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Countable and Uncountable Nouns

Nouns can be divided into two kinds: countable and uncountable. (A) Countable Nouns i. Countable nouns are nouns that we can count. They can be singular or plural. e.g. I have a boiled egg or break ast. I bought three story books yesterday. The students in this school are very polite. ii. !e use the inde inite article (a" an) be ore singular nouns. e.g. a boiled egg iii. !e use a de inite article (the) or a nu#ber be ore plural nouns. e.g. the students three story books iv. !e change #ost singular nouns to plurals by adding $s. %owever& there are so#e that ollow di erent rules. Nouns Nouns ending in 's& '(& 'ss& 'ch& 'sh Nouns ending in 'o Nouns ending in a vowel 'y

We . . .

Examples buses& bo(es& watches& bushes dresses&

or es

pianos& )oos& to#atoes& potatoes& heroes boys& cats& days& #onkeys& bodies& cities& countries& ladies& a#ilies leaves& knives shelves& lives&

Nouns ending in a change y to ies consonant 'y Nouns ending in ' "' change ' "' e to 'ves e *o#e special nouns

change the vowel(s)& oot eet& #an#en change so#e letters at #ouse#ice the end& add letters at the end childchildren +ake no change , ish ish& deerdeer& sheepsheep

*o#e ani#als

(-) Uncountable Nouns i. Uncountable nouns are nouns that we cannot count. !e cannot count the# because they ' are too di icult to count. e.g. rice, hair, sugar

' do not have separate parts. e.g. air, water, steam ' are abstract. e.g. friendship, happiness, health ii. Uncountable nouns do not have a plural or#. !e do not use an inde inite article (a"an) or nu#erals (one& two& three& etc.) in ront o these nouns. iii. I we want to show the a#ount o an uncountable noun& we use .uantity words in ront o it. e.g. two cups o tea a bowl o rice three tins o paint iv. !e cannot use many/few with uncountable nouns& but we can say some/much/ a lot of/ all of the/ most of the water, butter, cheese& etc. /(ercise , Underline the noun in each sentence and write 0C1 or 0U1 to show whether the noun is countable or uncountable. ,. That is a very good painting. 2222222222 3. I don1t like co ee. 2222222222 4. I need two clean glasses. 2222222222 5. *he bought a new iron yesterday. 2222222222 6. They1ve got plenty o coal. 2222222222 7. !ould you like so#e chicken8 2222222222 9. Too #uch cake isn1t good or you. 2222222222 :. *he ate a whole chicken. 2222222222. ;. %ow #uch lour did you buy8 2222222222. ,<. %ope keeps #e going. 2222222222

3 /(ercise 3 Use the correct or# o the given nouns to co#plete the ollowing sentences. language party un vegetable in or#ation ruit #oney hair advice sleeve ,. 3. 4. 5. 6. !e can buy resh 222222222222222 ro# the super#arket. +rs. =ee went to the travel agent or so#e 222222222222222 about the tour to >apan. I can1t wear this shirt. The 222222222222222 are too long. %ow #any 222222222222222 does >enny speak8 +iss Ng spends a lot o 222222222222222 on clothes.

7. I don1t know what to do. ?lease give #e so#e 222222222222222. 9. @aren has beauti ul 222222222222222. :. !e had a lot o 222222222222222 at the party last night. ;. *usan enAoys going to 222222222222222. ,<. Alan eats a lot o 222222222222222.

/(ercise 4 Choose the correct answer. ,. *he burst into 222222222222222 (tear" tears) when she heard the bad news. 3. ?eter and >ack shake 222222222222222 (hand" hands) and beco#e riends again. 4. *he can1t see what is written on the blackboard without her contact 222222222222222 (len" lens) 5. The two sisters took 222222222222222 (turn" turns) at sitting up with their sick #other. 6. Buite a nu#ber o 222222222222222 (C>" C>s) have e(tended their careers to singing. 7. I you want to get well& you should take the doctor1s 222222222222222 (advice" advices). 9. +ary never does her 222222222222222 (ho#ework" ho#eworks) :. >ohnny has lost his 222222222222222 (luggage" luggages). ;. The actory workers stopped working and took (a rest" rest). ,<. The children sat on the 222222222222222 (grass" grasses).

4 /(ercise 5 Underline the incorrect word in each sentence and write the correct word in the space provided. ,. %e takes part in a lot o e(tracurricular activitys. 22222222222222 3. I always put three teaspoon o sugar in #y co ee. 22222222222222 4. The ield is ull o sheeps. 22222222222222 5. The thie was wearing Aean. 22222222222222 6. +oney cannot buy happinesses. 22222222222222 7. They want to inish the Aob the#sel . 22222222222222 9. %ow #any piece o cheese would you like8 22222222222222 :. A #ice was hiding under the table. 22222222222222 ;. Three passer'bys were shot in the raid. 22222222222222 ,<.?ut on #ore cloth or you will get a cold. 22222222222222 /(ercise 6 Correct the ollowing sentences. Corrections should be done as ollows. Dwords needing to be changed ' (a) underline the incorrect word (b) write the correct or# o the word above it DD #issing word ' (a) #ark the position o the #issing word with a 0^

(b) write the #issing word above it DDD e(tra word ' put a cross 0E1 on the word you wish to cross out ,. D This piece o urniture look nice. I will buy it. 3. D These chairs are #ade o woods. 4. DDD I we want to be happy& we should have a good health. 5. DD I need two sheets paper to write a letter. 6. D Custo#er: %ow #any are these Aeans8 *hop assistant: F37:.

7. DDD *he burst into a laughter on hearing the Aoke. 5 9. D !e need #ore war# cloth when we visit Toronto in winter. :. DDD I have absolute the aith in you. ;. D The cars are stuck in the heavy tra ics in Central. ,<. DD The work#en stopped working and took rest.

Countable and Uncountable Nouns - nswers /(ercise , ,. C 3. U 4. C 5. C 6. U 7. U 9. U :. C ;. U ,<. U /(ercise 3 ,. ruits"vegetables 3. in or#ation 4. sleeves 5. languages 7. advice 9. hair :. un ;. parties ,<. ruits"vegetables /(ercise 4 ,. tears 3. hands 4. lens 5. turns 6. C>s 7. advice 9. ho#ework :. luggage ;. a rest ,<. grass /(ercise 5 ,. activities 3. teaspoons 4. sheep 5. Aeans 6. happiness 7. the#selves 9. pieces :. #ouse ;. passers'by ,<. clothes /(ercise 6 ,. look looks 3. woods wood 4. E a 5. two sheets o paper 6. #any #uch 7. E a 9. cloth clothes :. E the ;. tra ics tra ic ,<. a rest

6. #oney