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OBJECT AND SCOPE Application. The Workmen's Compensation Act (Act VIII o !"#$% came into orce rom !st J&'() !"#*. It app'ies to the +ho'e o In,ia) inc'&,in- the State o Jamm& an, .ashmir. The Act pro/i,es or the pa(ment o compensation 0( certain. c'asses o emp'o(ers to their +orkmen) or in1&r( 0( acci,ents. The Workmen's Compensation Act ,oes not app'( to actories co/ere, 0( the Emp'o(ees State Ins&rance Act. The Amendment of !"23. The Workmen's Compensation (Amen,ment% Act) !"23) +as passe, +ith the o01ect o pro/i,in- s&ita0'e sca'es o compensation or the hi-her +a-e 'e/e's 0e(on, 4s. 566. The reason is that a'' +a-es ha/e 0een increase,. Be ore the amen,ment) the Act co/ere, +orkmen +hose +a-es ,i, not e7cee, 4s. 566 per month. (See) Sche,&'e) p. "6%. Defences of the Employer. Prior to the passin- o this Act) the emp'o(er +as 'ia0'e to pa( compensation on'( i he +as -&i't( o ne-'i-ence. E/en in case o pro/e, ne-'i-ence) the emp'o(er co&', -et ri, o his 'ia0i'it( 0( &sin- an( o the o''o+in- ,e ences 8 !. The Doctrine of Assumed Risks. I the emp'o(ee kne+ the nat&re o tte risks he +as &n,ertakin- +hen +orkin- in a actor() the emp'o(er ha, no 'ia0i'it( or in1&ries. The co&rt ass&me, in s&ch case that the +orkman ha, /o'&ntari'( accepte, the risks inci,enta' to his +ork. The ,octrine o''o+e, rom the r&'e V olenti Non Fit Injuria, +hich means that one) +ho has /o'&nteere, to take a risk o in1&r() is not entit'e, to ,ama-es i in1&r( act&a''( occ&rs. 2. The Doctrine of Common Em lo!ment. 9n,er this r&'e) +hen se/era' Persons +ork to-ether or a common p&rpose an, one o them is in1&re, 0( some act or omission o another) the emp'o(er is not 'ia0'e to pa( compensation or the in1&r(. ". The Doctrine of Contri#utor! Ne$li$ence% 9n,er this r&'e' a person is not entit'e, to ,ama-es for in1&r( i he +as himse' -&i't( o ne-'i-ence an, s&ch ne-'i-ence contri0&te, to the in1&r(. The three a oresai, ,e ences an, the r&'e :no ne-'i-ence no 'ia0i'it( ma,e It a'most impossi0'e or an emp'o(ee to o0tain re'ie in cases o acci,ent. The Workmen's Compensation Act 'o !"#$ ra,ica''( chan-e, the .'a+. Accor,into this Act) the emp'o(er is 'ia0'e to pa( compensation irrespecti/e o ne-'i-ence. The Act 'ooks &pon compensation as re'ie to the +orkman an, not as ,ama-es pa(a0'e 0( the emp'o(er or a +ron- &' act or tort. ;ence contri0&tor( ne-'i-ence 0( the emp'o(ee ,oes not ,isentit'e him rom re'ie . <or the same reason) it is not possi0'e or the emp'o(er to p'ea, to the ,e ence o common emp'o(ment or ass&me, risks or the p&rpose o a/oi,in- 'ia0i'it(. Th&s the Act makes it possi0'e or the +orkman to -et compensation or in1&ries) &nimpe,e, 0( the 'e-a' o0stac'es set &p 0( the 'a+ o Torts. Two ways of claiming compensation . An in1&re, +orkman ma() i he +ishes) i'e a ci/i' s&it or ,ama-es a-ainst the emp'o(er. Section $(5% o the Workmen's Compensation Act) ho+e/er) pro/i,es that i s&ch a s&it is i'e,) compensation cannot 0e c'aime, &n,er the Act an, i compensation has 0een c'aime, &n,er the Act) or i an a-reement has 0een entere, into 0et+een the emp'o(er an, the +orkman or the pa(ment o .compensation) no s&it can 0e i'e, in the ci/i' co&rt. Th&s the +orkman has to choose 0et+een t+o re'ie s (i%

ci/i' s&it or ,ama-es an, (ii% c'aim or compensation &n,er the Act. . ;e cannot ha/e 0oth. . In a ci/i' s&it or ,ama-es) it is open to the emp'o(er to p'ea, a'' the ,e ences pro/i,e, 0( the 'a+ o Torts. There ore) a ci/i' s&it is a risk( proce,&re or a +orkman an, is rare'( a,opte,. The 'e-a' position o +orkmen has) ho+e/er) 0een impro/e, 0( t+o Acts) &i'., The In,ian <ata' Acci,ents Act o !=55 an, the Emp'o(ers' >ia0i'it( Act o !"$=. DEFINITIONS UNDER WOR !EN"S #O!$%NSATION A#T Dependant. Section #(,% -i/es a 'ist o persons +ho come +ithin the cate-or( o :,epen,ant: o a +orkman. In or,inar( 'an-&a-e the ,epen,ant o a person is one +ho 'i/es on his earnin-s. 9n,er Section # (,% there are three cate-ories o ,epen,ants. !. The o''o+in- re'ations are ,epen,ants) +hether act&a''( so or not? +i,o+) minor 'e-itimate son) &nmarrie, 'e-itimate ,a&-hter) a +i,o+e, mother.?S&0?sec. (i%. #. The o''o+in- re'ations come +ithin the cate-or( i an( +ere (holl! ,epen,ant on the earnin-s o the ,ecease, +orkman at the time o his ,eath? a son or ,a&-hter +ho has attaine, the a-e o != (ears an, +ho is in irm?? s&0?sec. (ii%. $. The o''o+in- re'ations are ,epen,ants i the( +ere (holl! or partia''( so at the time o the +orkman's ,eath?+i,o+er@ parent) other than +i,o+e, mother@ minor i''e-itimate son@ &nmarrie, i''e-itimate ,a&-hter or a ,a&-hter 'e-itimate or i''e-itimate i marrie, an, a .minor or i +i,o+e, an, a minor) a minor 0rother or an &nmarrie, sister or +i,o+e, sister i minor@ a +i,o+e, ,a&-hter?in?'a+) a minor chi', rom a pre,ecease, son@ a minor chi', rom a pre,ecease, ,a&-hter +here no parent or chi', is a'i/e8 or a paterna' -ran, parent i no parent o the +orkman is a'i/e.??S&0?sec. (iii%. )arent, other than (ido(ed mother. Calcutta ;i-h Co&rt he', that the term 'step mother' does not inc'&,e this phrase. *anada De&i /. +en$al +one *ill. B&t Na-p&r ;i-h Co&rt he', that the term inc'&,es an a,opti/e +i,o+e, mother. Additional D!. Commissioner, ,im#hum /. ,mt. -akhmi#ai Naidu.. !inor. Ainor means a person +ho has not attaine, the a-e o != (ears.? Sec. #( %. Employer. Sec. #( e% pro/i,es that the term Emp'o(er :inc'&,es: the o''o+in-8 (i% an( 0o,( o persons) +hether incorporate, or not (ii% an( mana-ina-ent o an emp'o(er (iii% the 'e-a' representati/es o a ,ecease, emp'o(er) an, (i/% an( person to +hom the ser/ices o a +orkman are temporari'( 'ent or 'et o&t) +hi'e the +orkman is +orkin- or him. The ,e inition is not e7ha&sti/e. $artial Disa&lement. Disa0'ement) in or,inar( 'an-&a-e) means 'oss o capacit( to +ork or mo/e. S&ch incapacit( ma( 0e partia' or tota' an, accor,in-'( there are t+o t(pes o ,isa0'ement) partia' an, tota'. In the Act 0oth t(pes .o ,isa0'ement are &rther s&0,i/i,e, into t+o c'asses) temporar( an, permanent. B( Section # (-% Temporar( Partia' Disa0'ement means s&ch ,isa0'ement as re,&ces the earnin- capacit( o a +orkman in an! em lo!ment in (hich he (as en$a$ed at the time o the acci,ent) an, Permanent Partia' Disa0'ement means s&ch ,isa0'ement .as re,&ces his earnin- capacit( in e&er! em lo!ment he (as ca a#le of undertakin$ at that time. ?The Act is not 'imite, on'( to ph(sica'

