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Timothy K.


Director of Ticket Operations University of Alabama

Important Experience
Directed the ticket office in basketball postseason and football season preparation during Ticket Director hiring process. Monitor daily operations of 6-8 customer service staff members for phone and window operations. Initiate monthly meetings to instruct staff of new and/or updated office procedures, as well as provide opportunity for insight and feedback. Use Paciolan Ticketing Software to construct essential components for seasons, online selling, operational controls, and day-to-day sales procedures. Publish 30,000 online ticket applications for football season ticket renewal process. Execute fulfillment and allocation of Faculty/Staff and Lettermen football season ticket & away game ticket orders utilizing order-line priority. Build manifests and facility maps for away game and postseason venues with capacities of up to 25,000. Generate season ticket holder and general attendance analysis reports from Access Management software to assist with marketing and event management strategies. Managed box office operations of 14 football games, with all sellout attendances over 100,000 patrons. Integral in the order sorting, fulfillment, allocation and pre-game/game day distribution of ticket allotment for BCS National Championship. Coordinate printing and delivery of season renewal forms and ticket packages with the Weldon, Williams, & Lick ticket printing company. Ticket liaison for Development, Marketing, coaching staffs, & University Administration. Guided ticket office through Mens Basketball NIT ticket sales plan, employing Print@Home delivery method to eliminate will call traffic. Construct PacMail templates to be used for season ticket renewals, single game offers, and promotional items for individual sports. Provide insight to E-Commerce Operations Specialist for IT and HTML support to provide appealing and easy online purchasing methods. o Examples: Remodel the appearance of the Buy Tickets and My Account pages. Evaluate and develop HTML adjustments for ticket sales pages and online ticket applications. Develop strategies for ticket purchasing options for customers with marketing department. o Examples: Mens Basketball: SEC & Crimson/White Mini-Plans Cyber Monday Sale Baseball: 6-4-3 Plans

Timothy K. Cavanaugh

Ticket Office Plan

Customer Service o Assist with providing staff with resources and instruction on methods of how to go above and beyond when meeting customers needs and expectations. o Collect feedback and insight from staff to identify new focuses for office to highlight in preparation and/or resolution of customers inquiries. o Continue to be the benchmark of customer service, and collectively create new goals and expectations for staff to reach. Communication o Build high levels of communication with all staff members to create opportunity to learn everyones responsibilities. o Work with managerial staff to verify consistent messages are being sent through correspondences to other departments as well as internally. o Encourage questions and discussion on office strategies and policies to staff members to allow for growth and development in these areas. o Continually recognize staff members for high levels of performance to boost morale and increase expectations of staff.


o Find and/or create opportunities to work with staff members or other departments to foster working relationships and build high communication levels. o Collaborate with marketing on ticket sales communications and strategies to garner outlook and possible recommendations to enhance message. o Generate team learning through delegation of tasks and projects that will evolve creative and innovative thinking. o Evaluate staff members strengths to coordinate opportunities where these can be utilized and produce great results while working together. o Provide high energy to each day to build a positive working atmosphere where effort and potential are maximized.

Success o Show staff members respect and support through daily communication. o Create clear expectations and goals for staff while providing proper information and resources to heighten commitment. o Always determine best interest of office and department with execution of decision-making and responsibilities. o Promote high levels of productivity by leading with infectious, positive attitude.

Timothy K. Cavanaugh

Customer Service Example

From: To: Subject: Date: Maples, Donna Chris Besanceney Tim Cavanaugh Friday, August 12, 2011 8:43:28 AM

Chris, I have been corresponding with Tim Cavanaugh via email the past few months and yesterday he brought our football tickets over, so it was the first time I had met him. I wanted to let you know that it is a DELIGHT to work with him!!! While I have always had nothing but good things to say about those in the ticket office with whom I have worked over the years, I must say that Tim is at the top in terms of being helpful and organized. I hope he stays here a longgggggggggg time!! Best, Donna Donna Maples Administrative Assistant to the President The University of Alabama

Timothy K. Cavanaugh

2011 Cyber Monday Sale: 1,090 Tickets Sold Generated $18,765 in Revenue All tickets were sold using the Print@Home delivery method.


Timothy K. Cavanaugh

Sold approximately 1,000 new Mens Basketball Season Tickets this season, but averaged only 50% season ticket holder attendance throughout the season. Using Ticket Transfer and Donation, provided option to season ticket holders to allow others to use tickets for games they are unable to attend. Approximately a 10%-15% season ticket holder attendance increase for last 5-6 games.

Timothy K. Cavanaugh

2011-12 Mini Plan Sales: Crimson Starting Five (or Four): 634 Mini Plans Sold Revenue Generated: $54,347 White Starting Five (or Four): 568 Mini Plans Sold Revenue Generated: $34,846