summer, which had just passed an anti-gay law in the name of protecting young children from learning about sexual issues in an age-inappropriate way. Certainly an honest policy discussion could occur on the best way to handle sex education with small children. However, as with much of Russian government action throughout the ages, the age-appropriate argument is simply cover for suppressing free speech. It turns out that what this Russia law does is prohibit speech of any kind related to homosexuality that could be viewed by children of any age. You could be arrested if your travel bag proudly displays your grandfathers 42nd Infantry Division patch (its a rainbow) or for wearing a Will & Grace T-shirt. Under this vague law the government can arrest anyone they wish, as there are few things worn in public that cannot be interpreted as a violation of the law. Years after the Soviet system collapsed, free speech is still a struggle. Russian journalist and vocal Putin critic Anna Politkovskayas murder was soon followed by the death of her ally, Alexander Litvinenko. Having accused the Russian government of Politkovskayas murder he promptly died from Polonium-210 poisoning, the rst known instance of an assassination with a personal Weapon of Mass Destruction. Understandably, both gay and free speech advocates are upset over this law, which adds to signals from the government that it is indifferent to crime if the victim is gay. A Russian ofcial explained to me that a recent attack on a gay victim was not a prosecutorial priority, despite the entire crime being captured on video. It seems that intimidating people from peacefully supporting what they think is equal treatment is far more important than putting criminals in jail. To combat this terrible situation, I propose a method to protest the Russian law that the government may be hard pressed to retaliate against. Since there is real danger of being arrested in Russia right now for showing any obvious signs or symbols of gay pride, Russian gays, gay supporters, and free speech advocates of every stripe could adopt the Our army is the army of liberation for all workers in the world image, a famous WWII Russian Army propaganda postcard. It depicts a Russian red army soldier liberating German-occupied land, with a grateful peasant giving the Russian solider a kiss directly on the mouth. In the spirit of the anti-communist Poles utilizing 2+2=4, the protesters in this arena could adopt this classic icon well known in Russia as their unofcial logo. What will the Russian government do? Claim that a 75-year-old, well-loved Russian iconic image is and was always a symbol of gay equality? That the state sponsored communist artist, Victor Koretsky, was being subversive? While we should put nothing past a state that wants to exert power over a minority group, I suspect that utilizing this image will allow protesters to be heard while also allowing the Russian government to save some face and not enforce the law on those displaying the Koretsky image. As seen with its declining to prosecute anti-gay crimes, the Russian government knows how to pick and choose what to prosecute and what to ignore.
MICHAEL JAMES BARTON is a director at ARTIS Research and has served in a variety of leadership roles on Capitol Hill, the White House and the Pentagon.


FEBRUARY 21, 2014 19

Thank you for making the Dupont Circle Ofce The #1 ofce in the District!
*The most listings and sales in 2013 than any other ofce in D.C.
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20 FEBRUARY 21, 2014



A high-spirited revival of the best kind of old-school musical comedy.
The Washington Post extraordinary show that should not be missed

MD Theatre Guide

SAVE $10 ON ADULT TICKETS! Use the Code H2SWB when ordering
on the Olney Theatre Center Mainstage

Spend an evening with Broadways

(currently appearing in Olney Theatre Centers production of How to Succeed in Business)


For Tickets & Performance Times: Call 301.924.3400 or visit

2001 Olney-Sandy Spring Rd Olney, MD 20832

singing the classics from


Featuring Helen Hayes Award-Winner

Ticket Prices: Adults $35 Olney Theatre Center Members $25


A R T S A N D E N T E R TA I N M E N T W A S H I N G T O N B L A D E . C O M V O L U M E 4 5 I S S U E 0 8 F E B R U A R Y 2 1 2 0 1 4 P A G E 2 1
MITCHELL GOLD (left) and business partner BOB WILLIAMS at their Washington store for an event in 2013.

Gay-owned furniture company Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams marks milestone

By JOEY DiGUGLIELMO Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams, co-owners of the eponymous furniture company, didnt originally intend for their company to be as big as it is today. Gold says they were originally thinking of a modest business model in which theyd work four days a week, have a small stable of customers and do about $5 million a year in sales. We didnt have to make that much money, Gold says. It was just the two of us living down South, its much less expensive to live here, and we thought we would just have this nice little company. But as Bob often tells people, Its not that Mitchell lied its just that he cant count. Started in 1989 with about $60,000, things took off rather quickly. They sold about 800 dining tables and 5,000 chairs before they started making any of the pieces. Gold, whod been red from the furniture company hed worked for, had connections with major retailers like J.C. Penney, Crate & Barrel and others, which he visited armed with sketches and fabrics Williams had made. They were protable the rst year they were in business.

We had fabrics that were different and unusual for the time, Gold says. So we were able to show retailers, This is how this will look in your store. And they bought it right away. People have said Im not a bad salesman, so I was able to close the sales and get the production going quickly. The two, whod been together as domestic partners about two years before, had moved to Hickory, N.C., from New York and were interested in going into business together. We just thought we could do it better than traditional manufacturers, Gold says. We thought we could make a better commitment to customers, ship it more quickly and with Bobs sense of style, you know, I certainly felt we could offer people a more stylish look for a better price. Williams worked for a small ad agency and gradually cut back his time there as he spent more and more with the company, then known as the Mitchell Gold Company (it was changed to its present name in 2002). Now theyre celebrating 25 years and have more than 700 employees, a stable of celebrity clients, 17 stores and plans to open four more by years end and a 600,000-square-foot factory and home base in Taylorsville, N.C. Several spoke at a company event two weeks ago where 11 of their original 21 employees who are still with the company were recognized. It appears, from a transcript of comments, that

morale there is strong. Ken Hipp, the companys senior vice president of retail stores and merchandising, has been with them for seven years and calls Gold and Williams wonderful mentors. Its been quite a ride, says Hipp, whos also gay. I cant imagine my career or my life without them. Known for a style they call quintessentially American, their products are designed to be stylish, yet comfortable. Interior designer Brian Patrick Flynn of TBSs Movie & a Makeover show has called their products custom-looking pieces at medium-to-high price-points and says its a genius brand he and his clients cant get enough of. On Wednesday, the two will be in town for an event at their D.C. store at 1526 14th St., N.W., an anniversary event that will benet the Sitar Arts Center. Its one of a series of events theyre having at their various locations throughout the year. In a country where just 25 percent of new employer rms are still in business 15 years or more after starting according to the Small Business Administration, theirs is a nearly unfettered success story. It hasnt all been easy going, though. Williams remembers many long hours in the early years, though he also says those were some of the most exhilarating times of my life. They recall years of working what felt like round-the-clock schedules and didnt

take a vacation until two years in, but were gratied by strong out-of-the-gate sales. Customers liked what we were doing immediately, Williams says. We never had to go call on people. The more they heard about us, the more we had people wanting to buy from us. They broke up on the personal side about 12 years into the business, though theyre wholly comfortable working together and are each married and have been with other men for years Gold has been with Tim Gold for seven years; Williams has been with Stephen Heavner for 11 years. Might their relationship have lasted if it werent for the company? Its a thorny question they dont wish to dwell on. We dont give much thought to it, Williams says. It takes a lot of time and energy to go back and visit the past, Gold says. Were more focused on the future. They acknowledge there were a few little awkward moments, but not too much, as Gold says. Keeping the company strong was chief among their priorities as always, they say. The only time they had any signicant downsizing was in 2008. Gold says it was a hard, but at the time necessary, decision in the face of a huge recession. The company prides itself on the health care package it offers, on-site day




LINDA GRAY as Sue Ellen on Dallas. Gray says its been a joy to return to the show 20 years later.

