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Rep. Tony Albright
Rep. Pat Garofalo
Rep. Debra Keil
Rep. Marion O’Neill
Sen. Bruce Anderson
Sen. Paul Gazelka
Rep. Tim Kelly
Sen. David Osmek
Rep. Paul Anderson Rep. Glenn Gruenhagen
Steve Knuth
Sen. Branden Petersen
Pat Anderson
Rep. Bob Gunther
Dave Ladd
Sen. Eric Pratt
Rep. Sarah Anderson Rep. Tom Hackbarth
Rep. Ernie Leidiger
Rep. Cindy Pugh
Kurt Bills
Sen. Dan Hall
Rep. Kathy Lohmer
Rep. Duane Quam
Andy Brehm
Rep. Rod Hamilton
Doug Loon
Pat Rosenstiel
Laura Brod
Rep. Jerry Hertaus
Rep. Jenifer Loon
Sen. Carrie Ruud
Sen. Dave Brown
Todd Hill
Marcus Marsh
Jerry Seck
John Cooney
Rep. Mary Liz Holberg Rep. Joe McDonald
Sen. David Senjem
Rep. Tony Cornish
Rep. Joe Hoppe
Rep. Denny McNamara
Cullen Sheehan
Rep. Bob Dettmer
Sen. Karin Housley
Jack Meeks
Rep. Paul Torkelson
Rep. Steve Drazkowski
Rep. Jeff Howe
Rep. Jim Newberger
Joe Weber
Rep. Dan Fabian
Greg Johnson
Sen. Scott Newman
Rep. Nick Zerwas
Rep. David FitzSimmons Rep. Andrea Keiffer
Rep. Bud Nornes


For  a  reception  in  support  of  


Candidate  for  Congress  (MN-­‐6)  

Wednesday,  March  5  
4:30  PM  –  6:00  PM  

Downtowner  Woodfire  Grill  
253  West  7th  Street  
Saint  Paul,  Minnesota  

$150  suggested  donation  

RSVP  to  Angela  at  651-­‐784-­‐0003  


Paid  for  by  Emmer  for  Congress  


Reception  in  support  of    
At  the  Downtowner  Woodfire  Grill  


Yes,  I/we  will  attend  on  Wednesday,  March  5.    Enclosed  is  my  contribution  of  $______________.      
Please  reserve  ______________  space/s  for  the  reception.  

No,  I/we  cannot  attend,  but  enclosed  is  my  contribution  of  $______________.  


First:__________________________________________  Last:_________________________________________________  
Spouse  First:_________________________________  Spouse  Last:_________________________________________  
City:_____________________________________________________  State:__________  Zip:_______________________  
Home  #:_______________________  Work  #:_______________________  Mobile  #:__________________________  
Employer:______________________________________  Occupation:_______________________________________  
Please  Make  Checks  Payable  to:  
Emmer  for  Congress  
c/o  Shanna  Woodbury  Consulting  
PO  Box  120697  
Saint  Paul,  MN  55112  
Credit  Card  Contributions:  




American  Express  

Card  Number:____________________________________________________________________________________  
Code:_______________  Expiration  Date:  ____________________Amount:  $___________________________  
Cardholder  Name:________________________________________________________________________________  

For  more  information  please  call  Angela  at  651-­‐784-­‐0003,  
or  visit  www.emmerforcongress  to  contribute  online.  

Contributions  to  Emmer  for  Congress  are  not  tax  deductible  for  federal  income  tax  purposes.  
Contributions  from  corporations,  foreign  nationals  and  federal  government  contractors  are  
prohibited.    Not  printed  at  government  expense.    Federal  law  requires  us  to  use  our  best  efforts  to  
collect  and  report  the  name,  mailing  address,  occupation  and  name  of  employer  of  individuals  
whose  contributions  exceed  $200  in  an  election  cycle.  
Paid  for  by  Emmer  for  Congress  

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