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March 2014

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The Parish Pump was started in 1979 to provide a free community magazine in the parish. It began as, and still is, a joint venture, combining the church magazine and village magazine. The Parish Pump is sponsored by the Parochial Church Council and Debden Parish Council. Both bodies contribute financially to the cost of running the magazine by means of a donation, received annually. It is intended that the magazine reflects all aspects of village life within the parish and provides an opportunity for community matters to be raised. In addition to the information recorded in the magazine, our sister publication, the Debden Directory provides a host of useful contact numbers for services ranging from bus times, local plumbers, doctors and restaurants. If you do not have a copy, please contact a member of the committee. The magazine has editors but no official reporters. Consequently, an interesting magazine depends on articles, news, etc. coming from people in the village. The th closing date for submitting material is: the 12 of each month. The editors job is to edit. This means fitting the material into the space available and trying to ensure there is a reasonable balance of views on controversial subjects etc. Consequently, it is not always possible to publish everything submitted and sometimes changes have to be made to the length of a contribution. Non topical articles cannot always be published in the next issue but will appear later unless you are told otherwise. Contributions of up to 400 words have a better chance of being published in full than longer ones. Please note that the present and past editions of the Parish Pump are now available on line on the new website and that any material submitted will be automatically featured on the website. If you wish to have your name and/or contact details (which must normally accompany any contributions) withheld from the printed edition and/or not to appear on the website, this must be stated at the time of submission. Copy for inclusion in the next edition should be emailed by the 12th of the month to;

There is also a folder in the shop for submission of written or typed copy. The current editors of the Parish Pump, who have the sole prerogative of the editorial policy (so dont blame anyone else) are; Mike Fairchild Ursula Lyons Advertising rates per issue are; full page 10.00; half page 8.00; quarter page or less 6.00. Full payment in advance and an electronic copy of the ad should be sent to the Editors or Treasurer by email. Cheques should be made payable to The Parish Pump The other Committee members include Chairman: Judith Forster Treasurer: Alastair Donald Secretary: Marion Bamfield Distribution: Caroline Burchall 2


Its that Lord Kitchener moment again

It was an extraordinary meeting in more ways than one. A stranger arriving at the door of the new room of the Parish Church on the evening of February 13 might have been forgiven for thinking hed stumbled across a rehearsal for EastEnders, or perhaps the Borgias. For those who missed it, or havent yet read the report overleaf, it was an extraordinary (thats a technical term) meeting of the parish council to settle the precept for this year. But actually, it wasnt. In fact it was the latest chapter in the saga to build a new village hall. The proposition was to add 18,000 to this years precept so that if sufficient money had not been raised to kick-start the building, the council could apply for a cheap, long-term government loan. This was the backstop the measure of last resort needed to reassure public and private doners that Debden already had money in the bank so, having written us a cheque, they could sleep at night. However, the loan would cost an extra 80p - 1.50 per week depending on your council tax band. And for some, that was a step too far especially as theyd not had long enough to think about it and made it clear they didnt like bits of the new hall design anyway. Then there was the bullish if you want it, youre going to have to pay for it brigade. Not to mention threats of fines and judicial revues if certain councillors voted because theyd been advised that as village hall volunteers, they had a conflict of interest. So maybe its time to let tempers cool and take stock. The fact is that the new hall timetable has now slipped, and certainly to the point where it is unlikely we can link the project to national commemorations to mark the bravery of the Fallen from WW1, in whose memory the present hall was built. Which leaves one wondering what they would have thought of our fighting compared with theirs. But to retain the military metaphor, maybe its time for some of our village hall frontline troops to be reinforced by those who believe they can contribute new fundraising skills, ideas and energy. The recruitment office is now open. See page 20. Mike Fairchild