Dallas actress on her former co-stars, life after Larry and the hit shows gay following
By JOEY DiGUGLIELMO Dallas, the reboot of the classic 19781991 nighttime soap, returns for its third season Monday night on TNT and promises plenty of fresh backstabbing and intrigue. John Ross (Josh Henderson) is working to live up to his fathers reputation, Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe) is reeling from a failed engagement and Elena (Jordana Brewster) is consumed with nding the justice that eluded her brother Drew (Kuno Becker) and mother Carmen (Marlene Forte). Its a pivotal turning point for the show this will be its rst full season without J.R. as actor Larry Hagman died in November 2012. He was in seven of season twos 15 episodes and his characters death was a major storyline last year. Linda Gray, whose iconic character Sue Ellen has been willing to help her son any way she can on the new show, caught up with the Blade during a break in lming in Dallas two weeks ago, where it was snowing.
WASHINGTON BLADE: Snow is somewhat unusual but not unheard of for Dallas, right? LINDA GRAY: I know. Im just in heaven. Its beautiful. BLADE: You live in Los Angeles? GRAY: Yes. Im in Dallas six months, then

much since the 80s.

BLADE: How aware have you been of the shows gay following? Do you sense its any different now than it was on the old show? GRAY: Im very aware it has a gay following and Im beyond thrilled. I have so many, many, many friends who are gay and I adore them. Theres a JRs and a Sue Ellens here, gay bars. BLADE: We have a JR.s in D.C., too. GRAY: Oh, do you really? Its so fantastic

to have the support and weve always had it and its been great. We love you right back. Dallas itself has a huge gay community here and theyre very supportive as well.
BLADE: What similarities or differences do you see now in how the show is rebounding dramatically from Larrys passing versus how the original series dealt with the death of Jim Davis (Ewing family patriarch Jock)? I know its not exactly the same thing, but both were huge losses to the shows just a few seasons in. GRAY: The entire team has changed, the writers, everything has changed and its an evolution that is well, I step back and I look at this 20-year hiatus and its very bizarre to come back and do it again, but in such a good way. So now I think the approach is kind of like were outsiders looking in and seeing how the Ewings have evolved. And now without Larry, that threw everybody a curve and those wonderful writers I always applaud the writers because without them and their great brains and their minds that kind of go off in wonderful directions, there would be no show. They had last season already approved by the networks and when Larry passed, they had to scramble and again, I applaud them because they did a magical shufing around to kind of piece this together and still be an interesting, entertaining show without the key, which was huge J.R. Ewing and Larry Hagman, I mean you know that was a huge void for me personally and Im sure for everybody in the audience, its huge. So I look at it as an observer and say, Wow, what a great job theyve done. They have to handle everything as it comes, as we all do in life. You dont expect this to happen, but it did

and now what are you going to do with it? When Jim Davis died, the producers were great. They moved his dressing room right on the soundstage because just like Larry, he wanted to die doing what he loved. They didnt say, No, youre going into hospice or something, they moved his dressing room right on the soundstage so we would do a scene and come in and hang out with Jim. When youre doing a series, youre so bonded as a family. You step in there and youre supportive and you send them love. I would say Dallas has been blessed with a little bit of fairy dust that has been scattered on us from day one. The cast was wonderful, the writers were great, et cetera, and now its happening again and since I was one of the originals, its amazing to see how similar it is.
BLADE: You worked with Barbara Bel Geddes (Miss Ellie) for many years. After she left before the last season, she never appeared in any nal episode, TV movies, cast reunions or anything. What would she think of this new series? (Bel Geddes died in 2005.) GRAY: She was a savvy, bawdy broad, is what I called her, and I would call it to her face. We were so close. Id call her Mama, on and off camera. She was this crusty New England broad. She was feisty and fabulous and such a huge classy addition to the Ewing family. I really was so shocked when I knew she was doing a series because I thought Barbara Bel Geddes, you know she worked with Tennessee Williams and Alfred Hitchcock. She was so classy and so when I rst walked into the room, Ill never forget it. I saw Major Nelson Larry Hagman. I saw Patrick Duffy Man From Atlantis. And then I saw Barbara Bel Geddes and I thought, Whats wrong with this picture? Is this a sitcom? What is this show? Internally I started laughing because I thought what is this? But I just watched this magical thing happen and, you know, the Ewings became bigger than life. So for me it was great to work with her. She was astounding, she was quiet, she would make great funny little remarks during the rehearsals and then when you had a scene with her, man, you better be on your toes. You better bring your A game because she could bury you with a look.

She was to me the same caliber as my two favorites Judi Dench and Maggie Smith. There was no nonsense with her. It was just, Im here to work, I know what Im doing, Im a professional, Im Broadway trained, Im theater trained, Ive worked with the best so dont mess around with me.
BLADE: But what would her reaction be to this new series? GRAY: I think shed probably sit down with a glass of Scotch in her condominium and probably just laugh her ass off. Shed probably roll her eyes, going How are we back again and Look at that younger generation. But she would be a hoot. I think she would love the new show, love the kids, complain about everything she loved to complain. Shed complain it was too hot, or, What the hell are we doing, its snowing today, or What am I doing in Dallas, blah blah blah blah blah.Yet the bottom line, she would love it. BLADE: Victoria Principal has been a little different shes said shes against reviving Pam in any kind of dramatic way, yet has joined up a few times in a non-dramatic capacity like the Vanity Fair photo (1995) and the 2004 reunion special. Over the years do you feel the rest of the cast has respected her wishes not to revive Pam or do you think theres been some arm twisting to have her join in more often? GRAY: I think we all respect her. I dont think she wanted to come back and I dont even know if the producers went after her or tried really pursuing her, I really dont know. When youre asked to come back, your gears are in different motion. Youre in forward motion. Youre thinking, OK, gotta get to Dallas, and you dont really say, Why isnt so-and-so here? For each person, its their choice and her choice was not to be in it so you respect everybodys choice. We dont see her very often. She was never kind of with us, you know, she was never Larry, Patrick (Duffy) and I were very close and I was very close with Barbara and she just chose not to be as inclusive. I dont mean that to she just didnt hang out with us.

L.A. six months. Thats a nice combination.