capacit( o ,isa0'ement) 0&t e7ten,s to Bhe re,&ction o earnin- capacit( as +eii. ,ukkai /. /ukum Chand lute *ills -td.0 In a case o Partia' Disa0'ement it is necessar( that (a% there sho&', 0e. an acci,ent) (0% as a res&'t o the acci,ent the +orkman sho&', s& er in1&r() (c% +hich sho&', res&'t in permanent ,isa0'ement an, (,% as a res&'t +hereo his earnin- capacit( m&st ha/e ,ecrease, permanent'(. In the proportion in +hich his earnin- capacit( has 0een ,ecrease, permanent'( he is entit'e, to compensation. The me,ica' e/i,ence sho+in- 'oss o ph(sica' capacit( is a rele&ant factor #ut it is certainl! not the decisi&e factor as to the loss of earnin$ ca acit!. It is the loss of earnin$ ca acit! that has to #e determined. Commrs. for )ort of Cal. &. A. 1. 2hosh. The t(pe o ,isa0'ement s& ere, is to 0e ,etermine, rom the acts o the case. B&t it is pro/i,e, that e/er( in1&r( speci ie, in Sche,&'e I to the Act sha'' 0e ,eeme, to res&'t in permanent partia' ,isa0'ement. The sche,&'e a'so mentions the percenta-e 'oss o earnin- capacit( +hich is to 0e pres&me, in each s&ch case. E3am les% 4From ,chedule !% )ercenta$e loss Descri tion of Injur! of earnin$ ca acit! >oss o 0oth han,s .. .. !66 Se/ere acia' ,is i-&rement .. .. !66 A0so'&te ,ea ness .. .. !66. >oss o th&m0 . '. .. $6 >oss. o one e(e .. .. *6 Ai,,'e in-er o 'e t han, (+ho'e% .. !* (There are 5* items 'iste, in the Sche,&'e +ith percenta-e 'oss o earnin- capacit( or each item mentione,.% Total Disa&lement. Accor,in- to Section #( !% tota' ,isa0'ement means s&ch ,isa0'ement) +hether o a temporar( or permanent nat&re) as incapacitates a +orkman or a'' +ork +hich he +as capa0'e o per ormin- at the time o the acci,ent res&'tin- in s&ch ,isa0'ement) pro/i,e, that permanent tota' ,isa0'ement sha'' 0e ,eeme, to res&'t rom the permanent tota' 'oss o the si-ht o 0oth e(es or rom an( com0ination o in1&ries speci ie, in Sche,&'e I) +here the a--re-ate. percenta-e o the 'oss o earnin- capacit( as speci ie, in that sche,&'e a-ainst those in1&ries) amo&nts to one h&n,re, per cent. Wages. Wa-es inc'&,e an( pri/i'e-e or 0ene it +hich is capa0'e o 0einestimate, in mone() other than a tra/e''in- a''o+ance or the /a'&e o an( tra/e''in- concession. or a contri0&tion pai, 0( the emp'o(er o a +orkman to+ar,s an( pension or pro/i,ent &n, or a s&m 'pai, to a +orkman to co/er an( specia' e7penses entai'e, on him 0( the' nat&re o his emp'o(ment.?Sec. # (m%. . The ,e inition o +a-es is important 0eca&se an emp'o(ee +hose month'( +a-es e7cee, 4s. !666 is not a +orkman or the p&rpose o the Act. The ,e inition o +a-es is not e7ha&sti/e. Wa-es inc'&,e a'' pa(ment +hich can 0e ca'c&'ate, in terms o mone() e.$., or,inar( +a-es) e7tra pa(ment or o/ertime) 0on&s an, other in,&cements in the shape o pa(ment. or i,'e time) ree mea's) a''o+ances or -rain an, c'othin-) ree or cheap ho&sin-) etc.) o ere,

to the +orkman to enter into a contract +ith the emp'o(er. 2oda&ari ,u$ar *ills /. ,akuntala. B&t tra/e''in- e7penses or emp'o(er's pro/i,ent &n, contri0&tions are e7c'&,e,. >oca' a''o+ance to a +orkman or cost o 'i/in- in a partic&'ar p'ace orms part o +a-es. Share o pro it or 0on&s &n,er a pro it sharin-. scheme is +a-es. Chit5ra Tanti /. Tata Iron C ,teel Co. I This s&0?section rea, +ith section 5 in,icates that pa(ments ma,e 0( a thir, part() e.$., tips 0( c&stomers to 0o(s in resta&rants are not +a-es. Tips ma( 0e inc'&,e, +ithin the terms +a-es i the( +ere recei/e, 0( the +orkman +ith the kno+'e,-e o the emp'o(er. )enn /. , iers C Ponds !onthly Wages. Section 5 o the Act ,e ines :month'( +a-es: an, states the metho,s o ca'c&'atin- it. :Aonth'(: +a-es means the amo&nt o +a-es ,eeme, to 0e pa(a0'e or a. month's ser/ice (+hether the +a-es are pa(a0'e 0( the month or 0( +hate/er other perio, or at piece rate%. Aonth'( +a-es are ca'c&'ate, as o''o+s 8 4a6 Where the +orkman +as in ser/ice or a contin&o&s perio, o !# months imme,iate'( prece,in- the acci,ent) month'( +a-es sha'' 0e one?t+e' th o the tota' +a-es ,&e or the 'ast t+e'/e months o the perio,. 4#6 Where the +ho'e o the perio, o contin&o&s ser/ice +as 'ess than one month) month'( +a-es sha'' 0e the a/era-e month'( amo&nt +hich ,&rin- the t+e'/e months imme,iate'( prece,in- the acci,ent +as 0ein- earne, 0( a +orkman emp'o(e, on the same +ork 0( the same emp'o(er) or i there +as no +orkman so emp'o(e,) 0( a +orkman emp'o(e, on simi'ar +ork in the same 'oca'it(. 4c6 In other cases) inc'&,in- cases in +hich it is not possi0'e or +ant o necessar( in ormation to ca'c&'ate the month'( +a-es &n,er c'a&se 4#6 the month'( +a-es sha'' 0e thirt( times the tota' +a-es earne, in respect o the 'ast contin&o&s perio, or ser/ice imme,iate'( prece,in- the acci,ent rom the emp'o(er +ho is 'ia0'e to pa( compensation ,i/i,e, 0( the n&m0er o ,a(s comprisin- s&ch perio,. A perio, o ser/ice is ,eeme, to 0e contin&o&s +hich has not 0een interr&pte, 0( a perio, o a0sence e7cee,in- !* ,a(s. Wor'man. The ,e inition o the term +orkman is important 0eca&se on'( a person comin- +ithin the ,e inition is entit'e, to the re'ie s pro/i,e, 0( the Workmen's Compensation Act. :Workman: is ,e ine, in Section #(n% rea, +ith .Sche,&'e II to the Act. In Sche,&'e IT) a 'ist (consistin- o $# items% is -i/en o persons +ho come +ithin the cate-or( o +orkmen. E3am les% Persons emp'o(e, other+ise than in a c'erica' capacit( or in a rai'+a( to operate or maintain a 'i t or a /ehic'e prope''e, 0( steam) e'ectricit( or an( mechanica' po+er @ person emp'o(e, other+ise than in a c'erica' capacit( in premises +here a man& act&rin- process is carrie, on@ seamen in ships o a certain tonna-e@ persons emp'o(e, in constr&ctin- or repairin- 0&i',in- or e'ectric ittin-s @ persons emp'o(e, in a circ&s or as a ,i/er@ etc. S&01ect to the e7ceptions note, 0e'o+) the term +orkman means B 4a6 a rai'+a( ser/ant as ,e ine, in Section $ o the In,ian 4ai'+a(s Act o !="6 +ho is not permanent'( emp'o(e, in an( a,ministrati/e) ,istrict or s&0? ,i/isiona' o ice o a rai'+a( an, not emp'o(e, in an( capacit( as is speci ie, in sche,&'e II or

