Written by Shawn Griffin First Draft

FADE IN: INT. HOUSE - ROOM WHITE fills the screen. But when a YOUNG MAN’S HAND writes with a pen on the white surface, we realize that we’re seeing a close up of a page in a NOTEBOOK. YOUNG MAN (V.O.) (as he writes) At the request of my therapist and my dad, I’m beginning to lay out my thoughts into this book. They say it will help me know what I’m feeling. I believe it’s bullshit, because I don’t need a book to remind me how I feel or what I’ve felt. My name is Gene Jenkins. EXT. POOL - DAY A KID CANNONBALLS INTO THE POOL! A large swimming pool, filled with a bunch of kids splashing each other in the shallow waters, people bathing in the sun and lifeguards rubbing sunblock all over at various places of their bodies. GENE (V.O.) I’d like to tell you that I’m an average teenager whose biggest concerns are underage sex, drinking and driving, and drug abuse. But that would a lie, a terrible one at that. GENE JENKINS (17), an attractive young man, sits at a table eating a cup ramen. His gothic styled hair covers the right side of his face. GENE (V.O.) (CONT’D) More than half the things I do aren’t considered “normal”. Although, that could be an exaggeration. Far as I’m concern, the only possible normal things I do are going to school, struggling with homework and having friends.


Gene slurps in the last of the ramen. He looks up and spots an OLD MAN with a youthful appearance entering the complex, carrying a bag over his shoulder. Gene gazes at the Old Man’s sandal bound feet. GENE (V.O.) (CONT’D) I spend most of my weekends at the community pool. One, because they have my favorite cup ramen brand at a cheaper price. Two, to satisfy my... sexual needs. INT. POOL - LOCKER ROOM - DAY The Old Man opens an empty locker and begins stripping his clothes. Gene watches from a distance on his cell phone. He zooms in on the Old Man’s legs with his camera. The Old Man throws his clothes and bag into the locker. The Old Man looks at Gene for a moment, before sitting down on the bench to take his sandals off. Gene zooms in on the Old Man’s feet. The Old Man throws his sandals in the locker, then pulls out his swimming trunks, putting them on. The Old Man stares at Gene suspiciously. Gene throws off the suspicion by pretending to be punching in numbers. The Old Man pulls out a lock from his bag and locks his locker. Gene closes his eyes in disappointment as the Old Man leaves the room. Gene closes his cell phone when a MAN, slightly overweight, with headphones on walks into the room, humming to the music blasting in his ears. The man walks to his unlocked locker and scurries through it. Gene scrutinizes the man as the man pulls out his wallet and leaves the room, leaving his locker slightly open. Gene opens the man’s locker and spots a pair of sandals. BATHROOM STALL Gene closes and locks the door, with the man’s sandals in his hands. He closes the toilet lid and sits down. He stares at the sandals, shuddering for a moment. He closes his eyes and begins dragging his tongue across the sole of the sandals.


GENE (V.O.) I wouldn’t call myself gay. The thought of having sex with a man doesn’t interest me. Nor does the thought of having sex with a woman. I’m very picky on the men whose feet I get aroused by. EXT. POOL - DAY Gene, through the DIGITAL CAMERA, stares at a MIDDLE AGED MALE LIFEGUARD. He zooms in on the lifeguard's bare feet. GENE (V.O.) Mature and old men only arouse my taste. I don’t know why, nor do I care to find out. INT. SCHOOL - HALLWAY - DAY ON THE RINGING BELL. Students rush to their classrooms, some stay behind to have last minute chats with their friends. We move into... CLASSROOM Students walk into the classroom, heading to their respective desks. Gene is sitting at his desk, tapping a rhythm with his pencil. As things begin to settle down, MR. WYATT (47), a short, snappy looking man, rises from his desk and walks to the front of the class. MR. WYATT Morning, class. I take it you all enjoyed your breaks, right? The sound of the classroom fades down. Various students respond to Mr. Wyatt’s statement. GENE (V.O.) When I said I was struggling at school, I didn’t mean academically. I meant dealing with the constant bull shit I get from other students. Asking me questions with obvious answer, dealing with their constant bitching of being different from what they view as normal. (MORE)

4. GENE (V.O.) (CONT'D) Smiling at the bastards who uses their authority on us even though they are no different. It’s just so aggravating, it’s a miracle why I haven’t burn the fucking school down with a few people trapped inside, screaming for mercy.