BLADE: I understand more of the show is lmed on location than was true for the old Dallas, right? GRAY: Yes. We used to come here in the 80s for two months and work six days a week, then we went home and did eightand-a-half months in L.A. So here we do 15 shows and we live here which is really kind of nice. At rst we were like, Oh, we have to move to Dallas? but its quite amazing because then we get to show the audience all the greatness of Dallas. Its changed so


FEBRUARY 21, 2014 23

crew_club_hp_ad_wblade_02_14_1.indd 1

2/10/14 6:40 PM

Bet Mishpachah Presents

"Passover Palooza: The History, Politics and Theology of the Haggadah" with Rabbi Laurie Green

Come discover the reasons behind why we do what we do. Whether you've never been to a Seder, or have a strong Jewish background, you're invited to join us as we prepare for Passover from an LGBT perspective.
Classes are free and open to all. Join us Wednesday evenings March 19, March 26, April 2 and April 9 from 7:00 - 8:30 pm at the DC JCC, 16th and Q Streets, NW.
For more information about our programs go to or 24 FEBRUARY 21, 2014 QUEERY: 20 QUESTIONS FOR SARA FATELL

How long have you been out and who was the hardest person to tell? Ive been out since I was 18. While getting the courage to say the words was difcult, telling people wasnt all that hard after the rst few times. My freshman year roommate was the rst person I had to tell face to face, so that was nerve-wracking, but she was totally cool. And my parents said, We were just waiting for you to tell us and theyve been super supportive ever since. Whos your LGBT hero? Kate Bornstein This is How We Do It If science discovered a way to change sexual orientation, what would you do? Wonder why we didnt spend that time and money nding a cure for cancer instead. What do you believe in beyond the physical world? Mother Nature Whats your advice for LGBT movement leaders? LGBT rights are human rights, so lets keep our eyes on the big picture, not just single issues. What would you walk across hot coals for? I dunno, seems like kind of a bad idea. But if my family was on the other side, I would run. What LGBT stereotype annoys you most? That lesbians only wear comfortable shoes and have no fashion sense. My kicks are classy and Im dapper as all get out. Whats your favorite LGBT movie? To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar Whats the most overrated social custom? Shaking hands, because we really should just hug more. What trophy or prize do you most covet? A seventh Lombardi trophy for the Steelers. What do you wish youd known at 18? That I should have taken a business class. Why Washington? I love this place. Our city is a manageable size and lled with music, great food and lots to see and do. I love working and living in Bloomingdale and the surrounding neighborhoods.


Whats Washingtons best nightspot, past or present? Chaos was an amazing place and Be Bar was an awesome time. Now I nd myself at Gay/Bash, Peach Pit or Where the Girls Gos Over Easy Tea Dance. Missing She. Rex already. Describe your dream wedding. The one where I show up with your desserts and the table is dressed and ready. What non-LGBT issue are you most passionate about? Voting rights, reproductive justice and education. What historical outcome would you change? Thelma and Louise should have made out before driving off the cliff. Whats been the most memorable pop culture moment of your lifetime? My very rst concert: New Kids on the Block. Thanks for taking me, Mom. On what do you insist? Competence

By JOEY DiGUGLIELMO Sara Fatell started Grassroots Gourmet ( four years ago as a small catering company out of her home. Having come to Washington six-and-a-half years ago to work as a political organizer, she found baking a good way to de-stress. I loved following a recipe and getting this thing at the end, she says. When youre working with politics and elections, you work all these crazy hours and theres not a lot of instant gratication. Fatell would bake for ofce birthdays and for friends. Eventually enough people told her variations of No, Im serious this is really good. I would totally buy this, that she decided to go into business. She also sensed a niche for locally made products for D.C.-area non-prots tired of patronizing big-box companies for their catering needs. She eventually convinced her cousin, Jamilyah Smith-Kanze, to join her as a business partner and they opened their retail location in November 2012 at 104 Rhode Island Ave., N.W. in the Bloomingdale/Eckington area where they sell everything from blueberry crumb mufns, Aunt Nats apple cake, chocolate chip scones, vegan cranberry swirl crumb cake, hand-painted sugar cookies and much more. Its been crazy and fantastic, the 29-year-old Havertown, Pa., native says. Weve done a lot of weddings and baby showers and birthdays for the same families and we really love getting to be part of their lives in a continuous way. Fatell is single and lives near the shop. Though she says owning the business has not taken the fun out of baking for her, one of her favorite ways to relax is having someone else cook. She also enjoys live music and dancing in her free time.

What was your last Facebook post or Tweet? The last few referenced D.C. food, Mean Girls and queers in the media. If your life were a book, what would the title be?


FEBRUARY 21, 2014 25

Center for the Arts


20132014 SEASON

Visit us at

Max Raabe & Palast Orchester

The Golden Age
Sunday, March 2 at 4 p.m. Youre in a popular Berlin nightclub back in the 1920s-1930s. The smooth, impeccably dressed crooner with the silky voice is singing the current cabaret hits backed by the very ne orchestra Irresistible elegant fun! Featured in Vogue before their Carnegie Hall appearance this past October, Max Raabe and Palast Orchester classically trained and serious about the music, but not themselves present a delightful concert quite unlike anything youve experienced before! $23, $38, $46 ff

Joffrey Ballet
American Legends
Friday, March 7 at 8 p.m.

The Chieftains
Sunday, March 16 at 4 p.m. Begin your St. Patricks Day celebrations with us as the six-time Grammy Award winners take our stage for the rst time! Itll be a lively concert with The Chieftains iconic sound, which has become synonymous with the revival of traditional Irish music and won them legions of fans over the decades. What a delight! $30, $52, $60 ff

Body and Soul

Saturday, March 8 at 8 p.m. The Center for the Arts is honored to welcome one of the worlds most well-known and respected dance companies. American Legends will feature Jerome Robbins Interplay, Twyla Tharps Nine Sinatra Songs and more. Body and Soul features works by some of todays most brilliant choreographers. Balletgoing rarely gets more rewarding, and the [Joffrey] dancers reach for and often grasp new levels of achievement. (Chicago Tribune) Friday, $25, $42, $50 / Saturday, $25, $42, $50


ff = Family Friendly performances that are most suitable for families with younger children


888-945-2468 or

Located on the Fairfax campus, six miles west of Beltway exit 54 at the intersection of Braddock Road and Rt. 123.

cc_bday_matt_wb_2.indd 1

2/19/14 11:52 AM

26 FEBRUARY 21, 2014


Celebrating lives with

DIGNITY Peace of mind.

5130 Wisconsin Ave. NW DC (202) 966-6400

Speak with our Preplanning Advisor, Jamie Arthurs Call (202) 966-6400 or email


Licensed in DC, MD and VA

4701 sangamore road, suite 1l bethesda, md 20816 office 301.229.4000


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Appraisal, cleaning/repair, restoration of old & antique rugs, and padding.

36 N Jonathan St. Hagerstown, MD 21740 301.745.4949 240.329.7715




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By signing this proof you are agreeing to your cont washington blade newspaper. This includes but is n payment and insertion schedule.




Bowling lanes at Pinstripes. One probably wouldnt go solely for the food, but overall its a fun spot.