Sparks fly at council meeting and village hall slips a year

Plans for a new village hall for Debden were pushed back by several months, and possibly by as much as a year, after a stormy special meeting of Debden Parish Council on Thursday 13 February.
The extraordinary meeting was called to decide the parish precept the money the parish receives from Uttlesford Council (UDC) to run its affairs, which is paid for out of council tax. But the resolution also contained the proposal than an additional 18,000 should be added to the precept this year to support a government loan, should it be needed, to help build the new hall. After more than an hour of highly charged and often acrimonious debate, the meeting was brought to a sudden halt by chairman Cllr Andrew Tetlow after a particularly angry exchange. Although many in the audience may have been left wondering if anything was decided, the precept of 15,950, discussed at a previous council meeting, was approved (it was 15,450 last year), but the additional 18,000 to support a loan was not voted on and therefore lapsed. It was standing room only inside the new room at the Parish Church with an overflow audience in the lobby outside. Conflict of interest The most heated issue was whether the four members of the parish council present who were also members of the New Village Hall Group (NVHG) Stewart Luck (NVHG chairman), Jeanette OBrien, Richard Simmonds and Roger Forster were allowed to vote because of conflict of interest. Steph Watson, an NVHG member and chairman of the hall trustees, was away. Earlier, Cllr Tetlow insisted the meeting had to be conducted according to the law and at one point felt it had been scuppered because of Cllr Lucks insistence that he would vote. Two members of the audience suggested no notice should be taken of lawyers advice and the village should be allowed to sort it out. Parish Clerk Chris Griffin cited advice from the councils auditors and a parish council advisory body that strict criteria had to be met before such a large loan could be taken out. Rulings from UDCs compliance officer about dispensation to vote, assorted emails and letters as well as advice from the Rural Community Council of Essex were tossed into the ring. Then came a warning that Cllr Luck 4

could lose his seat and face a 5,000 fine if he voted, plus the threat of a legal challenge from District Councillor Tina Knight, and a chorus from the audience that the whole farrago risked bringing the parish council and the village into disrepute The other contention was whether it was right to increase council tax to underpin the loan, and whether the community had been sufficiently consulted about it. The vote in favour of such a move by a show of hands at the recent village meeting was challenged by a member of the audience who claimed that the results of a questionnaire delivered door to door came to a different conclusion. The validity of that questionnaire was itself challenged on the grounds that it was produced by a group of concerned Debden residents but implied it had parish council authority. Tax would hurt me Cllr Simmonds spoke for some when he said the only way that Debden would get a hall was for residents to pay for it themselves, while one resident said: An increase in council tax would hurt me more than most but if we dont do this now, the hall will not get built. Cllr Knight said: The poorest in the village know nothing about it, and theyre saying were not paying more council tax; were struggling as it is.

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An appeal to stop rowing by Cllr Stephen Jasper failed Church 26 to stop the meeting breaking up in disarray while one member of the audience stormed out in response to an More RBL Burns Night 32 unguarded remark, leaving the apology hanging in the air. Parish Council official report, page 40.
Countryfile 34

The only way in Essex

If you think its tough having to cope with muddy wellies and a low-slung white dog, see pages 23 and 34.

Neighbour winter watch 35 Parish Council 40 Night flights 41

Events 42 Information 43 Church services 44

Convoy of Mastiff protected mobility vehicles designed to carry EOD and Search teams and their specialist equipment edges through Debden en route to overseas exercises to train personnel from Carver Barracks prior to deployment to Afghanistan. Meanwhile, accommodation for the Officers mess, Warrant Officers and Sergeants Mess and for single soldiers is due for completion in late summer, allowing personnel in private accommodation to move back to Carver Barracks..

Military convoy en route to overseas exercise

Wet and Wilds night at Debden Pre-School Quiz

All smiles from team Wet & Wild at the Pre-School quiz at Yuva, with (standing) quizmasters Trudie Tagert and Martin Bird. Pre-Schools new chairman Laura Woodman, thanked everyone, and 375 was raised to be shared between Pre-School and the new village hall fund.


