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Remote Hypnosis Sagas Ch.

13 by ~SuperSpinnerSpinner on deviantART  
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Remote Hypnosis Sagas Ch. 13
Chapter 13





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by ~SuperSpinnerSpinner, Dec 13, 2010, 9:19:56 AM Literature / Prose / Fiction / Romance / Erotic / Introductions & Chapters


Within minutes, Lauren, Lilly and I were in my car heading down the street, with Katie and Stacy following along behind in Sara's car. Heather had told me over the phone to meet them at the park near her house, so we made our way there as fast as possible, headbands and poles loaded in the trunk. Lilly looked nervous, unaware of what was going to happen. I had been training my body to help defend the girls, but whether or not I would even be of any use was still to be tested. Twice I was nearly hit by oncoming cars as I tried to maintain my position on the road while calming the girls. We pulled into the park where Heather stood alone by a tree. As we were getting out of the car, she signaled to us to come over to her quickly, and we complied. She was wearing a colorful patterened skirt and a light jacket, and I could see the moonlight glance off her earrings. She shared the same worried expression with Lilly. "What's the matter?" I asked impatiently. "Where is the mistress?" "She was just here about ten minutes ago. I saw her with a few girls while I was driving past, and I parked on the side of the road and watched. There was another girl there, she was attacked by the slave girls, and the blonde woman came out and did something to her. I think she hypnotized her, because the girl started following along even though she looked afraid at first." "Any idea where she went?" "I couldn't hear anything, but I'm sure she probably took the girl back to her house for conditioning." She held her head and grimaced for a second, thinking back to a bad memory. "I remember more now, when she was doing that to me. So many spirals...the Dream Mistress..." Her voiced trailed off, and she shook her head to rid herself of the past experiences. "So then it's settled," I said. "Time for one last excursion into her realm. Are you ready?" The girls nodded in unison, nervous but prepared to take on the task. We broke for the cars, and Heather joined us in my car, so as to prevent a conspicuous line of cars outside of the mistress's house. "Are you sure you will be okay this time, Heather?" I looked back at her to see her shivering again. "I think I will. I won't be afraid this time." --We turned onto the street of the target house, and parked just down the street to avoid surveillance. The plan was for Lilly to remain behind to start the car when needed, with Katie and Stacy keeping watch on the street and house. Lauren, Sara, Heather and I would go in from the sides to save the new girls. Each of us carried headbands as our weapon to disarm the other girls. As we made our way to the rear basement window, I looked along the line of girls accompanying me. They were all very cute girls and I was glad
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Some rights reserved. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons AttributionNoncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License.[02/12/2012 01:25:46 a.m.]

