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How The NYPD's Use Of Civil Forfeiture Robs Innocent New Yorkers Early Addition: The Weirdest Items At The Brooklyn Whole Foods City Settles All Remaining 2004 RNC Protest Lawsuits With $18 Million Payout .

now that the plaintiffs' systemic challenges to the NYPD's policing efforts have been rejected. the average plaintiff will receive about $6. City lawyers argue that they "achieved substantial legal victories" during the protracted litigation. observers and bystanders were notoriously arrested en masse by the NYPD. The City says it chose to settle due to "fact-specific disputes" over the arrests.400. it makes sense to resolve plaintiffs' fact-specific disputes about the 16th Street location and dozens of other locations. resolving them now significantly . According to a joint statement from the city's Law Department officials and plaintiffs. in which 1. According to a city Law Department press release: At this stage of this long-running litigation. a federal judge ruled a mass arrest of nearly 200 people at the World Trade Center was illegal. Both the city and the NYCLU. While the City continues to dispute these claims." marking the end of years of drawn-out litigation. the city said it had already spent $16 million on its own lawyers’ fees and expenses. The city will pay close to up to $18 million in damages. with up to $10. in 2012. last month. The settlement will also resolve additional claims regarding post-arrest detainment of both individual and class-action plaintiffs. and rejected the city's claim of permissibility regarding another mass arrest of nearly 400 people at East 16th Street. "Nearly all of the remaining plaintiffs and the City of New York have agreed to settle outstanding claims arising out of events surrounding the 2004 Republican National Convention.800 protesters. which went to battle for the protestors.Via NYCLU The city has confirmed it will pay a multimillion dollar settlement for lawsuits stemming from the 2004 Republican National Convention. journalists.3 million going to the plaintiffs. seem to see the payout as a win for their respective sides. including "affirming police officers’ authority to make large group arrests in demonstration settings" and blocking the release of NYPD surveillance records of individuals in the months leading up to the RNC.

“This historic settlement must serve as a reminder to New York City and government across the country that the right to protest is a fundamental pillar of a fair and functioning democracy." The NYPD denies those claims.” NYCLU Executive Director Donna Lieberman said in a statement. many of them were detained for over 24 hours for processing in a filthy constructed detention center at a pier formerly used as a bus depot. "No lawful protester should ever be treated like a criminal in New York City. By Rebecca Fishbein in News on Jan 15. however. and not issued standard summonses and desk appearance with further questions. take issue with the NYPD's post-arrest handling and detention of the protestors. comments or tips. meanwhile. notes that the settlement is the largest protest settlement in history. Contact the author of this article or email tips@gothamist.reduces the City’s potential exposure. And it is the role of government and law enforcement to not only tolerate protest. The federal judge who ruled against the mass arrests in 2012 did not. making it a major victory. 2014 2:19 PM 8 Tweet 26 Like 4 StumbleUpon Submit . or anywhere else in the United States. The NYCLU. An NYCLU report [pdf] from 2005 notes that many believe the NYPD was intentionally arresting and detaining protestors "to keep them from participating in demonstrations taking place while the President was in the city. but protect and defend it.” Not only have hundreds of protestors claimed unlawful arrest.

otherwise you think they care what the city loses? 18 fbxl5 8 • 1 • Reply • Share › 2 hours ago How bout we start deducting 1% of these settlements from the NYPD pension fund? 1 • Reply • Share › Jacob Grossman fbxl5 • 2 hours ago Even better than that how about identifying the individuals who authorized policing tactics that any half-competent lawyer could have told them would result in massive lawsuits (**cough**Ray Kelly**cough**Michael Bloomberg**cough**) and holding them personally liable? How about the criminal prosecution of NYPD officers who engaged in illegal activities? Soldiers can be court martialed for obeying an unlawful order and I see no reason why our (highly militarized) police force shouldn't be held to the same standard. As I learned in boot camp. 10 1 fbxl5 • Reply • Share › Jacob Grossman • 2 hours ago If you start holding the rank and file financially accountable accountable. this money would come from the NYPD's pension plan. if you punish the entire company the blame will . there will be no need to investigate and prove who ordered these actions.nyclu nypd republican national convention rnc settlements wrongful arrests Other Interesting Stories Recommended  by 19 comments Gothamist requires you to verify your email address before posting 0 × Join the discussion… Oldest Community My Disqus 2 hours ago Share Charles Shaw bronislav_malinowski • Ideally. Hit em where it hurts.

0001% • Reply • Share › SPIBB "Tim Osman" • 11 minutes ago I'm not so sure about the insignificance of $1. • Reply • Share › "Tim Osman" 1 Mordicai Mod • SPIBB • 5 minutes ago In 2013 Forbes indicated his net worth as $27 billion • Reply • Share › 2 hours ago "Why don't we just do the thing we know is illegal. this was bloomberg's cherry on top of the big fuck-you sundae he made nyc eat by having the RNC hold their 04 convention here. all part of his shit legacy. & then when the courts say so. especially the part where the people directly responsible. anyhow. if you punish the entire company the blame will magically percolate unto the truly guilty and. 1 Mordicai Mod 1 • Reply • Share › Jacob Grossman • 2 hours ago I'm with you.learned in boot camp. who wouldn't feel the pinch to their pension. the innocent (sorta innocent) will become your best allies in policing the whole crew. the system works!" 14 1 • Reply • Share › . 4 1 • Reply • Share › bronislav_malinowski fbxl5 • an hour ago Rank and file here are no more innocent than the brass that ordered them.8 billion to Bbag. 12 1 • Reply • Share › SPIBB jibbly • 2 hours ago Exactly. He should have to pay 100 times this amount out of his own suspiciously GIANT pile of cash 4 1 • Reply • Share › "Tim Osman" 1 SPIBB • 22 minutes ago 100 times would still be insignificant to Mr . we'll just use their own money to pay for our injustices! Ha ha ha. 3 jibbly Mod • 1 • Reply • Share › 2 hours ago this isn't just about the nypd behaving like power tripping assholes. higher up. though I do agree it might not counteract that asshatitude. need to be taken to task as well.

exactly this x100000000 1 "Tim Osman" Mordicai • 12 minutes ago This was on snopes: 1 Anna Kareninja • • Reply • Share › an hour ago Don't you worry. 1 an hour ago • Reply • Share › Why is this coming out my pocket? Why is this not coming out of Bloomberg's pockets? 1 "Tim Osman" 1 Bob • 21 minutes ago THIS IS WHAT PLUTOCRACY LOOKS LIKE! • Reply • Share › Bernie_Geotz_Squirrel_Luv • 26 minutes ago It took less than a month for the new Mayor to finally settle this. 1 • Reply • Share › splicernyc 3 Bob • • an hour ago • Reply • Share › My tax dollars pissed away by a power-drunk NYPD and their master. 1 • Reply • Share › Subscribe Add Disqus to your site Home . Finally this bloombag legacy is over.14 1 jibbly 3 • Reply • Share › Mod Mordicai • 2 hours ago • Reply • Share › this. Herr Bloomberg. We taxpayers will take care of this one. guilty parties. Fuck you bloombag. You just go back to pepper spraying people and spying on Muslims.

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