Remote Hypnosis Sagas Ch.

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Remote Hypnosis Sagas Ch. 4
by ~SuperSpinnerSpinner, Dec 24, 2009, 7:46:49 PM Literature / Prose / Fiction / Romance / Erotic





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Chapter 4 Of the two, I think Stacy was more fun to hypnotize, but Lilly was more fun to play with. It's one of those cases where the effect and the action vary between individuals. The week had gone by slow from all of the anticipation I had for this weekend. I had called up Stacy myself and asked her to come over and "serve the master", to which she said, "yes, Master." This time I had Lilly massage me again, and caress me while under the influence of hypnosis, but with Stacy I just continuously brought her in and out of trance, just to see those captivating eyes of hers roll back as she went under each time. She just looked some cute as she became so submissive. At one point I had them start making out with each other and put on a show for me. It was just a simple  kiss, then it slowly evolved as they began to run their hands over each other's bodies. Tongues lashed, writhing between their lips as Stacy took Lilly to the ground, taking the top position and sensuously feeling all around her breasts as she kissed her. Ding! The doorbell rang. I put the girls back into trance with pause and three, fixed my pants, and went downstairs to answer the door. Through its glass accents I could see Lauren standing outside. "Hey," I said as I opened the door. I moved aside and gestured for her to come on inside. "What brings you here?" "Oh nothing, I just wanted to get in touch with you again to see how you were doing." She smiled a very girly smile. Sweet, but with something beneath it. "I just saw you on Wednesday." "I know. But it seems so dangerous at work for you, what with all that technology and people breaking in." "Don't worry about it. It's no big deal really. I look fine, right?" What was she really here for? "Anyway, wanna go do something tonight? Maybe catch a movie with Danny and James?" "That sounds good! When do you want to go?" "How about seven o'clock?" I needed time to clean up what had been going on upstairs and call both Danny and James. "Sure. By the way, is your sister home? I need to ask her a question." Now I was a bit thrown off. Why my sister? "Uh, yeah, but she's not feeling good so I let her sleep for a bit." "It'll only take a second," she pleaded. Her cute little eyes welled up. "I promise." "Why my sister?" "Well, um...I'm looking for volunteers for a new psychology study at the

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showing her rear to me and having her look at me from between her spread legs and had Stacy lean over her back and look at the camera. I asked both girls to strike poses like models. and since she was in college she had been a researcher at a laboratory over an hour away from here. They did." she said. and took a picture with my camera phone. I jumped up and ran at them to see if they would flinch. giggling the entire time and acting like they were really on a runway. I bent Lilly over. I could have sworn I saw something on her neck. taking a break from making out with the hypnotized Stacy in otder to make the call. and we need more girls from her age group. Nothing. sweetie! Have you eaten yet?" She hugged me and kissed me and apologized for her absence. I'll tell her for you when she wakes up. He had been gone since May and still had another two months http://superspinnerspinner. Then I placed her two hands on my shoulders. Unable to move.m. it's almost done now." She looked fatigued from her heavy research work. "I haven't had anything to eat at all today. "I've got chicken in the oven. and instead crawled up to me playfully like little pets. Lauren wasn't normally a pushy person.deviantart. I went back up to my sleeping beauties and resumed play time. He was a skilled doctor. "Andy. Would you like some?" "Thank you very much." "In Germany?" My dad was never home anymore because of his job. and worked in Germany every summer in order to learn more about medicine. Another picture was taken. and mom came home. she'll call you in the[02/12/2012 01:10:30 a. facing her head to look at me. only able to blink and breathe. Not even an extra blink. I wondered. don't worry about me!" That was a close call." "Yes.Remote Hypnosis Sagas Ch. "I'm going to visit Dad soon." "Sorry. They stood as still as statues. "I'm okay. "I'll see you tonight! At the Starlight?" "Yup. I caught her around the waist and peeled her away from the banister. then shouted out to her. sounds good. and they froze in place. Mi-" She stopped midsentence and forced out a little cough. I'll tell her. Mom!" I'm still a momma's boy at heart. I pushed the Channel Down button. 4 by ~SuperSpinnerSpinner on deviantART hospital. okay? If she's interested. but maybe I was just seeing things in the panic. It was important to her.] . and I do miss her when she leaves us alone for so long. too. To test them out. I took Stacy's leg and bent it up at the knee and let her balance on my shoulder. and now was the best time to test it out. "Lauren. and I would drive her to the Starlight to meet with the others for the movie tonight. She would meet me here around six-thirty. Why the major push to see Lilly." and she tried to run up the stairs. looked her in the eyes. "Hi. Stacy and Lilly left to go to the mall with friends. the girls no longer were mid-makeout session. I added one new command to the remote's software." I waved to her as she went back to her car. okay?" "No really. let her sleep for now. Thanks for stopping by. After pressing play. it'll be just a second. – – – I decided to call up Heather. By six o'clock.

