“Seth!” Jacob screamed as he saw a boy with shaggy hair with large, wide eyes.

He looked young—about fourteen or something, but his body was like…as if he was twenty years old. I know that this doesn’t make any sense, but it made sense to me, because he was right in front of me. He was smiling when he first came in, but he obviously sensed the tension in the air. His face stiffened and his eyes narrowed. “What’s wrong? Something wrong?” The boy called Seth asked. “What are you doing here?” Jacob asked with surprise in his voice. He shrugged. “Well, you see, Sam wanted to talk to you about something, but he didn’t know where you are, but I had some idea” –


he glanced at Nessie and waved to her lightly—“so, I thought I should tell you that Sam was looking for you, but…” he frowned. “Obviously, this isn’t time for it.” “Er…we were discussing about…what we are,” Carlisle said, searching for words. Seth’s eyes got narrowed more. His eyes went on to my dad, Robert. Then, I swore I heard a low growl came from Seth’s chest. Like… a wolf growl. I flinched, because I was scared of wolves since I was young. Canines always scared me to death. “Calm, Seth,” Edward said, glancing at Jasper as if he was asking him for help. Then Seth actually stopped growling and seemed to calm down. Seth sighed. “Who are you?” Robert and Seth asked them in same time. Their eyes narrowed at same time when they realized they asked same question. “I asked you first,” They said that in same time, too. They looked frustrated. Robert sighed, glancing at me who probably had a white face. “Fine, I’ll tell you who I am. I am a vampire hunter. I think I made that straight forward now.” Did he say a vampire hunter now?


“You hunt vampires? But you’re a just human!” Seth spat, sounding disgust. “What’s wrong with being human? Humans are way better than soulless parasites.” Robert spat at him too. I got up. I could feel my tears falling down from my eyes. I tried to hold it, but it was no use. It kept falling down as if my eyes got flooded. “No,” I whispered. I didn’t believe this. I couldn’t believe this. I wasn’t going to believe this. Vampires? No way! I ran out of the living room, out of the house, heading to Forks. I didn’t look back to see the Cullens, or my dad chasing me after. But I had a feeling that no one was chasing me back. I felt sadder then. When I was in Forks again, and I was running to somewhere random, I bumped into someone. I whipped my eyes, and muttered, “Sorry.” Erg, my voice sounded so bad. “Kelsey?” A soft voice said. I looked up, I knew this voice! It was Millie who was holding a purse. Her small eyes were widened now. Well, she probably didn’t expect me here, because I didn’t expect to see her. “Where were you go—oh, my god,” she paused, “Are you crying?”


I hissed at myself quietly so Millie couldn’t hear it. I shook my head, feeling guilty. I hated lying, but there was no choice—I didn’t want to explain why she was crying. “Come to my house, you look awful with that pyjama,” Millie held my hand and pulled me lightly. Then I realized that I was still wearing pink pyjama. I blushed as I realized it. I nodded not trusting my voice. And I was so embarrassed that I couldn’t find my voice. “Oo, do you want to have a sleep-over tonight?” Millie asked me. If I had a sleep-over again—this time without permission, I would get into so much trouble. But what? Home was the last place I wanted to go, and I had nowhere else to go. Besides, tomorrow was school day. It didn’t matter as long as I finish my homework. “Sure,” I muttered as I followed happy Millie, trying not to think how much trouble I was going to go through.

Sleep-over with Millie wasn’t great. Millie insisted me doing make-up, but I looked awful in make-up. After that, I was forced to do go shopping with her. Then after that, we watched horror movie which was rated 14-a. Millie said it wasn’t scary and it was rated only 14-a, but it was surely scary for me. I was tired enough to forget what happened yesterday. So I didn’t flinch when I saw the Cullens in the cafeteria.


