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Charlie Littleton

Chief Deputy

Emily Trevino
Jail Administrator

Sheriff Terry Pickering
200 Jackson Street Bastrop, Texas 7 !02 "hone #$%2& $'()$%00  *ax #$%2& $'()$%($

Incident Reported: Family Disturbance 2014 Location: 105 immerman !"enue, #astrop, $e%as &'602 !)*) In"esti+ation: ,fficer In"ol"ed -.ootin+ Date of Incident: February 16, $ime of Report: 12:((

,n February 16, 2014, at appro%imately 12:(( a)m), t.e #astrop /ounty -.eriff0s ,ffice recei"ed a 111 call in re+ards to a disturbance in pro+ress 2.ic. in"ol"ed t2o male sub3ects fi+.tin+ at t.e abo"e referenced address) 4.ile patrol units 2ere en route to t.e residence, t.e caller ad"ised 111 operators t.ere 2as a +un in"ol"ed and t.e t2o male sub3ects 2ere t.en fi+.tin+ o"er t.e +un) 5pon t.e arri"al of t.e deputies, t.e t2o men appeared to be separated, one bein+ outside and t.e sub3ect 2as inside 2it. t.e remainin+ indi"iduals) $.e patrol deputies tried to ma6e contact 2it. t.e sub3ects in t.e .ome by +i"in+ "erbal commands) !fter t.e sub3ects disre+arded all commands to come out, a 2oman came to t.e door2ay of t.e residence displayin+ a firearm) $.e 2oman disre+arded t.e deputy0s commands, 2.ic. resulted in s.ots bein+ fired by t.e #astrop /ounty Deputy and t.e 2oman bein+ s.ot) $.e in3ured 2oman 2as t.en transported by 7*- to -t) Da"id0s 7mer+ency /linic in #astrop 2.ere t.e 2oman subse8uently died) 9o one else in"ol"ed in t.e incident 2as in3ured) $.e identity of t.e "ictim and any persons in"ol"ed is not yet bein+ released at time) $.e deputy in"ol"ed .as been put under administrati"e lea"e accordin+ to a+ency policy and pendin+ in"esti+ation) $.e $e%as Ran+ers 2ill also be assistin+ in t.e in"esti+ation) 9o information 2ill be +i"en at time pendin+ in"esti+ation)