4#6 emp'o(e, on month'( +a-es not e7cee,in- 4s. !666 in an( s&ch capacit( as is mentione, in Sche,&'e II. I <rom !st Apri' !"23) the 'imit o month'( +a-es or p&rposes o this Act) +as raise, rom 4s. 566 to 4s. !666. I The +or,s &se, in c'a&se (0% mean that the +a-es m&st not e7cee, on a/era-e (no+ 4s. !666% a month. The contract o emp'o(ment ma( 0e e7presse, or imp'ie,) ora' or in +ritin-. The Act pro/i,es that the o''o+in- cate-ories o persons are not to 0e ,eeme, as +orkmen or the p&rposes o the Act 8 4a6 Persons +orkin- in the capacit( o a mem0er o the Arme, <orces o the 9nion. #6 A person +hose emp'o(ment is o a casual nature an, +ho is emp'o(e, other+ise than or the p&rposes o the emp'o(er's tra,e or 0&siness. The e7ercise an, per ormance o the po+ers an, ,&ties o a 'oca' a&thorit( or o an( ,epartment actin- on 0eha' o the Do/ernment sha't) or the p&rposes o the Act) &n'ess a contrar( intention appears 0e ,eeme, to 0e the tra,e or 0&siness o s&ch a&thorit( or ,epartment. The State Do/ernment has 0een -i/en po+er to a,, to the 'ist in Sche,&'e II an( haEar,o&s occ&pation or speci ie, in1&ries in s&ch an occ&pation. The a,,ition ma( 0e ma,e 0( noti ication in the o icia' DaEette) +ith not 'ess than $ months' notice. There are 'e-a' ,ecision re-ar,in- the F&estion +ho is a +orkman. The -enera' r&'e is that there m&st 0e the re'ationship o master an, ser/ant 0et+een the emp'o(er an, the +orkman. Workman is a person +hom the empIo(er can comman, an, contro' in the manner o per ormin- the +ork 7e(en /. Noakes. C Accor,in- to Wi''s) the o''o+in- points are to 0e taken into consi,eration in ,eterminin- the F&estion +hether a person is a +orkman8 4a6 the term o en-a-ement 4#6 the pa(ment o +a-es 4c6 the po+er o contro' o/er the +ork 486 the o(er of dismiss What is employment of a cas(al nat(re G Emp'o(ees o a cas&a' nat&re) i not emp'o(e, in the emp'o(er tra,e or 0&siness ,o not come +ithin the ,e inition o the term +orkman as &se, in the Act. Denera''( speakin-) cas&a' +ork is one +hich is not re-&'ar .or contin&o&s. A person ,oin- o,, 1o0s +as emp'o(e, 0( the occ&pier o a pri/ate premises to c'ean +in,o+s. ;e',) his +ork +as o a cas&a' nat&re. /ill /. +e$$.9 A person o iciatin- in a 'ea/e /acanc( is not a cas&a' +orker. In the matter of Alam ,in$h.: Whether the emp'o(ment is or the p&rpose o the emp'o(er's tra,e or 0&siness ,epen,s on +hether the contract o ser/ice entere, into 0( the emp'o(er +as hi his capacit( as 0&sinessman or in a pri/ate capacit(. When a coa' mine emp'o(s +orkers to ,i- or coa' it is or his tra,e or 0&siness. B&t a mine o+ner en-a-in+orkers or 0&i',in- his resi,ence) is not en-a-in- them or his tra,e or 0&siness. A person +ho ,oes ser/ice +hich is i''e-a' an, /oi, cannot 0e a +orkman an, cannot c'aim compensation. 1em /. -e(is.9 RU)ES RE*ARDIN* WOR !EN"S #O!$ENSATION When is emp'o(er 'ia0'e to pa( compensationG Section $(I% 'a(s ,o+n that i

