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A 2-5-1 lick is played over the 2-5-1 chord progression, in this case, Ab.

The 2 chord is a
Bbm7, the 5 chord is a Eb7, and the 1 chord is AbM7. The lick is basically divided into 3
parts: the part played over the 2 chord, the part played over the 5 chord, and the part
played over the 1 chord. Let's review the chords.

Here's the first lick.

Now try the 2nd lick.

When playing 2-5-1 licks, play evenly and controlled. Don't force it into too small a space.
When you're comfortable with the lick, mask it or bury it within a longer lick or connect to
other licks, scales, or arpeggios.