The Village Hall debate

Mean spirited descendants So no new village hall! I wonder what the generation that built the current hall (who must have been immeasurably worse off than us) would make of their mean spirited descendants who couldnt find it within themselves to pay 3/4/5 per household per month to fund a new one. Hopefully our children or grandchildren who will have to fund one will not look too unkindly on us. Alan Hynes Wholehearted support Debden Pre-School wholeheartedly supports the building of a New Village Hall so that our staff and children can be located in a modern, fit for purpose setting. We look forward to a light filled room with direct access to the play park and facilities to cope with disabled and able bodied children alike. As the largest user we rent the hall for approximately 670 hours per year at a cost of 3,000. We have been registered as a charity since 2006 and over a number of years our income has significantly contributed towards the running costs of the building. Our morning sessions are at capacity with 20 children and so we are able to provide employment for seven part-time local . members of staff. From 1 September 2010 half of our fundraising money has been ring fenced for the New Village Hall and we expect this to be close to 1,500 following our February quiz night in Yuva [see facing page] . A drop in the ocean for the total build cost but a significant amount for the pre-school! The pre-school is a non profit organisation run by an active volunteer committee with approximately two thirds of our income received from government funding and the remaining from parental fees. We re-invest any surplus made in new resources or hold on to it for a rainy day and are very much looking forward to the grand opening of the New Village Hall in 2015. Amelia Armour
Committee & Staff of Debden Pre-School

Debden will have to pay As a long term enthusiast for a new memorial hall, I have after many years come to the conclusion that if Debden really, really wants a new hall, Debden will have to pay for it. Realistically, I am certain that major funders will not be willing to donate to us. Why not? We are not a needy community. In these straightened times money goes to genuinely deserving causes. Too many in Debden believe we can get something for nothing, we are a lottery obsessed village, hoping we can get a shiny new hall by way of grants. If I thought that any more than a very small minority thinks this way, I would be immensely sad. Richard Simmonds

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We design delicious and stunning handmade personalised celebration cakes for every occasion. Weddings, birthdays, christenings, anniversaries, corporate and Christmas We are now supplying high quality everyday cakes to the Village Shop.
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Tom Bland His roots lay in Debden

Many people will remember this picture of Tom Bland after taking the salute as the RAF Cadet Band marched through Debden at the Remembrance Day parade last year. Tom, who was a familiar figure in Debden where he spent much of his life, died at the age of 92. His funeral took place on Tuesday February 18 at Debden Parish Church. Tom Bland was born in 1921. At that time his family lived in Debden Manor. His father, who served in the First World War, farmed some of the land around the village and also worked in London (an early commuter!). As Tom grew up he developed a great affection for the village and the surrounding countryside and acquired a deep knowledge of East Anglian people and their ways. He had a passion for woodworking and was highly skilled at producing beautifully turned wooden objects. Tom served in the Scots Guards throughout WW2, seeing action in North Africa and Italy. The photograph (left) shows him in uniform in 1941. He was severely wounded after the Salerno landings but recovered to re-join his battalion in Italy, remaining with them until the end of the war. He was awarded the Military Cross in Italy in 1944. He worked at Lloyds in London after the war until retirement. On leaving the Army, he joined the Royal British Legion in1946, remaining a member for 68 years. Apart from his military service and a short period when he lived in London, Tom spent all his life in and around Debden. He saw the village change from a remote agricultural village of the pre-war period, with few connections even with Saffron Walden, into the village it is today with its medieval roots yet part of the modern world. He often talked of Debden in the old days: walking to the church on Sunday mornings; learning about old country pursuits and crafts; experiencing war time in the village including the bombing of the aerodrome and the night it was thought a German parachutist was hiding in a ditch outside the village. Tom lived a full and adventurous life but always felt his deepest roots lay in Debden. Tom Bland was a widower. He leaves three children and five grandchildren. 10