Remote Hypnosis Sagas Ch. 13 by ~SuperSpinnerSpinner on deviantART

that I had them for all of this summer. I could see their earrings flashing behind their hair, their pretty faces wearing looks for battle. Lauren layed down in the grass in front of the window, trying to see inside. She wriggled around a bit, checking everywhere within the basement, but she ended with a  shake of the head. "I don't see anything," she said. Within moments, two hands reached up and pushed the window out into her head, stunning her briefly. Then they pulled her into the basement. Heather and I dropped down to grab her legs while Sara tugged on her shirt, but we soon lost our grip and she fell in. Immediately Heather swung in through the window followed by Sara and I, and the invasion began full out. Two slave girls had pulled Lauren in, both wearing mind control electrodes on the back of their neck. There was nobody else in the basement, but footsteps could be heard upstairs heading for the door. It was then that I was struck with a thought, a moment of poor planning making itself known at the worst possible time. We could save the new girls, but would that stop the mistress? She could just as easily get more, as we have seen. There had to be something we could do to end her streak. As I thought of this, Sara and Heather wrestled the two girls off of Lauren, both sides equally matched. Lauren sprang free from their grip, and the other two fought off the two slave girls in an effort to subdue and hypnotize them. The door swung open and there was a flurry of footsteps down the creaking wooden stairs. "Welcome back," said the mistress, smiling eerily and flanked by June and another girl. "This time we're not letting you off so easily. I'm sure we'll have use for a slave boy once we're finished here." She pointed to Lauren and I, and June began a full out blitz. Lauren jumped ahead and took her out at the ankles, sending her sprawling along the concrete floor. Without hesitation she pounced on the fallen woman. As the last slave girl rushed over, she was taken down midstride by the incoming Lilly, Stacy, and Katie who jumped in from the window. The mistress snapped her fingers, and four more girls came downstairs. The newcomers ran out in rows of two, taking out my sister and her friends, and sweeping Lauren and June into the fight. A grappling brawl ensued, with all of the girls lost in the fury. With regrets for my fighting team, I made my way to the mistress, with all intent to destroy whatever she was using to control the girls. She smirked at me again, her hands on her hips defiantely. Something seemed wrong with the situation. "Come out, Jet," she called, and one last figure came down the stairs. A huge, muscular man came out, his left arm entirely a massive prosthetic shield. It was as if the mistress just pulled this man out of a sci-fi thriller, the sculpted guard dog of the villain. He looked down at me with a deathly gaze, then moved in for the punch. I just stared at his fist, time trickling by slowly as I watched it grow in size. The wind from the punch pushed my hair back and forced me to blink. When I opened my eyes again, I was upside down, traveling backwards into the wall at high speed. I felt nothing, my entire body completely numb. As I crashed into the stone wall, the world spun around my dizzy mind. Just in time I looked up again to see the machine man charging me once more, fist prepared for another strike. I rolled aside for a moment and watched his fist crush the floor where I had just been. He swung his shield arm at me, sending me flailing backwards again. The thought of death flashed through my mind. Would I be crushed here, and all of my friends and my sister would become this woman's nefarious slaves? Fists rained down on me in combination of muscle and metal, and I shouted out in pain. I looked aside and saw the girls being pounded into the ground,[02/12/2012 01:25:46 a.m.]

Remote Hypnosis Sagas Ch. 13 by ~SuperSpinnerSpinner on deviantART

utterly defeated by the slave force. With my last ounce of strength, I slid out of the painful crushing, underneath the hulking beast and ran behind him. Yet again he threw a punch, but I caught the fist between my arms, and pulled him along in a circle. He followed the movement, and tripped over a piece of equipment mounted to the ground. Enraged, he launched himself up and tried once more. I ducked aside and threw myself over his shoulder as he punched the ground, using his own momentum against him. With my hand on his neck I drove his head into the concrete as hard as I could. He lifted himself again, dazed from the impact, but I jumped on his head again to knock him out. I didn't skip a beat in the next few seconds. Pulling out a headband, I ran up behind the girl holding Lilly and placed it on her, putting her under as soon as I could. With Lilly free, we created a domino effect to free each girl. Slaves scratched at me and pulled me down as I fought my way through. Soon, Lauren and Heather were free, and Katie and Stacy broke free from another girl to bring her under. As we rescued them, I watched Sara at the other end of the basement, taking a rough hit to the stomach. She was held up by one girl as the other punched her constantly, her nose and mouth bleeding. I rushed over and flipped one girl aside, placing a headband on the other and freeing Sara. She collapsed in my arms, barely conscious from the beating. "You've gotten way stronger," she said weakly with a smile before passing out. I held onto her, and looked around. The mistress was running, and June was already missing. Lilly ran after the mistress and took her down. I checked on the girls. Everyone seemed fine, with minor injuries. The giant man was still out cold, and Lilly was dragging over the main culprit. We bound her to a chair to question her. "So you've got me," she said in disgust. "Bastard hypnotist. You think you're better than me, with what you've done to these girls?" "Yes. We know he's better," said Lauren. She spoke up louder than I had ever heard her. "You bitch, all you do is torment us, use us to steal equipment for your projects. Is that it? That's what I remember doing for you." She pointed to a large scanning machine that was to the right of us. "That machine you needed Sara and I to get access to at the hospital. Without us, you would not have been able to even get into that room and have your men take it out." "So that's where this machine guy came from," I wondered aloud. "So you hypnotized these girls from the hospital in order to get this equipment. What for? And why did you take in Heather, too?" "For secret research, but I'm not giving away my information that easily. This isn't the end of my research, you know. I will complete my work." She laughed to herself, resigned to the idea that we couldn't necessarily let her go to the police. "As for Heather, she just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Did you know she was a patient at the hospital this summer?" We all looked towards her, and she nodded her head. "It's true, I had a nervous breakdown and they took me to the hospital for treatment. That must have been how she got to me." It all made sense now. "Well then, at least we're all safe now," I said. "So who exactly are you, anyway?" "Dr. Christina Kotsi, I'm a neuroscientist." Lauren's eyes went wide. "Kotsi!" she exclaimed. "You're Dr. Eva Kotsi's daughter!" Dr. Eva Kotsi was the research director from the hospital. Since she knew June, that must be how Christina met her. "Time for a taste of your own medicine, then." I placed a headband on her,[02/12/2012 01:25:46 a.m.]