Millie sat with me, which was kind. I didn’t get to get new friends yet. Mom’d said that’s because of my dark personality, but I prefer being alone. I liked it better than surrounded by a bunch of talking machines. “The Cullens. Did you know that there were Cullens in this school before them?” Millie asked me. I was working on my science homework I forgot to do. I was so focused I almost missed her question. “Well, some people have same last names, duh,” I said half-hearted. I seriously didn’t care. “No, but… their first names were same, too.” Millie murmured quietly as the Cullens got a table which was, like, 5 feet away from our table. I looked up from my homework, now kind of interested. I frowned. “What the hell is that supposed to mean?” “Well, there was a family named Cullen in Forks—” I wondered how she knew this but I decided not to ask that. “—and their first names were same, too. Like there was a doctor named Carlisle in Forks, and there was Bella, well, but her last name was Swan, but her name changed as soon as she married a guy name—” she paused and glanced at Edward “—Edward Cullen.” I stared at the empty air. That was weird. Whole family with same surname and first name was here before? Or…


“That’s ridiculous,” I said to myself, quiet but not enough. Millie heard it. “What was that?” Millie asked, leaning forward. I shook my head nervously. “Nothing. Never mind.” Millie looked disappointed, but she didn’t get into it any further.

As soon as the school was over, I went to home as quick as possible. I didn’t care if I got into trouble—I had to check the email. I unlocked the door with my spear key. I could smell chicken noodle soup as I got into the house. I went upstairs as fast as I could, skipping two stairs at a time. He said he was going to email me. I was so excited. I flung my laptop opened and I checked my email. There! I thought. There was his email! I double-clicked on it and the mail popped up. It said:

Dear Kelsey, It has been long since I emailed to you, hasn’t it? How’s Forks? I heard that it’s really rainy, lol. I hope you get to use to it. And I heard about an…accident you got into yesterday from Robert, and he Wanted me to look after you, so guess what?


I’m going to Forks! I’d be there around Sept. 10, so ready to celebrate, will you? See you then, From your BFF, Darrin.

Darrin was her best friend since she started kindergarten. My dad and his dad were friends, so we became friends naturally. He lived in L.A for now, but he was coming to Forks! I was happy, but I was also mad too. Take care of me? He was like a year older than me and he would take care of me? I don’t think so! But Darrin coming to Forks! And going to school with me! That was exciting. Now I didn’t have to be a loner. I opened the window to breath. I felt like everything was going to be fine. Yeah, sure. It was not long after that I found that wrong.

I couldn’t sleep that night because tomorrow was going to be Sept. 10. I finally got to sleep at 6: 00, but I woke up after 30 minutes which didn’t help a lot. So I was glad when it was time to go to school. I thought my back was going to smash into pieces if she stayed lying down any longer.


Millie thought I was kind of crazy today. She told me that I was smiling like a mad woman. But I didn’t care. I was too happy to control my face. It was Gym, so I went upstairs, (the Gym was in the second floor) and changed. We were playing volleyball today. Erg, volleyball was the only sport I sucked at. I was okay with other like basketball and baseball, but volleyball? Forget it. There was a big window in the Gym because the air in the Gym was always dirty. It was so big that a person could jump off from there. It wasn’t dangerous because there were fences in front of the window, but the fence was broken today, so it was dangerous to go close to it. I was a hitter—worst position for me. Hitting? I couldn’t spike the volleyball! I mean whenever I did that, I missed it. I was one second too slow. I was dead scared when the setter set the ball to me. The setter set the ball too far, but the only thing I could think about was getting the ball. I totally forgot about…the window which was behind me. I went backward too much. I slipped and fell. I couldn’t think for awhile, I didn’t even realize that my feet were no longer on the ground. But when I heard screams all over from top of me—which was coming from Gym, my brain realized what was going on. I was falling. When I figured all the things, and opened my mouth to scream, knowing I wouldn’t be screaming a lot because I was about to hit the


ground, someone caught me. I couldn’t see anything at first. I went blind for a second. But slowly, my vision came back. I blinked to see who saved my life, He was just beautiful. His golden eyes sparkled with some kind of light I didn’t understand. His skin was pale and smooth, and also beautiful. Blond hair matched his face perfectly. I saw him before—it was Jasper who saved me from smashing into the ground. My heart beat faster and faster as I just met someone I had a crush on. “Um… thanks,” I murmured, blushing. Jasper let me down and smiled. “What a fall,” he said, and I felt like a tomato in the boiling pot, my face was so hot and red. “Don’t fall again. Next time, you might not be as lucky as you were this time.” The words were scary but his voice was warming everything up. It was calming everything. But my heart didn’t calm down at all. Jasper looked kind of confused for a second, but he recovered. “Then…I better go,” he smiled once again and turned around and started walking. I was staring at where he was now. I could feel butterflies flying in my stomach. Something tingled in my heart. My face was still red. I suddenly felt a strong urge to follow Jasper and know where he was going.


I felt love inside of my heart, making forget everything I was excited for.


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