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Reaping and Reproducing The Harvest of Generosity by Sidney G. Grant, President........................................................................................ ________________________________________________________________________________________ The Miracle of Answered Prayer by Rev. G.R. French................................................................................................... ________________________________________________________________________________________ Sowing Seeds For Harvest by Glenn Gault, South Africa......................................................................................... ________________________________________________________________________________________ Church Planting Sowing Seeds by Eric Kuhns........................................................................................................... ________________________________________________________________________________________ The Harvest in China by Dr. Randall McElwain............................................................................................. ________________________________________________________________________________________ The Joy of Planned Giving! by Rev. Patrick Davis.................................................................................................. ________________________________________________________________________________________ Sowing Seeds by Hery Santiago....................................................................................................... ________________________________________________________________________________________ NEWS: Missions Convention Rev. C.J. Goodspeed, May 10, 1914 - August 5, 2013............................................... ________________________________________________________________________________________ SEA BREEZE COMMUNITY: Maintenance Upgrade...................................................................................... ________________________________________________________________________________________ ANNOUNCEMENT: 2014 Sea Breeze Camp February 6-16, 2014................................................................ ________________________________________________________________________________________

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he fall and early the application process. winter of 1991 and Because of this, he was the spring of 1992 issued a citation of deporwere turbulent times. It tation from the country. seemed as if the locusts As a result of the were released to devour and dispersion of the congregainvade the fast advancing tion and deportation of the Hispanic Ministries. One of pastor, reaping the harvest our first Hispanic churches was just beginning. The that was planted had grown deported pastor returned to from a handful of believthe US, received his citizeners to a solid attendance of ship, and became a ministry 150 within three years. leader. New churches were The growth was faster planted and new workers The fruit of than the ability to disciple are now being trained for and produce workers, and faithful seed continued ministry. adequate facilities became planting is Every attempt to plant a problem. Yet in spite of the seed of the gospel and producing a great Gods redemptive the adverse circumstances, plan in the seed of the gospel con- harvest on four the hearts of people will be tinued to be planted in the continents and challenged by Satan. The lives of the growing num- twenty countries! ministries HIM is resolved bers of believers. to continue will face adverse Your generous Then, without warncircumstances such as lack ing, we had to vacate the giving makes this of workers and financial building where we assemresources. But, when it bled for worship. As a result possible. seems the doors are closing, of this upsetting circumstance, people God moves upon His people, and as a result began to leave the church. To compound of their prayers and generous contributions, the crisis, several business people in the it is affirmed to us that we must continue congregation lost their jobs, and along planting seeds and reaping the harvest. We with several other families, they moved to are reaping because of your generosity. different states seeking employment. Please continue to do your part! In the midst of all of this, the pastor, As you read accounts in this World who had been waiting for his green card Update of seeds sown and the results, to be processed, discovered through an please prayerfully consider sending an interview that his eligibility was denied offering for continued efforts of sowing due to a previous misunderstanding in seed for future harvesting.


, President


by Rev. G.R. French





by Glenn Gault, South Africa
evangelists, childrens workers, and lay people. Sixteen students have graduated from these Bible schools. Almost all of them are involved in some kind of ministry. Rev. Kali Nthabi is a product of Gods grace and Hope International Missions efforts to cultivate national church leaders. He was among the first graduates from the Bible school that Hope International Missions started in Lesotho and is the itinerant pastor of three congregations. He is now one of the teachers at the Bible school. As the Apostle Paul trained up a new generation of leaders like Timothy and Titus, Rev. Kali is doing his best to mentor young men and women for leadership in the Kingdom. Samuel Mahlomola Mashoai is one of those young people. He got saved as a child through the Sunday school classes at Ha Motheho. As a youth, God called him into ministry. In 2008 he enrolled in the Bible school in Lesotho and graduated in the class of 2012. While Samuel was in Bible School he became an assistant pastor helping Rev. Kali at Ha Moteho. He is also the chaplain at Matukeng Health Centre and holds a short evangelistic service there four days a week. Jesus admonished His followers, Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that He will send forth labourers into His harvest. Your intercession and generous giving are essential for a successful harvest of souls. The fields are ripe. Join us in planting the seeds for a new generation of harvesters!