persona' in1&r( is ca&se, to a +orkman 0( acci,ent arisin- o&t o an, in co&rse o emp'o(ment) his emp'o(er sha't 0e 'ia0'e to pa( compensation. <rom the a0o/e it o''o+s that the emp'o(er is 'ia0'e +hen 4a6 in1&r( is ca&se, to a +orkman 0( accident an, 4#6 the acci,ent arises out of and in course of em lo!ment. An occ&pationa' ,isease is ,eeme, to 0e an in1&r( 0( acci,ent an, the emp'o(er is 'ia0'e to pa( compensation. The section itse' pro/i,es that in certain cases o in1&r() no compensation is pa(a0'e. What is an acci+entG >or, Aacna&-hten in Fenton /) Thorle! C Com an! ,e ine, an acci,ent as Han &n'ocke, or mishap or &nto+ar, e/ent +hich is not e7pecte, or ,esi-ne,:. Th&s a se' in icte, in1&r( is not an acci,ent or,inari'(. In 2rim.e /. Fletcher a person 0ecame insane as a res&'t o acci,ent an, then committe, s&ici,e. It +as he', that ,eath +as the res&'t o the acci,ent an, compensation +as a+ar,e,. B&t +here insanit( +as not the ,irect res&'t o the acci,ent compensation cannot 0e a+ar,e,. e.$., +here s&ici,e +as ,&e to 0roo,in- o/er the acci,ent. ;ithers /. >. +. C. ,. C. Rai(a!s.0 A series o tin( acci,ents) each pro,&cin- some &ni,enti ia0'e res&'t an, operatin- c&m&'ati/e'( to pro,&ce the ina' con,ition o in1&r() +o&', constit&te to-ether an acci,ent to &rnish a proper o&n,ation or a c'aim &n,er the Act. $ersonal In,(ry. A persona' in1&r( is not necessari'( con ine, to ph(sica' or 0o,i'( in1&r(. In1&r( inc'&,es ps(cho'o-ica' at ph(sioto-ica' in1&r( s&ch as ner/o&s shock) insanit( etc. The in1&r( m&st 0e persona'. An in1&r( to the 0e'on-in- o a +orkman ,oes not come +ithin the Act. A +orkman ha, to -o into a heatin- room an, rom there to coo'in- p'ant. The chan-es o temperat&re ca&se, pne&monia an) the +orkman ,ie,. ;e',) the ,eath +as ,&e to persona' in1&r(. The Indian Ne(s Chronick -td. /. *rs. -uis -a'arus.< Death +as the res&'t o heat?stroke. ;e', that ,epen,ant +as entit'e, to compensations. ,anton Fernande' /. +.). 4India6 -td.9 Arising o(t of an+ in the co(rse of employment. This phrase 0een copie, rom the En-'ish Act on the s&01ect. The phrase has 0een interprete, in a 'ar-e n&m0er o cases) En-'ish an, In,ian. B&t ,i ic&'ties sti'' remain. In the course of em lo!ment% This part o the phrase co/ers the perio, o time ,&rin- +hich the emp'o(ment contin&es. Compensation is pa(a0'e i the acci,ent occ&rs +ithin the perio, o emp'o(ment. Denera''( speakinemp'o(ment commences +hen the emp'o(ee reaches his p'ace o +ork an, ceases +hen he 'ea/es the p'ace. 'B&t there are se/era' e7ceptions to the a0o/e r&'e. (!% +hen the +orkman &ses transport pro/i,e, 0( the emp'o(er or the p&rpose o -oin- to an, rom the p'ace o +ork the time ,&rin- +hich he &ses the transport) is inc'&,e, in the co&rse o his emp'o(ment. (#% The time ,&rin- +hich the +orkman is &pon the premises o the emp'o(er sho&', 0e inc'&,e, in the perio, o emp'o(ment. An emp'o(ee o the E. I. 4ai'+a(s +as knocke, ,o+n an, ki''e, 0( a train +hi'e ret&rnin- rom ,&t( 0( crossin- the p'at orm. area) ;e',) the acci,ent arose o&t o an, in co&rse o emp'o(ment. ($% I the +orkman reaches the p'ace o emp'o(ment 0e ore the time +hen the emp'o(ment 0e-ins8 i it +as necessar( an, not too ear'() or i at the time o acci,ent he +as ,oin- somethin- to eF&ip himse' or the +ork) he is in co&rse o emp'o(ment

( *% I the +orkman +ith the kno+'e,-e an, permission o the emp'o(er 'i/es at some ,istance rom the p'ace +here he is ca''e, &pon to +ork an, i in the co&rse o procee,in- at a reasona0'e time an, in a reasona0'e manner rom his p'ace to the p'ace o +ork. he meets +ith ata' acci,ent then his acci,ent m&st 0e he', to arise o&t o an, in co&rse o emp'o(ment. (5% The perio, o rest ,&rin- the perio, o emp'o(ment is in the co&rse o emp'o(ment. B&t i the +orkman -oes o&tsi,e the emp'o(er's premises ,&rinthe rest perio, an, meets +ith an acci,ent) it is not in co&rse o emp'o(ment. Arisin$ out of the em lo!ment% In Dennis &s ;hlite, it +as o0ser/e, that) :When a man r&ns a risk inci,enta' to his emp'o(ment an, is there0( in1&re,) then the in1&r( arises o&t o the emp'o(ment.: Notional Extension. . As a r&'e the emp'o(ment o a +orkman ,oes not commence &nti' he has reache, the p'ace o emp'o(ment an, ,oes not contin&e +hen he has 'e t the p'ace o emp'o(ment) the 1o&rne( to an, rom the p'ace o emp'o(ment 0ein- e7c'&,e,. It is no+ +en sett'e,) ho+e/er) that this is s&01ect to the theor( or notiona' e7tension o emp'o(er's premises so as to inc'&,e an area +hich the Workman passes an, repasses in -oin- to an, in 'ea/in- the act&a' p'ace o +ork:. Occ(pational Diseases. Persons emp'o(e, in certain occ&pations are 'ia0'e to 0e attacke, 0( certain ,iseases. <or e7amp'e) a person en-a-e, in an emp'o(ment in/o'/in- e7pos&re to ,&st containin- si'ica is 'ia0'e to contract si'icosis) te'e-raph operators are 'ia0'e to ha/e +hat is ca''e, Te'e-raphist's Cramp. S&ch ,iseases are kno+n as Occ&pationa' Diseases. Sche,&'e III to the Workmen's Compensation Act contains a 'ist o occ&pationa' ,iseases ,i/i,e, into three parts) part A) Part B an, Part C. Part A inc'&,es Anthra7) Compresse, Air Sickness) Poisonin- 0( 'ea, tetra?eth(' an, nitro&s &mes. 'Part B inc'&,es poisonin- 0( 'ea, compo&n,s) phosphor&s) merc&r( etc.) cancer o the skin) te'e-raphist's cramp etc. Part C inc'&,es Si'icosis) As0estosis etc. Section $(#% o the Act pro/i,es that an occ&pationa' ,isease. :sha'' 0e ,eeme, to 0e an in1&r( 0( acci,ent +ithin the meanin- o this section an,. &n'ess the contrar( is pro/e,) the acci,ent sha'' 0e ,eeme, to ha/e arisen o&t o ) an, in the co&rse o ) the emp'o(ment.: <or ,iseases inc'&,e, in Part A o Sche,&'e III) the emp'o(er 'ia0i'it(' to pa( compensation +hen a +orkman emp'o(e, 0( him contracts the ,isease. <or the ,iseases inc'&,e, in Part B) the emp'o(er is 'ia0'e i a +orkman contracts it +hi'e in his ser/ice an, i the +orkman has 0een in his ser/ice or a contin&o&s perio, o si7 months. +hich perio, sha'' not inc'&,e a perio, o ser/ice &n,er an( other emp'o(er in the same kin, o emp'o(ment. <or ,iseases inc'&,e, in Part C o Sche,&'e III) the +orkman is entit'e, to Compensation i he has 0een in the ser/ice o one or more emp'o(ers or s&ch contin&o&s perio, as the Centra' Do/ernment ma( speci (. In s&ch cases the compensation is to 0e pai, 0( a'' the emp'o(ers in s&ch proportions as the Commissioner o Workmen's Compensation ma( ,eem 1&st.?Sec. $(#A%. This 'ist o occ&pationa' ,iseases an, the emp'o(ments pro,&cin- them as containe, in Sche,&'e In ma( 0e e7ten,e, (0( noti ication% 0( the State Do/ernment in the case o Parts A an, B an, 0( the Centra' Do/ernment in the case o Part C. . Section $ ( *% 'a(s ,o+n that sa/e as pro/i,e, a0o/e) no compensation