The three Bs at new Pinstripes bowling, bocce and bistro

By JONATHAN HOWARD If youre looking for an enjoyable way to spend a snowy afternoon or even an evening with friends then look no further than Pinstripes Bowling, Bocce and Bistro (1064 Wisconsin Ave. N.W.). This 34,000-square-foot space in the Shops at Georgetown combines an eclectic mix of bocce courts, bowling lanes and some Italian/American cuisine served up in the Bistro. This mega-establishment opened its doors to the public in January. Pinstripes brings a thoroughly different entertainment and dining experience to Washington. The Georgetown location (sixth for the company) features 14 well appointed bowling lanes, six bocce courts, as well as employees who know how to play bocce, and an expansive dining room with a wide selection of food and wine. The menu at Pinstripes features small plates, pizzas and atbreads, salads, sandwiches, pastas, large plates and, of course, dessert. There are also daily chef features, late night bites and a kids menu available. On the blustery and snowy afternoon we visited we decided that we were going to try several items off the menu, but we were going to let the wait staff aid in the decision-making process. The wait staff seemed to be impeccably trained and they were able to make some well-informed recommendations. The prosciutto and g atbread was the standout for us that afternoon. It had a thin, warm smoky crust, gorgeous slices of prosciutto and a copious amount of plump sweet gs that created a memorable dish. Not as successful however, were the tenderloin sliders. Our waiter said we would be ghting over the last one; unfortunately we were not impressed by this dish and happily shared the last one. While not a showstopper, we also enjoyed the chicken and goat cheese fusilli pasta with rosemary crme sauce and fresh cracked

pepper. The sauce managed to cling to every piece of pasta and once stirred, the goat cheese provided the perfect amount of tang for the dish. For dessert, which is necessary if you plan on playing bocce and bowl (for the extra energy of course), we indulged in the ight of desserts. This proigate masterpiece included the divine caramelized cheesecake, an apple pear bread pudding and the decadent and dangerously rich Frangelico chocolate cake. After dining it was time to venture over to the bocce ball court. I had never played bocce before, so it was useful to have an employee available to explain the rules and ways to play. Otherwise, my rst instinct would have been to hurl the bocce ball fast pitch softball style into the crowd of people at the other end of the court. Think Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland; if she can do it, so can I. After learning the basics, it was time once again to proceed to the next activity of the evening. Bowling and drinking beer was obviously next in line. The last time I bowled, the venue wreaked of stale beer, had sticky oors, uncomfortable plastic chairs, and I remember more than one child screaming at the top of its lungs. This was not the case at Pinstripes. The alleys had comfortable leather banquets and a clean homey feel to them, and no children were screaming. My bowling skills were not any better in these comfortable surroundings and after a couple of the Citizen Belgian Style Pale Ales (which were delicious), there was absolutely no chance I was going to be able to bowl the ball anywhere except the gutter. After an afternoon of softball pitching, gutter ball throwing and eating, I was thoroughly surprised by how much I enjoyed Pinstripes. It denitely provides a great new way to spend an evening with friends. You can eat, drink and play without leaving the building, and if a member of your group only wants to do one of those things, thats an option as well. So if you are looking for something to do on a Friday night, give Pinstripes a chance. Just make sure to call ahead to make a reservation for a bowling lane or bocce court.

Sumptuous and stirring! Theatrically stunning... epic in scale.

San Francisco Chronicle

Feb. 22Mar. 8 | Opera House

Tickets on sale now! (202) 467-4600 Tickets also available at the Box Ofce | Groups (202) 416-8400
David and Alice Rubenstein are the Presenting Underwriters of WNO. General Dynamics is the proud sponsor of WNOs 2013-2014 Season. WNOs production of Moby-Dick is made possible through the generous support of Jacqueline Badger Mars Additional support is provided by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts.

Photo by Cory Weaver


FEB 21 28 FEBRUARY 21, 2014 OUT & ABOUT



FEB 22











Press Club hosts journalism panel on Sochi games

The National Press Club (529 14th St., N.W.) hosts LGBTs in the Newss panel LGBT Activists and Journalists: The Little Team That Could Tuesday morning from 9-11 a.m. in the Edward R. Murrow Room. Discussion will focus on the politics of the Sochi Olympics in regards to Russias anti-gay laws, possibilities for passage of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) and what is needed to achieve marriage equality in all 50 states. Panelists include Washington Blade Editor Kevin Naff, LGBT and civil rights advocate Mandy Carter, activist Will Walters and many more. Doors open at 8:30 a.m. Coffee and pastries will be provided. Audience questions will be taken during the panel.




Adventures of Thai Cuisine

Thai Tanic
1326 14th St. NW 202-588-1795

GAY/BASH returns to Black Cat

The Black Cat (1811 14th St., N.W.) hosts GAY/BASH, a dance party for queer people of all ages with a heavy focus on drag performance, Saturday night at 10 p.m. The guest performer for the night is Baltimore drag queen Ellen Degenerate. She will be joined by GAY/BASH regular performers Heidi Glm and Rumor Millz. DJs Joshua and Dean Sullivan will be spinning tracks including teen pop, punk rock and new wave. Cover change is $5. For more information, visit

Gay-themed Satan play gets reading

Logan Circle


202-588-1186 for delivery to limited area

More Mega networking with gay chamber

The Capital Area Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (CAGLCC) hosts its sixth annual LGBT Mega Network and Social Event at Town (2009 8th St., N.W.) on Wednesday from 6:30-8:30 p.m. CAGLCC has brought together thousands of LGBT professionals to mix, mingle and recruit new employees in a social setting for the past three years. Through CAGLCCs partnership with 30 other LGBT networking and social groups, LGBT professionals are able to make connections at the Districts largest LGBT professional networking and social event. Admission is free. For more information and to register, visit

M-TH 11-10, FRI 11-11, SAT 12-11, SUN 12-10 Family Owned & Operated


Rainbow Theatre Project presents a reading of the play Say You Love Satan at Source (1835 14th St., N.W.) Monday at 7:30 p.m. Say You Love Satan, written by D.C. native Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, is a romantic comedy that tells the story of graduate student Andrew who falls for the devils son, Jack. Aguiree-Sacasa is gay and has written for hit television shows Glee and Big Love. Before Say You Love Satan is a 10-minute reading of the play White Room w/ Red Door. Admission is free. Doors open at 7 p.m. For details, visit AUTOS FEBRUARY 21, 2014 29


2014 JETTA S 2013 GOLF 2 DOOR



2014 PASSAT S 2.5L
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New two-door wonders offer full range of auto amenities

By JOE PHILLIPS Two-door coupes. Yes, Batman drives one. So does 007. Same with Ellen, who has a spiffy $180,000 Porsche 911. But you dont have to be a superhero or a superstar to break free from all those sedate sedans and SUVs on the road. Here are four snazzy coupes some cute, some classy and all with plenty of personality. Nissan Juke NISMO $23,000 Mpg: 25 city/31 highway 0-to-60 mph: 7.3 seconds Beatnik chic or design freak? Take your pick, but the Juke gets double-takes especially the new top-of-the-line NISMO sport model. The exterior, which only comes in white, black or silver, has ruby-red side mirrors, black alloy wheels and a racy roof spoiler. The LED accent lights are a nice touch, as is the red stitching on the seats and dash. The base-model Juke has always been a capable performer, but the NISMO ratchets things up a notch with more power, better handling and tighter suspension. You sit high in the seats, so theres plenty of visibility. And while trunk space is limited, just lowering the rear seats triples the amount of cargo room. OK, so this may not be a true coupe (there are four doors, after all). But the rear doors were designed to be completely hidden from the outside and they likely wont be used much anyway, since rear-seat legroom is nil. Subaru BRZ $26,000 Mpg: 22 city/30 highway 0-to-60 mph: 6.8 seconds Thanks to a joint venture with Toyota, Subaru nally gets a stylish sports

