Remote Hypnosis Sagas Ch.

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Remote Hypnosis Sagas Ch. 2
by ~SuperSpinnerSpinner, Dec 23, 2009, 10:34:34 AM Literature / Prose / Fiction / Romance / Erotic





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Chapter 2 It turns out that, for all my excitement that afternoon Stacy wasn't even available. Lilly sounded so giddy on the phone, just so happy to be pleasing me. The strange part was that she got all depressed when her friend said she already had plans for the day. I'm fairly certain it wasn't intentional, seeing that Stacy does have a life, but Lilly was upset more by the fact that she had failed me. A quick praise and "that's all right" reversed the problem, at least. But how would I fix her? Mom would be home soon. A deep sleep should work, I thought. Then I could take the earrings out and run away before she had the chance to wake up and notice such a peculiar situation. I looked her deeply in the eyes. Bright blue, cheering with joy at just being in my presence, barely containing her giggling. Pause and three. She slumped back onto her bed as her eyes rolled back and a smile spread across her face. I thought I heard a sigh. "Lilly, I'm going to take you out of this trance now. When I remove the earrings you will sleep deeply and peacefully, and forget this ever happened." Great. Now all I had to do was prepare her for the future. "You will have an affinity for these earrings. Something will draw you to them, though not too strong. However, you now will have an urge to wear them more often." I couldn't bear to make her more submissive to me outside of the remote's control. Let her be herself. As I recall my dad once said to her "just be yourself, and you will make more friends." If that were true, than just being herself will help to draw more here. Maybe I could even get a patent on this device. If only, if only... – – – My urges for Stacy drove me into solitude for the next few days. I filled half a notebook with possible plans to induce her. Having a harem of just one girl, especially my sister, was rather awkward and not quite as arousing. Heather, a close friend of mine since middle school, stopped by a few times throughout the week after work to say hi and find out what I was working on. "Aww, Andy, you know I don't like secrets," she gibbed. "It's top secret manufacturer's technology," I said. "How do I know you won't steal the ideas and go sell them to another electronics company?" It was mostly a joke, but partly true. How would she react if she found out my fetish and libido were driving me to invent tools of mind control?  She was pretty open herself, and did make the oft bondage joke (pretty sure she gets hot from a raip* of rope) and she's always been a fan of the sex toy shop that's just around the corner from the train tracks downtown. But when she finally did come that Friday night, I had just about finished and needed to prepare the two poles for Stacy. This new remote could control two at once, and as an added precaution could control one at a time. I looked up at Heather for a second. She, too, had some sort of affinity for large earrings. Black, lacy discs swung slowly from her ears with every little shake of her

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and I made my first mention of the robbery to anyone. "She was practically flailing while he commanded her. http://superspinnerspinner. the kind that girls make in conversation just to end a sentence. – – – Saturday was here. "What did your boss do?" A pang of concern rang in her voice and her big earrings swung with more vigor. and snatched up loose parts before escaping through the window. my uncle is in the fire department. mom was out doing research. Yet again. Stacy was available and planned to hang out over at my house with Lilly today. "Hey Heather.m. which acccentuated her platinum blond hair. A little "heh". None of these days saw use of the remote. By the time I got up. I don't think it works with magic or any of that nonsense.deviantart. so it headed towards her latest art project. As sweet as she was. Last weekend. "is always so mysterious.] . after all. and special metal poles wrapped within the chain links. Tuesday. Monday. Apparently they just stole useless junk. At some point it turned back to my job. someone had broken into the SUO Electronics research lab. I wouldn't be able to get more parts. They matched her artsy glasses.Remote Hypnosis Sagas Ch. Lilly was already eating breakfast and fully dressed for the day. framed with black. She really did care about[02/12/2012 01:07:15 a. "Hey. which she couldn't relate to (art major). Honestly. playing dumb. Lilly wore the special earrings three times." her voice shined like a regular morning person. No reports were filed. Silver circles with wood beads. The perpetrator had responded to their calls in a low voice. and she wore the right earrings. with Saimin Ra?" She seemed unphased by a topic that at the mere mention gave me both pleasure and discomfort." The conversation eventually morphed. did you hear about that hypnosis show at the firehouse next month?" "Oh. her hair in turn brought attention to her earrings. but very womanly." "I was thinking about going just to see how real it is. I sort of zoned out while I tinkered with the poles. even fully dressed myself. though. Calculus III came into the discussion. "I saw some of his videos online." I was fairly alert. "Nothing." I kept to myself the fact that I had also taken the parts laid out before me without permission. But then again. "Morning." Now she made a little squirm. 2 by ~SuperSpinnerSpinner on deviantART head. as one of the maintenance men had reported. "Yeah. Hypnosis-" and I made a little squirm. that's for sure." I said. which I guess she didn't notice. as I refused to use it in front of my mother or to impede my sister's studying. and would be back Sunday night. Heather had a tendency to ramble about her life. I had the remote in my hand. The dragging of my feet along the floor added to the effect. so I'll probably work the drink counter that night. "I think it's real. but feigned tiredness. which I noticed. Throughout the week. and Thursday." And she laughed her little laugh. The figure was just a shadow and no sketch could be made. The mention of my school set up a perfect opportunity for her to ask what my plans were for the next semester. But I couldn't help wondering what exactly was going to happen from that point. He did a show at my college two years ago. and he actually bound a girl with hypnosis.