sha'' 0e pa(a0'e to a +orkman in respect o an( ,isease &n'ess the ,isease is ,irect'( attri0&ta0'e to a speci ic in1&r( 0( acci,ent arisin- o&t o ) an, in the co&rse o his emp'o(ment. When is employer not lia&le to pay compensation- Section $ o the Act pro/i,es that the emp'o(er is not 'ia0'e to pa( compensation in the o''o+incases 8 4a6 in respect o an( in1&r( +hich ,oes not res&'t in thc tota' or partia' ,isa0'ement o the +orkman or a perio, e7cee,in- three ,a(s 4#6 in respect o an( in1&r( not res&'tin- in ,eath) ca&se, 0( an acci,ent +hich is ,irect'( attri0&ta0'e to? (i% the +orkman ha/in- 0een at the time thereo &n,er the in '&ence o ,rink or ,r&-s) or) (ii% the +i' &' ,iso0e,ience o the +orkman to an or,er e7press'( -i/en) or to a r&'e e7press'( rame,) or the p&rpose o sec&rin- the sa et( o +orkmen) or) (iii% the +iI &I remo/a'' or ,isre-ar, 0( the +orkman o an( sa et( -&ar, or other ,e/ice +hich he kne+ to ha/e 0een pro/i,e, or the p&rpose o sec&rin- the sa et( o +orkmen. As re-ar,s e7ception c'a&se (0% (in a +orkman +o&', not 'ose his ri-ht to compensation on'( 0( reason o ti'e act that he ha, acte, tho&-ht'ess'( or oo'ish'(. <rom Section $ it o''o+s that the emp'o(er is not 'ia0'e to pa( compensation &n,er the Workmen's Compensation Act)in the cases a'so (i% When the acci,ent ,i, not arise o&t o or in the co&rse o the emp'o(ment. (ii%When the +orkmen i'e, a s&it or ,ama-es in the Ci/i' Co&rt8 an, (iii% Whe n ,isa0'ement 'aste, $ ,a(s or 'ess(that is )in1&ries +ere not si-ni icant% The Amo(nt of #ompensation? The Act pro/i,es or compensation or I(!% Death(#% Permanent tota' ,isa0'ement ($% permanent partia' ,isa0'ement an, (*% Temporar( ,isa0'ement. <or ,eterminin- the amo&nt o compensation pa(a0'e &n,er the Act) Section * has to 0e ra, +ith Sche,&'e IV to the Act. In Sche,&'e IV) there is a ta0'e ha/ino&r co'&mns. S#.EDU)E I/ Compensation Pa(a0'e in Certain cases
month'( +a-es or +orkmen in1&re, Aore than 0&t not more than 4s 4s Amo&nt o compensation or Death Permanent tota' ,isa0'ement ;a' month'( pa(ment as compensation or temporar( ,isa0'ement

o 36 "6 !#6 I5O #66 $66 *66 566 3OO

36 "6 !#6 !56 #66 $66 *66 566 366 266

2.#66 ")2#J !!.5#6 !$566 !3@=66 !=.666 !".#66 2=,>?? #!)666 #$.!66

;a' his !6)6=6 month'( +a-es !*)36= $3.66 !3!#= *#.66 !=."66 *=.25 #5.5#6 36.66 #5.#66 =#.56 #3)==6 !66.66 $6.#*6 ==..@, #".*66 !$S.66 $#.$*6 !*=.25

266 =66 "66

=66 "66 !666

#*.666 #2)666 $6.666

$$.366 $2.=66 *#)666

!36.66 =>..@, !25.66

The r&'es re-ar,in- the amo&nt o compensation) as 'ai, ,o+n !8 Section *) are state, 0e'o+@ . For DeathA The emp'o(er m&st pa( the amo&nt mentione, in co'&mn # o Sche,&'e IV. For )ermanent Total Disa#lement. The emp'o(er m&st pa( the amo&nt mentione, in co'&mn $ o Sche,&'e IV. For )ermanent )artial Disa#lement% Sche,&'e I to the Act contains a 'ist o in1&ries ,eeme, to res&'t in permanent partia! ,isa0'ement to-ether +ith the percenta-e 'oss o earnin- capacit( +hich is pres&me, to occ&r in each case When permanent partia' ,isa0'ement occ&rs rom an in1&r( speci ie, in Sche,&'e I) the amo&nt o compensation is to 0e ca'c&'ate, 0( in,in- o&t rom Sche,&'e IV the compensation pa(a0'e or permanent tota' ,isa0'ement to the +orkman concerne, an, m&'tip'(in- it +ith the percenta-e 'oss o earnincapacit( as state, in Sche,&'e I. Th&s) s&ppose that there is an in1&r( +hich) accor,in- to Sche,&'e I) ca&ses a $6K 'oss o earnin- capacit(. S&ppose that the month'( +a-e o the +orkman is 4s. 56. <rom Sche,&'e IV it is seen that or permanent tota' ,isa0'ement 0e +o&', ha/e o0taine, 4s. !6)6=6. ;ence or the permanent partia' ,isa0'ement he +o&', -et $6K o 4s. !6)6=6) i.e., 4s. $)6#*. In the case o an in1&r( not speci ie, in Sche,&'e I) the percenta-e 'oss o earnin- capacit( permanent'( ca&se, m&st 0e o&n, o&t. This i-&re m&'tip'ie, 0( the amo&nt o compensation or permanent tota' ,isa0'ement -i/es the amo&nt o compensation pa(a0'e or the partia' ,isa0'ement. Where more in1&ries than one are ca&se, 0( the same acci,ent) the amo&nt o compensation pa(a0'e &n,er this hea, sha'' 0e a--re-ate, 0&t not so in an( case as to e7cee, the amo&nt +hich +o&', ha/e 0een pa(a0'e i permanent tota' ,isa0'ement ha, res&'te, rom the in1&ries. For Tem orar! disa#lement% Where as a res&'t o the in1&r( there is a temporar( ,isa0'ement) tota' or partia') the emp'o(er is reF&ire, to make a ha' ?month'( pa(ment to the +orkman. The rate o ha' ?month'( pa(ment is -i/en in co'&mn * o Sche,&'e IV. (There are ,i erent?rates or ,i erent +a-e -ro&ps.% Rules re$ardin$ /alfBmonthl! )a!ment% The irst ha' ?month'( pa(ment is to 0e ma,e on the si7teenth ,a( (i% rom the ,ate o the ,isa0'ement) +here s&ch ,isa0'ement 'asts or a perio, o #= ,a(s or' more) or (ii% a ter the e7pir( o a +aitin- perio, o three ,a(s rom the ,ate o the ,isa0'ement) +here s&ch ,isa0'ement 'asts or a perio, o 'ess than #= ,a(s. Therea ter the pa(ments m&st 0e ma,e ha' month'( ,&rin- the ,isa0'ement or ,&rina perio, o i/e (ears. +hiche/er perio, is shorter. <rom an( '&mp s&m pa(ment ma,e or compensation an, rom an( ha' ? month'( pa(ment) an( s&m +hich the +orkman has recei/e, rom the emp'o(er) prior to the receipt o the '&mp s&m or ha' month'( pa(ment) ma( 0e ,e,&cte,.