I was fairly full from the chicken and the popcorn. "What was going on in the movie theatre before?" James asked. In fact." Heather flicked a stray grain of rice aside from the rim of her soup bowl. and that wasn't like her at all. She said her research had been good. James and I split for the bathroom while the girls waited. I emulated many of the acrobatic moves of the lead character in my daily life. While we ate. Maybe I should put her under as well and get her to tell the truth? "I'm thinking there must be some big prize to whomever gets the most people to sign up. Danny. she whispered to me. "That's my mom. "Let's just go get food now.Remote Hypnosis Sagas Ch. "Girls. "Yeah.m. everyone looked to me for more. and left us to talk with Heather. When the movie ended. "Apparently the hospital is looking for new subjects in a psychology study." "She's been pushier than normal. Mom. and the expression on Heather's face made it obvious she was annoyed. Heather came at six-thirty. For the next few weeks following. "It seemed like she was really bugging you. very few of my friends had ever met my mother. Danny seemed to be scarfing down more food than I had ever seen a human being eat before. though something didn't seem right. we talked about how SUO was doing. and when I let her in. "She asked the same thing of Lilly." We http://superspinnerspinner. she bolted up the stairs to go see her after I said no. "I can't get any days off that soon. He was right.deviantart. and some even thought Lilly and I lived on our own. Or at least tried to.. her standing and me sitting on the counter with plates in our hands. so I didn't get much. We met up with the other three at the Starlight at seven. Lauren got up to use the bathroom. and I had to grab her around the waist to stop her.  "A couple weeks ago. but wouldn't she tell us anyway? She never hides stuff from us. Something was up with her that I just couldn't quite figure out." said Danny. I didn't tell her about the stolen parts." We went into a Chinese fast food restaurant to grab something to eat. The theatre only had one stall.. she was really getting on my nerves. "Oh yeah." We ate our meal very informally." said Heather. "who is that woman over there?" She nodded towards the kitchen." "That makes sense. and tried to go into detail but lost me after 'gravitational force between strange and charm quarks'." "Sorry. what with my love of spy movies and all." I replied. I'm going next week for the entire week and I would bring both you and Lilly if you two didn't have work. she would not stop talking about how she might just win a new car in this lottery thingamabob. In the lobby stood Heather and Lauren. Plus Lilly has her volunteer work during the week." This was also true. so it took quite some time for all of us to finish our business and the line as we left extended out into the main lobby (and the girls' line was nearly double the length). She was very pushy. 4 by ~SuperSpinnerSpinner on deviantART before he could return." "Hmm.] . making it just in time to see the newest spy movie that had come out." And with[02/12/2012 01:10:30 a." At least I wasn't the only one to notice. Lauren was abnormally close to her. is everything all right?" "Yeah." The look of shock on her face made me realize something. and they need more girls my age.