Remote Hypnosis Sagas Ch. 13 by ~SuperSpinnerSpinner on deviantART

and began the process. While she was under I erased her will to complete the research illegally, and gave her a limiter to prevent her from hypnotizing any more slaves. Finally, I left her to sleep for a few hours, just after removing all of us from her memory. Outside we refreshed Sara and tended to her wounds. We freed the other slave girls from the control, explained the situation, and brought them home. --Lauren, Lilly and I returned with Sara to our house after splitting from the group. We all said our goodbyes for the night, and agreed to meet again at least once more before school started. Sara was placed in a bed and left to rest for a little while. "Thank you, Lilly," I said to my sister. "I'm sorry for everything I've put you through this summer, and I really didn't mean for it to get so out of hand, and you saved my ass back at Kotsi's place." "I know, Andy," she replied, smiling. "I enjoy serving you, and I wouldn't trade you for any other brother. You're more awesome than you give yourself credit for." She nodded to Lauren, who agreed. I leaned into Lauren and kissed her, and she blushed in response. Lilly giggled at us, and I brought out the remote. Pause and three, and she was under. I played with her earrings a bit to deepen her trance, and left her in the blissful state as I continued to kiss Lauren. "Are you ready for school to start soon?" I asked her. "No, but with all of us going together, I feel like I have even more friends to hang out with now. I like it." "It'll be a fun year, no doubt." I looked again to the entranced Lilly. "I'm going to loosen their control a bit so that they don't call me or wait for me constantly while I'm away. I'll do to Heather what I did to you and Sara, but I don't think I'm ready to give up my hypno-harem just yet." I winked, and Lauren laughed. "I can't wait," she said.


Remote Hypnosis Sagas Ch. 13
by ~SuperSpinnerSpinner
Literature / Prose / Fiction / Romance / Erotic / Introductions & Chapters

So it's finally over. It took one year and thirteen chapters, as well as long hiatuses between releases. I hope you enjoyed this saga, and I plan on continuing with at least a Fall Saga as well. Thanks for sticking with me! Also, the "machine man" may seem a bit out there, but I think it was badass enough to include, rather than just have Andy fight girls.

Signed & numbered John Nieto Prints Holiday 40% off direct from Artis

Nieto Prints Direct[02/12/2012 01:25:46 a.m.]

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Dec 11, 2011  

Good ending. ^_^ I'm glad that Andy grows throughout the story, not like other stories when it basically ends the same way it began. Great job!

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it! Reply

Dec 12, 2011  


Sep 29, 2011  


That was amazing ^^ I read it all and was very interested. My favourite chapter was the second one cause of the kitty play ^^ I am a guy so I know you'll think I'm a pervert but I kept reading cause of the plot. Hope to read more from ya. Followed


Oct 4, 2011  

It's all good, I'm glad you enjoyed it!


May 16, 2011  

The first saga to i'ts end, i't was quite intresting to read, i enjoyed reading the story, you put up a real good plot and i was really getting into the story.


Mar 30, 2011  

LOVE THIS SAGA!!!!!!!!!!! it was like a book! i could not put it down! its 3:00 AM!!!! definitely should be published!


Mar 30, 2011  

Glad you enjoyed it, though I don't think I'll ever publish it. I might continue it though. Thanks for reading!

hope u do! Reply

Mar 30, 2011  


Mar 7, 2011    Hobbyist Digital Artist

the best hypno saga that I've ever read, now if it was possible to live in a story like that.... keep doing your thing! Don't stop with those stories![02/12/2012 01:25:46 a.m.]

Remote Hypnosis Sagas Ch. 13 by ~SuperSpinnerSpinner on deviantART

Thanks a lot! I won't! Reply

Mar 9, 2011  





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Remote Hypnosis Sagas Ch. 13 by ~SuperSpinnerSpinner on deviantART

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