B&t an( s&m recei/e, or me,ica' treatment) cannot 0e so ,e,&cte,.?Sec. * (!% (a%. No ha' ?month'( pa(ment sha'' in an( cases e7cee, the amo&nt) i an() 0( +hich ha' the amo&nt o the month'( +a-es o the +orkman 0e ore the acci,ent e7cee,s ha' the amo&nt o s&ch +a-es +hich he is earnin- a ter the acci,ent.?Sec. * (!% (0%. On the ceasin- o the ,isa0'ement 0e ore the ,ate on +hich an( ha' ? month'( pa(ment a''s ,&e) there sha'' 0e pa(a0'e in respect o that ha' month a s&m proportionate to the ,&ration o the ,isa0'ement in that ha' ?month.?Sec. * (#%. An( ha' ?month'( pa(ment pa(a0'e to' a +orkman ma( 0e re/ie+e, 0( the Commissioner on the ?app'ication o either the emp'o(er or the +orkman on. the -ro&n, that there has 0een a chan-e in the con,ition o the +orkman. The pa(ment ma( &pon re/ie+) 0e contin&e,) increase,) ,ecrease, or en,e, or (in case the in1&r( has res&'te, in a permanent ,isa0'ement% con/erte, into a '&mp s&m ?Sec. 3. . A ri-ht to recei/e ha' ?month'( pa(ment ma() 0( a-reement or 0( or,er o the Commissioner) 0e re,eeme, 0( the pa(ment o a '&mp s&m. This is ca''e, comm&tation o ha' ?month'( pa(ments.?Sec. 2. Distri&(tion of #ompensation. Section = 'a(s ,o+n the o''o+in- r&'es re-ar,in- the ,istri0&tion o compensation 8 !. Compensation or ,eath an, '&mp s&m pa(ment ,&e to a +oman or to a person &n,er a 'e-a' ,isa0i'it( m&st 0e ,eposite, +ith the Commissioner. #. B&t in the case o a ,ecease, +orkman) an emp'o(er ma( make to .an( ,epen,ent a,/ances on acco&nt o compensation not e7cee,in- an a--re-ate o one h&n,re, r&pees. So m&ch o s&ch a--re-ate as ,oes not e7cee, the compensation pa(a0'e to that ,epen,ent sha'' 0e ,e,&cte, 0( the Commissioner rom s&ch compensation an, repai, to the emp'o(er. $. An( other s&m amo&ntin- to not 'ess than 4s. !6 +hich is pa(a0'e as compensation ma( 0e ,eposite, +ith the Commissioner on 0eha' o the person entit'e, thereto. . *. The receipt o the Commissioner sha'' 0e s& icient ,ischar-in- respect o an( compensation ,eposite, +ith him. 5. A ter the ,eposit o the compensation) the Commissioner sha'' ,e,&ct there rom the act&a' cost o the? +orkman's &nera' e7penses to an amo&nt not e7cee,in- 4s. 56 an, pa( the' same to the person 0( +hom the e7penses +ere inc&rre,. 3. The Commissioner ma( ser/e notices ca''in- &pon the ,epen,ents to appear 0e ore him or the p&rpose o ,eterminin- the ,istri 0&tion o the compensation. 2. I the Commissioner is satis ie, that no ,epen,ent e7ists) he sha'' repa( the 0a'ance o the mone( to the emp'o(er. =. The Commissioner sha'' on app'ication 0( the emp'o(er) &rnish a statement sho+in- in ,etai' a'' ,is0&rsements ma,e. ". The compensation mone( is to 0e ,istri0&te, amon- the ,epen,ents in s&ch proportions as the Commissioner thinks it. The +ho'e o it ma( 0e -i/en to one person. !6. E7cept in the case o a +oman or a person &n,er a 'e-a' ,isa0i'it()

the compensation mone( is to 0e pai, Jo the person entit'e, thereto !!. Aone( pa(a0'e to a +oman or a person &n,er a 'e-a' ,is a0i'it( ma( 0e in/este, or other+ise ,ea't +ith as the Commissioner thinks it. ;a' ? month'( pa(ments pa(a0'e to a person &n,er a 'e-a' ,isa0i'it( ma( 0e pai, to a ,epen,ent o the +orkman or to an( other person +hom the Commissioner thinks 0est itte, to pro/i,e or the +e' are o the +orkman. !#. The or,ers o the Commissioner re-ar,in- the ,istri0&tion o compensation ma( 0e /arie, 'ater i necessar(. !$. Notice m&st 0e -i/en to the parties a ecte,. !*. Where &n,er the pre/io&s para) the Commissioner /aries an or,er on the -ro&n, .that the pa(ment o compensation to an( person has 0een o0taine, 0( ra&,) impersonation or other improper means). an( amo&nt so pai, ma( 0e reco/ere, 0( the proce,&re 'ai, ,o+n or the reco/er( o arrears o 'an, re/en&e. OT;E4 P4OVISIONS 4EDA4DIND COAPENSATION $ayment of #ompensation. LSec. *A.M Compensation sha'' 0e pai, as soon as it a''s ,&e. Where the emp'o(er ,oes not accept the 'ia0i'it( to the e7tent c'aime,) he m&st make pro/isiona' pa(ment 0ase, on the e7tent o 'ia0i'it( +hich he accepts. This is +itho&t pre1&,ice to the ri-ht o the +orkman to make an( &rther c'aim. I an emp'o(er ai's to pa( the compensation +ithin one month o the ,ate on +hich it e'' ,&e) the Commissioner ma( ,irect the pa(ment o simp'e interest thereon at 3K. If the Commissioner thinks that there. is no 1&sti ication or the ,e'a() he ma( ,irect. the pa(ment o a &rther s&m) not e7cee,in- 56K o the s&m ,&e) 0( +a( o pena't(. . $rotection of #ompensation. Sa/e as pro/i,e, 0( this Act) no '&mp s&m or ha' ?month'( pa(ment pa(a0'e? &n,er the Act sha'' in an( +a( 0e capa0'e o 0ein- assi-ne, or char-e, or 0e 'ia0'e to attachment or pass to an( person other than' the +orkman 0( operation o 'a+) nor sha'' an( c'aim 0e set o a-ainst the same.??Sec. ..". This section has 0een rame,) to protect as ar as possi0'e the +orkman rom mone('en,ers. Notice an+ #laim. Section !6 o the Act pro/i,es that no c'aim or compensation sha'' 0e entertaine, 0( the Commissioner &n'ess notice o the acci,ent has 0een -i/en in the manner pro/i,e, as soon as practica0'e. (This is s&01ect to certain e7ceptions note, 0e'o+.% The reF&ire, notice m&st 0e ser/e, &pon the emp'o(er or &pon an( o se/era' emp'o(ers or &pon an( person responsi0'e to the emp'o(er or the mana-ement o an( 0ranch o the tra,e or 0&siness in +hich the in1&re, +orkman +as emp'o(e,. . The notice sha'' -i/e the name an, a,,ress o the person in1&re,)the ca&se o the in1&r( an, the ,ate o the acci,ent. The notice ma( 0e -i/en 0( the in1&re, +orkman or 0( an(0o,( on his 0eha' . It ma( 0e ser/e, 0( ,e'i/erin- it or sen,in- it 0( re-istere, post.

