Adult Enrichment Project

Badge Supplement

Frontier Girls
Insignia as of June 2013

Discover Agriculture
Alpaca Apples Beekeeping Biographies Buffalo Cotton* Cowgirl Dairying Ducks Farm Animals† Farm Equipment Farm Safety* Farmer Flower Gardening Food Safety* Foods Fruits* Gardening Grain Herbal Tea Herbs Horses Horticulture* Landscaping* Miniature Horses* Miniature Donkey* Nuts Organic Foods Popcorn Poultry† Produce* Rabbits Rural Development* Vegetable Vineyards* Weeds* Worms

Discover Art
Art Art History Beading Biographies Book Binding Calligraphy Candle Making Card Making Cartoons Ceramics Christmas Ornaments Collage Color Costume Design Crafts Cross Stitch Dance† Decoupage Drama Drawing Edible Art Egg Art Embroidery Fashion Design Flower Arranging Garnishes Gingerbread Glass Art Greeting Cards Home Decorating Instrumental Music† Jewelry Making Knitting Lace Leather Working Miniatures Mosaics Music Music Appreciation Music History Musical Instrument†

From a Child’s View

Nail Art Native American Art Origami Paper Crafting Performance Photography Playwright Public Speaking Scrapbooking Singing Song Writing Stitchery Story Telling S.W.A.P.S. Textile Design Tie Dye T-Shirts Vocal Music by Genre† Watercolor Woodworking World Dance

Resourcefulness Respect Responsibility School Pride Self Control Senior Citizens Special Needs Sportsmanship Take the Lead Teamwork Ten Commandments Torah Study Veterans

Discover Health and Safety
Bicycling Biographies Community Safety Cooking for Special Diets Dental Hygiene Drivers Training Emergency Preparedness Emergency Services† Fire Safety First Aid Good Grooming Grains Gymnastics† Hair Care Health and Ffitness Home Fire Safety Home Safety Hygiene Juicing Jump Rope Listening Make Up Martial Arts† Massage Mind Puzzles Nutrition Outdoor Safety Pocketknife Safety Relationship Skills Short Flags Skating† Sports† Swimming Tall Flags Trampolining Water Safety Yoga

Discover Character
9/11 Memorial Anti-Bullying Attentiveness Autism Awareness Bible Knowledge Bible Memory Biographies Care Bears Charity Christian Missionaries Citizenship Confidence Conservation Courage Diligence Etiquette Faith Friendship Generosity Gentleness Goodness Honesty Honor Joy Kindness Listening Literary Heroines Locks of Love Love Modesty My Troop Patience Patriotism Peace

Adult Enrichment Project

Discover the Home
About Me Accessories Advanced Baking Advanced Quilting Advanced Sewing Baking Biographies Budgeting Cake Decorating Candle Making Candy Making Cats Chef Child Care Cleaning Cooking Cooking Demo Crochet Dogs Drinks Event Planning Family Food Presentation Food Preservation Garment Repair Garnish Genealogy Gingerbread Grandparents Hair Styling Home Construction Home Decorating Home Maintenance Home Nurse Hometown Stay-cation Hostess House Renovation Knitting Laundry Main Dishes Military Family Pattern Making Pets Pizza Quilting Salads Sewing Soap Making Spinning Table Setting Textiles

Discover Knowledge
ABCs Air Force Amelia Earhart American Girl Dolls American Revolution Architecture Army Badge Writing Barbie Biographies Birthdays Board Games Breyer Horses Chess Chocolate Circus Classical Literature Collecting Dinosaurs Disney Dolls Elections Entrepreneur Fairies Fantasy Fashion History Felt Games Gold Rush Hank the Cowdog Hometown Stay-cation Hot Air Baloons Ice Cream Jane Austen Jelly Belly Knots Lego Library Little House Little Women Magic Tricks Marines Military Families Minecraft Miniatures March 4th Mythology Office Worker Olympics Our Flag Parades Pioneers Pirates Poetry Public Speaking Reading

Adult Enrichment Project

Recycling Scrabble Shirley Temple Sign Language Spelling Spies Sports History Sports Team Fan Star Wars Teaching Titanic United States of America U.S. Constitution U.S. Government U.S. History U.S Presidents Video Games Vocal Music by Genre Vikings Welding Will Rogers Women in History Writing Zoos

Natural Wonders, Specific† Ocean Orienteering Outdoor Cooking Outdoor Safety Pocketknife Pocketknife Safety Reptiles Rock Climbing Rocks and Minerals Sailing Seashells Sea World Snow Trees Weather Wilderness Survival Wild Flowers Worms Ziplining

Discover Science and Technology
Aerospace Airplanes Astronomy Aviation Biographies Biology Bubbles Car Racing† Chemistry Communications Computers Elastic Electricity Farm Equipment Genetics Geology Human Body Internet Inventions Magnetism Man Made Wonders† Math Microscopes Paleontology Physics Pinewood Derby Railroads Rain Gutter Regatta Renewable Energy Roller Coasters Seasons† Water

Discover Outdoors
Amphibians Archery Backyard Camping Beach Fun Biographies Birds Camping Fire Building Fire Arms — Air Rifle Fire Arms — Muzzle Loading Rifle Fire Arms — Muzzle Loading Shotgun Fire Arms — Rifle Fire Arms — Shotgun Fishing† Fun at the Pool Gemstones Geocaching Hiking Horse Riding Hunting Insects, General Insects, Specific† Junior Ranger Kites Leave No Trace Letterboxing Mammals Marine Life Natural Disasters† Natural Wonders, General

Adult Enrichment Project

Discover the World
Animals Around the World Biographies California Missions Civil War Coin Collecting Costumes Around the World Culture by Country† Food Around the World Foreign Language† Historic Era† History by Country† Holidays, General Holidays, Specific† Map Reading National Landmarks National Monuments† Native Americans† Penpal Postcards Route 66 Stamp Collecting States† Travel Travel Destinations† U.S. Geography World Dance World Flags World Geography World Landmarks World Peace WWII

*Under construction. † Individual badges can be earned under this general program.

Adult Enrichment Project

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