coupe to complement its tony WRX tuner sedan. Yet while the all-wheeldrive WRX is great for almost any terrain, the lighter and nimbler BRZ is the better street racer. Sure, the BRZs acceleration isnt blazingly fast. But fuel-economy, steering and braking are all good. So is front-seat legroom, even for tall drivers. And despite a cramped backseat, the trunk space is decent. As for standard gear, the list is long, even on the base model: 17-inch alloys, automatic bi-xenon headlights, keyless entry, Bluetooth, eight-speaker audio and more. But beware: the nav/ entertainment system is clunky to use, which is likely to disappoint the millennial crowd. BMW 4 Series $41,000 Mpg: 23 city/33 highway 0-to-60 mph: 5.4 seconds For more room and vroom, BMW released the all-new 4 Series, the replacement for the iconic 3 Series coupes (and convertibles, later this year or next). The 4 Series actually drives better, thanks to its lower, wider chassis and three different braking systems, including cornering brake control. The 4 Series is also better looking, with ared fenders, sleek air vents and lots of low-slung, RoboCop cladding, especially around the macho grille. Choice of 4- or 6-cylinder turbo, both with plenty of punch. And the interior is typical BMW: simple, with a few analog gauges and the high-tech iDrive info/climate/entertainment system (though the touchscreen seems more like an aftermarket add-on than a standard feature). There also are plenty of (pricey) options, including 10-way power seats, keyless ignition/entry, heated seats/ steering wheel, blind-spot monitoring and rear-, side- and even top-view cameras.




#9009449, Power Windows, Power Locks, Keyless Entry

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20,155 2014 TIGUAN S 4WD


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All prices exclude tax, tags, title, freight and $200 processing fee. Cannot be combined with any previous advertised or internet special. Pictures are for illustrative purposes only. See dealer for details. 0% APR Up To 60 Months on all models. See dealer for details. Ourisman VW World Auto Certified Pre Owned financing for 60 months based on credit approval thru VW. Excludes Title, Tax, Options & Dealer Fees. Special APR financing cannot be combined with sale prices. Ends 02/28/14.

Ourisman VW of Laurel
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Orphie and the Book of Heroes. Thru Feb 23. Shear Madness. Thru Jun 30. Kennedy Center. 202-467-4600. We Are Proud to Present. Thru Mar 9. Woolly Mammoth. 202-393-3939. How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. Thru Feb 23. I And You. Feb 26-Mar 23. Olney. 301-924-3400. Seminar. Thru Mar 2. Round House Bethesda. 240-644-1100. The Waiting Room. Thru Feb 22. Clarice Smith. 301-405-2787. The Best Man. Thru Feb 22. Keegan Theatre. 703-892-0202. Yellow Face. Thru Feb 23. Theater J. 800-494-8497. The Young Lady from Tacna. Thru Mar 9. GALA Hispanic Theatre. 202-234-7174. Beaches. Thru Mar 23. Signature Theatre. 703-820-9771. Such a Life Youve Given Me. Thru Mar 9. Teatro de la Luna. Gunston. 703-548-3092. The Cole Porter Project. Feb 22-Mar 9. In Series. Source Theatre. 202-204-7763. Say You Love Satan. Feb 24. Rainbow Theatre Project. Source Theatre. 202-204-7800. Back To Methuselah. Thru Mar 16. Washington Stage Guild. Undercroft Theatre. 240-582-0050. The Wedding Dress. Thru Mar 9. Spooky Action Theater. Universalist National Memorial Church. 202-248-0301.

Gould Piano Trio. Feb 23. The Phillips Collection. 202-387-2151. Kronos Quartet and Trio Da Kali. Feb 22. Clarice Smith. 301-405-2787. Smithsonian Jazz Masterworks Orchestra. Feb 22. The Smithsonian Associates. Baird Auditorium. 202-633-3030.

National Gallery of Art. Heaven and Earth: Art of Byzantium from Greek Collections. Thru Mar 2. The Dying Gaul: An Ancient Roman Masterpiece from the Capitoline Museum, Rome. Thru Mar 16. Modern German Prints and Drawings from the Kainen Collection. Feb 23-Jun 29. Masterpieces of American Furniture from the Kaufman Collection, 1700 - 1830. Thru Dec 31. 202-737-4215. National Geographic. Women of Vision. Thru Mar 9. One Cubic Foot. Thru Mar 31. A New Age of Exploration. Thru Jun 8. 202-857-7000. Corcoran Gallery of Art. NOW at the Corcoran Mia Feuer: An Unkindness. Thru Feb 23. Alex Prager: Face in the Crowd. Thru Mar 9. American Journeys Visions of Place. Thru Sep 21. 202-639-1700. Folger Shakespeare Library. Shakespeares the Thing. Thru Jun 15. Fords Theatre. Abraham Lincoln and the Technology of War. Thru Jul 6. 202-347-4833. Museum of Women in the Arts. Judy Chicago: Circa 75. Thru Apr 13. Workt by Hand: Hidden Labor and Historical Quilts. 202-783-5000. The Phillips Collection. Duncan Phillips and New York Collections. Thru Feb 28. Jean Meisel: 50-65 Horizon Line. Thru May 4. 202-387-2151.

R IC H A R D III THRU MAR 16. FOLGER THEATRE. 202-544-7077. FOLGER.EDU. The Elizabethan Theatre will be recongured to allow for a production in the round as Folger explores Shakespeares portrait of maniacal ambition and digging into the truth about this kings real nature. MA R K M O R R IS D ANC E G ROUP. FE B 22-F EB 23. GMU C EN T ER F O R THE ARTS. 8 8 8 -9 4 5 -2 4 68. CFA .GMU .EDU . Mark Morris with its riveting artistry, wit, and grace is well known for its musicality, epitomized by performances which feature live music. The program will also feature the Metro DC area premiere of A Wooden Tree. V IO L ET THRU FEB 23. FORDS THEATRE. 800-982-2787. FORDS.ORG. Set against the backdrop of the Civil Rights era, Violets odyssey also opens her eyes to the realities of racism and segregation. With a dynamic score of bluegrass, gospel, country and rock, Violet features a distinctly American musical voice. Tonynominated director Jeff Calhoun (Broadways Newsies) returns to Fords Theatre to direct this touching story of love, hope and healing. B R O T HER O UTSI DE R F EB 2 7 . S M ITHSONI AN ANAC OSTI A COMMU NIT Y MU S EU M S . 2 0 2 -6 3 3 -4 8 2 0 . ANAC OST IA .S I.EDU This award-winning documentary proles the career of Bayard Rustin, the openly gay architect of the 1963 March on Washington. Insightful commentaries in the lm are given by Eleanor Holmes Norton, Andrew Young, actress Liv Ullman and others who knew Rustin. A discussion of the lm follows.

Pilobolus. Feb 26. Strathmore. 301-581-5100.

Artisphere. Claire Briggs: #Coping. Thru Mar 15. Gary Kachadourian: Progress Report + Backgrounds. Thru Mar 21. 703-875-1100. Gallery plan b. Works by Regina Miele. Thru Mar 23. 202-234-2711. Goethe-Institut. Afrofuturism: Artists on Three Continents Explore Black to the Future. Thru Feb 28. 202-289-1200. Joan Hisaoka Gallery. A Window into the Minds Eye. Thru Mar 15. 202-483-8600. Zenith Gallery. The Powerful Strokes of Robert Freeman. Thru Mar 1. 202.783.2963.

