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Leno & horses According to the First Homicide Investigation Progress Report, Leno owned racehorses: Quote To the

fami !"s astonishment, it was earned after #r$ La%ianca"s death&&he owned nine thorough'red race horses, inc uding (i dare Lad!, one of the more prominent horses$ )The fu report can 'e found here: http:**truthontate a'ianca$com**inde+$php,topic-./0$12 These horses were sta' ed at the 3anta Anita Racetrac4$ There are some we &4nown mafia figures who are a so connected to this racetrac4: Bugsy Siegel: 5hen he got to Ho !wood, 3iege oo4ed up an o d friend from 5i iams'urg who had made it 'ig in the movies: 6eorge Raft, who was 4nown for his gangster portra!a s$ He and %ugs! had 4ept in contact with one another over the !ears and formed such a mutua admiration societ! that it wasn7t c ear whether Raft7s screen persona emu ated 3iege or whether 3iege was st! ing himse f after what Raft portra!ed in the movies$ Together, Raft and 3iege 'ecame regu ars at 3anta Anita Racetrac4, wagering huge sums of mone! on the ponies$ Raft a so opened the door to 3iege 7s first 5est 8oast rac4et$ 3ource: 8rimeLi'rar! )http:**www$crime i'rar!$com*gangsters9out aws*mo'9'osses*siege *west9:1$htm 2 Carlos Marcello and Mickey Cohen: 8ar os #arce o had remained good friends with L$A$ mo'ster #ic4e! 8ohen since the! 'oth had appeared 'efore the #c8 e an hearings$ %! :;0/, 8ohen was in prison, having waged a fu &sca e war with the <ragna fami ! for contro of the rac4ets in Los Ange es, inc uding the ma=or racetrac4s that were a hoo4ed into the #arce o7 s wire service and 'oo4ie networ4$ 3irhan 3irhan, the a eged 4i er of Ro'ert (enned!, wor4ed as a groom at the 3anta Anita race trac4 contro ed '! 8ohen, who had a so 'een a c ose friend of >ac4 Ru'!, the gangster who shot ?swa d dead$ Ru'! was part of the 8ive o set&up in <a as that was contro ed '! #arce o$ That Ro'ert (enned!7s 'rother was himse f shot dead in a cit! that was contro ed '! a c ose friend of 8ar os #arce o, who was more than i4e ! the immediate 'oss of the man who shot the man who shot the president, has to 'e sure ! more than =ust a coincidence$ 3ource: 8rimeLi'rar! )http:**www$crime i'rar!$com*gangsters9out aws*fami !9epics*marce o*:@$htm 2 Harry Cohn and Johnny Roselli: 8ohn returned the favor to Rose i in :;AB when the hood had an opportunit! to 'u! into the 3anta Anita race trac4 with %ugs! 3iege for C.1,111$ 8ohn gave Rose i the mone! to ma4e the dea and, severa months ater, when Rose i gave 8ohn a chec4 for the C.1,111 he 'orrowed, p us interest, 8ohn refused to ta4e the interest mone!, and insisted that Rose i rewrite the chec4 =ust for the 'a ance owed$ Rose i too4 the difference, and, reverting to an o d Ita ian custom, purchased two matching rings, star ru'ies in go d which wou d s!m'o iDe their friendship for ife$ Rose i wore one and gave the other to 8ohn who wore it with pride$ Then Rose i got oc4ed awa! for his ro e in the %ioff scanda , his name was poison in Ho !wood and after his re ease from prison, 8ohn, i4e so man! other peop e in the 'usiness, didn"t want an!thing to do with >ohnn! Rose i, in fact, when Rose i needed 8ohn to put him

on the pa!ro so he cou d get paro e, 8ohn refused, c aiming that the studio"s investors wou d 'a 4$ 3ource: American#afia$com )http:**www$americanmafia$com*Feature9Artic es9.:@$htm 2

The (i dare Lad! The (i dare Lad! was one of the si+ thorough'red racing horses that Leno owned at the time of his death$ This horse is the on ! one mentioned '! name in the po ice report$ Apparent ! it was Euite a good racer, =udging from these news artic es: >u ! @, :;0/: The (i dare Lad! wins

>u ! ::, :;0/: The (i dare Lad! finishes third

>u ! .A, :;0/: The (i dare Lad! wins

#arch :A, :;0;: The (i dare Lad! finishes third:

Apri ., :;0;: The (i dare Lad! can"t race due to in=ur!