and you need to please your master as a cat." Play button. Volume Up. Before she had the chance to turn on her game system. but she eventually was up and perky. and tell her to try them on." "But you haven't seen the best of it yet!" "Oh really? Show me what you've got!" Pause and three. she stuck her entire face in. sending me into a frenzy of both joy and surprise. crawling on all fours towards me. She slumped back. She's not like you." "Yes." "You're going to show her your pair of green dangle earrings. Then. face still in my crotch. purring and swiping playfully. I fastened two new poles to a pair of green earrings and left them in plain sight. I had been standing. Nine-thirty. What would I do during that time? Lilly finished her breakfast. licking and nipping wildly. Her tongue slid over the seam and worked its way up. but she pounced up and brought me to the ground. Her eyes rolled back. You will not take no for an answer. she was all about serving the master." Very good. letting it just flow out as I made it up. completely changed from her fit of excitement. I left her alone in the basement so as to not instill that mindset in her for too long. she'll be here around one. "AHAHAHA! Oh. Master.m. I need you to change that. I jumped down the staircase and rolled in (like a dashing young James Bond. It took her a few seconds to stir from her slumber. you will think you are a cat. I let her inside and she smiled. Master." I kept thinking of what to say next. After a pass around my side she came over to the crotch of my pants and started licking. "Now when you awaken. and went down into the basement to start her gaming binge.Remote Hypnosis Sagas Ch. I pressed the play button to let her go back to her normal self. cliché doorbell chimed as Stacy arrived. My face grew hot and red as I reached for the remote again and pressed pause and three. that's just too good. Do you understand?" "Yes. She collapsed. though anytime she wore the earrings and we were alone together. you will act like you normally do around friends. Ding! Our lame. asking for Lilly. as if my crotch had suddenly turned into her food dish. As I called for my http://superspinnerspinner. and only go back to fully pleasing me once Stacy obeys the master. 2 by ~SuperSpinnerSpinner on deviantART "Stacy's coming over today?" "Oh yeah. I fiddled with the earrings a bit and felt her relax even more. Stacy will be coming soon. revealing the whites of her eyes as she went deep into a trance. After about an hour I left her under hypnosis and went up to her[02/12/2012 01:07:15 a. I scratched behind her ear and she purred some more. She licked all around my crotch. but humming the Mission Impossible theme). I understand. put the plates in the dishwasher. Also.] ." I looked at the clock. "Lilly.deviantart. And she was beautiful. "She doesn't know how to obey the master. Andy.