The sound of the classroom returns. MR. WYATT, what did you enjoy most about it? FEMALE TEENAGER I guess going to the buffet, I mean, the food was fabulously done. MR. WYATT Sure, rub it in, Sarah. The sound the classroom fades downs. GENE (V.O.) I’m one of the top students in most of my classes. A’s and B’s are my constant grades. It would be shocking if I got an F in anything. The incentive is to gain the respect of my male teachers. Since my bastard of a father was too late to step into the role of a father figure, I’ve been trying to make that fatherly connection with my teachers. The students prepare themselves as Mr. Wyatt begins asking them questions over what they’ve learned post-break. GENE (V.O.) (CONT’D) I always try to impress them in almost every way possible. One time, I impressed Mr. Garner with my presentation on the Civil War that I’ve been working on for a whole week. Even though it cost me four nights of sleep and three nights of food, it was worth it to see his smile and amazement in the end. The sound of the class returns.


Gene. Yes?


MR. WYATT On your opinion, do you think Cho was insane as many people suggest? GENE (smacks his lips) Well, in my opinion, no, he wasn’t insane. He was sane enough to know outcome of pulling the trigger and he simply didn’t care. I think the proper term to suit him would be sociopath. MATT MCCAIN I disagree. MATT MCCAIN (18) is a good looking young man who uses too much hair gel. He’s sitting two seat across from Gene on his right. MR. WYATT What do you disagree about? MATT No, I agree with everything Gene said, except for the last part. Cho was psychopath, plain and simple. MALE TEENAGER What’s the difference? MATT Sociopaths are just severely antisocial people. I mean, Cho was not just antisocial. He was perverted, aggressive like hell, and I’m not sure there was a clear identifiable emotion inside him. That’s psychotic. GENE You’re making it seem only psychopaths create massacres or go on serial killing rampages.


MATT I don’t believe that, I just believe in this case, this psycho was a psycho and nothing more. GENE But there are a lot of cases in which a person kills out of being a sociopath. I mean, sociopathy seems to be the root of his long journey towards what he ended up being. MR. WYATT OK, I think we should settle this by saying he was a combination of both, because knowing the difference between a sociopath and psychopath is like splitting hairs. But now... let’s start today’s lesson. Half of the class groan. The other half, including Gene and Matt, stay silent. The class pulls out their text books other various materials. The sound of the classroom fades down. GENE (V.O.) Matt is one of my best friends. My other friends his sister Monica and Janet. Mr. Wyatt writes a page number on the board, the class skips to the page in their text books. GENE (V.O.) (CONT’D) Matt has a knack for correcting people and always pulls in a good argument without showing much effort. There are times when I get jealous of him, but luckily unlike me, he doesn’t want his teacher’s approval. INT. SCHOOL - LUNCHROOM - DAY A hive of activity: students getting lunch, sitting down at tables talking and walking to their classrooms. GENE (V.O.) At lunch, I’m either chatting with my friends or in the library doing work. (MORE)

7. GENE (V.O.) (CONT'D) I don’t eat the cafeteria food, because I’m meticulously picky and I desire the Hollywood body.

Gene and Matt are at a table, talking with JANET LAMBERT (18), a beautiful blonde with radiant hair and MONICA MCCAIN (17), Matt’s gaunt sister. Monica’s stuffing herself with the tray of spaghetti in front of her while Matt barely touched his food. Janet’s taking her time at eating her sandwich. GENE (V.O.) (CONT’D) Janet is the annoying voice of morality in most of our conversations. She often talks about college, God and her future. Monica is in some ways her opposite, except when she mockingly talks about God, which both me and Matt enjoy. JANET Look, all I’m saying is that maybe her career could have gotten more of a boost if she went to college. I mean, I still love her for adopting all those children. MONICA Yea, but I highly doubt college would have made a difference on how she entered Hollywood. MATT Yea, you’re making it seem that college is the only answer for someone to make it in the world. I know a lot of people right now, today, who are old, living rich lives and has never set foot in a college. GENE People you know or people you know of, Matt? There’s a difference. MATT Fuck off, you know what I mean.


