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Joseph McCormack Managing Director/Founder

Joseph McCormack is an experienced marketing executive and entrepreneur

with a distinctive passion for helping organizations craft a better message
and tell a more compelling story.

Joe has more than 20 years experience as a senior marketing executive

helping companies develop strategic communications that make them
stand apart in the marketplace. He is a recognized expert in “Narrative
Mapping,” a technique which helps clients achieve a clearer and more
concise message.

In 2006, Joe founded Sheffield Marketing Partners as the result of years of

contemplating the profound impact technology would have on the entire
marketing and media landscape. He anticipated the need for new agency
models to leverage storytelling as a strategic way to achieve brand
positioning and make it relevant across the marketing mix or any media Joseph McCormack founded
Sheffield in 2006 as a boutique
channel. Sheffield specializes in message and narrative development, and
agency specializing in message and
also provides video production and marketing communications services to narrative development.
help package stories to suit the right audiences. The Sheffield name came
from his hometown street in Naperville, Illinois and was the code word for
his project and vision. When founding the company, Joe counted on the
close collaboration of John Severance, a colleague who shared his passion.

Joe has been the keynote speaker at industry conferences like the
Worldwide Public Affairs Symposium and the Senior Leaders Conference
at the Command and General Staff College, as well as a guest lecturer at
Loyola University and the University of Illinois. He has worked extensively
with leading companies like Harris Bank, Heinz, Kimberly-Clark, SAP, USG
and the U.S. Army.
McCormack frequently lectures on
the topic of strategic narratives and
effective communications.

1311 Butterfield Road, Suite 300 630.310.5190 phone

Downers Grove, Illinois 60515
Prior to founding Sheffield, Joe served as
senior vice president at Ketchum, a top-five
marketing/PR agency in Chicago where he ran
the corporate marketing practice. His career
accomplishments include starting several
stand-alone marketing offerings at Ketchum,
running a small marketing consultancy in the
late 1980’s and serving as regional manager of
Latin America for an aerospace manufacturing
firm. He started his career by teaching English

Defining Moment in Madrid where he became fluent in Spanish

McCormack is a close collaborator with Lt. Gen. William
B. Caldwell IV, Commanding General, U.S. Army while learning critical lessons on the role of
Combined Arms Center. In 2006, Joe served as General
Caldwell's media trainer before his assignment as chief language and the need to be understood.
spokesman and Deputy Chief of Staff for Strategic
Effects for the Multi-National Force – Iraq.

The inside story

Joe was born on Chicago's southwest Joe attended a prestigious suburban He is married to Montserrat Ginebra,
side in 1965 to a family of nine children. prep school and graduated Cum Laude a native of Barcelona, Spain. They live
Both parents were born of Irish in English Literature from Loyola in suburban Naperville with their six
immigrants and stressed hard work University of Chicago in 1988, working girls and two boys. Joe serves on the
and traditional Catholic values. His throughout college as a sports writer board of directors of the Midtown
father was a Korean War combat and columnist. After graduation, he Educational Foundation, helping
veteran and CEO of a successful completed a seminar series in Strategic inner-city youth in Chicago, and is
contracting business who provided a Marketing at Northwestern's Kellogg passionate about mentoring youth for
profound character influence. School of Management. careers in marketing and media.

1311 Butterfield Road, Suite 300 630.310.5190 phone

Downers Grove, Illinois 60515