Still time to return your questionnaire and have a say in the new village hall project
About 50% of the questionnaires, delivered by a group of residents to each house in Debden and Debden Green, have been returned so far and the contents evaluated. This has already provided a valuable insight into what people in the village are asking for with regards to funding of a new hall, its size, location and car parking. Whilst a number of villagers were able to attend the open meetings organised by the New Village Hall Group and express their views either by a show of hands or by completing a questionnaire, unfortunately they only represent a small minority of the total population, about 10%. It is therefore very important, if you have not done so already, that you complete your questionnaire and return it to the box in the Village Shop, marked Parish Clerk, as soon as possible. This will enable all your views to be taken into account in the review of the proposed New Village Hall which is the next step in the process. If you have lost or mislaid the questionnaire please let me know and I will ensure that you are given a replacement. Roger Forster Member NVHG The New Village Hall Group has asked the Pump to make clear that the questionnaire that Roger Forster refers to was published without the knowledge or authority of NVHG. The group of residents who compiled the questionnaire say the results will be available in the next edition of the Pump - Ed

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Dear Friends, Candlemas on 2nd February, marked the end of the Christmas celebrations in the Churchs year and the mood becomes more sombre as we turn away from the cradle and look towards the cross. This year, that sombre mood has been reflected in dark cloudy skies, strong winds, unrelenting rain, saturated ground and flooding, even here in East Anglia, the driest part of the country. The Somerset Levels are still awash and the latest torrential showers have created a lake in the Cam (or Granta) valley between Littlebury and Great Chesterford. Our hearts go out to all those whose homes and farms have been flooded and who have lost livelihoods, particularly those who have been battling with rising water levels for several weeks now. We think too of fishermen, forced to stay ashore by gales and dangerous tides. The costs of repairing, rebuilding and restoring will run to millions. There is a huge sense of powerlessness of not knowing how or what one can do to help. We try to cast blame on the Environment Agency, on the government, on climate change and even on God, but this does not provide the solution. What can we do to help, to make a difference? Lent, the forty days leading up to Good Friday and Easter begins on Ash Wednesday 5th March. Traditionally this is a time to fast; to give up things we particularly enjoy. However, the reason for doing this should not be to make us feel smug about ourselves, but to bring us closer to God. If we are serious about our care for others and our love of God then rather than giving up, we might like to take up one of the following Lenten challenges:

Help to conserve the planet, Gods creation and his gift to us use less water and power; waste less; recycle more Find an empty jar and use it to collect any loose change (you could match the 2 you spend on a cup of coffee with an equal amount in the jar). At the end of Lent send the money to a worthy cause Water Aid, flood emergency fund etc. Pray for a few minutes each day for those in need, especially flood victims, farmers, fishermen and seamen.

Pray for me, as I will for you this Lent. God bless. With my love, Hilary

From the Registers

We send our deepest sympathy to his family, following the death of Tom Bland, a gentle, kind man, who was much loved in Debden.
I am always happy to visit, whether at home or in hospital. If you, or someone you know, would appreciate a visit please dont hesitate to ring me on 01799 522616 Debden Church Youth Group

will next meet on Tuesday March 4th * for a Pancake Party! * PLEASE NOTE CHANGE OF DAY All of secondary school age, are very welcome
Please contact Hilary on 01799 522616 if you would like to come

The Church Mice . will be looking in the bullrushes On Monday 3rd March at 10.30am

Come and join them in Debden Church New Room For children 0 4 years old with a parent
SPECIALSERVICES Sunday2ndMarch4pmTEAMSERVICE AshWednesday5thMarch8pmHOLYCOMMUNION LENTSTUDYCOURSE StPaulslettertothePhilippians beginsthismonth MoredetailsfromUrsulaLyons(01799543164)orHilaryDavey(01799522616)


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Dear Pump Reader, At the time of writing we are at the end of the first half of the Spring Term. We are hoping that the weather will start to improve soon. We were pleased that we were able to remain open On Friday 7th February when due to many of the local roads becoming impassible due to flooding both secondary schools and some primary schools closed. We were able to take twenty five Year 3, 4 and 5 children to the Inter Schools Swimming Gala in January which took place at the Lord Butler

Leisure Centre. All of our children swam really well against stiff opposition. We were particularly pleased that none of our children were disqualified from any of the races. This is a big achievement as there are many rules and regulations that have to be complied with for each of the races and the staff are very strict in applying the rules. A number of children were placed 1st to 3rd place in their races. A particular well done to Frank Stephenson who came 1st in his backstroke race and Alec Bird who came 1st in his breaststroke race. Nineteen of our year 6 children took part in the Sports Hall Athletics Tournament which was held at Newport Free Grammar School. There were 6 field and 6 track events; each child taking part in 2 field and 2 track events. The field events included turbo javelin and standing long jump. The track events included 6 lap paalauf and over/under relay. All the children did really well in their events. We were placed 3rd overall. Well done everyone! 18

