"Language is a vehicle for carrying spirit, life, family.

Language, religion, and land base are three things that characterize culture." --Edmund Ladd, ZUNI PUEBLO The Elders say we nee to know the answers to three questions in order for us to be connected the Earth, the Sky, the East, the West, the South, the North. The three questions are: 1. Why are we? 2. Who are we? 3. Where are we going? If we know the language, if we have our spirituality and if we can pray on sacred spots, then we are able to seek the answer to the questions. We must protect the language, religion and land so our future generations can stay connected. PERSONAL COMMENT: You see, the 'United States' did a great job (and so did 'Canada') in learning these Laws... for a good reason. Three things: LANGUAGE - RELIGION - LAND BASE Think of it. It is all here in those three words. The FIRST thing that they did was imprison the Indian (his Spirit) in the Residential Schools. Why? The very first thing to do to confuse and destroy is what? To wipe out the LANGUAGE. That was the FIRST thing that they did (and the RCMP made sure of it) at the Residential Schools. It was strictly forbidden for them to speak their 'Mother Tongue', and with severe reprisals and punishments were waiting for those who got caught. (i.e. being hit with the 'teacher's' baton, smaller food rations - or none at all - getting thrown across the room (broken collar bone), etc. There is even a record of one 'nun' throwing a little Indian girl out of a second story window. 'She deserved it', said the 'nun'... The principal of the School 'agreed' with her: "There is nothing that that little retched animal could have done to be as special as that wonderful teacher. She is one of our best!" Another story recalls a man who could not even remember how to say his mother's name in his own Native Language. The LONG HAIR was next. THAT signified Spritual Growth, Leadership and Balance in Indian life. Actually, their hair (their PRIDE) was cut and their clothing thrown out upon entering the Residential Schools... Then, their RELIGION was destroyed. It was taken away from them, and CHRISTIANITY was forced onto them in it's place. Well, it's not too, too hard to figure out the third of the most important facets in the way of Life of the Indian... Their LAND BASE was next. But that was all figured out in advance by the 'church and 'state'. As I have often said before, the RCMP were 'commissioned' to wipe out the villages of children (six and up) - sometimes even younger - and brought by force to the Residential Schools. The RCMP also hunted them down like animals when they (sometimes little children) tried to run away. The rest were simply killed off simply by rifles, diseases, war and most of all... a broken Spirit and a broken heart. So, with this in mind, who are the SAVAGES? Who are the ones that need to be CIVILIZED? Who are the ones guilty of the most unspeakable CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY? You think about it.

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