August A, :;0;: #ere da!s 'efore Leno"s death, The (i dare Lad! wins

Interview with >err! Lam'ert, one of the =oc4e!s that rode (i dare Lad!:

In 1972 Jerry Lamber rode Loren !a"in#s Con"enience o "ic ory in a $2%&'&&& ma ch race (i h )le cher Jones# *y+ecas , Riding *y+ecas is he legendary Bill Shoemaker,

5ith a the e+citement over the up&coming fi m 3ea'iscuit, wou dn7t it 'e fun to ride in an imaginar! horserace, Put on !our 'oots$ 5e7re read! to mount and ride 'ehind the renowned =oc4e! >err! Lam'ert$ He7 give us a word '! word account of the thri of riding a winning Thorough'red racehorse$ Lam'ert has had a ste ar racing career and is a record 'rea4ing rider, having captured three consecutive Ho !wood 6o d 8up races in :;0F, 700, and 70B riding Gative <iver$ It had never 'een done 'efore and has not 'een repeatedH I%efore the race ever starts,J sa!s >err! Iwe have done our homewor4$ 5e have studied the past performances of each horse entered in the race$ 5e need to 4now their ha'its and find out how the! run their 'est race$ <o the! i4e to ta4e the ead, <o the! have a strong finish, <o the! ug in or i4e to go wide around the turns,It7s the same with the =oc4e!s$ The! a so have certain characteristics regard ess of the horse the!7re riding$ 3ome i4e to ride on the rai , others wi go around$ 5e wi rea ! have to 4eep our e!es on the apprentice riders, as !ou don7t rea ! 4now what the!7re going to do ne+t$J >err! continues, I5e have drawn ots for the post&positions and we must especia ! note those of the contention horses$ <uring the post parade we7 memoriDe the co ors of ever!one7s racing si 4s$ ?ften during a race !ou can recogniDe the =oc4e!s from 'ehind '! the wa! the! sit their horse and their st! e of riding$ There are a mi ion things to thin4 a'out a the wa! through the race$J 3o having said that, we mount up and ride out onto the trac4 accompanied '! our pon! 'o!$ He ma! ver! we have a ead rope attached 'ecause some of the racehorses are so co d&=awed and 4e!ed up that the! cou d actua ! run awa! with their =oc4e! 'efore the race even starts$ There is no dou't in our horse7s mind what he is out there for, and he7s read! to goH IThe trainer has to d us how much he wants the horse warmed up 'efore entering the starting gate,J >err! sa!s$ I3o we have a few minutes to ta4e care of that$ Then as we see the ead out& rider heading toward the gate we 4now post time is near and the assistant starters, who are on foot, 'egin oading the horses into the starting gates$ An e ectric current in the magnetic atches wi spring them open at starting time$J IThe starters are !our 'est friends at this time,J e+p ains >err!$ IThe! he p ca m o'streperous

horses$ ?ur starter goes in ahead of us and we ma4e sure he is not run over in the gate, a though there are side 'ars he can step up on$J 3o we7ve got our horse in the starting gate, oo4ing straight down the trac4 and we7re pra!ing he doesn7t stum' e or get 'umped coming out, 'ecause it7s going to 'e i4e 'eing a'oard a roc4et$ ?ur ears are tuned for the tin! sound of that gate& atch, which c ic4s a sp it&second 'efore the 'e $ 8 ic4H RiingH The gate f ies open and we7re off and runningH IKsua ! when a horse comes out of the gate he7 have his ears 'ac4,J >err! te s us$ IThe ears show he7s concentrating and determined$ Lou can read a ot from a horse7s ears$ Forward ears means the! are re a+ed and oo4ing around and the!7re usua ! in the ead$ Then I i4e to see those ears forward or wagg ing 'ac4 and forth, 'ecause it te s me that I7ve got a ot of horse eft$J

Jerry no( rains *horoughbreds and -rabian racing s ock a Magali )arm near San a .ne/,

I as4ed >err! a'out the stor! that 3ea'iscuit used intimidation '! pu ing up to the ead horse and oo4ing him right in the e!eH ILes, some horses =ust can7t stand to 'e oo4ed in the e!e,J >err! answered$ IThe!7 =ust give up$ %ut a good horse wi a! his ears 'ac4 f at on his nec4 and grit his teeth and run head to head and e!e to e!e with him$ Those horses don7t need an! whipM!ou =ust hand ride them$J IRiding in a race !ou7re fo owing !our p an and watching for an opening ahead to ma4e !our move$ If the =oc4e! in front of !ou switches his stic4 to the eft hand, it ma! mean he7s going to go over to the right and there7s !our opening$ 5hen there7s a horse ahead of !ou, !ou7re watching to see if it7s one that is apt to 'ear out in front of !ou as !ou pass, 'ecause if !ou ose !our momentum it7s hard to pic4 it up again$ As !ou ride !ou fee a ot through !our 4nees and those reins are i4e a te ephone wireH Lou can fee that power under !ou and !ou can te if !ou7 have that ast 'urst of speed to cross the finish ine first$J 5hat a'out the horse7s desire to win, IIt7s in the 'reeding,J sa!s >err!$ II7m sure it7s genetic and strong ! through the mare, in m!