On February 4th the children in KS2 took part in a visit to Saffron Walden. The activities that they took part in supported both their historical Tudor studies and their geographical studies on comparison of localities. They visited Saffron Walden museum where a local history talk was given and children were able to handle artefacts. This was followed by a tour of St Marys church with a historical talk by the Rector David Tomlinson. They also visited Saffron Walden library and Victorian part of the Walden library to look at maps through the ages to reveal the towns development plus early childrens books. They conducted a survey of stalls in the market to compare with their study of Chembakoli and identified Tudor, Georgian and Victorian buildings in King Street. A very full day which all the children thoroughly enjoyed. More news from the children and school in the next issue. With all good wishes Julie Gibbons (Headteacher) More pictures next page >

St Marys Church at the Tomb of Lord Audley The Victorian Part of Saffron Walden Library



The New Village Hall Group (NVHG) is looking for further volunteers to reinforce our efforts to raise funds for the new village hall. If you have experience of raising money, especially from public or private sector organisations, we would like to hear from you. If you think you have an original idea about how we can raise significant funds, lets talk. You would join our fundraising team and have access to all the information needed to support a bid. Please contact: Charlotte Diggins

School at Saffron Walden library from page 19

Children with the Key to Saffron Walden Castle

Dressed as a Tudor Girl in Saffron Walden Museum


News from the shop

We felt very pleased that the Shop could still open when Debden was surrounded by floods it proved what a great asset it is to the village, both in bad times and good. Sadly, we are losing two of our long standing volunteers in the near future, so are urgently looking for some new help to join the team. If you, or anyone you know, can spare 2 hours a week to cover a shift we would be most grateful. Please contact Karen Roper, our Manager, on (01799) 541634 for more details. You will be given good training and it is a marvellous way of meeting people and keeping up with the Debden news. Please keep looking for new lines we are introducing and let us know if there are things you would appreciate our stocking; the Shop and Post Office are there for your convenience! Nina Manser

Normal Shop Opening Times Monday to Friday ** Saturday Sunday 08.30 13.30 09.30 14.00 09.30 12.00 14.00 16.30 Closed Closed

** The Post Office opens from 09.00 13.00 Mondays & Thursdays We rose to the challenge
16th Annual Progressive Supper 2014 I am pleased to report that 71 residents of Debden and Debden Green were able to take part in the supper on Saturday 1st February, 2014. The evening is a great opportunity for everyone to get together and catch up, and for newcomers to get to know some of their neighbours. As usual, everyone rose to the challenge and a good time was had by all. However, as I always say, without the effort made by everyone who provided the excellent food and drink, it just would not work so thank you all, it is much appreciated. It is a testament to the village community spirit that the event is still so strongly supported after all these years! Surplus monies left over from the evening amounted to 291 which will be donated to the village hall. Thanks again. Marion Bamfield PS: Next years supper will be on Saturday 24th January, 2015 talk about wishing your life away!! See pictures, page 22



Progressive Supper organiser Marion Bamfield (right) makes final arrangements before the off at the Plough, helped (or maybe distracted) by Michele Perrett and Shannon Harvey. Later, one of many hosts, Richard Simmonds, prepares mains of slow roast lamb. Some people even made it to the village hall for puds. Marions thanks, p21


Slash of colour from MC Richard Cawte and Piper Lt.-Col. Jackie Allen QVRM at RBLs Burns Night . Report and more pictures, p32.



Not exactly Somerset Levels but Debden Green became a fast-flowing lake at the height of the atrocious rains in the last few days, as these dramatic photographs, courtesy of Peter Norman, show. But spare a thought for our local farmers who tell us what its like in these conditions in our latest Debden Countryfile, page 34.


