Attract Wealth

Wealth and abundance are important elements in living a life that is financially stable and free of stress. Having a job or running a business and earning money is one way to have wealth, yet there is another level of abundant living that involves attracting the idea of wealth and prosperity. Having a mindset that brings abundance into one's life is the key to knowing how to attract wealth. Financial security and achieving wealth is not only a measure of success, but also makes it easier to enjoy the life you want. Prosperity allows you to better take care of yourself, and then share the fruits of your labour with your loved ones. ncreasing your wealth means that material items are well within your reach. !oney problems often lead to stress, tension, an"iousness, irritability, and a higher susceptibility to developing health issues. #ou are no longer the fun$loving person that people once attracted to since it's pretty hard to sociali%e when thoughts of pinching money are constantly on your mind. &ttract Wealth custom affirmations does help you better attract the positive energy needed to attain a lifestyle that meets your desires and effort, become Wealthy.

Metaphysical cause
Metaphysics Exist but cannot be proved, it is all related to your deep rooted subconscious beliefs, fears which came from either past life or upbringing in your Social, Economic, or Religious conditioning !f a person who has ta"en birth in a family where there is always feeling of lac" and disappointment, how can one expect him to be a confident and become go getter to have feeling of abundance# When a bird is born into cage for the bird flying becomes an illness, but you have to brea" the bars in order to grow more financially, having a positive mind-set for money is not also e$ually important but the right use of money, paying gratitude, "eeping constant focus on money ma"ing ideas and putting constant efforts in direction to achieve our goals, %a"shmi is considered to be deity of wealth, but there is one meaning also of hers &whatever aim or target in life is if you achieve it success and abundance can never remain far'

Spiritual Aspect

'piritually( We all are 'ouls ncarnated on !other )arth to have a 'piritual )"perience, 'pirituality means we have to study our own soul our own nature, where We &ll are *+),, there is no biasedness, and We all -elieve in *ne$ness, .ove, Forgiveness, -eing Prosperous, and Working our /oals in .ife for which we have been born as Human. 0his is just a mild insight on 'pirituality.

()s and ()*+s

0hese types of therapies however can be used by anyone, but not for minor under the age of 12 years or people who are suffering through )pilepsy or 'ei%ures problem or females who are pregnant or any person who has severe mental disorder. 3sing such products are to be advised to be listened only after consulting !edical Professional. Few people have their own comfort %one from which they don4t want to come out, though every individual person has right to evolve in all positive ways, still, leaving a choice on them

eft )ar and 7ight 'ide in 7ight )ar= as when taking a nap or while meditating in a room. I release myself and others mentally and spiritually. • . 8 9elta Waves. they are as follows:$ a must as they have their own life and own rights( so these therapies of evolvement may not be forced or played on anyone who is not willing to go through or who has been dwelling in the fear of unknown or is not ready to face the inner$self. I forgive myself and others across time and space. I fully and freely forgive myself and others across all time and space. 0heta waves also help one in . 9elta:$ 9reamless 'tate. &ffirmations written here are marked a !andatory foundation affirmations used in each individual program offered by us. learning and retaining nformation for a longer period of time. -eta:$ !ental alertness and high level concentration /amma:$ High Focus &lpha:$ 7ela"ed 'tate 0heta:$ 9eep 'leep. I completely forgive everything connected with the matter in question. 0heta. 7elationships or something else.eft side in .hanging -ehavior and attitude unusual problem solving if person remains awake in 0heta 'tate. one is advised to listen to this &udio 0rack with stereo headphones keeping ear phones <. /amma.rainwave type and its description *ur brain mostly runs on -eta. they also . !editative 0his particular program alters and help an ndividual for long term mind programming 0heta -rainwaves are used in this &udio which helps in deep unlearning. With 0heta waves or 9elta Waves one is not advised to listen to &udio Programs while driving or doing kitchen or any machinery work as the music will put you automatically in sleeping mode. n this particular product Weight . 0he product is not at all made or advise to replace any running medical treatment or taken as even on alternative therapy. as I forgive myself and others. but is solely designed for helping one4s evolving5growth purpose to be more happy in life in desired area like 6ob. 0he Product includes -rainwave )ntertainment 0herapy !odules which may alter the state of consciousness for each individual in a different manner. though -rainwave )ntertainment is widely accepted and has gone through medical practitioners in 3'& and /ermany to Help people overcome their Fears of Phobias and to achieve any target specific results.oss. • -oundation Affirmation )ach ndividual has the right to love him5herself and forgiveness is must in order to heal or evolve for his5her personal growth. &lpha.