opinion$ A though the first thing a potentia 'u!er ma! as4 wi 'e Nwho7s he '!,7 #ost 'u!ers are ver! interested in the sta ion, 'ut I7ve found that if !ou have a super mare, !ou can ta4e her to a most an! good sta ion$ %ut !ou want a good Nnic4$7J A racehorse is reEuired to carr! a certain amount of weight to tr! to even out the fie d$ It7s not unusua to carr! ::B to :.A pounds in a race$ 5hen >err! was a seventeen&!ear&o d apprentice =oc4e!, he rode at :1B& 's inc uding his .& ' sadd e$ >err! won an amaDing /. races his first !ear of ridingH In Laura Hi en'rand7s marve ous 'oo4 3ea'iscuit, we read a'out =oc4e!s committing fou s against each other$ I as4ed >err! if he had that pro' em much or if the cameras ta4e care of it now$ II rare ! had that pro' em, 'ecause !ou have to 'e a' e to ta4e care of !ourse f out there,J >err! sa!s with a 4nowing smi e$J The cameras do cut down on some of it, 'ut there is a fine ine 'etween a fou and intimidation$ A fou usua ! means there is actua contact$ I do remem'er when I was riding a race and coming up to the wire another =oc4e! whac4ed me hard across the wrist and m! arm fe and went num' and he 'eat me '! a nose$ I didn7t c aim a fou 'ecause sometimes that7s race riding$J IAnother =oc4e! was =ust a wiDard at 4noc4ing the whip out of !our hand$ After it had happened a few times I gave him his own medicine and actua ! 'ro4e his stic4s twice$ He stopped foo ing with me and we never, ever discussed it$J IRa ph Geves was notorious for oo4ing right at !ou and then shutting !ou off,J >err! mused$ II remem'er one time I was a'out twe ve engths 'ehind the eaders and not going an!where and there were no other horses around$ Then here comes Ra ph Geves with p ent! of room in front of him, 'ut he starts sEueeDing in front of me and I7m shouting, NRa phH7 NRa phH7 NRa phHH7 %ut he =ust 4ept cutting me off and we c ipped his horse7s hee s and a most fe $ I was the new =oc4 in town and I thin4 he =ust cou dn7t he p himse f$J I5e , I waited a coup e of wee4s and then the right race came a ong$ Geither of us were riding favorites and I was near the 'ac4 of the pac4 at the A*/ po e$ 3ure enough, here comes Ra ph on the inside$ 3o I et him get part wa! past and then I tightened up the opening$ I cou d hear his stirrup on the a uminum rai going screeeeeeech and he7s !e ing at me and 'ac4s off$ %ut prett! soon here he comes again and I did the same thing$ It happened three times$J I5hen we got 'ac4 to the =oc4e!7s room, Ra ph was so furious that the veins were stic4ing out on his forehead and his nec4$ He started coming across the room to m! oc4er and I said, N3top right there, Ra ph$ Remem'er a coup e of wee4s ago when !ou sEueeDed me out and practica ! stood me on m! head and I a most crashed, Gow we7re even$ Turn a'out is fair p a!$7 5e , he turned and wa 4ed awa! and after that we were great friends$J %eing a =oc4e! reEuires one to 'e in top condition$ In fact, in a surve! of different t!pes of ath etes, cross countr! s4iers and =oc4e!s proved to 'e the fittest in re ation to their siDe, even 'eating out foot'a p a!ers, 'as4et'a p a!ers and 'o+ers$ It ma! 'e 'ecause this sport is fraught with danger$ There is a reason wh! an am'u ance is a wa!s near'!H >err! has had his share of spi s: In :;/B the 'it 'ro4e in the horse7s mouth and he came off the horse 'ac4wards$ Three horses ran over him and eft him with a 'ro4en an4 e, 'ro4en ri's,