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News from Debden Pentecostal Church

Dear Friends, Through the past months the country has been inundated by the forces of nature and we have seen the immense power of the sea and the damage and distress caused by winds and floods, even in the village of Debden. We realize how limited and powerless we are in our ability to tame the forces of nature. The psalmist used the illustration in Psalm 94 to express the mighty power of God. The floods have lifted up, O LORD, the floods have
lifted up their voice; the floods lift up their roaring. Mightier than the thunders of many waters, mightier than the waves of the sea, the LORD on high is mighty!

Whilst God is awesome in power he is even more intense in his love, reaching out to people such as you or me. Over the years we have kept in close contact with Carol Seymour and Ginny Perkins who are missionaries working in the southern area of Congo. About a year ago they had to flee the country as the security situation deteriorated. They visited Debden last summer to update us with the situation. Recently they emailed us to say that conditions in Congo had just permitted them to return. They found curtains had been eaten by mice, wooden furniture eaten by unknown creatures, their luggage was almost stolen at the airport and dangers are still lurking in the surrounding rural areas. Despite it all they are getting on with their work and trusting God for safety as they resume visits to the prisoners living in dire conditions in the nearby high security prison. We are always inspired by their faith and energy as they cope with these challenges and dangers. God bless, Simon Gale

Debden Pentecostal Church

Thaxted Road, Debden

Weekly Programme
Sunday 11.00 am Morning Worship There will be no Sunday Evening services until April Wednesday Special note Coffee Mornings each Wednesday at 10.30 to 12 noon, everyone welcome!
Please contact Paul Baker on 01440 710416 if you need information about the church.

Special Dates in March

We are delighted to be having a visit from Maureen Lee, our previous pastor, on Sunday 2nd March. Maureen will be speaking at our Sunday morning service at 11am.

Debden Pentecostal Church


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The Barn, Cole End Farm, Wimbish, Saffron Walden, CB10 2LJ


D EBDEN B RANCH R OYAL B RITISH L EGION Skirl of the pipes heralds Burns Night Supper
The skirl of pipes echoed around Thaxted as Parrishes Restaurant and Wine Bar hosted a Burns Night Supper. Organised by Debden Branch Royal British Legion as a fundraising event, 43 members and guests were greeted by Lieutenant Colonel Jackie Allen QVRM playing a selection of well-known tunes and marches on the pipes. After the first course the Haggis was piped in and addressed in the traditional manner by Mr Alan Mawer, who also proposed the mandatory toast to the Immortal Memory of Robbie Burns. Mr Toby Briant proposed a most chivalrous and complimentary toast to The Lassies to which his mother Mrs Trina Mawer responded with the traditional acerbic toast to The Laddies. Following supper various individuals volunteered to provide further entertainment for the other guests by attempting to read a selection of Burns poems as written. The staff at Parrishes, dressed in kilts for the evening, were complimented on the effort they had put in to make the evening so successful. Proprietor Will Brazier said that the staff had all enjoyed being involved in the event and that he was especially pleased to be able to support the Royal British Legion who were doing such a sterling job. All funds raised at the supper will be donated to the Royal British Legion. Top: A bearded Malcolm Linscott with Michael and Gemma Turner. Above: Chef Gill Gordon carries in the haggis that Alan Mawer (left) addresses 32

Tuesday - Saturday: 6pm - 11pm Sunday: open lunchtime; closed evenings First Wednesday of every month is Music Night

Monthly quiz every third Wednesday at 8pm (This year proceeds to the new Village Hall Fund)

Margaret and Stuart would like to thank our customers for the help they have given Margaret during Stuarts illness Tel: 01799 541899