I release any$ody and every$ody who has ever hurt me. . am money magnet. #. I love and approve of myself. am naturally productive. I $elieve in myself. attract money to me and am attracted to money. all my relationships are harmonious. they are free. peace and all the $lessings of life. have in my life. happy and wise am open to receive all the joy pleasures and prosperity given to me by universe . !oney and me am open and willing to receive wealth in all of its forms. wealthy. I say. so be it now.( I am free and they are free.y feminine energy and masculine energy are in perfect $alance with each other • +argeted product Affirmation for Attract Wealth &ll of my dreams related to abundance and prosperity are coming true right now. It is wonderful". worth having best in my life. I easily forgive others and I am easily forgiven. (I have released you. I am free. am productive and successful in all areas of my life am surrounded by abundance. and I wish for each and everyone%s health. put hundred percent of my energy into every goal grow the potent energy called money in my life pursue in my life. I do this freely and &oyously and lovingly. am wealthy more than ever imagined am gracious for the wealth everything do. *. ). happiness. +. am grateful for everything receive in life am destined to find prosperity in everything do. and all the $lessings of life are yours. am am always having surplus amount of money. am known for my positive energy and abundant lifestyle. I choose to forgive as I ta'e responsi$ility for my creations and attractions. forgiven you.forgive me across time and space. am destined to find prosperity in !oney in my bank accounts surpasses my wildest dreams and is constantly increasing. This is my day of general amnesty. !henever I thin' of the person or persons who hurt me in past. The more good I give to others more it comes in multiplied to me. am productive at all times. am healthy. It is a marvelous feeling SO BE IT O!". am thankful for the unlimited flow of good into my life.

always have huge surplus amount of money in my pockets and bank accounts. my ideas are incredible and have !y potential is unlimited( my life is full of abundance. success and abundance in my life( abundance prosperity every day. )verything positive need in life is mine > have a surplus can give unto others with !y wealth derives from honesty in everything the creative energy to bring them to life do. the more provide them with abundance and prosperity more get. my world is filled with an abundance of wealth. deserve money( feel joy in offering support to my family and loved ones. deserve to prosper in everything do. feel great joy in providing for my family and those love. live and abundant life. +ow. freely and it is returned in many fold allow love to find me in a state of great joy. now( money flow in my life is smooth . !y belief in myself makes others confident in my talents and abilities !y ideas are incredible and have the creative energy to bring them to life !y greatest good is here for me now. and now am doing so. deserve and accept the love offered to me by others. enjoy making money and strive to have fun in every aspect of my work communicate clearly. celebrate life with love love and embrace the potent energy called money. create the e"act lifestyle. attract opportunities for abundance and success always have what need. want to live with enthusiasm.embrace prosperity happiness joy love money positive popularity in my life in an easy going manner in consonance with my life plan have 3nlimited 7eserve of !oney. gracefully and professionally. place unlimited amount of money can make and have as much as need or want easily. health and happiness. when need it. my !oney is always safe and growing and nurturing !oney flows easily freely in my life. choose happiness. can and will have more than ever dreamed possible feel good about money and deserve it in my life. have always money flowing in my pocket and bank accounts. relationships can and will have more than choices for myself give love to those in my life attract and stay in only healthy will make positive health ever dreamed possible.

follow through positively. t is safe to be rich. money is the root to all good. guidance comes to me naturally easily effortlessly. and people love to pay me money. the world is abundant and joyful. • (uration $ ?@ !in to be listened twice a day or at time of sleeping using headphones to listen . 0oday is filled with opportunity and capture it with guidance.!oney comes automatically to me from all e"pected sources and une"pected sources in life( making money is good for me and for everyone in my life !iracles and magic surround me support me nurtures me everywhere go.

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