a punctured ung, crushed chee4'one and other in=uries$ In another race, when a horse in front of him fe , >err! went off and severa horses ga oped over him, 'ut he emerged a most without a scratch$ I>oc4e!s actua ! e+pect to have a'out three spi s a !ear,J he sa!s$ IThe he mets have 'een great ! improved and =oc4e!s now wear a safet! vest to protect them if the! are stepped on$ %ut sometimes peop e are 4i ed on the trac4$J IAfter I too4 a 'ad spi in :;/1 and I was mending, I too4 a =o' as an out&rider for four !ears$ Then when I was a' e to race again, I went to another trac4 and found that ever!thing had changed$ The =oc4e!s were coming out of the gate standing up with the reins f apping in the 'reeDe$ 5hen I as4ed wh!, the! said the! thought it made the horses more re a+ed$ 5e , I sti rode down ow with m! reins co ected so I cou d fee m! horse7s mouth and his action$ I p a!ed those reins i4e a piano and I wou d pass them i4e a turpentined cat,J he sa!s with a grin$ 3o given that this is sti such a dangerous sport and =oc4e!s must constant ! diet and 'att e their weight, what ma4es it so enticing as a career, IIt ta4es a certain 'reed of cat,J sa!s >err!$ IIt7s the ove of the horse, the mone! is good and it7s a ver! e+citing ifeHJ And now 'ac4 to our raceOcoming into the home stretch we7re running third, our horse7s ears are aid 'ac4 and the reins te us there7s p ent! of power eft$ Then a space opens 'etween the two horses in the ead and we shoot through it$ 5e hit the wire firstH ?f courseH 5e7re riding with the great >err! Lam'ertH 3ource: http:**www$insidesanta!neDva e!$com*pastIssues*.11A*summer*ridingTo5in$htm

?'ituar! of %i Hartac4, who finished first with The (i dare Lad! on August A, :;0;:

)i"e0*ime 1erby 2inner Har ack 1ead a 73

)ormer 4ockey Bill Har ack' a 5i"e0 ime 6en ucky 1erby (inner' died in *e7as a age 73, <ecem'er A, .11B && %i Hartac4, the five&time (entuc4! <er'! winner and horse racing Ha of Fame =oc4e!, was found dead on Govem'er .0 at the age of B@$ Hartac4"s 'od! was found in a ca'in at a camp near Freer, Te+as, where the e+&=oc4e! had 'een sta!ing during a hunting vacation$ <r$ 8orinne 3tern of the 5e'' 8ountr! medica e+aminer"s office in Laredo, Te+as, said Hartac4 died of natura causes due to heart disease$ Hartac4, 'orn in P'ens'urg, Pa$, ed the nation in horse racing victories from :;FF&FB, winning @,.B. races over the span of his Knited 3tates career and coming home in front on near ! .1 percent of his mounts, according to 8%3 3ports$ He and Pddie Arcaro are the on ! two =oc4e!s to 'oast five (entuc4! <er'! wins$ (nown for his fierce competitive nature, Hartac4 won his first (entuc4! <er'! in :;FB on Iron Liege$ Hartac4"s horse won '! a nose when friend and fe ow =oc4e! %i 3hoema4er a'oard 6a ant #an mis=udged the finish ine and stood in the stirrups premature ! to ce e'rate$ Hartac4 went on to win the <er'! with Qenetian 5a! in :;01, <ecided ! in :;0., Gorthern <ancer in :;0@ and again on #a=estic Prince in :;0;, according to the Associated Press$ He a so c inched the Prea4ness on Fa'ius in :;F0, Gorthern <ancer in :;0@ and #a=estic Prince in :;0;$ He won the %e mont 3ta4es once on 8e tic Ash in :;01$ Hartac4 rode in the Knited 3tates unti :;B@, according to the Los Ange es Times, 'efore going overseas to ride in Hong (ong$ After retiring in :;/: he wor4ed as a racing ana !st on networ4 te evision, as we as a racing officia and =oc4e!"s agent$ Hartac4, who made winning races his 'usiness, was the first rider to reach an annua purse earning of CA mi ion$ Hartac4"s remains wi 'e 'uried <ecem'er 0 in I'eria, #o$, with a memoria service to fo ow <ecem'er :1 at . p$m$ at 6race Lutheran 8hurch and Learning 8enter at .F@ 8urtiss Par4wa! in #iami 3prings, F a$ In ieu of f owers, donations ma! 'e made to the %i Hartac4 8emeter! #emoria Fund, care of the %an4 of I'eria, P? %o+ .1F, I'eria, #? 0F@/0$ 3ource: http:**eEuisearch$com*eEuiwire9news*'i hartac4dead9:.1A1B*