n the early 1990s attention was called to the fact that our mission had no ongoing outreach to the vast multitudes of Russia. Russia had recently been considered an enemy, and the political situation was still very unstable. Many were afraid to travel in that mysterious land, much less live there. Some Americans actually felt that it would be a compromise to offer the gospel to our enemies! We had no missionaries who spoke the Russian language; we knew very little about the Russian culture; and we had no funds to launch such an enterprise! So, why waste our time? But that is not how God viewed the country for whom Christ died! And we knew they hungered for the Word of God.

Early one morning, I awoke and could not go back to sleep. This is often a signal that God is speaking, and I needed to listen. Sure enough, He confirmed the burden for the countries so many had been praying for. It was easy to pray; the heavens were open and the burden of prayer was specific. Then I did something I rarely doI asked the Lord if I could try the spirits. I said, If this is the Spirit of God speaking, send someone to inform us God has called them to serve as a missionary to Russia or Eastern Europe. I had known of no one who had expressed such a call, nor even a willingness to serve in such a capacity. But I felt sure that the continued on page 11

esus once said, The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few. An important lesson that we must learn from this statement is that training pastors and church leaders is an integral part of sowing the Gospel seed. Without laborers, the precious harvest could be wasted. A part of Hope International Missions vision for Southern Africa is that every convert in our churches will be discipled and have a working knowledge of the Bible. We envision an outreach carried forward on the shoulders of lay people who passionately share their faith with friends and family. We also envision those whom God has called into ministry receiving on-the-job training in Bible schools. These leaders will be mentored and prayed over until they blaze with Great Commission fervor. Inspiring goals are worth little unless practical steps are taken to make them a reality. Here is what has been accomplished so far: We are implementing a discipleship course for every new convert. It will help them prepare for baptism and teach them how to witness effectively. A correspondence-type Bible school curriculum has been translated into Sesotho. God has supplied the finances to publish more than half of these books. The unpublished books are being taught as lecture classes. Weekend Bible schools have been started in Lesotho and Ladybrand, South Africa. These Bible schools provide on-the-job training for pastors,


by Eric Kuhns, Honduras




have never been much of a gardener. City life hasnt helped the matter. Its difficult growing things out of pavement and cement. When we first came to Honduras and moved into our apartment, I was surprised to discover that we would have a yard. The yard consisted of a patch of dirt eleven feet long by four feet wide. Despite the limited space, I decided to try my hand at growing some flower seeds. I planted them, watered them, and stubbornly fought the encroaching weeds. After a few weeks, the flowers began to bloom. Our flower project was going on right as we were starting our very first church. I distinctly remember one day, as I watered the flowers, the Lord reminding me that church planting was a lot like growing a garden. It takes little seeds, hard work, and a lot of patience. We began to see that lesson play out over the next few years. Shortly after moving into our house we began to cultivate the neighborhood. We let everyone know that we were planning to start a church. We handed out brochures door-to-door, invited people to our home, and worked hard to win the trust of our neighbors. They were little seeds of kindness. Months dragged by, and it seemed that none of the seeds had taken root. One day Hannah and I were heading to the store. As we drove down the hill to leave our community, we saw an elderly lady slowly walking along the side of the road. Hannah suggested that we stop and give her a ride. I hesitatingly pulled over and told the lady that she was welcome to ride along. As


by Dr. Randall McElwain


we rode together she thanked us repeatedly for stopping. We told her that we were missionaries with plans of starting a church and if she wasnt attending services anywhere she was more than welcome to meet with us. We dropped her off at her destination and continued on with our business never thinking that our seed of kindness would ever bear much fruit. But, a few weeks later she showed up to church. She hadnt forgotten our kindness or our invitation. She enjoyed the service and later invited her daughter, Sandra, to accompany her to church. Sandra got saved and began a chain of events that would leave us astounded. Her friendship opened many opportunities to present the gospel to people with whom she was acquainted. Numerous people were saved and two other churches were planted. She donated a piece of land for our second church. Contacts from the second church led us to plant a third church. Sandra was also instrumental in the salvation and baptism of her 93-year-old grandmother before her death. The harvest from that one seed has been a hundred fold! It reminded me of the lesson that day in the garden; little seeds, hard work, and a lot of patience will always bring a harvest!

