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Structure Organisasi PT. Perkebunan Nusantara 1 (Persero) terdiri atas unit kantor kerja Direksi dan kantor distrik.

Unit kerja kantor Direksi terdiri atas unit kerja dibawah Direktur Utama, 4 Direktur Bidang dan 13 bagian. Unit kerja kantor Distrik terdiri atas kantor Unit /Kebun dan Pabrik. Kantor Direksi PT. Perkebunan Nusantara XIII (Persero) berkedudukan di Aceh, dengan Kantor Distrik yang tersebar di Wilayah Aceh. Sampai dengan Desember 2010, Jumlah Kantor PT Perkebunan Nusantara XII (Persero) sebagai berikut : Kantor Direksi : 1 Kantor Kantor Distrik : 4 Kantor Kantor Perwakilan : 3 Kantor Bagan strukutur organisasi Kantor Direksi PT. Perkebunan Nusantara XII (Persero) sesuai Surat Keputusan Direksi No. 13.00/KPTS/17/VI/2009 tanggal 30 Juni 2009 tentang Struktur Organisasi dana Tata Kerja PT Perkebunan Nusantara XIII (Persero) sebagai berikut : The organization of PTP 1 (Persero) comprises the units of Board Directors (Head) Office and District Office. The working units of Head Office involved working units under President Director, 4 (four) Directors and 13 (thirteen) Departements. The working units of District Office consist Unit / Estate and Factory Offices. The Head Office of PTP Nusantara I (Persero) is located in Aceh, with its District Offices spread in all areas of Aceh. Up to December 2010, total number of Offices of PTP Nusantara I (Persero) are asfollow : Head Office : 1 Office District : 4 Office Representative : 3 Office The Organizational structure of the Head Office of PTP Nusantara I (Persero), according to the Board of Directors Decision No. 13.00/KPTS/17/VI/2009 dated 30 June, 2009 on the Organizational Structure and Administration of PTP Nusantara I (Persero) is as follows : TUJUAN PENERAPAN GCG The objectives of GCG Implement PTPN I is a Plantation of State Owned Enterprise that has commitement to implement the principles of Good Corporate Governance (GCG) in business as stated in the regulations, best practice and ethical values.

GCG Structure GCG Structure consists of main organ and supporting organ. The main organ consist of General Meeting Share holder, Commissioners, and Directors. The supporting Organ consists of Company Sceretary, Audit committee. The

Main function of supporting organ is assisting Main Organ Directors and Commissioners in running the company operation. GCG Structure can be described as follow : RUPS is the highest structure in GCG, where Directors, Commiissioners, Share holders namelly Government of Republic Indonesia (100%) hold a meeting and strategic decision making.

RUPS authorities : Accepting and refussuing RKAP and RJP (Long Term Plan); Deciding the allocation of company profit sharing; Determining and legalizing Directors and Commissioners appointment system;

Komditi dan produk Bidang Usaha Line of Business PTPN 1 teteap fokus pada agrobisnis sebagai bsinis inti. Berikut saya uraikan komoditas andalan PTPN 1 PTPN 1 is still focused on agriculture industry sector as its business. Let me, follow The primary commodities of PTPN 1 are :

Kelapa Sawit Business related to oil palm covers teh management of nucleus and plasma oil palm plantation, and Palm oil Mills (PMS), with the main products of palm oil and palm kernel.

Oil palm processing stages in PTPN I are designed to produce market oriented product quality. In order to meet the costumers reqiurements of product quality and quantity, products are handled pursuant to the prevailing mandatory standard since they are harvested, transported and processed.

At, the 2012, PTPN I products have reached 52,107 tons of palm oil and 11,060 tons of palm kernels, and are fully marketed for teh indonesian vegetable oil industry.

Rubber Business related to rubber covers the management of nucleus and plasma rubber plantation, as well as Crumb Rubber Factory and Sheet Factory, with the main products of SIR-20 and RSS.

Rubber processing stages in PTPN I are designd to produce mandatory standardlized product quality such as lump and latex are sheet and SIR-20 as the output. Raw materials for latex are sheets products is market oriented in which the market plays an important role in production consideration. Meanwhile, the designd of SIR-29 products is buyer oriented so that it depends on costumers request, specifically for its packaging and quality.

At 2012, Rubber product have reached 144 tons of dried rubber. 80 % of rubber products in the form of SIR-20 and RSS are allocated for domestic market and 20 % are allocated for global market, such as India and China.

KELAPA SAWIT In such a bad climate, PTPN I was still able to maintain the total fresh fruit Bunches production to Tons or slightly increased by 1.99% compared to that of in 2009 which

Board of Diectors Composition of the Board Directors according to the Decree af State Minister of State Owned Enterprise. The Composition of the Board Directors, as follows :

President Director : Wargani Production Director : Abdul Mukti Nasution Finance and Marketting Director : Amrizal Human Resource and GA Director : Ramadhan Ismail Planning and Development Director : Husni Ibrahim

The Board of Directors is the executive authority holder in a company who dircetor the company operations as mandated Regulation of limite Liability Company, the Articles of Association and General Meeting of Shareholders. This Board is under the surveillance of th Board of Commissioners. The position of each director including the CEO is equal. The task CEO is as primus inter pares, that is to coordinate the board of directors activites. Board of Commissioners According to Board Manual of the Board of Commissioners and the Board of Directors, the work relationship between board of Directors and Board of Commissioners is Check and Balances relationship, in order to create professional, transparent, and efficient company management to obtain the company objectives. The Composition of the Board Directors, as follows :

The President Commissioner : Syamsuddin Mahmud Commissioner : Azwar AB Commissioner : Busari Mansur Commissioner : Indra Adil

Board of Directors and Board of Commissioners are highly committed in concert to Realize the company goals, supporting achievement of company vision, mission, and strategy.

Committees under Board of Commisioners The Formation of Audit committees refers to the regulation,The structure of Audit committee is as follow : As the Head : As Member : As Member :

The Objective of the Audit committee establishment is to assist the Board of Commissioners to do the supervision on the PTPN I management.

PTPN 1 teteap fokus pada agrobisnis sebagai bsinis inti

Bidang usaha kelapa sawit meliputi pengelolaan kebun inti dan plasma berikut Pabrik Minyak Sawit (PMS), Produk Utama nya Minyak Sawit dan Inti Sawit. Bidang Usaha Karet Meliputi pengelolaan Kebun karet inti dan Plasma, Pabrik Karet Remah dan Pabrik Sheet, dengan Produk utama SIR-20 dan RSS. Desain Pabrikasi dirancang untuk menghasilkan kualitas produk Standar mandatory. Struktur Oragnisasi Perusahaan PTPN I terdiri atas unit kerja Kantor Direksi dan Kantor Distrik. PTPN I berkomitmen melaksanakan prinsip-prinsip Good Corporte Governance (GCG) dalam pelaksanaan bisnis usaha sesuai aturan, best practice dan nilai etika.

Hubungan kerja Direksi dan Dewan Komisaris adalah hubungan check and balances, sehingga tercipta perusahaan professional, transparan dan efisien dalam mencapai tujuan Perusahaan. Kedudukan masing-masing direksi adalah setara. Tugas Direktur utama sabagai primus inter pares.