Paul Huang & Jessica Osborne. Feb 21. The Legendary Count Basie Orchestra featuring New York Voices. Feb 23. Strathmore. 301-581-5100. An Evening with Patti LuPone & Mandy Patinkin. Thru Feb 23. WNO: Moby-Dick. Feb 22-Mar 8. Christoph Eschenbach, NSO. Feb 27-Mar 1. Kennedy Center. 202-467-4600. Chopin, the Storyteller. Feb 22. National Philharmonic. Strathmore. 301-581-5100. ATOS Trio. Feb 21. Cherish The Ladies. Feb 26-Feb 27. The Barns at Wolf Trap. 877-965-3872.


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Let Us Work With You To Usher Your Dream Into Reality With MOURAD MERZOUKI Creativity, Elegance, Individuality, ADVERTISING PROOF ISSUE DATE: 07.26.13 SALES REPRESENTATIVE: JERYL PARADE ( Great Food & Drink!
The Wedding Celebration

Champagne Brunch Weekends Saturday Your & Sundays Creative Menu Options To Accommodate Taste And Budget Unlimited Champagne With You, We Will Design Your Unique Celebration Experience


This is raw energy Shirts on or off, this is what dance is all about and denitely not to be missed.



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This tour of Compagnie Kfig is made possible by a grant from Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation with support from the National Endowment for the Arts. International Programming at the Kennedy Center is made possible through the generosity of the Kennedy Center International Committee on the Arts.

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Guests Will enjoy Our Central Location NEW Happy Hour Value Hospitality & Accommodation Packages To Select From DRINKS AND EATS MENU Honeymoon and In-Law Package options Perfectly Priced $3 to $10
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E-mail calendar items to calendars@washblade. com two weeks prior to your event. Space is limited so priority is given to LGBT-specic events or those with LGBT participants. Recurring events must be re-submitted each time.

TODAY Katzen Arts Center (4400 Massachusetts Ave., N.W.) presents RENT tonight at 8 p.m. It runs through March 1st. The musical is set during the AIDS epidemic in New York City and follows a group of young bohemian artists, including a drag queen, a lesbian couple and a gay couple, as they ght against their capitalist landlord who wants to make changes to their neighborhood. Tickets are $15. For more details, visit american. edu/cas/auarts. Ziegelds Secrets (1824 Half St., S.W.) hosts its fth year anniversary party with adult entertainment star Angel Rock tonight at 9 p.m. There will be special events on both oors all night. Music by DJ Steve Henderson and a special laser show by John Klaja. For details, visit Gay District meets at the D.C. Center (1318 U St., N.W.) tonight from 8:30-9:30 p.m. The facilitated group discussion covers building understanding of gay culture and personal identity and awareness of community events for LGBT men between the ages of 18 and 35 in the D.C. area. For more details, visit or SATURDAY, FEB. 22 Burgundy Crescent, a gay volunteer organization, volunteers for Food and Friends (219 Riggs Rd., N.E.) tonight from 8-10 a.m. Volunteers will chop vegetables and pack groceries. To volunteer, email For more details, visit Town (2009 8th St., N.W.) hosts Bear Invasions: SCRUFFD UP, hosted by Johnny Scruff, tonight from 10 p.m.-3 a.m. Cover is $8 from 10-11 p.m. and $12 after 11 p.m. Drinks are $3 before 11 p.m. Drag show starts at 10:30 p.m. Admission is limited to guests 21 and over. For details, visit

Cobalt (1639 R St., N.W.) hosts CTRLympics Closing Ceremonies tonight from 10 p.m.-1 a.m. Enjoy $3 PBR Tallboys, $5 rail drinks and $4 Fireball shots. Music by DJs Jeff Prior and Adam KousarriAmin. There will be a special Olympics competition. Cover is $5. For details, visit The D.C. Center (2000 14th St., N.W.) hosts a free relationship workshop for lesbian couples today from 11:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m. This workshop is led by professional relationship coach Jayne Kelly and focuses on family. Bring your lunch and learn how to address spoken and unspoken needs and how to strengthen your bond with your partner for a healthy family. For details, visit SUNDAY, FEB. 23 Music with the Angels concert series presents Vocal and Instrumental Music of the 20th Century at Church of the Holy City (1611 16th St. N.W.) today at 3 p.m. There will be musical performances and poetry readings. Reception follows. Admission is free but donations to the Organ Fund are appreciated. For details, visit Adventuring, an LGBT outdoors club, hosts a C&O at Seneca Quarries hike this morning at 10 a.m. The walk goes through 19th century industrial ruins, including Rowsers Ford and Rileys Lock, in the Washington area. Lunch will be near the Seneca Creek Aqueduct. Bring beverages, lunch, boots and $6 for transportation fees. Meet at GrosvenorStrathmore Metro station (10300 Rockville Pk., Bethesda, Md.) on the red line. For details, visit Nellies Sports Bar (900 U St., N.W.) hosts a drag brunch today with two shows at 10:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. For more information, visit MONDAY, FEB. 24 SAGE Metro D.C. and AARP D.C. present a screening of The New Black at the D.C. Center (2000 14th St., N.W.) tonight from 6:30-8:30 p.m. The documentary focuses on how the African-American

community is dealing with the gay rights issue by examining the black church and documenting activists, families and clergies on both sides of the debate. For details, visit The D.C. Center (2000 14th St., N.W..) hosts coffee drop-in hours this morning from 10 a.m.-noon for the senior LGBT community. Older LGBT adults can come and enjoy complimentary coffee and conversation with other community members. For more information, visit Allied in Greek, an amateur drag competition and Trevor Project fundraiser, has been rescheduled for tonight from 7-9 p.m. at Lisner Auditorium (730 21st Street, N.W.) after snow forced a postponement two weeks ago. Allied in Pride, the George Washington University LGBT student advocacy organization, and the GW Greek Community are joining efforts on the event which will feature contestants in drag who will lip sync to a song. Chanel Devereaux, a local drag queen, will be on the judging panel. Half of the proceeds will go to the Trevor Project. Tickets are $5 general admission. Find out more by searching for Allied in Greek on Facebook. TUESDAY, FEB. 25 Tony Award-winning musical Book of Mormon, a satirical comedy about two Mormon missionaries who are sent to Uganda, opens at the Hippodrome at France-Merrick Performing Arts Center (12 N Eutaw St., Baltimore) tonight at 8 p.m. and continues through March 9. Tickets range from $43.55-$199.85. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit baltimore. The D.C. Center and Pros in the City host speed dating for gay men at the Navy Yards Boilermaker Building (300 Tingey St., S.E.) tonight from 7-9 p.m. Dating is approximately one hour. After enjoy a mixer with fellow speed daters. Cash bar. Check in is at 7 p.m. and dating begins at 7:20 p.m. Cost is $30. For details, visit Genderqueer D.C. holds a discussion group at The D.C. Center (2000 14th St.,