n I Corinthians 3, countless seeds Paul teaches that were planted. Seeds in those who plant, Another step Taiwan those who water, and was taken in the 90s those who reap share when Sister Schwartz Seeds through Seeds in the together in the harand Sister Hsu began Radio and Philippines Literature vest given by God. I making regular The have planted, Apollos visits to teach and Chinese watered; but God gave preach in the house Harvest the increase. So then churches. They conneither is he that plantinued to water seeds Seeds through teth any thing, neithat had been planted Seeds in Palm short-term Beach Florida ther he that watereth; previously. Working visits to China but God that giveth with a young Chinese the increase. couple, Chris and Today in China, we are enjoying the fruit Crystal Zhou, they laid a foundation for of seeds planted by HIM missionaries in pre- future work in China. vious years. Think for a moment of the seeds Far from either HIMs home base or that have been planted over several decades. China itself, God was working in the lives of Beginning in 1973, FEA missionaries another missionary couple who would play such as the Peltons, Winghams, and Halters a part in the Chinese harvest. In the Philipplanted seeds among the Chinese people in pines, David and Christina Black worked Taiwan. This laid a strong foundation for with church planting, Christian education, further work in the Chinese world. and pastoral training. Today, the Blacks Another group of seeds were planted direct HIMs Asian Ministries and use their in the United States. In 1980, Rev. G.R. experience to meet the needs of fledgling French, Dr. Glen Reiff, and Dr. Wesley churches in China. Kuo planted a church for the Chinese comIn China today, we are reaping fruit from munity in Palm Beach County. Immigrants seeds planted for many years. House church from China, Chinese visitors from around leaders have learned to trust HIM missionarthe world, and American-born Chinese with ies and are turning to us for training. Chris relatives in mainland China all became part and Crystal Zhou live in China and provide of Gods plan for HIMs outreach into China. training and Bible studies throughout the Today, coworkers from the Palm Beach Chi- year. Other missionaries travel to China on nese Christian Chapel play a valuable role short term trips to offer training to house translating and serving in the church leaders. We are able to Chinese ministry. provide classes in Bible, docThen, from a tiny radio trine, leadership, and counselstudio in Hobe Sound, ing. This provides the opporFlorida, Jeanne Schwartz tunity to spread the message of and Dorothy Hsu planted holiness throughout China. seeds throughout China Please pray with us that God with their radio broadcasts. will continue to help HIM misThrough radio, printed litsionaries plant seeds in China, erature, visits to China, and and pray that God will give a rich even telephone counseling, harvest in years to come.


by Rev. Patrick Davis




It legally documents the intentions you have for personal property and assets and puts them in the hands of those you trust. It communicates to your family that you care enough to take some of the pain out of your passing by making provisions for the proper transfer of your assets. It makes a clear statement to family and friends of your personal values by leaving a lasting legacy of charitable giving for the Christian ministries you support. Have you considered making a lasting gift to Hope International Missions through planned giving? To speak with someone about starting the process of planned giving to support missions, please contact us at 772-546-1113.