I have to go." "Yes. There sat another girl. strapped to a chair with an electrode on her neck. The closer she came. ". This was a bit different experience in writing compared to past chapters. and walked downstairs to the lab. who nodded. 4 by ~SuperSpinnerSpinner on deviantART immediately changed the subject as we heard the bathroom door open again." James spoke up to redirect us.. taller than me even. I couldn't help but laugh. and removed the headphones. and stiletto heels was coming around the corner and walking towards us." The two arrived back at the woman's home." Like a robot. Mistress. her eyes fixed on someone up ahead of us. if necessary. Passing the game store. and planned to drive Lauren back to the lab for a bit more conditioning. she turned as the woman passed and followed her away. "I must thank you again for bringing me such an excellent new slave." There was a brief pause. The electrode sparked as the woman began using the remote. brainwashing her with the words of her mistress. The girl awoke. slave?" The woman spoke only once they got to her car.] . Lauren immediately stopped dead in the middle of the sidewalk. All we could do was stare back in shock. 4 by ~SuperSpinnerSpinner Literature / Prose / Fiction / Romance / Erotic Awright! Part one of my holiday present to my (few) followers! It's finally time for a look at the one controlling Lauren. "Unfortunately. slave.Remote Hypnosis Sagas Ch. How may I serve you?" Remote Hypnosis Sagas Ch. We walked downtown in the warm moonlight." Lauren walked over to the hypnotized girl. Now please prepare her for me. – – – "So how did it go. Lauren took a step out towards the woman.and that's why I never eat chili peppers on Sunday night. leaving to go do something else before the night ended. tight khaki dress pants. Thank you for the report. none of the girls that I tried to contact today would agree. Her eyes were close. a fellow intern at the hospital. with short brown hair that was cropped and curved in towards her neck. A tall brunette woman in a long evening cardigan. "I'm sorry. Lauren basically http://superspinnerspinner. The electrode on her neck buzzed as she obeyed. and what she might be after! It's up to Andy to get to the bottom of this. A little while passed and we ate our fill. That was the last I saw of Lauren until Monday. passing by the only row of stores still open past ten o'clock. the taller she was in my perspective. "Hello[02/12/2012 01:10:30 a. for the sake of his friends and his sister. She was short. "But I'm sure we could get her to comply with a little more force. The two walked down the block and turned onto another street out of our sight. and a pair of headphones rested in her ears. unstrapped her.deviantart." "I shall look into it further.m. She will be great for the collection.." "Not even the taller girl you were with just now?" "She refused.

Fiona's vibrant personality and enthusiastic approach to bringing fun into everything she does. `UnicornReality should be top of your list. Proudly showing 240 million pieces of art from over 24 million registered artists and art appreciators 3. Deviously serving the art and skin community for 4.500 days deviantART loves you! Deviousness `UnicornReality is a much loved and well known deviant who has been instrumental in the successful continuous development of our stock & resources[02/12/2012 01:10:30 a. We are absolutely delighted to bestow the Deviousness Award for December 2012 CI Monthly Feature .] . sketches *nheira Dec 01.301 votes) 1. The world's largest online art community 2. Known best of all for her beautiful stock photography.746 comments http://superspinnerspinner. what would it be? Digital Art Traditional Art Photography Artisan Crafts Literature Film/Animation Design/Interface Cartoons/Comics Resources Other (please comment) deviantART [ dee ·vee· un 'nt·ART] 1. 2012 43 comments Sketches.Download.m. 2012 Let it snow CONTEST `lintu47 Nov 30. has proven to be a daily inspiration to us all. 2012 23 comments Keep in Touch! 1. 2012 63 comments Your email Vote! Subscribe (89. If you are looking for a muse to stoke your creative fire. Get deviantART news & updates by email! Celebrating Deviousness December 2012 $fourteenthstar Dec 01. 4 by ~SuperSpinnerSpinner on deviantART takes the spotlight in this one! Happy reading! SPI nnER Descarga ahora conversor vídeo ¡Descarga aquí! www.pconverter.deviantart. 2010   Previous Next Add a Comment: You are viewing Daily Deviations All Channels   Browse The Journal Portal character design *nheira Nov 30.November ^sTiViA 130 comments Dec 01.Remote Hypnosis Sagas Ch. 2012 53 comments Polls If you were in the Matrix and could immediately upload to your brain artistic mastery in one media you haven't yet mastered. Comenzar descarga ~bluecanart =3 Reply Mar 29.

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