The State Do/ernment ma( reF&ire that an( prescri0e, c'ass o emp'o(ers shaI' keep at the p'ace o emp'o(ment a notice 0ook (accessi0'e to a'' +orkers or persons actin- 0ona i,e on their 0eha' % +here the occ&rrence o acci,ents ma( 0e recor,e,. An entr( in the notice 0ook is s& icient notice. The +ant o notice or an( ,e ect or irre-&'arit( in it sha'' not 0e a 0ar to a c'aim in the o''o+in- cases 8 ( ! % Where a +orkman ,ies or an acci,ent occ&rrin- in the premises o the emp'o(er or +hi'e +orkin- &n,er the contro' o the emp'o(er or o . an( person emp'o(e, 0( himB an, the +orkman ,ie, on the premises or +itho&t 'ea/in- the /icinit( o the premises. . (#% I the emp'o(er or an(one o se/era' emp'o(ers or an( person responsi0'e to the emp'o(er or the mana-ement o an(. 0ranch o the tra,e or 0&siness in +hich the in1&re, +orkman +as emp'o(e,) ha, kno+'e,-e o the acci,ent rom an( other so&rce at or a0o&t the time. +hen it occ&rre,. ($% I the Commissioner is satis ie, that the ai'&re to -i/e notice +as ,&e to s& icient ca&se. A +orkman is 0o&n, to -i/e notice o an( acci,ent +hich is not mere'( tri/ia') an, it is not or him to ,eci,e +hether it is 'ike'( to -i/e rise to a c'aim or compensation. Section !6 a'so pro/i,e s that a c'aim or compensation m&st 0e pre erre, 0e ore the Commissioner. +ithin t+o (ears o the occ&rrence o the acci,ent or the ,ate o ,eath as the case ma( 0e. In case the acci,ent is the contractin- o a ,isease the ,ate o its occ&rrence is the irst o the ,a(s ,&rin- +hich the +orkman +as contin&o&s'( a0sent rom +ork in conseF&ence o the ,isa0'ement ca&se, 0( the ,isease. The Commissioner ma( entertain a c'aim i'e, a ter the prescri0e, time) i he is o opinion that the ai'&re to i'e it +ithin time) +as ,&e to. Fatal Acci+ent. Section !6 A pro/i,es that +here a Commissioner recei/es in ormation that a +orkman has ,ie, as a res&'t o an acci,ent arisino&t o an, in co&rse o his emp'o(ment) he ma( sen, 0( re-istere, post a notice to the +orkman's emp'o(er reF&irin- him to s&0mit) +ithin thirt( ,a(s o the ser/ice o the notice) a statement in the prescri0e, orm) -i/in- the circ&mstances atten,in- the ,eath o the +orkman) an, in,icatin- +hether in the opinion o the emp'o(er) he is or is not 'ia0'e to ,eposit compensation on acco&nt o the ,eath. I the emp'o(er is o opinion that he is 'ia0'e) he sha'' make the ,eposit +ithin thirt( ,a(s o the ser/ice o the notice. I he is o opinion that he is not 'ia0'e) he m&st state his -ro&n,s. In the 'atter case) the Commissioner) a ter s&ch enF&ir( as he ma( think it in orm an( o the ,epen,ents o the .,ecease, +orkman that it is open to them to pre er a c'aim an, ma( -i/e them s&ch &rther in ormation as he ma( think it. Section !6 B pro/i,es that +here 0( an( 'a+ or the time 0ein- in orce) notice is reF&ire, to 0e -i/en to an( a&thorit( 0( or on 0eha' o an emp'o(er) at an( acci,ent res&'tin- in ,eath or serio&s 0o,i'( in1&r() the person reF&ire, to -i/e the notice sha'' a'so sen, a report to the Commissioner. The report ma( 0e sent a'ternati/e'( to an( other a&thorit( prescri0e, 0( the State Do/ernment.

The State -o/ernment ma( e7ten, the scope o the pro/ision reF&irinreports o ata' acci,ents to an( c'ass o premises. B&t Sec. !6 B ,oes not app'( to actories to +hich the Emp'o(ees' State Ins&rance Act app'ies. !e+ical E0amination. LSec. !!.M !. A ter a +orkman -i/es notice o an acci,ent) the emp'o(er ma() +ithin three ,a(s o the ser/ice o the notice) o er to ha/e him e7amine, ree o char-e 0( a F&a'i ie, me,ica' practitioner. ) #. An( +orkman in receipt o ha' ?month'( pa(ments ma( a'so 0e reF&ire, to s&0mit or e7amination rom time to time. $. The E7amination m&st 0e in accor,ance +ith the r&'es rame, or the p&rpose. . *. I the +orkman re &ses) +itho&t s& icient ca&se) to s&0mit to the e7amination or i he 'ea/e the /icinit( o the p'ace in +hich he +as emp'o(e,) his ri-ht to recei/e compensation shaI' 0e s&spen,e, ,&rin- the contin&ance o the re &sa' or &nti' his ret&rn to the /icinit( an, e7amination. 5. In case !he +orkman) +ho re &se, me,ica' e7amination) s&0seF&ent'( ,ies) the Commissioner has ,iscretionar( po+ers o ,irect pa(ment o compensation to the ,epen,ents o the ,ecease, +orkman. 3. The con,ition o an in1&re, +orkman ma( 0e a--ra/ate, 0( re &sa' to s&0mit to. me,ica' e7amination or re &sa' to o''o+ the instr&ctions o the me,ica' e7aminer or ai'&re to 0e atten,e, 0( or o''o+ the instr&ctions o a F&a'i ie, me,ica' practitioner 2. In s&ch a case he +o&', -et compensation) not or the a--ra/ate, in1&r() 0&t or +hat the in1&r( +o&', ha/e 0een ha, he 0een proper'( treate,. Emp'o(ment 0( contractors. LSec. !#.M When an emp'o(er en-a-es contractors +ho en-a-e +orkmen) an( +orkman in1&re, ma( reco/er compensation rom the emp'o(er i the o''o+in- con,itions are satis ie, 8 ( a% the contractor is en-a-e, to ,o a +ork) +hich is part o the tra,e or 0&siness o the principa'). . (0% the en-a-ement is in the co&rse o or or the p&rposes o his tra,e or 0&siness) an, ( c% the acci,ent occ&rre, in or a0o&t the /icinit( o the emp'o(er's premises. The +orkman ma( a'so procee, a-ainst the contractor. So he has a'ternati/e reme,ies. When the emp'o(er pa(s compensation) he is entit'e, to 0e in,emni ie, 0( the contractor. Rem+ies of employer against stranger. LSec. !$.M Where a +orkman has reco/ere, compensation in respect o an( in1&r( ca&se, &n,er circ&mstances creatin- a 'e-a' 'ia0i'it( o some person o/er than the person 0( +hom the compensation +as pai, an, an( person +ho has 0een ca''e, on to pa( an in,emnit( &n,er Section !# sha'' 0e in,emni ie, 0( the Person so 'ia0'e to pa( ,ama-es as a oresai,. Insol1ency of Employer . LSec. !*.M The 'ia0i'it( to pa( +orkmen's compensation can 0e ins&re, a-ainst. I an emp'o(er +ho has entere, into a contract o ins&rance or this p&rpose) 0ecomes inso'/ent or enters into a scheme o composition or arran-ement or (0ein- a compan(% is +o&n, &p) the ri-hts or the emp'o(er as a-ainst the ins&rer sha'' 0e trans erre, to an, /est in. the +orkman. The 'ia0i'it( to pa( compensation to a +orkman is to. 0e treate, as