s a pastor, if you have any type of outreach ministries these days, receiving a letter from an unknown attorney addressed to the church is usually not good! As I cautiously opened the letter that day, I was overcome with joy because the letter informed the church I pastored that one of the members had remembered them in his will. His charitable giving did not stop when he passed away, but by planned giving through his estate, he was able to channel a portion of his assets to continue supporting the ministries of the church. When considering the process of planned giving, the first place to start is with estate planning that usually includes having a will. In talking about a will, many people immediately say, thats for those who have a lot of money or assets. Not so! Consider the following list of the lasting benefits of estate planning:

by Hery Santiago, Pastor of HIM Spanish Church, Hobe Sound, FL


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hrough my journey me as a young boy. Deep of life God has down inside I had a void placed great men in my heart; something and women along my path. was missing. Many nights I still recall the exciting during my inebriated state Sunday school classes at I would call out to God Gods Missionary Church for deliverance. I willin Lebanon, PA. It was at ingly admitted myself into this church where I got a a rehab center one late fall lot of my Christian educaseason. It was on October tion from an early age. 23, 1994, I gave my heart Throughout my childto the Lord in full surhood several people from render. It was love that the church took great me! Everyone that showed lifted interest in my siblings I can say with full me love has made and me. On occasion assurance that genuine they would take us out love convinced me that a significant impact to eat or to learn how to God truly cared for me. I fly a small four passenger on me. I often think could perceive this from plane. It truly was a treat! of them now while those who never gave up However, being raised in I serve others. on me. One of the things a divided home, with my I appreciated was the father as a nominal catholic and my mom as a fact these people were non-judgmental. They devoted evangelical woman, it was easy for me loved me for who I was. to slip under the radar and experiment with Now as a child of God, He has given me a what the world had to offer, only to find myself purpose in life. All I want to do is serve Him. drifting into the vast ocean of nothingness. In Everyone that showed me love has made a signifno time I was a substance abuser and took hold icant impact on me. I often think of them now of anything that was self-gratifying. This all while I serve others. In recent years God has left me shackled. Periodically, brothers of the opened a door for me in the prison where many church would try to seek me out, but I kept inmates have given their hearts to Jesus. When I dodging and hiding. By the time I was in junior see them they remind me of from where I came. high I was a full blown mess. My uncontrolled All I can do is show them love and how to find life came to a sudden halt when I was suspended the fountain of love, Jesus Christ. In addition to from school. Immediately I was shipped to live this, God has called me into pastoral ministries with relatives, which only made matters worse. where I meet people from all walks of life lookI landed in jail at age 19, facing a 25 year sening to fill the void in their hearts. My desire is to tence for a crime I had not committed. During point them to the Savior as others did for me. my stay there my only visitors were my parents, Editorial Note: Heny Santiago is the prodPastor Barry Arnold, Jeff Clark, the Lunas, uct of a bus ministry. He is a graduate of Hobe and some others from the church who came Sound Bible College and is currently enrolled to encourage me in the Word. I tried to seek in a masters degree program. The seed that God while in prison but left Him there when I was sown many years ago has produced a fullwas released. I ran back to the world for a short bloom leaderone who is sowing seeds in the time. However, the gospel seed was planted in lives of others.








he Hobe Sound Bible Church missions convention was held October 11-14, 2013. Tim Keep brought a timely message each evening. Tim and Becky both spoke on Sunday evening about their experiences as missionaries in the Philippines. The HIM staff enjoyed representing missions and visiting with staff from Hobe Sound Christian Academy and Hobe Sound Bible College and the pastoral staff and board members of Hobe Sound Bible Church on Saturday following the evening service. The HIM staff also provided a fellowship for the college students and academy high school students on Sunday evening. We are thankful for Gods presence and help during this convention.