She was taller than Lilly. then walked over to the mirror to see how they looked. thanks!" A glint came over her eyes." "Wow.m. Little did Andy know. another worked. These are my favorite earrings.Remote Hypnosis Sagas Ch. I feel like the more I write. But somewhere out there. Her hand seemed to naturally gravitate towards her ear lobe. why not? You would look really pretty!" At this I brought them over to Stacy. nothing is ever as good as it seems. Since that didn't really work." I grinned. Maybe she was looking for the perfect opportunity to bring them up. "So. "I hope you don't mind.. jeans. 2 by ~SuperSpinnerSpinner Literature / Prose / Fiction / Romance / Erotic Well. Neither was suspicious of me. but still shorter than me. She wasn't wearing earrings." Stacy was playing with the earrings." "Oh. sis. sis. "Lilly! Long time no see!" They both laughed. her eyelids fluttering as she fought to stay awake. "Welcome to the club. Just so you know. I could see the green earrings still on her dresser. I walked up to her and whispered in her ear. "You should try them on! They would look good on you!" Good girl. those are cute. looking straight ahead and using my peripherals to catch anything important. I like these! They're so-" Pause and three. and just walked past the open doorway. Relax. but I don't think she noticed. the better I get. I found these on the kitchen table this morning and brought them back up.." said Stacy. but I was impatient.. "I'm sorry about[02/12/2012 01:07:15 a. undershirt. Finally. I ended up just strolling in casually to start a conversation. She always did this. Her hair poured out over my arm.deviantart. the next chapter (coming out rather soon) will introduce a full on http://superspinnerspinner. but she did wear a tight V-neck cardigan. Stacy.] . I was too nervous to even look at them. Lilly immediately slumped back into her dreamy trance. so soft and fluffy to the A half hour passed before I dared to venture up the stairs to see what was going on. so at least she wasn't acting giddier than normal." Lying worked well. 2 by ~SuperSpinnerSpinner on deviantART sister I kept stealing glances at this girl. this new chapter adds two more to the mix. calculating endlessly to make her own weapon. "Hey Stacy!" Lilly ran up to her friend and hugged her. and a pair of Ugg ripoffs. "Hey by the way.oooh. Chapter two of the story expands out into the more social side of Andy's world. Remote Hypnosis Sagas Ch. As soon as I entered. but no shine. remote still in my back pocket. While the first chapter was confined to just two characters. who eyed them as well.. "You sure?" "Yeah. She had dirty blond hair.. she succumbed and fell into my arms as her eyes rolled back. then went upstairs to her room. it's finally here. Perfect. She reluctantly accepted and put them in her ears.. but the way she groomed herself it looked as though she had straightened her normally wavy hair. share a few remarks. "Oooh. The thief from SUO had been sifting through the parts.. giving it a large amount of fluff and volume. I was just trying to clean up is all.

November ^sTiViA 130 comments Dec 01. but a battle involving minds and technology.] . 2012 http://superspinnerspinner. CI Monthly Feature .com modern japanese print ~Coco-Art-92 Reply Dec 25.screen-print. No longer will it follow just Andy's hypnotic experiments.m. too. as are chapters 4 and 5 for the fave and happy holidays! Currently working on chapter 6. 2012 53 comments Polls If you were in the Matrix and could immediately upload to your brain artistic mastery in one media you haven't yet mastered. Proudly showing 240 million pieces of art from over 24 million registered artists and art appreciators Deviousness `UnicornReality is a much loved and well known deviant who has been instrumental in the successful continuous development of our stock & resources community. 2009   Lol thanks.yoseido. 2 by ~SuperSpinnerSpinner on deviantART storyline. Can't wait to see ch. 2009    Hobbyist General Artist Very interesting. what would it be? Digital Art Traditional Art deviantART [ dee ·vee· un 'nt·ART] 1. Thanks *LZ0291 Reply Dec 23. The world's largest online art community 2. 2009    Hobbyist Writer Very nicely done. Best for Japanese souvenir www. 3. I hope it works out well Comments and suggestions are welcome! S P I n n E R <---New Logo woodblock.lithograph. Chapter 3 is already up.Remote Hypnosis Sagas[02/12/2012 01:07:15 a. The future plotline sounds like it's going to be intresting Previous Next Add a Comment: You are viewing Daily Deviations All Channels   Browse The Journal Portal character design *nheira Nov 30.deviantart. =3 ~SuperSpinnerSpinner Reply Dec 25.

If you are looking for a muse to stoke your creative fire. Fiona's vibrant personality and enthusiastic approach to bringing fun into everything she does. product and feature releases. and awesome happenings: to `.  Read More Watch #hq 3. 2012 43 comments Sketches.m.500 days deviantART loves you! Known best of all for her beautiful stock photography. Follow deviantART on the web: ©2012 deviantART. Watch the official deviantART #hq Blog for news. 2012 23 comments Keep in Touch! 1.Remote Hypnosis Sagas Ch. `UnicornReality should be top of your list. sketches *nheira Dec 01. 2 by ~SuperSpinnerSpinner on deviantART Photography Artisan Crafts Literature Film/Animation Design/Interface Cartoons/Comics Resources Other (please comment) 3.. sketches.. has proven to be a daily inspiration to us all.deviantart.746 comments Let it snow CONTEST `lintu47 Nov 30. All rights reserved About Us | Contact Us | Developers | Careers | Site Tour | Help & FAQ Advertise | Premium Membership Policy Etiquette | Privacy Policy | Terms of Service | Copyright http://superspinnerspinner. We are Subscribe ([02/12/2012 01:07:15 a. 2012 63 comments Your email Vote! absolutely delighted to bestow the Deviousness Award for December 2012 Browse Journals 2. Get deviantART news & updates by email! Celebrating Deviousness December 2012 $fourteenthstar Dec 01.295 votes) 1. Deviously serving the art and skin community for 4.] .

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