a pre erre, ,e0t &n,er inso'/enc( an, +in,in-: &p. <or this p&rpose) the 'ia0i'it( to pa( ha' ?month'( pa(ments is to 0e taken as eF&i/a'ent to the '&mp s&m pa(ment into +hich it can 0e comm&te,. This section ,oes not app'( +here a compan( is +o&n, &p /o'&ntari'( mere'( or the p&rpose o reconstr&ction or ama'-amation +ith another compan(. Transfer of Assets &y Employer . LSec. !*A..M Where an emp'o(er trans ers his assets 0e ore an( amo&nt ,&e in respect o an( compensation) the 'ia0i'it( +here ore accr&e, 0e ore the ,ate o the trans er) has 0een pai,) s&ch amo&nt sha'') not+ithstan,in- an(thin- containe, in an( other 'a+ or the time 0ein- in orce) 0e a irst char-e on that part o .he assets so trans erre, as consists o immo/a0'e propert(. !aster an+ Seamen. So ar as masters an, seamen are concerne,) the pro/isions o the Act app'( +ith certain mo,i ications 'ai, ,o+n in Section !5. Ret(rns. The State Do/ernment ma() 0( noti ication in the o icia' DaEette) ,irect emp'o(ers to s&0mit ret&rns re-ar,in- compensation pai, 0( them an, partic&'ars re'atin- to the compensation. Sec. !3. #ontracting O(t. Section !2 pro/i,es that an( contract 0( +hich a +orker re'inF&ishes 0is ri-ht to recei/e compensation or in1&r( is n&'' an, /oi, in so ar as it p&rports to remo/e or re,&ce the 'ia0i'it( o an( person to pa( compensation &n,er this Act. $enalties. Section !=A pro/i,es or pena'ties or ai'&re to per orm the ,&ties prescri0e, &n,er the Act) e.$., ai'&re to sen, ret&rns or maintain notice 0ooks etc. %ar to #i1il S(its. A Ci/i' Co&rt has no 1&ris,iction to sett'e) ,eci,e or ,ea' +ith an( F&estion +hich) 0eca&se o the pro/isions o the Act) is reF&ire, to 0e ,eci,e, or ,ea't +ith 0( the Commissioner or to en orce an( 'ia0i'it( &n,er this Act.?Sec. !"(#%. Reco1ery of the amo(nt awar+e+. An( amo&nt pa(a0'e &n,er the Act) +hether &n,er an a-reement or other+ise) sha'' 0e reco/ere, as an arrear o 'an, re/en&e.??Sec. $! COAAISSIONE4S The Act pro/i,es or appointment o O icers to 0e kno+n as Commissioners o Workmen's Compensation. The Commissioners are to ,etermine the 'ia0i'it( o an( person to pa( compensation (inc'&,in- the F&estion +hether a person is or is not a +orkman% an, the amo&nt or ,&ration o compensation (inc'&,in- an( F&estion as to the nat&re or e7tent o ,isa0'ement%. No ci/i' co&rt 0as 1&ris,iction to ,ea' +ith matters +hich are reF&ire, to 0e ,ea't +ith 0( a Commissioner. Certain po+ers ha/e 0een -i/en to the Commissioners) e.$., the po+er to ca'' or &rther ,eposits. The Commissioner has the po+ers o a Ci/i' Co&rt. Form of a lication% No app'ication or sett'ement o an( matter 0( a Commissioner sha'' 0e ma,e) i the parties ha/e 0een a0'e to sett'e it 0( a-reement. An app'ication to the Commissioner sha'' 0e ma,e in the prescri0e, orm

accor,in- to the r&'es) an, accompanie, 0( a prescri0e, ee. The o''o+inpartic&'ars m&st 0e -i/en name'(?(a% concise statement o the circ&mstances an, the re'ie c'aime,@ (0% in case o c'aim or compensation a-ainst an emp'o(er) the ,ate o ser/ice o notice o acci,ent) +ith its ,&e time o notice an, the reason +h( notice +as not -i/en@ (c% the names an, a,,resses o the parties@ an, (,% e7cept in case o app'ication 0( ,epen,ent or compensation a concise statement o the matter on +hich) a-reement has an, o those on +hich a-reement has not 0een come to. I the app'icant is i''iterate or or an( reason is &na0'e to &rnish the reF&ire, in ormation) the app'ication) i the app'icant so ,esires) sha'' 0e prepare, &n,er the ,irection o the Commissioner.?Sec. ##. A earance of arties% Appearance ma( 0e ,one on 0eha' o app'icant 0( a 'e-a' practitioner or an o icia' o an Ins&rance Compan() or an a&thorise, person o a re-istere, Tr&,e 9nion) ,&'( a&thorise,.?Sec. #*. A eals and References% <or procee,in-s &n,er the Act) the ;i-h Co&rt o the State is the Appe''ate Co&rt. The Commissioner can re er a F&estion o 'a+ to the ;i-h Co&rt or ,ecision an, he m&st ,eci,e the matter accor,in- to s&ch ,ecision.??Sec #2. Appeals. An appea' 'ies to the ;i-h Co&rt rom the o''o+in- or,ers o a Commissioner (a% an or,er a+ar,in- as compensation a '&mp s&m +hether 0( +a( o re,emption o a ha' ?month'( pa(ment or other+ise or an or,er a+ar,ininterest or pena't( &n,er section *A@ (0% an or,er re &sin- to a''o+ re,emption o a ha' ?month'( pa(ment @ ( c% an or,er pro/i,in- or the ,istri0&tion o compensation amon- the ,epen,ents o a ,ecease, +orkman) or ,isa''o+in- an( ,ain! o person a''e-in- himse' to 0e s&ch ,epen,ent@ (,% an or,er a''o+in- or ,isa''o+in- an( c'aim or the amo&nt o an in,emnit( &n,er the pro/isions o section !#(#% @ (e% an or,er re &sin- to re-ister a memoran,&m o a-reement or re-isterin- the same or pro/i,in- or the re-istration o the same s&01ect to con,itions. Cther )ro&isions Re$ardin$ A eal 8 !. No appea' sha'' 'ie a-ainst an( or,er &n'ess a s&0stantiaI F&estion o 'a+) is in/o'/e, in the appea' an,) in the case o an or,er other than an or,er s&ch as is re erre, to in c'a&se (0%) &n'ess the amo&nt in ,isp&te in the appea' is not 'ess than 4s. $66. No appea' 'ies in an( case in +hich the parties ha/e a-ree, to a0i,e 0( the ,ecision o the Commissioner) or in +hich the or,er o the Commissioner -i/es e ect to an a-reement come to 0( the parties. $. No appea' 0( emp'o(er 'ies &n'ess the memoran,&m o appea' is accompanie, 0( a certi icate 0( the Commissioner to the e ect that the app'icant has ,eposite, +ith him the amo&nt pa(a0'e &n,er the or,er appea'e, a-ainst. *. The perio, o 'imitation or an appea' &n,er this section sha'' 0e 36 ,a(s an, the pro/isions o Section 5 o the In,ian >imitation Act) !"6=) sha'' 0e app'ica0'e to appea's &n,er this section. BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB

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