N.W..) at 7 p.m. tonight. The group is for anyone who identies outside of the gender binary . For more information, visit Revel hosts a queer womens #BeachLife happy hour at VeraCruz Gallery (2108 Vermont Ave., N.W.) this evening at 6 p.m. Enjoy Caribbean dcor and drink specials. The rst 20 guests receive a free pair of sunglasses. Mautner Project, a womens health organization, will join to share information on womens wellness, tness and healthcare options. WEDNESDAY, FEB. 26 The Lambda Bridge Club meets tonight at 7:30 p.m. at the Dignity Center (721 8th St., S.E.) for duplicate bridge. No reservations required and new comers welcome. If you need a partner, call 703-407-6540. The D.C. Center and Pros in the City host speed dating for lesbian and bisexual women at the Navy Yards Boilermaker Building (300 Tingey St., S.E.) tonight from 7-9 p.m. Dating is approximately one hour. After enjoy a mixer with fellow speed daters. Cash bar. Check in is at 7 p.m. and dating begins at 7:20 p.m. Cost is $30. For details, visit THURSDAY, FEB. 27 Gays and Lesbians Opposing Violence (GLOV) hold a meeting at the D.C. Center (2000 14th St., N.W.) tonight from 7-8:30 p.m. GLOV works to reduce violence against LGBT individuals through community outreach, education and assisting members of anti-LGBT violence. For more details, visit Whitman Walker provides free and condential HIV testing at Glorious Health Club (2120 West Virginia Ave., N.E.) tonight from 10:30 p.m.-1 a.m. For more information, visit SMYAL (410 7th St., S.E.) hosts Caf SMYAL, a fun event to get out of the cold, today from 4-5 p.m. Drink hot cocoa, play board games and make new friends. For more information, visit MARIAH COOPER




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Gold says importance of LGBT advocacy outweighs potential backlash




care and cafeteria and unabashed LGBT advocacy work. They say providing such amenities pays off in the long run. I think what we have proven is that you can be protable and do the right thing, he says. When you have people who arent sick, theyre being more productive and that makes things more protable. With our day care, if little junior has a problem, somebody goes and takes care of it and is back in 15 or 20 minutes, not the three hours it would take to go across town. They guess about 15 percent of their employees are also LGBT and estimate between 15-20 percent of their clientele is as well. Gold says its certainly higher than other furniture retailers. Gold, who wrote a book called Crisis: 40 Stories Revealing the Personal, Social and Religious Pain and Trauma of Growing up Gay in America in 2008, says being open about such things is a central component to the company. He relishes telling of a celebration dinner they had with loan ofcers after paying back a $25 million loan theyd used to expand. Several of the bank execs told him how reading Crisis had given them new compassion for LGBT issues, from one man who stepped up his giving at a homeless shelter to another whose wife came out. One by one, they went around the table and told us how much our advocacy work had meant to them, Gold says. Coming from a staid banking environment, Hipp says nding a place he could be out on the job was a revelation. I thought I loved banking but I realized banking did not love me, he says. I was very uncomfortable and very conicted over my future and I was met with some very harsh realities. I could not believe that someone of my age, I was in my early 20s at the time, could actually go to work someplace where it was OK for me to be who I was. I didnt have to tuck any part of myself under my sleeve. I could actually say that I was gay and it didnt matter. I was just a kid from the south and I thought that was the best it would get. Some of the 25th anniversary events will benet LGBT and AIDS causes. Gold next plans an open letter to the Pope urging him to change Vatican teaching that homosexuality is sinful behavior. When you get down to it, thats really the seminal reason why people think gay people should not have equality, Gold says. The whole issue of sin is really the crux of why people are against it. But has there been backlash or lost sales along the way? Our business just keeps going at such a pace thats ahead of the industry with sales

and growth and things like that, he says. You know, we cant worry about the one or two people who arent going to buy from us because were gay and outspoken.

Architella Duette ArchitellaDuette Honeycomb Shades

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Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams on:

Their all-time favorite products: GOLD: Leather club chairs they designed after spotting vintage pieces at a Paris ea market. If something sells that well and looks pretty, I sure do like it, he says. WILLIAMS: Our slipcovers are great because theyre just so versatile you can dress them up or down, change the style and they just give off this great ambience of relaxed, casual comfort. How practical the whites and neutrals they use so often are for everyday GOLD: Todays fabrics are a lot different from what you saw 20-30 years ago. Theyre much friendlier to live with and stain resistant. And if you spill red wine? In a lot of the fabrics, yes, it will come out. But you have to get it quickly, not let it sit there a day. Nate Berkus GOLD: We love Nate Berkus. WILLIAMS: He has great hair. GOLD: Yes, he has great hair, hes cute and adorable and were fairly friendly with him. I like his work a lot. WILLIAMS: His last book was great. Thom Filicia (of Queer Eye fame) GOLD: Sweet guy and talented. We were at a design kind of home in South Hampton and his room was really a standout. 2013 sales? GOLD: Over $100 million.

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ideas booklet

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The Art of Window Dressing with this ad ideas booklet Theof Art of The Art Window Dressing Window Dressing ideas booklet ideas booklet with this ad

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#1 ISSUE DATE: 12.20.13 SALES REPRESENTATIVE: JERYL PARADE ( Lulu, the company PROOF mascot GOLD: Shes resting in peace. She was REVIEW AD FOR COPY AND DESIGN ACCURACY. Revisions must be submitted within 24 hours of the date of proof. Proof will be considered nal and will be submitted for publication if revision is not submitted within 24 hours of 12 and a half and she will REVISIONS be the mascot the date of proof. Revisions will not be accepted after 12:01 pm wednesday, the week of publication.Brown naff pitts omnimedia llc (dba the washington blade) is not responsible for the content and/or design of your ad. Advertiser is responsible for any legal liability arising out of or relating to the advertisement, and/or any material to which users REDESIGN in perpetuity. The thing about bulldogs is can link through the advertisement. Advertiser represents that its advertisement will not violate any criminal laws or TEXT REVISIONS any rgihts of third parties, including, but not limited to, such violations as infringement or misapporpriation of any once they decide on something, that s it. copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret, music, image, or other proprietary or propety right, false advertising, unfair IMAGE/LOGO REVISIONS competition, defamation, invasion of privacy or rights of celebrity, violation of anti-discrimination law or regulation, They gure out a way to get it. She came or any other right of any person or entity. Advertiser agrees to idemnify brown naff pitts omnimedia llc (dba the ADVERTISER SIGNATURE NO REVISIONS washington blade) and to hold brown naff pitts omnimedia llc (dba the washington blade) harmless from any and all By signing this proof you are agreeing to your contr liability, loss, damages, claims, or causes of action, including reasonable legal fees and expenses that may be incurred washington blade newspaper. This includes but is n to work with us everyday and loved walking by brown naff pitts omnimedia llc, arising out of or related to advertisers breach of any of the foregoing representations payment and insertion schedule. and warranties. around and saying hi to everyone.