Crops under threat from lying water

It looks more like a paddyfield but this is the top corner of a field of wheat on Broctons Farm thats struggling to survive in the sodden conditions our farmers are having to contend with. Where water lies for any length of time on a crop it will either kill it off or at least set it right back and reduce potential yield.
We are so much better off than most other parts of the country but we will have some problems on the farm, says Celia Hare at Freemans Farm. We recorded 114mm of rain in January, which is the highest amount in 25 years. Camgrain, their farmer co-operative, is organising a relief effort to send donated grain to the West Country, and Essex Young Farmers are doing the same for forage and straw. Like other farmers around Debden, John and Celia Hare should be getting on with spring cultivation in readiness for putting in spring crops of barley or beans but this will be very delayed, which could have a knock-on effect on eventual yields. The ground will be in fairly bad condition so getting a good 34

seed bed will be hard. We may need to put more fertiliser on the winter crops to given them a boost as any residual nitrogen will have been leached out, says Celia. And its not just the crops that are affected. Because the field margins are too wet to support machinery, it has not been possible to complete hedge trimming. Wildlife affected Celia reports fewer birds in their garden this winter, which is probably a reflection of the mild weather. But the good news is that they believe they still have a barn owl, which has been seen in the very early morning but the continuous high winds are making it very difficult for the owl to hunt.

Dont leave your neighbours in the cold this winter

Last year 24,000 people died because of cold homes deaths that could possibly have been avoided had they had some support. Hopefully, youll know who the vulnerable are. If you dont, please follow our 10-point plan: 1. Find out who your elderly/vulnerable residents are. 2. Drop round to seem them or pop a leaflet through their door with your details and tell them to call you if they get into trouble. 3. Ascertain if they have relatives who keep in touch, and the frequency. 4. Consider giving the relatives your contact details. 5. Suggest that they have a nominated key-holder (preferably not you). 6. Inform their immediate neighbours In some communities even next door neighbours dont know each other. 7. Supply the person with a Message in a Bottle available from Neighbourhood Watch and consider assisting them to complete the form. The bottle should be kept in the fridge. 8. Set up a hot water bottle/blanket circle so that those in most need can borrow one for the winter period. 9. If their house is very cold, try to persuade them to put the heating on, even if just for an hour a day. Do not take it upon yourself to turn it on, as you will incur costs for them, that they might not be able to afford. 10. Elderly people who dont use their heating will usually say its because they cant afford to. Tell them that energy companies provide a huge amount of help: free cavity wall and loft insulation, access to trust funds and a priority register for people with disabilities. The Home Heat Helpline (0800 33 66 99) gives advice to those struggling to pay their fuel bill. Peter Caulfield Ad Cert ED&CP Crime Prevention Tactical Advisor & Architectural Liaison Officer (Uttlesford & Braintree Districts) Essex Police Tel: 101 Ext 407110


Pond House, Pamphillions Farm, Debden, Saffron Walden. Essex CB11 3JT




Contact Toby Abrey or George Chapman for further details Tel: 01799 543208 e: 36

Music Tuition
Singing and Piano Theory A Level and GCSE Music Support

Sir Alan Hazelhursts Surgery Dates

February 28th: Town Council Offices, Great Dunmow 6.30 pm March 28th: The Guildhall, Thaxted, 5.45pm March 28th The Old Armoury, Saffron Walden 7pm April 25th : Town Council Offices, Great Dunmow 6.30 pm May 30th: The Old Armoury, Saffron Walden 7pm

Contact Mrs Cathy Noble LGSM PGCE Jasmine Cottage, High Street Debden Tel: 01799 542409 Mob: 07584 164837

All types of PC support work undertaken

Problem solving Broadband & Wireless New system installation Data recovery Advice on new PC purchase Tutoring Home networking Repairs & Upgrades

We come to you!
Our aim is to have satisfied customers who will recommend us to others

01799 520514


Recently retired Maths teacher offering extra tuition for GCSE and A levels Contact: Lucy Chapman Sharon, Thaxted Road, Debden Tel:01799 543864 Hearing Help Uttlesford Problems with you NHS Hearing Aid?
Obtain FREE help and advice at:SAFFRON WALDEN at the Day Centre in Hill Street on the Last Saturday of each month from 9.45 til 11.30 am or at THAXTED at The Surgery, Margaret Street on the Last Thursday of each month from 10.00 am til Noon
For more information call 01799 599790 (9am 4pm) Regd. Charity No. 289280 38