JANET But, guys! College can help you. You can meet news friends, news teacher and go through new experiences. MONICA Only those who are socially acceptable can go through that. JANET But personally, I think God would like for you to getMATT Oh, with the God stuff again! Janet, God and college almost never always go together. JANET I know that, I’m just saying that I think God would want you to get the best education you can, so the probability of you making it into this world is very high and you can do something good in the world. GENE Janet, no offense, but the way you keep including God in almost everything you say, people are going to think you’re some kind of fanatic. MONICA Not a fanatic, an extremist. GENE Is there really a difference, Mon? MONICA No, but extremist sounds more cool and a lot hardcore. You know, extreme. MATT Guys, I don’t think that’s appropriate to say. You’re making it seem that all religious people are insane freaks. Check out Churchill.


GENE Churchill was an atheist at a point in his life. I don’t think that really counts. MATT Well, he acts like a Christian in the part of his life that is actually important to us. MONICA Who gives a crap about Winston Churchill, anyway? GENE Obviously not you. MONICA Yea, you fucking think? MATT Chill, Mon, before you start losing your hair like Angelina Jolie. MONICA That bitch is losing her hair because of all the children she keeps adopting. Do I look like someone who wants to adopt one of those snotty bastards? JANET Monica, I don’t think they would allow you if you wanted to. The four continue with their conversation as the sound of the lunchroom fades down. GENE (V.O.) We see each other at various points of the day. We all one class together, which is US History. Me and Monica are acing the class while Matt and Janet are just moderate. INT. SCHOOL - CLASSROOM - DAY The students are finishing up their tests. Some students who are done already are either day dreaming, secretly text messaging, or listening to their iPods.


Matt is drawing a picture of a CHILD whose eyes are set on fire as blood pours out of the sockets, the details is almost professional. Gene is working at a very fast pace. GENE (V.O.) Mr. Wyatt is my most favorite teacher. Mostly because he has a great personality, that sometimes I wish my dad would’ve had. He’s a bit more considerate of others and of course... he is one of many teachers who wear sandals to school. Gene reviews his answers before turning the test over. He starts chewing on the eraser on his pencil, staring at Mr. Wyatt, who is reading the latest Stephen King novel with his bare feet propped up on his desk. GENE (V.O.) (CONT’D) Mr. Wyatt has a habit of kicking his sandals off and propping his feet on his desk when we’re taking a test or watching a movie. He’d then reads a Stephen King or Bret Easton Ellis novels. Gene rubs his crotch with his pencil in a slow and steady pace. GENE (V.O.) (CONT’D) I always try to quickly finish my work, but I make sure I choose the best, possible answers. That gives about ten to twenty minutes just to gaze at those magnificent feet. How the bottoms of his feet doesn’t look too crusty or too soft is an amazing thing. Gene quickens the pace and eventually jabs the pencil into his crotch. GENE (V.O.) (CONT’D) And the curve on those toes, is just so... beautiful. You know what? I think telling about my daily violent thoughts and sexual tendencies should satisfy my therapist’s request. CLOSE ON Gene’s face as his eyes widen with sexual desire.


GENE (V.O.) (CONT’D) But I hope soon they’ll realize that this whole thing has meant nothing..... Fuck you, dad. THE RINGING BELL! EXT. SCHOOL - DAY Students walking and running out of the school. Some heading to their buses, some chatting with friends, some stuffing their mouths with food.