MITCHELL GOLD + BOB WILLIAMS 25th anniversary event A benet for Sitar Arts Center ( Wednesday 6-9 p.m. Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Washington location 1526 14th St., N.W. RSVP requested 202-332-3433

34 FEBRUARY 21, 2014



Be in the know about Barracks Row

Citys oldest commercial district is hot spot for business
By ALISON McCUBBIN Barracks Row, 8th Street, That Place Where All The Marines Hang Out call it whatever you want, just dont call it boring. Barracks Row, named after the beautiful Marine Barracks that sits on the street among restaurants and shops, is the oldest commercial district in the city. However, its only been a couple years now that this area has been considered a hot spot for restaurants and local businesses within the city. Many people that have ventured over to Barracks Row have come for one of Teds Bulletins famous pop-tarts and stayed for the adult milkshakes. This dangerously delicious combination, along with a classic American menu, won over so many loyal customers that a new location just recently opened up on the 14th Street corridor. Due to its popularity among Capitol Hill dwellers and non-Hill residents alike, youre almost always guaranteed a bit of a wait for a table. So if you arent keen on waiting, Barracks Row offers lots of other dining options and all within a couple blocks. If youre feeling lucky, you can walk across the street to Barracks Rows popular Belgian restaurant, Belga Cafe. Its about as popular as Teds Bulletin, but Belga will take reservations, which is highly recommended. With almost a dozen different kinds of wafes, its a consistent crowd pleaser that will make you wish someone had told you sooner that stufng a wafe with crabmeat is actually quite amazing (as is ordering A Bucket of Bacon). But if youre wanting to try out one of the newer spots on 8th Street, Roses Luxury should absolutely top that list. Its a restaurant unlike any in the area, with a focus on simple food done to perfection, impeccable service and a romantic ambiance perfect for a date night. But as the snow melts and the coats come off, you might want to enjoy the weather a bit as you dine. And theres no better place to do this than Pacico Cantina. Head on up to the rooftop and share a bucket of Coronas as you enjoy the weather, or you can order one of their amazing sh tacos paired with a perfect margarita. Just dont forget to check out the amazing interior of the bottom oor as you walk out it denitely deserves a look. And for those that need to satisfy their sweet tooth, look no further than The Sweet Lobby. As the winner of Food Networks Cupcake Wars, this boutique sweets shop not only has mind-blowing cupcakes, but they also have macaroons and Madeleines that are absolutely something to write home about. And for those that would rather cook their ve-star meal themselves, there is Hills Kitchen. Its quite unassuming on the outside, but on the inside its a dream world for any chef of any level. You name the cooking tool, and they have it, and probably in every color. This boutique even has cookie cutters in the shape of every state (read: easy gift ideas). And for those who are dying to learn the proper way to brle some crme, Hills Kitchen provides all sorts of cooking classes. And while youre in the learning mood, you might as well head down the street to DCanter, the areas new, very chic, wine


boutique. It has a great assortment of wines and beers, but also offers classes on clever topics varying from The Grape American Road Trip to The Dark Side of Beer. There are also weekend tastings for those who are looking to switch things up this Saturday. But with all this bacon and booze consumption, its probably a good idea to hit the gym. Look no further than Biker Barre, a boutique tness studio specializing in spin and barre. This studio has a loyal clientele from all over the DMV that prefers to sweat to a fun beat. Whether youre sprinting on a bike or pulsing and tucking at the barre, Biker Barre will leave you exhausted and sore, but proud you survived it. And if you happen to make it to one of the weekend classes, your hard work is often rewarded with a mimosa before you leave. But we cant talk about Barracks Row without mentioning the actual Marine Bar-

racks. Aside from being a beautiful building swarming with handsome marines, its also the setting for the Marine Barracks Parade each summer. Every Friday from May to August, The Evening Parade is held at 8:45 p.m. and features a beautiful concert put on by the United States Marine Band. Ticket reservations can be made online, and done so quickly, as its a popular event that should not be missed. As one of D.C.s oldest and most charming areas, Barracks Row has become an increasingly popular spot for new restaurants and boutiques to set up shop. And as the spring approaches and temperatures start to rise, why not take the opportunity to go check them out (and maybe a few Marines while youre at it).
Alison McCubbin is a sales associate with the Bediz Group, LLC at Coldwell Banker Dupont. Reach her at 202-642-9445

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JIm Ball and CHrISTOPHer LYNcH hoped to contribute to caf society.


Lively restaurant-bar enjoys second decade of success at Duponts edge

By MARK LEE Like the newly condent city for which the venue namesake designed the geographic layout, LEnfant Caf & Bar is in boom-time mode. Steps from French architect and civil engineer Pierre LEnfants original Florida Avenue city boundary sits the long-popular dining, drinking and entertainment landmark at 2000 18th St., N.W. Eleven years ago, co-owners Jim Ball and Christopher Lynch discovered this perfect place for the next adventure in their lives. The lively restaurant-bar the then couple opened in April 2003 became a unique component of a maturing nexus of evolving commerce straddling Dupont Circle and Adams Morgan at the intersection of 18th and U streets. Last weekend was an anniversary for the duo. After exchanging Valentines Day gifts at the Manhattan apartment they shared a year prior to launching their hospitality enterprise in D.C., traditional Tiffany treasures were followed by Ball presenting Lynch with a ip chart. Ball asked his cohort to list ve hopes and dreams while he did the same. Both lists contained a solitary shared item opening a coffeehouse and bar. We wanted to do something different and be our own boss, Lynch says. They soon would. We hoped to contribute to caf society, Ball says. Fusing what we liked about the East Village spots we frequented, Lynch notes, as Ball adds, combined with the tradition of the French. At the time there were few places with outdoor space, Ball recalls. They now offer the areas largest sidewalk patio. Their goal was a destination to enjoy a cappuccino or glass of wine along with a meal. Where a table for two suddenly grows larger on the spacious wrap-around patio with the addition of friendly faces both known and new, Ball says. The menu features French-inspired classics and notes we are the true backbone of

this economy, a small business that dreams big. Steak frites, bistro burgers, savory dinner crepes, and mussels are popular plates. Aperitifs, specialty cocktails, a selection of draft or bottled beers and wines are offered. Open until midnight Sunday-Thursday and 2 a.m. on weekends, seasonal spring-summer-fall lunch service will soon re-initiate. A national Top 100 Brunch among 14,000 Open Table venues, the weekly Saturday reservation-only La Boum earlyafternoon booze-and-breakfast house party with DJ lls 60 interior table and bar seats. With either Lynch or Ball as emcee behind covered windows, guests are exhorted to celebrate debauchery. Were pretending our parents are away for the weekend and we have the keys to the liquor cabinet, Ball writes on the business website. An acclaimed Sunday Speakeasy cabaret supper club featuring drag performers from New York, Las Vegas, Berlin and London is on hiatus. The owners relish the relationships developed with patrons. After investing in imported French caf tables and chairs and installing shrubbery boxes, locals were quick to appreciate the streetscape enhancement. The desired street activation of city government terminology is more simply expressed by neighbors as enlivening and beautifying their streetcorner location, Lynch says. The venues sustained success was no certainty. Neither Lynch, previously a sales and marketing professional with Estee Lauder Companies or Ball, an independent event and marketing consultant, had prior industry experience. We met in a bar and ate in a lot of restaurants, Ball chuckles. We winged it, he says, and that was the most exciting part. We learned a lot fast. Its all part of a story being written every day. Were proud of these 11 years, Lynch adds, most of all that weve created a sense of community with our customers. We can brainstorm a new idea today and tomorrow make it happen, Ball says. Thats the magic of it.
Mark Lee is a long-time entrepreneur and community business advocate. Follow on Twitter: @MarkLeeDC. Reach him at OurBusinessMatters@gmail. com.




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w w w. b e y e r s u b a r u . c o m


STOCK #11562S | MODEL: ERB-01 | MSRP: $23,820