2 Adjoining cottages in the village of Burnham Market one sleeping 6 and the other 4. To let separately or together. 2 miles from Holkham, 11/2 miles from coast, enclosed south-facing garden, off-street parking. Lovely beaches, golf courses, bird watching etc! Please ring Christine Rhodes on 07831 627678


Environ Construction Sharon Thaxted Road Debden Saffron Walden

Contact: Ron Chapman

01799 543864 07957220322


Extraordinary Meeting, 23rd January The meeting was requested by the NVHG to discuss the options for financing and general arrangements for a new Village Hall. The Chairman of the NVHG requested that the following proposal should be considered: 1.1 Debden New Village Hall Group (NVHG) proposes that Debden Parish Council increase its Precept in the year 2014/15 sufficient to cover annual repayments on a loan from the Public Works Loans Board (PWLB) in the event that a loan is applied for before 1st April 2015. 1.2 The purpose of the loan would be to cover the cost of Phase 2 (the shell including roof) of the construction of the new village hall if the work cannot be paid for by other means. The proposal could not be considered as full details had not been specified on the agenda. No other options were put forward. Extraordinary Meeting, 13th February The following proposal was put forward by a Parish Councillor and seconded by another member of the Council (both members of the NVHG) That the Parish Council initiate measures to build a new village hall by setting a precept for 2014/15 year as per the Budget agreed at the Parish Council Meeting on 9th January 2014, adding an additional sum of 18,000 to enable the Parish Council to apply at a later date for a loan as required to fund repayments to Public Works Loans Board (PWLB) before 1 April 2015. The PC will oversee the project and the funds from the loan would be transferred to the Village Hall Trustees to put towards the construction of a new village hall but this would be only on the understanding that: Point (i) The loan will only be taken out in the event that an amount equivalent to a loan from the PWLB of a suitable amount cannot be obtained during 2014/15 through fundraising or by other means. Point (ii) Final planning permission has been obtained and a business plan is in place. Point (iii) Final costs for the new hall have been obtained based on receipt of competitive tenders. Point (iv) The Parish Council is satisfied that the project has the support of the majority of the residents of Debden. 40

Point (v) The Parish Council has explored the means by which relief is available to residents who cannot afford to pay any increase in council tax arising from the PWLB loan facility and the advice is for them to contact Uttlesford District Council. Point (vi) Once the loan sanction has been agreed by central government the Parish Council then has the authority to borrow up to the total amount of the loan sanction. The Parish Council is not required to borrow more than it needs, if the amount needed is lower than the agreed sanction total. If the loan is not required for any reason, the Parish Council would be required to inform central government that the loan sanction would not be used. The Precept for 2014/15 was set at 15,950.00. It was not possible to consider or vote on the additional sum of 18,000.00 as the Chairman closed the meeting following an inappropriate comment by one of the Councillors to members of the public. _____________________________________________________________

Ban all night flights says community group

Stop Stansted Expansion has called on the Government to end what it calls the scourge of noisy night flights to protect communities in the vicinity of Stansted Airport. The Department of Transport has proposed that the airport should continue to be allowed 12,000 flights a year between 11.30pm and 6am - more than twice as many as are allowed at Heathrow. In its response to a DfT consultation, SSE pointed out that the current cap was set in 2006 when Stansted was still expanding and the Government anticipated a second runway. Today, the airport is handling 30 per cent less traffic than in 2006 and its second runway plans were ditched in 2010. Phase out totally Stansted handled 8,500 night flights last year and SSE wants the number reduced to an annual maximum of 7,500 from October of this year and further reduced by 500 flights each year until night flights are totally phased out. It has also called for a ban on the use of reverse thrust by aircraft landing at night except in an emergency. The group has highlighted the particular disturbance of night flights in a rural area where background noise is generally very low. British Airways decision to end cargo operations at Stansted means the reduction target is achievable, says SSE


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2015 Progressive Supper

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Its not too late to enter Debdens Annual Potato Challenge. If you missed the pick your spud night at The Plough on Friday Feb 21, contact Brad Bamfield ( or 540783.

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