May 10, 1914 - August 5, 2013

ev. C.J. Goodspeed, 99, of Beech Grove, peacefully went home to be with the Lord on Monday, August 5, 2013 at his home surrounded by his loving family. He was born May 10, 1914 in Baton Rouge, LA, a son of the late Clarence James and Josephine (Weiss) Goodspeed. Rev. Goodspeed started work when he was 10 years old as an errand boy for Standard Oil in Baton Rouge and was the head of the mail room by age 18. At an early age he dedicated his heart and life to God and felt a passion for missions. He received his bachelors degree from Intercession City Bible College in Intercession City, FL. He left Standard Oil at age 24 to serve as a missionary to the Bahamas with missions pioneer G.T. Bustin. He would go on to serve in Jamaica, Haiti, Cuba, Mexico and to the Navajo Indians. He married the love of his life, Edna Perkins, on January 16, 1965. He also pastored

churches in Rockwood, TN and Dentsville, SC. He was one of the first instructors at Hobe Sound Bible College, Hobe Sound, FL and was later employed with Gods Bible School in Cincinnati, OH. Rev. Goodspeed is survived by his wife of 48 years, Edna Goodspeed; four children, Linda Thiboleau, of Dayton, OH, James Lynn (wife: Melissa) Goodspeed of Mt. Dora, FL, Lurlene (husband: Rev. Jeff) Allen of Yakima, WA and Carey Jonathan (wife: Veronica) Goodspeed of Indianapolis; 10 grandchildren, Amanda, Austin Michael, Laura Grace, Annabelle, Chase, Carey and Hunter Goodspeed and Natalee, Seth and Tabytha Allen; one great-granddaughter, Jasmine Goodspeed; a brother, Bill Goodspeed of Baton Rouge and a brother-in-law, Glen (wife: Wilma) Perkins of Bowling Green, OH. He was preceded in death by seven brothers and sisters. (from page 4) astounded that it took me a few minutes to put it all together. It had been only a few hours earlier that I had asked God for this very confirmation! But, that was not the only miracle. Two days earlier, as Miss Schwartz was driving to Miami, her motor quit. She exited off the turnpike, distressed. However, God was in control, and ordained that Steve Blowers, the very one He had chosen to confirm our call to Russia, just accidently happened to show up at the right time! continued on page 16 (back-cover)


rising burden of prayer and the open doors must be the working of the Spirit of God. God was working! I went back to sleep and awakened after an hour or two to get ready for a trip to Miami with several missionaries. I had forgotten about the confirmation I had asked God to give mea volunteer for service in Russia or Eastern Europe. But God had not forgotten! Suddenly, Miss Schwartz, one of the missionaries in the van, asked, Brother French, did you know that Steve Blowers is called to Russia and Eastern Europe? I was so



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Miami was one of the most dangerous cities in America, and Miss Schwartz felt helpless. About that time a car pulled up beside her, and Steve Blowers said, Sister Schwartz, what are you doing here? Miss Schwartz said, Oh, Steve, my motor quit, and I do not know what to do! Can you help me? Steve was happy to help her and soon had her motor humming. As he worked on her car, he happily gave her the news. Sister Schwartz, did you know that God has called me to Russia and Eastern Europe? This is the evidence we had asked forSOMEONE VOLUNTEERED TO GO TO RUSSIA!! REPEAT: Keep in mind the time and sequence. Steves message to Miss Schwartz about his call was two days BEFORE God witnessed to us, that if someone volunteered to go to Russia it would seal the fact that it was Gods will for us to proceed full-speed ahead. And right there, beside a busy highway, we had our answer! We had asked our Heavenly Father to clearly confirm His will for us to open a work in Russia, and He did it by miraculously bringing the key people together in a city of over 2 million people!! Editorial Note: Richard and Judy Grout recounted that this effort was providentially prepared in a West Palm Beach Spanish church which prayed a commission prayer and supported Steve for several years. Today, as a result of Gods affirmation to enter a country that continues to be difficult, the gospel seed is still being sown in the hearts of hundreds of people through Russia and

other Eastern European countries. Edward and Heather Durham, as Eastern Europe regional directors, are now sowing seed in Budapest, Hungary; Valera and Maude Motovilov in Yosh-kar Ola; Richard and Judy Grout are anchors in Russia sowing seed to scores of people on a weekly basis. There are national Christian leaders in Russia as a result. Sally Sebo is sowing seed in the lives of children and young people in Romania; Tim and Cheryl Boyd sow seed in youth camps each summer in Ukraine.

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